Pia, Andrea Enrico

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Name: Andrea Enrico Pia

Affiliation: London School of Economics

Contact details: a.e.pia@lse.ac.uk

Statement of interest: I am an anthropologist of China who specialises in the study of human relationships to and projects for the natural environment. I have conducted long-term fieldwork in the Jingxi area of Beijing City and more recently in North-East Yunnan Province. My work investigates the entanglements of political, legal, technical and ethical issues with the appropriation, distribution and circulation of common water sources in contemporary China. My interest lies in exploring questions of scarcity, human cooperation and environmental justice. I also write on sustainability, rural politics and the Chinese State in comparative perspective.

Geographical/topical area of interest: China, South-East Asia, Water, Political Economy and Ecology, the State, the Commons.