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Name: Celeste Alexander

Affiliation: PhD Candidate, Princeton University

Contact details: cnalexan@princeton.edu; celestealexander@gmail.com   

Statement of interest: I am a doctoral candidate in anthropology at Princeton University and a former Princeton Environmental Institute Science, Technology and Environmental Policy Fellow. My work concerns questions of belonging and multispecies interactions, especially between people and elephants. My dissertation explores ecological and regulatory change in Tanzania on the north-western border of Serengeti National Park, examining relationships between cartography, scalar processes of governing and the various meanings attributed to the circulation of wildlife and revenue under increasingly financialized conservation. I am interested in joining the RAI community of scholars, given their shared commitment to advancing both theoretical and practical engagements of anthropologists within wider communities of environmental scholarship and public service.  

Geographical/topical area of interest: Tanzania, East Africa, human-elephant entanglements, jurisdiction, scale, ecological and regulatory change, competing moral orders in environmental governance