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Giovanna Capponi

Giovanna Capponi (Committee Secretary)

Giovanna is trained as a social anthropologist with a particular interest in environmental anthropology, human-animal studies, historical ecology, and ‘naturecultures’. 

She conducted multi-sited fieldwork in Italy and Brazil looking at animal sacrificial practices and perception of the environment in Afro-Brazilian Candomblé religion, developing perspectives in the fields of anthropology of ritual, material culture and more-than-human ontologies.

She also worked on the management of wild boars and human-wildlife conflicts in the Central Italy and, more recently, on cats and cat-feeding practices within the “From ‘Feed the Birds’ to ‘Do Not Feed the Animals’ ” interdisciplinary project at the University of Roehampton.

Other research interests are waste studies, more-than-human migration, and anthropology of food, climate change. Giovanna is currently the co-convenor of the Human and Other Living Beings EASA Network (@HOLBnetwork).