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Autograph letters removed from files or donated. 1857 -.

1    William R. Jolly to Henry Christy, Mexico, 2 Dec. 1857 – sends thanks for his hospitality; gives details of his return to Mexico and of local conditions (Photostat)

Henry Christy (1810-65), author (with Edouard Lartet) of Reliquiae Aquitanicae, 18 Catalogue of a collection of ancient and modern stone implements … in the possession of Henry Christy, 1862

Presented by Prof. Leslie A. White, 4 Dec 1958, who writes: I obtained these three letters in the following way: ‘In the summer or early fall of 1944 I was in Mexico City. While I was there I borrowed a copy of Tylor’s Ananuac from a North American businessman who was residing in Mexico City. Pasted in that book were the three letters. 1 asked, and he freely gave, his permission to make photostatic copies of them. I do not know the name of the businessman and doubt if any diary or letters of mine would contain it’. [see A105/1/27]

2    Sir Edward Burnett Tylor to Henry Christy, Teignmouth, 6 Nov. 1864 – regretfully refuses invitation to stay, now settled for the winter; refers to the proofs of his book and Christy’s ethnological paper; has received Malay grammar and dictionary from J. Crawfurd; refers to Prestwich’s paper and the dating of implements and bones. See Christy’s ‘On the prehistoric cave-dwellers of southern France’, Trans. Ethnol. Soc., NS vol. 3, 1864, pp. 362-72; John Crawfurd, A grammar and dictionary of the Malay language, 1852; and Prestwich’s ‘On the geological position and age of the flint-implement-bearing beds’ Phil. Trans., 1864 (Photostat)

Sir E.B. Tylor (1832-1917), RAI President 1891-2, author of Aranuac, 1861, Anthropology, 1881, Primitive culture, 1871 etc.

Presented as above

2a    Ibid., 13 Nov. 1864 – inquires about evidence of the African stone age in Christy’s paper; asks if he will check c. 100-20 pp of his forthcoming book, Researches into the early history of mankind, 1865 (Photostat)

Presented as above

3    Sir Arthur Smith Woodward to Sir Arthur Keith, London, 13 Oct. 1915 – thanks him for the Piltdown bones sent by Revd F.G. Walker

Sir A.S. Woodward (1864-1944) Keeper, Dept of Geology, Natural History Museum, 1901-24. Sir A. Keith, FRS, FRCP (1866-1955), Master, Buckstone Browne Research Farm, Royal College of Surgeons; RAI President 1913-16

Removed from reprint ‘On a bone implement from Piltdown (Sussex)’ by Charles Dawson, Q.J. Geol. Soc., vol. 17, no. 1, 1915

4    Charles S. Myers to Prof. H.J. Fleure, Minehead, 16 Aug. 1940 – replies to queries on A.C. Haddon’s association with Charles Hose in Sarawak; reminiscences of the Torres Straits Expedition and those on it: W.H.R. Rivers, S.H. Ray, C.G. Seligman and William McDougall

C.S. Myers (1873-1946), Director, Psychological Laboratory and Reader in Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge; President, British Psychological Society. Prof. H.J. Fleure, FRS (1877-1969), Prof. of Geography, University of Manchester; RAI President 1945-7

5    Henry Balfour to George D. Hornblower, Oxford, 30 Aug. [193-] – replies to query on proto- and early Dynastic flint knives

H. Balfour, FRS (1863-1939), Curator Pitt-Rivers Museum, University of Oxford; RAI President 1903-4. G.D. Hornblower, OBE (1844-1951), RAI Hon. Treasurer 1928-34, Vice President 1935-8

Presented by G.D. Hornblower, Aug. 1950; inserted in Arts and crafts of Egypt by Sir W.M. Flinders Petrie, 1909 also presented by G.D. Hornblower

6    Ruth Fulton Benedict to Marian Wesley Smith, [New York], 14 Jan. 1936 – on M.W. Smith’s choice of informant for her fieldwork among the Puyallup (typescripts)

R.F. Benedict (1887-1948), author of The chrysanthemum and the sword, 1946, Patterns of culture, 1935 etc. Dr M.W. Smith (1907-61), author of The Puyallup-Nisqually, N.Y., 1940, The archaeology of the Columbia-Fraser region, Menasha, Wisconsin, 1950, etc.; Hon. Sec. RAI 1956-61

Presented by Dr M.W. Smith, 6 Dec. 1957

7-10    Prof. Franz Boas to Marian Wesley Smith, New York, 3, 22, 28 Jan., 9 Mar. 1936 – on M.W. Smith’s fieldwork among the Puyallup (typescripts)

F. Boas (1858-1942), Prof. of Anthropology, Columbia University, NY

Presented as above

11    John Montgomery Cooper to Marian Wesley Smith, 29 Sep. 1944 – on the linguistic map of North America published as the Publication of the American Ethnological Society, vol. 20

J.M. Cooper (1881-1949), Prof., Catholic University of America, Washington, Dec., founder and editor of Primitive man later Anthropological quarterly

Presented as above

12    Alfred Louis Kroeber to Marian Wesley Smith, New York, 28 Oct. 1951 – on the manuscript by Ard Gallaher on the Seminole Freedmen of Oklahoma submitted to the American Ethnological Society for publication

Prof. A.L. Kroeber (1876-1960), Dept of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

Presented as above

13    Nels C. Nelson to Alfred Louis Kroeber, New York, 24 May 1951 – on article by HRH Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark, ‘Third Danish expedition to Central Asia’ in the Explorer’s Journal, summer 1950

N.C. Nelson (1875-1964), author of ‘Shell mounds of the San Francisco Bay region’, University California Publ. Am. Archaeol. Ethnol., vol. 7, 1909, ‘Pueblo ruins of the Galisteo Basin, New Mexico’, Anthrop. Pap. Am. Mus. Nat.Hist., vol 15, no. 1, 1916 etc

Presented as above

14    Alfred Louis Kroeber to Marian Wesley Smith, Chicago, 18 Nov. 1959 – has had his account of recollections of his early days at Columbia University and the University of California at Berkeley typed; considers them tentative notes; mentions W.H.R. Rivers, Livingstone Farrand, R.B. Cattell, and Sir John L. Myres

Presented as above

15    Prof. Adolphus Peter Elkin to RAI Hon. Sec., Sydney, 27 Feb. 1957 – letter of resignation as a Fellow due to his retirement; and reply by Hon. Sec., 15 May

From RAI files

16    Henry Balfour to Barbara Freire-Marreco, Oxford, 7 Nov. 1911 – thanks her for her paper, ‘Two American Indian dances’, Sociol. Rev., Oct. 1911; discusses the relation of self-contained and self-supporting groups and society; offprint of paper attached

Barbara Freire-Marreco later Mrs Barbara Aitken (d. 1968), editor with J.L. Myres, of Notes and queries on anthropology, 4th edition, 1912

Mrs Barbara Aitken Bequest, Oct. 1968

17    Sir Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917) to ibid., Oxford, 9 June 1903 – on the recipient’s theory of curses travelling over the ‘dream-bridge’ similar to souls

Presented as above

18    Robert Ranulph Marett to ibid., Oxford, 5 Feb. 1908 – on examination requirements for the University of Oxford

R.R. Marett, FBA (1866-1943), Reader in Social Anthropology, University of Oxford, Rector, Exeter College, Oxford

Presented as above

19    Ibid., Oxford, 1 Nov. 1908 – congratulating her on her article (postcard)

Presented as above

20    Sir Richard Burton to -Chater, Trieste, 20 Feb. [188-] – sends 6 chapters of his manuscript; gives instructions on cuts and insertions

Sir R.F. Burton, KCMG (1821-90), explorer, linguist, and orientalist, author of The thousand and one nights, 16 vols, 1885-8, etc

Presented by Dr Plant, 1979

21    Claude Levi-Strauss to Jonathan Benthall, RAI Director, Editor, RAIN, Paris, 5 Jan. 1979 – expresses thanks for 70th birthday congratulations in RAIN, no. 29, Dec. 1978, p. 18 (postcard with view of Levi-Strauss’ country house at Lignerolles on verso; envelope attached)

Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-), Prof. and Director, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie sociale, Collège de France, Paris, author of Les structures élémentaires de la parenté, Paris, 1949, etc.

From RAI files

22    Wilfred Cantwell Smith to Marian Wesley Smith, McGill University, Montreal, 28 Jan. 1956 – on her ‘Shamanism in the Shaker religion of northwest America’, Man, Aug. 1954, Item 181

Presented as /6 above

23    Prof. Bronislaw Malinowski to H.J. Braunholtz, Tucson, Arizona, 21 May 1939 – refuses offer of nomination for the Presidency of the RAI (tp.)

Prof. B. Malinowski (1884-1942), Prof. of anthropology, University of London. H.J. Braunholtz (1888-1963), Keeper of Ethnography, British Museum, RAI Honorary Editor 1925-34, President 1941-3

From the correspondence files of the Museum of Mankind (Dept of Ethnography), British Museum

24    Charles Hose to Miss Miriam L. Tildesley, Purley, Christmas 1927 – Christmas greetings tipped-in. Fifty years of romance and research by Charles Hose, 1927 presented by M.L. Tildesley

Charles Hose (1863-1929) author of The pagan tribes of Borneo, with William McDougall, 1912 etc. M.L. Tildesley (1883-1976), Curator, Human Osteology, Royal College of Surgeons; RAI Council 1933-59 passim

25    J.H. Oldham to Sir Walter Fletcher, London, 8 Sep. 1925 – comments on his unflattering view of anthropologists and asks for names of ‘first-rate men’ he, Fletcher, mentioned in their conversation; and reply by Fletcher, 22 Sep. on the recently deceased A.C. Haddon and W.H.R. Rivers (tp. and tpc.)

J.H. Oldham, Secretary, International Missionary Council. Sir Walter Fletcher, first Secretary of the Medical Research Council

Presented by the Medical Research Council, 1990