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Correspondence, papers, agendas and minutes. 1957, 1960-1.

The Symposium took place from 16-17 Oct. 1957 in the Rooms of the Institute; the members of the Committee were W.B. Fagg, Prof. R.W. Firth, C.P. Mountford, Mrs Webster Plass, Sir Herbert Read, and Dr Marian W. Smith. The Proceedings of the Symposium were published on 24 Nov. 1961 as Occasional Paper, No. 15. There is no reference to the Symposium in Man; see below for Council minutes references.


MWS    Dr Marian W. Smith (1907-61), author of The Puyallup-Nisquelly, New York, 1940, etc.; RAI Hon. Secretary, 1956-61

WBF    William Buller Fagg, CMG (1914-92), Keeper, Dep. of Ethnography, British Museum, 1969-74; RAI Hon. Secretary, 1939-56, Hon. Editor of Man, 1947-66, Hon. Librarian, 1977-92

1/    Correspondence


1    MWS to WBF, 13 Mar. 1957 – RAI considering a symposium ‘on some aspects of primitive art’; single aesthetic approach suggested; the papers would be published; might be held Nov. or early Dec. 1957; asks if he would be interested (tp.)

2    MWS to C.P. Mountford, 21 May – long silence does not indicate the RAI’s lack of interest; Mrs Plass was hoping to find funding; no opportunity so far as she is moving house; Australian Section will take place as planned undertaken by himself and Sir Herbert Read; assumes they are in touch (tpc.); similar letter sent to Sir Herbert Read; see Council minutes, 6 June 1957, Item 5g, f. 18; see also for funding 3 Oct. 1957, Item 1, f. 21

3    MWS to WBF, 4 Sep. – invited to attend symposium on 16-17 Oct. 1957; aim ‘to provide discussion on this one aspect of … primitive art’; hoped to bring together a small group of ‘interested and highly competent persons for discussion will help toward theoretical clarification’; names papers to be distributed to participants; latter will be invited to contribute papers on points raised; hopes he will be able to attend (mimeo.); marked by MWS ‘for your information’

4    MWS to Committee members, 14 Oct. – plans ‘now pretty well under control’; problem of chairman remains; Prof. Firth will sum up; suggested she, MWS should be Chairman; willing to do it unless a better scheme is devised; suggests a Committee meeting before the first session on 16 Oct. (tp.)

5    Official notification of symposium; names those to give prepared papers and comment (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 7 Nov., Item 1, f. 26

2/    Agendas, minutes

1     27 Mar. 1957. Agenda 2     27 Mar. Minutes 3     3 July. Agenda

3/    Publication


1    Norman Franklin, Routledge & Kegan Paul to Miss Joan Edwards, Administrative Secretary, 9 Dec. 1960 – sends proof of the illustrations for WBF (tp.); verso: annotation by JE


2    C.P. Mountford to WBF, [late May 1961] – refers to his illustrations; mentions MWS’s death [on 2 May](autogr.)

3    Norman Franklin, Routledge & Kegan Paul to WBF, 25 July – thanks him for his letter, 21 July [not held]; on proofs of illustrations (tp.)

4    Routledge & Kegan Paul’s notification of The Artist in Tribal Society on 24 Nov. 1961 (mimeo.)

5    Uncorrected proof copy (printed)