The Patron’s Medal

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The Patron’s Medal is awarded from time to time for distinguished services to Anthropology and to the Institute.

A recommendation shall be made to the Patron by the Council on the recommendation of the Committee on Honours and Awards.

Design of the Medal

The design of the Medal by the late Christopher Ironside incorporates the following:

(a) Adam and Eve Humankind
(b) A lamb with a cross on a crescent moon with a pentacle enclosed Religion and Magic
(c) A cogwheel and hand-axe Industry and Crafts
(d) The caduceus of Hermes Irismegistos (Thoth) Science
(e) Janus head History
(f) Three groups of figures 1. Authority and the Law
2. Exchange, Commerce and Finance
3. Internal and External Strife
(g) A child with a skull Rites de Passage
(h) Appollo’s lyre The Arts
(i) A sheaf of corn and a bull Agricultural Domestication

Prior Recipients