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RAI research seminars– Half a Century of Anthropology: 50 Years of Published Research

You can see the full presentation here.

This document collates data produced for a test study on the research ‘50 years of Anthropology’, which started in 2013 through a generous British Academy grant received by the Anthropological Index Online. The research aimed at giving an overview of anthropological production in the world over time so as to identify topical gaps and illustrating trends and foci of regional interest.

The research was based on a qualitative and quantitative examination of the articles published in specialised literature indexed AIO from 797 journal titles in anthropology and related disciplines held in its databases.

This document is the second of two presentations and an article that cumulatively give a sense of the coverage of anthropology. Selected criteria were applied in sieving through 50 years of data, and for methodological and practical purposes researchers concentrated on specific topics that were published in different language areas.

The purpose of the following presentation was to examine the extent of specialised interest on Islamic countries through a qualitative assessment of anthropological production. 

It summarises a test case study about anthropological production related to four Asian countries: Brunei, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Oman.