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Name: Darryl Stellmach

Affiliation: University of Sydney & Médecins Sans Frontières

Contact details : Charles Perkins Centre – D17 | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006 T +61 2 8627 5102  | F +61 2 8627 1606 E darryl.stellmach@sydney.edu.au

Statement of interest: I am a medical anthropologist and former aid worker, interested in collaborations at the intersection of climate, the environment and humanitarianism. Humanitarian relief activities are predicated on punctual, short-term intervention in the immediate wake of conflict or disaster. Yet increasingly humanitarian relief is becoming an indefinite in duration, and a de facto form of government in the absence of other forms of polity. This state of affairs seems set to amplify in the near future, as the humanitarian consequences of climate change become more apparent. I hope to undertake work to predict and mitigate the worst of these effects.

Geographical/topical area of interest: Climate change and health; climate change and disasters; climate change and conflict; climate migration; famine, undernutrition and food insecurity; lead poisoning; artisanal mining.