Clare Chandler

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Clare Chandler (PhD) is an Associate Professor in Medical Anthropology in the Department of Global Health and Development at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She runs the in-house Medical Anthropology module at LSHTM. She has carried out a range of research activities including ethnographic research with a focus on the diagnostic process of fevers in East Africa, in Tanzania and Uganda. She has worked in a number of interdisciplinary teams including on intervention projects in a variety of settings. Her work lies at the interface of public health policy and local health practices, and she has long-standing interests in the roles medicines take in societies. She researched malaria for over a decade, seeking ways that anthropology can help to ‘re-imagine’ malaria. She is currently engaged in a number of projects exploring antimicrobial resistance, and promotes the role of anthropological theory in addressing this issue. She runs the Anti-Microbials in Society (AMIS) Hub, the social science research stream of the DfID funded FIEBRE study, and is Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Centre at the LSHTM.