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Books associated with or belonging to distinguished scholars and presented to the RAI.

1    Man: a paper for ennobling the species; designed to be continued weekly. Nos. 1-53, 1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 1755. London, J. Haberkorn, printer; sold by J. Robinson and A. Linde, 1755.

Presented by Sir John Myres, OBE, FBA, (1869-1954, President 1928-31) on the 50th anniversary of Man: a monthly record of anthropological science which he founded in 1901 and edited until 1939. The device from the earlier Man was adopted by the later Man from the issue of Feb. 1951 until that of Nov./Dec. 1965 when it ceased publication as a monthly; it was printed on the upper cover. See Sir John’s article in Feb. 1951, No. 44 with a note by Sir John’s successor as Hon. Editor, W.B. Fagg. No. 53 is a photostat; the original was extracted to complete the British Museum Library’s set (now in the British Library) with the donor’s consent. The volume carries Sir John’s bookplate dated by him, 27 iv 1935; it was subsequently rebound.

2    The artist in tribal society: proceedings of a symposium held at the Royal Anthropological Institute, edited by Marian W. Smith. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1961. RAI Occasional paper, 15

From the Library of W.B. Fagg (with his initials), 1992.

3    Introduction to anthropology, by Theodore Waitz, edited by J. Frederick Collingwood. London, Longman, Green, [etc.], 1863. Publications of the Anthropological Society of London, 1.

Presented by Prof. D.F. Roberts (with his signature), July 1997. It carries the signature of J.G. Frazer and the date, 1892. The book plate inside the upper cover reads: This book formed part of the library of Sir James George Frazer, OM, which was bequeathed by Lady Frazer to Trinity College, Cambridge. It was presented by the College to the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Cambridge.

4    Memoirs read before the Anthropological Society of London. 1863-4. Vol. 1. London, Trübner & Co., 1865

Presented from the Estate of the late V.H.W. Dowson, 15 Oct. 2001.

5    The natural history of man by James Cowles Pritchard. London, H. Bailliere, 1843

Presented by Miss Margaret A.B. Jones, Mar. 1988; carries the signature of Pritchard’s son, Augustine. Subsequently rebound; see also 70/1/13.23.

6    An analysis of the Egyptian mythology by J.C. Pritchard. London, printed for John and Arthur, Cornhill, 1819

As above; given by Pritchard to his brother-in-law, John Bishop Estlin (with his signature and ‘from the author, Septr 1819’). Rebound as above; see also 70/1/13.23.

7    Researches into the physical history of mankind by James Cowles Pritchard. London, Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, [1837-47]. 5 vols.

Vol. 1, 1841 is the fourth edition; vol. 2, 1837 is the third edition; vol. 3, part 1, 1841, vol. 4, 1844 is the third edition; vol. 5, 1847.

As above (all volumes carry the book plate of Francis Frederick Fox). Rebound as above; see also 70/1/13.23.

8    The Colonial intelligencer or Aborigines’ Friend: comprising the transactions of the Aborigines’ Protection Society. London, 1847-52. 3 vols.

Vol. 1, Mar. 1847-Apr. 1848; vol. 2, May/June 1848-Mar. 1850; vol. 3, May 1850-Mar. 1852

As above; all volumes were ‘The Property of Gloucester Monthly Meeting’, nos. 119B-121B; vol. 2 also carries the signature of Edward Cowles Pritchard, dated 1948, Gloucester; see also 70/1/13.23.