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Preliminary stage

  1. Create booking form for this course
  2. Create interest form
  3. Create post which should contain the booking form and the pay-by-transfer tab
  4. Create post which should embed the interest form

(all titles here should clearly reflect the title of the course for easy identification)

STAGE 1: Duplicating the sample post

  1. Go to posts in admin panel:
  2. Filter on category “Online courses in Anthropology” (if you start typing it will find the category)
  3. Find the post called “Online course sample”, click “quick edit” and then click “Duplicate post”
  4. Now you have a post called “Online course sample – copy”, click quick edit and change these elements:
  • title to your new title
  • slug (url) to your new post
  • then click update
  • click “Edit with Elementor”

    STAGE 2: Editing post settings: Featured image, title and excerpt

    1. Click on the cog icon at the top
    2. Now you will see the post settings in the left pane
    3. Review the title you previously set
    4. Review the excerpt – it should have this format: “Start date: TBC | 450/ £245”
    5. Set/upload a featured image for the post – it should be large and high resolution.
    6. Click “Publish” to save you changes

    STAGE 3: Editing the course details in the left sidebar

        • Here are 6 elements:
        • Text: Course details tag (leave this)
        • Text: Start date – edit ONLY second line by right clicking > edit text editor, then edit in left pane
        • Text: Type: – edit as above
        • Text: Price – edit as above
        • Book button: edit link by right click > edit button > edit link in left pane to point to the page with your booking form
        • Register interest button: edit link in left pane to point to the page with your interest form
        • register interest button: how to hide
        • Click “Publish” to save you changes

        STAGE 4: Editing the course info in the main column: Intro, tutor bio, course objective, and sessions.

        • elements are mostly text, and can be edited as such.
        • the sessions are accordion items and is edited like this:
        1. Right click anywhere on the accordion > edit accordion
        2. Now the left pane shows the accordion settings
        3. Click the layout tab to see the accordion items headings
        4. Change each heading to reflect the session titles
        5. Remove the sessions you don’t need.
        6. Now edit each session description: In the right pane, click on the accordion > that opens the text description, right click to edit > edit in the left page
        7. Click “Publish” to save you changes

        STAGE 5: Make the course appear on the generic courses page https://dev.therai.org.uk/online-courses/

        1. View courses page in browser
          2.Click “Edit with Elementor”
        2. Hover over the list over courses, right click > “Edit loop grid”
        3. In the left pane, go to content > query
        4. The display is here set to manual selection of posts, so that courses can be switched off/on easily
        5. Under “search and select” search for the title of your new course, then select it.
          NOTE: As there are 1000 of posts, be specific and accurate in your search.

        Troubleshoot: If you can’t see your new course in the query search, go to admin panel https://dev.therai.org.uk/wp-admin/ and click “purge cache” at the top, then refresh the online courses edit page and try the query search again.