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Papers. 1968-77.

The Art Panel was formed in 1968 by J.B. Donne, Anthony Forge and P.J. Ucko (see Council minutes, 6 June 1968, Minute 53, f. 96). J.B. Donne was the Secretary throughout except for 1972 when he was out of the country; Howard Morphy was Secretary during this period (see Council minutes, 4 May 1972, Minute 32, ff. 233-4). Sheila M. Korn wrote the Panel’s anonymous report in the Report of the Council 1972-3. The Panel met fortnightly during the autumn and spring terms; these meetings were open to the general public. It met in the RAI rooms until 1971 when the RAI moved from Bedford Square and thereafter at different venues. In 1977 J.B. Donne agreed to arrange lectures at the Museum of Mankind (see Council minutes, 17 June 1977, Minute 6e, f. 21). There was a report in the Report of the Council, 1977, p. 4 on the open lectures arranged by J.B. Donne and John Picton. There was no report in 1978 and none subsequently. The Panel apparently ceased to exist in 1978.

1/    General

1    RAI Art Panel, 1974; reprinted from Guide to Resource Materials, 1974; signed Sheila M. Korn (mimeo.); outlines the coverage of the Panel

2/    Meetings

1    Autumn term 1968, 15 Oct.-10 Dec. 1968; signed Anthony Forge, Peter Ucko, J.B. Donne (Secretary) (mimeo.)

2    Summer term 1969, 6 May-3 June 1969; signed as above (mimeo.)

3    Spring programme 1970, 20 Jan., 3 Feb.: Seminar on the Tribal Artist – 3 Mar., 17 Mar. 1970: Seminar on Symbolism in Primitive Art; signed as above (mimeo.)

4    Autumn programme 1970, 20 Oct.-1 Dec., 15 Dec. 1970: Seminar ‘to discuss the material presented in the term’s papers’; signed as above (mimeo.)

5    Spring programme 1971, 19 Jan.-16 Mar. 1971; signed as above (mimeo.)

6    Autumn programme 1971, 20 Oct.-15 Dec. 1971; signed as above (mimeo.)

7    Spring programme 1972, 19 Jan. 1972; signed Anthony Forge, J.B. Donne (Secretary) (mimeo.)

8    Easter term [1972], 23 Jan.-20 Mar. 1972; signed Howard Morphy, John Picton (mimeo.)

9    Special meeting 1972, 29 June, ‘The arts of the western Sudan’; signed Anthony Forge, J.B. Donne (Secretary) (mimeo.)

10    Autumn programme 1972, 3 Oct.-12 Dec. 1972; signed J. Picton, H. Morphy (Secretary) (mimeo.)

11    Autumn term, session 1973-4, 16 Oct.-11 Dec. 1973; unsigned (mimeo.)

12    Spring programme 1974, 15 Jan.-12 Mar. 1974; signed Janet Goodridge, Bob Layton, John Picton (mimeo.)

3/    Discussion of future lectures

1    ‘Art lectures at Museum of Mankind’ from Jonathan Benthall, RAI Director to John Donne, Jonathan King, John Picton, John Mack, 29 Apr. 1977 (mimeo.); with the agreement of Malcolm McLeod plans to have ‘joint Museum of Mankind/RAI lectures or seminars on the anthropology of art’

2    J.B. Donne, Secretary, RAI Art Panel to Malcolm McLeod, Keeper, Museum of Mankind, 3 May 1977 – on re-starting the Art Panel in the Museum of Mankind; waiting to discuss with John Picton the list of speakers; thanks him for his help (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 17 June 1977, Minute 6e, f. 21