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Ethnographic Film Series

Organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Film Committee and SOAS Department of Anthropology and Sociology

16 October Wednesday 1 PM, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS    

Real Time Memories – The ’18 Days in Egypt ‘ interactive platform as instant archive

In this seminar contribution, Ludovica Fales, will discuss an aspect of her current PhD research and present short films and contributions of ’18 days in Egypt – an interactive crowd-sourced documentary project’. The web project opened in 2011 with the motto ‘You witnessed it, you recorded it. Let’s write our country’s history’; and it’s still running today, showcasing footage collected by individual users during the Spring revolution. The platform links people who have been documenting the event on the ground to a wider audience by creating individual features showing multiple individual points of views on the same event. By constantly updating its database, incorporating social media narrative features and employing communication modes mimetic to the sharing culture, the interactive documentary is a unique example of ‘instant archive’ documenting an event which is still considered on-going by its own users.

For further information on the film please contact: RAI Film Officer, Susanne Hammacher, film@therai.org.uk, or Kimberly Chong, SOAS Anthropology Department, kc27@soas.ac.uk

These are public events – all are welcome.