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Membership subscription ledgers. 1863-72.

Includes name (arranged alphabetically) and address, date of admission, and date of receipt of subscription.

1    1863-9

2    1868-71 [sic]

Names out of sequence, ff. 55-61; no entries for 1872.

3    1866-72 [sic]

Inserts 1-14 (all holograph) now in pocket:

1    List of names, inside upper cover

2    Ibid., ibid.

3    Ibid., ibid.

4    Ibid., 4 pp., ibid.

5    Name and address, at folio commencing A1

6    Addressed envelope, at Ar

7    Name and address, at Darby

8    Addressed envelope, at Hudson

9    Thomas Nicholls, London, 8 July 1870 to the Society enclosing Dr Hilliard’s subscription, ibid.

10    Edward Hertslet, Foreign Office, 14 Oct. 1870 to the Society notifying Lennon Hunt’s resignation, ibid.

11    List of names, 3 pp., at Rose

12    Royal Bank of Scotland, Aberdeen, 6 July 1869 to the Society enclosing John Sterling’s subscription, at Smyth

13    Addressed envelope, at Wilmot

14    Note on H.W. Williams’s subscription, ibid.