Boke, Charis Ford Morrison

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Name: Charis Ford Morrison Boke

Affiliation: Cornell University

Email: /
Skype: charis.boke
Twitter: @charisboke
Mobile (US): (773) 330-7959

Statement of Interest: Boke’s research with United States herbalists and community organizers in New England is situated athwart environmental anthropology, medical anthropology, and political ecology. Boke’s work with herbalists focuses on the ways that they construct social relations via attention to bodily wellness with humans, as well as with plants and broader ecologies. She is especially interested in how these cross-species caring relationships emerge in the context of global ecological disruptions. Her scholarly commitments in anthropology are entwined with her work as a social justice activist. Her ongoing work considers on the intersections of climate change, critical race studies, environmental justice, and multispecies studies in the United States. Her dissertation, “Ecological Bodies: North American Practices of Care in a Changing Climate” explores herbalists’ efforts to envision new forms of care and the ethics they entail in the context of ecological health and this moment of climate change.    

Geographical/topical area of interest: Global North; United States; environmental and medical anthropology, multispecies studies; political ecology