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‘Folklore and Anthropology in Conversation’
Seventh Folklore Society – Royal Anthropological Institute Joint Seminar

Date: Thursday 26 October 2023
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Call for Papers deadline: 30 June 2023

‘Amazonia: Differing Research Perspectives in Ethnography and Folklore’

The seminar series ‘Folklore and Anthropology in Conversation’ encourages empirical and conceptual dialogue between the two related disciplines of folklore and anthropology.  In this seventh seminar in the series, we will explore the emerging concepts of ‘onotology’ and ‘perspectivism’ and other research methodologies in relation to Amazonia.  Although the case studies are drawn from a specific geographical space, the intellectual and conceptual issues are much broader and have implications for both disciplines.  How do these two academic disciplines conceptualize similar phenomena through different terminologies and discourses?   What can folklorists and anthropologists learn through this dialogue?

Presentations are invited from established scholars and post-graduate researchers working on a wide range of subjects such as beliefs, customs, folktales, legends, lore, myths, rituals, spirituality, and related themes within lowland South America (Amazonia).  Papers engaging with recent anthropological theories and exploring comparative methods are particularly welcome. Participants are encouraged to examine broadly folkloric themes in Amazonia within the context of topics from across the region and beyond.

This symposium will be a one-day event held at the offices of the Royal Anthropological Institute and The Folklore Society at 50 Fitzroy Street, London on Thursday 26 October 2023.  This will be an in-person event, but provision can be made for a presentation to be given over Zoom.

Anyone interested in making a presentation should contact Prof. James H. Grayson at The submission date for paper proposals is 30 June 2023.  Paper proposers will be notified by 31 July 2023.