RAI Biological Anthropology Award – Corinne Feuillatre

Award Holder: Corinne FeuillatreUniversity: University of BradfordTitle of Research: Bringing up Baby: in search of novel biomarkers of nutrition using stable isotope ratios in incremental tissues in mother/infant pairs. Nutrition […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Anubhav Preet Kaur

Award Holder: Anubhav Preet KaurUniversity: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research MohaliTitle of Research: Understanding signatures of hominin occupation the Pinjore Formation (2.6-1.0 Ma) of the Siwalik Hills of […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Timothy Y. Loh

Award Holder: Timothy Y. LohUniversity: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of AmericaTitle of Research: Assistive Technologies for Deaf People in Jordan: Entanglements of Language, Religion, and Disability Research summary […]

Ruggles-Gates Award – Juliën Kavish Lubeek

Award Holder: Juliën Kavish LubeekUniversity: Macquarie UniversityTitle of Research: Implications for diet and extinction of Gigantopithecus blacki from Pleistocene China based on Dental Microwear Texture Analysis (DMTA) This project is part […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Jonathan S. Lim

Award Holder: Jonathan S. LimUniversity: University of OxfordTitle of Research: Finding the “Old Villages “: Developing a new protocol for understanding the cultural landscapes of Southwest Alaska using ethnography, public […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Dominique Dillabough-Lefebvre

Award Holder: Dominique Dillabough-LefebvreUniversity: London School of Economics and Political Science Title of Research: Development as insurgency: Ethnonationalism and the politics of land contestation in Karen State, Myanmar My fieldwork […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Sean Wyer

Award Holder: Sean WyerUniversity: University of California, BerkeleyTitle of Research: Beyond the Bell Tower: Cosmopolitanism, Conversion and Re-Enchantment in Sicily Background When the island of Sicily was under Muslim rule […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Tomos Llywelyn Evans

Award Holder: Tomos Llywelyn EvansUniversity: William & Mary, Williamsburg, VirginiaTitle of Research: Community and Ontology in the Development of Africa’s Largest Monument: Understanding the Sungbo’s Eredo Earthwork System in Nigeria […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Genevieve Sekumbo

Award Holder: Genevieve SekumboUniversity: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)Title of Research: Anticipating a Future with Natural Gas: The aspirations, imagined futures and experiences of young people in […]

Emslie Horniman Award: Ellan A. Lincoln-Hyde

Award Holder: Ellan A. Lincoln-Hyde University: SOAS University of LondonTitle of Research: Is Western Classical Music Chinese (Yet)?: A Qualitative, Archival, and Ethnographic Study of the Spread of Western Classical […]