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The Esperanza Trust for Anthropological Research was set up in 1963 by Edmund Leach, to promote the study of anthropology.

  1/    Setting up of the Trust, 1963-64

  1    ‘Outline proposal for the establishment of a charitable trust’, to be called the Esperanza Trust for Anthropological Research; the capital to consist of shares in Leach’s Argentine Estates; on trustees; on management etc.; on use of income; outlines examples of how the trust may be used. 2 leaves (photocopy) (tp.)

  2    Edmund R. Leach [ERL] to Anthony H. Christie, RAI Hon. Secretary 1961-70 [AHC], 22 July 1963 – asks about cheque; encloses document [probably 1/1]; queries one point (autogr.)

  3    [AHC] to ERL, 23 July – on the cheque; raises some points regarding the Esperanza document (tpc.)

  4    Geoffrey[?] Collins, Jackson & Co., Solicitors, to ERL, 9 Aug. – gives his comments on proposals for the Esperanza Trust; on making it a Charitable Trust; on trusteeship; on powers of investment; on application of income; on the duration of the trust; on additions to the fund. 4 leaves (photocopy)

  5    ERL to AHC, 12 Aug. – encloses copy of letter from his solicitor [previous item]; thinks the principal matters are the trusteeship issue and the duration of the trust (autogr.)

  6    Ibid., 17 Aug. – makes some additional points about the Esperanza Trust for his consideration; on the price of shares in LAE [Leach’s Argentine Estates]; on the RAI’s charge for management expenses; need to get legal angles tied up in Sept.; grants will be made to projects which he likes (tp.)

  7    ERL, 1 Sept. – Memorandum for meeting of Standing Committee on 4 Sept., on the proposed Esperanza Trust. 2 leaves (Xerox)

  8    [AHC] to ERL, 3 Sept. – refers to his note and memorandum; on the statement; on the method of discussion at the meeting of the Standing Committee (tpc.)

A156/1/9        6 Sept. 1963 – revised outline proposals for the Esperanza Trust; on capital; on trustees; on the emoluments of trustees; on management of investments; on the use of income; on the life of the trust; on additions to the fund. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 10    ERL to AHC, 9 Sept. – ‘Letter of Intent’; understands that AHC will put Esperanza Trust on the agenda for Council meeting in Oct.; this note will give members of Council an outline of what is intended; he is about to establish a charitable trust, the Esperanza Trust; on the capital for the trust; the income will be devoted to anthropological teaching and research; on the trustees; the custodial services of the RAI shall be rewarded by an annual fee; outlines some of the uses to which the income may be put; the fund is not intended to meet current expenditures of the RAI; Standing Committee has recommended adoption of the scheme. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. additions)

 11    Ibid., 10 Sept. – sends a further revise of his ‘outline’; on trustees; has asked his solicitor to draw up a draft deed (tp.)

 12    Ibid., 14 Sept. – on certain further developments over the Esperanza Trust; on dividends from LAE; on other financial issues (tp.)

 13    [AHC] to ERL, 16 Sept. – found his note difficult to understand; sees no reason why the trust should not come into being by 15 Oct. (tpc.)

 14    ERL to AHC, nd – encloses draft deed of Esperanza Trust; asks him to get his solicitor to go over it; must get it through the machine before 15 Nov. or preferably earlier; his birthday is 7 Nov. (autogr.)

 15    AHC to John Kusel, Messrs. Kimber Bull & Co. [RAI’s solicitors], 25 Oct. – encloses a draft deed; asks whether it is satisfactory from the point of view of Trust Law and the RAI’s legal position; the founder must divest himself of the shares preferably by 7 Nov.; makes a comment on the wording (tpc.)

 16    ERL to AHC, 28 Oct. – sends a document for signature; the RAI will have to pay the premium which ERL will refund (autogr.)

 17    AHC to ERL, ibid. – on the Esperanza document; on a provision which could be omitted will send two copies when he hears from Kimber Bull (tpc.)

 18    John Kusel to AHC, 30 Oct. – refers to his letter of 25 Oct.; the draft deed would appear to be satisfactory; refers to the clause AHC commented on (tp.)

A156/1/19    11 Nov. 1963 – ‘Deed establishing a Trust for promoting the study and teaching an anthropology and anthropological research to be known as The Esperanza Trust for Anthropological Research’. 11 leaves (photocopy of tp.)

 20    Ibid., ibid. 7 leaves (photocopy of printed)

 21    Jackson & Co. to AHC, 11 Nov. – acknowledge receipt of Trust Deed (tp.)

 22    ERL to ibid., 13 Nov. – encloses cheque; on paying Sun Life Assurance; the Trust Deed is being stamped; on dividends; on management expenses; on making an announcement in Man (autogr.)

 .1    […?], nd – on tax certificates; on dividends (autogr. note)

 23    [AHC] to ERL, 14 Nov. – answers the points made in ERL’s letter of 13 Nov. (tpc.)

 24    ERL to AHC, 21 Nov. – sends his ‘lawman’s’ version; on dividend; asks him to return Collins’ letter (autogr.)

 25    [AHC] to ERL, 25 Nov. – John Kusel feels that the Inland Revenue will be the crucial test; on tax certificates and dividends (tpc.)

 26    Manager, Sun Life Assurance Society, to RAI, 3 Dec. – forwards policy in name of E.R. Leach (printed and tp.)

 27    ERL, Jan. 1964 – ‘Notes for the guidance of the Managing Trustees’ (tp.)

 28    Jackson & Co. to AHC, 10 Jan. – the Trust Deed has been completed; enclose the original and two printed copies; enclose the certificate for 20,000 Ordinary Shares in Leach’s Argentine Estates Ltd. in the name of the RAI (tp.)

 29    ERL to ibid., 12 Jan. – on the original of the Trust Deed and the share certificate; will send cheque for the nett dividend on 20,000 shares; on tax certificates (tp.)

 30    AHC to Jackson & Co., 13 Jan. – refers to their letter of 10 Jan.; acknowledges receipt of the documents (tpc.)

 31    Ibid. to Coutts & Co., 20 Jan. – asks them to open accounts in the name of the Esperanza Trust for Anthropological Research; encloses cheque (tpc.)

A156/1/32    Ibid. to Chief Inspector of Taxes, 29 May 1964 – refers to the crediting of the trust by E.R. Leach; wishes to claim repayment of income tax on the dividend received last year (tpc.)

 33    Sunday Telegraph, 14 June – article on Leach’s Argentine Estates (newspaper cutting)

 34    Financial Times, 10 July – ‘Leach’s Scheme Rejected’; Sunday Telegraph, 12 July – ‘Leach’s kept at home’ (photocopy of newspaper cuttings with autogr. note by ERL)

 35    Leach’s Argentine Estates, Limited – Explanatory Statement (printed booklet)

 36    Ibid. – Scheme of Arrangement (printed)

 37    Ibid. – Notice of Meeting (printed)

 38    Ibid. – notice of an extraordinary general meeting (printed)

 39    Stenographic transcript of proceedings of the 53rd annual general meeting of Leach’s Argentine Estates, Ltd., 23 Dec. 1964 (tp. booklet)

 40    Harry [Wadsworth] to AHC, 31 Aug. 1966 – thanks him for letting him see ‘this’ [next item]; thinks they may well have a good investment (autogr.)

 41    Financial Times, 30 Aug. – ‘Leach’s Estates – a dollar hedge with a difference’ (photocopy of newspaper cutting)

 42    ERL to AHC, nd – refers to annual report; provides information for this about the Esperanza Trust (autogr.)

 43    […?], nd – notes on Esperanza [Trust]. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 44    ERL to AHC, nd – the attached [next item] is for his edification and that of the Trustees; he is a Director of sorts; on the Directors proper (tp.)

 45    Leach’s Argentine Estates, Limited – Directors’ Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 Mar. 1963 (printed booklet)

 46    Notes on the Directors’ Report. 2 leaves (tp.)

 47    AHC, nd – rough notes on the Esperanza Trust. 2 leaves (autogr.)

A156/2/    General Correspondence, 1964-71

  1    ERL to AHC, 8 Jan. 1964 – refers to letter about Benjamin’s finances [not held]; does not think Esperanza is due for any more money (tp.)

  2    Gananath Obeyesekere to ibid., 23 Mar. – writes at the suggestion of ERL; is on leave of absence from the University of Ceylon; is about to finish his Ph.D.; is due to return to Ceylon in the autumn but would like to spend some months in Cambridge; attaches an outline of his proposed research; ERL has told him of the Esperanza Trust; applies for a grant of £500. (tp.)

  3    Gananath Obeyesekere, ibid. – ‘Proposed Research on Sinhalese Religion and Social Structure’. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Note on Gananath Obeyesekere’s application for funds (tp.)

  4    AHC to ERL, 18 Apr. – ‘Forwarded for consideration’ (autogr. note)

  5    ERL to AHC, ibid. – Obeyesekere’s application has his support; has left the papers with Audrey Richards for endorsement (autogr.)

  6    Ibid., ibid. – ‘this’ has his full support; it is an excellent precedent for the kind of thing for which the Esperanza Trust is intended; provided Wadsworth agrees, asks him to send Obeyesekere an air mail advice; endorsed by Audrey Richards who approves of the award of £500 to Mr G. Obeyesekere (tp.)

  7    AHC to Gananath Obeyesekere, nd – £500 available in London (text of telegram, tp.)

  8    Ibid., 21 Apr. – confirms his cable that the Esperanza Trust has made him a grant of £500; suggests he holds the money for him in London (tpc.)

  9    Ibid., 23 Apr. – sends copy of letter sent to his Washington address [previous item] (tpc.)

 10    Ibid., 8 May – on missing his phone call; on meeting him; asks for his bank details (tpc.)

 11    G. Obeyesekere to AHC, 14 May – gives his bank details; will try to see him next week (autogr.)

 12    AHC to G. Obeyesekere, 15 May – encloses cheque; invites him to a colloquium (tpc.)

A156/2/13    ERL to AHC, 17 May 1964 – if B.W. Danya applies for funding he is to be told that the Trustees have no funds to dispose of but his case will be considered at a later date (autogr.)

 14    AHC to ERL, 25 May – encloses new cheque for Mr Obeyesekere; Coutts will cancel the original one; on other matters (tpc.)

 15    G. Obeyesekere to AHC, 17 June – on sending his monthly remittance; will drop in to see him next week (autogr.)

 16    AHC to the Manager, Midland Bank Ltd., Cambridge, 22 June – encloses cheque for account of Dr G. Obeyesekere (tpc.)

 17    Ibid., 13 Aug. – ibid. (tpc.)

 18    Caroline Wright, Clerk to the Officers, RAI, to Dr G. Obeyesekere, ibid. – apologises for delay in remitting his grant; a cheque will be sent tomorrow and another in a few days (tpc.)

 19    […?] to Mr Harper, nd – on Mr Obeyesekere’s cheque (autogr. note)

 20    AHC to the Manager, Midland Bank Ltd., Cambridge, 17 Aug. – encloses cheque for account of Dr G. Obeyesekere (tpc.)

 21    Ibid. to Mr G. Obeyesekere, ibid. – has sent a cheque today (tpc.)

 22    ERL to AHC, 24 Nov. – asks how much money Esperanza has; asks how much money is due to Geoffrey Benjamin fro Horniman; on Benjamin; if he runs short of money, would be prepared to back him from Esperanza; on the ‘king-making committee’ (tp.)

 23    AHC to ERL, nd – answers the points made in ERL’s letter of 24 Nov. (tpc.)

 24    G. Obeyesekere to AHC, 27 Nov. – expresses his gratitude at being the first Esperanza Fellow; outlines his activities during his time in Cambridge; expresses thanks to the Trustees (tp.)

 25    Peter R. Barham to ibid., 16 Feb. 1965 – is hoping to go to the Arabian Gulf to do fieldwork; has not been very successful in applying for finance; asks about chances of receiving help from the Esperanza Trust (tp. with autogr. note to ERL from AHC)

A156/2/26    B.H. Farmer, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, to ERL, 31 May 1965 – the Press Syndicate have agreed to accept Gananath Obeyesekere’s book for Cambridge South Asian Studies; they require a subsidy of £500; asks if the Esperanza Trust can help (photocopy)

 27    ERL to Mr B.H. Farmer, 8 June – refers to his letter of 31 May; is delighted that the book has been accepted; is dismayed that a subsidy of £500 is required; the Trust might be approached for a small subsidy; he had in mind £100; is sending copies of the correspondence to his co-trustees (tpc.)

 28    ERL to AHC, 9 June – has discussed the finances of Esperanza with Audrey Richards; asks him to arrange for £250 to be paid to Audrey for the Elmdon Research Fund; asks him to pass the enclosures to Wadsworth; refers to potential subsidy of Obeyesekere’s book (tpc.)

 29    Adrian Mayer to ibid., 20 Aug. – on a Pakistani anthropologist called Saghir Ahmad; on his work at university and in the field; asked if he could stop over at SOAS on his way back to the US from Pakistan; the project seemed settled; but his American university is not going to give him money for his stay in London; asks whether an application [to Esperanza] would have a chance; he would need to know by mid-Sept. (tp.)

 30    AHC to ERL, 24 Aug. – encloses copy of letter from Adrian Mayer; asks what he thinks (tpc.)

 31    ERL to AHC, 25 Aug. – Saghir Ahmad would seem to be a proper recipient of Esperanza largesse; asks if the Trust has any money; on £250 subsidy for Obeyesekere’s book and £250 for the Elmdon scheme; if the money is there he suggests £50 a month for three months (tp. with autogr. notes added)

 32    AHC to Dr Adrian Mayer, 26 Aug. – lets him know that the Esperanza Trust will provide £150 in monthly instalments for Saghir Ahmad (tpc.)

 33    ERL to Dr Anthony Forge, LSE, 12 Oct. – refers to letter of 20 July 1964 from Paul Stirling [not held]; this referred to correspondence about reprinting a piece of his; Harper’s were to pay $60 to the Esperanza Trust on publication; the book has appeared but he has not heard from AHC that any money has arrived; asks for information (tpc.)

A156/2/34    Ibid. to AHC, 12 Oct. 1965 – on the arrangement with Paul Stirling that Harper and Row had permission to reprint a piece of his; they would pay $60 to the Esperanza Trust when the book was published; has he had the cheque (tp. with autogr. notes)

 35    Ibid., 31 Oct. – on a ‘dubious looking cheque’ (autogr.)

 36    B.T. Parkin, Accountant, LSE, to AHC, 8 Dec. – encloses two cheques in respect of royalties for ERL’s book ‘The Political Systems of Highland Burma’ (tp.)

 37    Two remittance advice slips regarding the royalties. 2 leaves (printed and autogr.)

 38    Saghir Ahmad to AHC, 7 Feb. 1966 – thanks him for help extended during his stay in England; thanks the trustees of the Esperanza Trust; briefly outlines his activities during his visit (tp. with autogr. note by AHC)

 39    Julian M. Winch to ibid., 21 Mar. – is going to Sierra Leone to record folktales; needs a special type of tape recorder; wonders if the RAI can offer any assistance; asks that he be considered under the Esperanza Trust scheme (autogr.)

 40    AHC to J.M. Winch, 24 Mar. – regrets that the Esperanza Trustees are most unlikely to consider supplying equipment; suggests his university might have an arrangement for providing equipment (tpc.)

 41    ERL to AHC, nd [pre-19 May] – on a lecture; provides a paragraph on the Esperanza Trust for the annual report; lists the awards made; on the present state of the fund; on the LAE dividend (tp.)

 42    [AHC] to ERL, 12 July – ‘this’ came addressed to Esperanza; discusses the applicant; ERL may feel like advising him to apply for a Horniman (tpc.)

 43    BBC to Esperanza Trust, nd [pre-23 Aug.] – ERL has waived his rights to his fee; therefore enclose cheque (tp. and autogr.)

 44    AHC to BBC, 23 Aug. – acknowledges cheque (tpc.)

 45    Ibid. to Accountant, 24 Oct. – asks for cheque to be issued to Graeme Pretty (tp.)

 46    Graeme [Pretty] to AHC, 27 Oct. – expresses appreciation of his kindness in securing extra funds; every day is proving increasingly important; would like to thank the Esperanza Trustees (autogr.)

A156/2/47    […?] to Graeme Pretty, 31 Oct. 1966 – encloses £50; this is a grant to enable him to spend a further month in the United Kingdom (tpc.)

 48    AHC to ERL, 8 Dec. – on the RAI’s management fee; recommends a grant of £35 to Mr Kanaga Sabapathy to visit Guimet and Cernuschi Museums (tp. with autogr. reply by ERL added)

 49    Barrie Reynolds, National Museums of Zambia, to AHC, 15 Dec. – is retiring and leaving Zambia; will be at the Pitt Rivers Museum for 1967; wonders if he might obtain a grant from the Esperanza Trust for his research at Oxford or subsequent post-doctoral research (tp.)

 50    AHC to Barrie Reynolds, 20 Dec. – thinks it unlikely that his programme would fall within the terms of reference of the Esperanza Trust; thinks he will have difficulty finding support for his research (tpc.)

 51    Hilary Hammond to [AHC], 8 Jan. 1967 – asks for particulars about the Esperanza Trust (autogr.)

 52    AHC to Hilary Hammond, 11 Jan. – explains that she should write to the Secretary; points out that the amounts available are small (tpc.)

 53    ERL to AHC, 4 Feb. – asks him to credit a royalty credit to Esperanza (autogr.)

 54    Ralph Bulmer, University of Auckland, to ibid., 6 Feb. – has re-established contact with Graham Jackson; on the work he has been doing in spite of ill health; on the Horniman trustees making Jackson a ‘token’ grant; on additional support from the Esperanza Trust; on money needed and raised so far; would be grateful to hear if any support were forthcoming (tp.)

 55    [AHC] to Dr R.N.H. Bulmer, 10 Feb. – refers to his letter of 6 Feb.; can guarantee £350 from Horniman and Esperanza together with a letter which he will post simultaneously with this one [next item]; sorry that it is not more (tpc.)

 56    Ibid., ibid. – the Trustees of the Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund and of the Esperanza Trust for Anthropological Research have considered his application on behalf of Graham Jackson; they consider his work worthy of support; funds do not allow more than token grants; they have made available £350; hopes this may help to attract support from elsewhere (tpc.)

A156/2/57    N.A.M. Ferguson, Assistant Accountant, LSE, to AHC, 9 Feb. 1967 – encloses cheque for royalties on ERL’s book ‘The Political Systems of Highland Burma’ (tp.)

 58    Anthony Forge, Managing Editor, Monographs on Social Anthropology, to ibid., 11 Oct. – encloses cheque representing ERL’s share of an advance paid for French translation of ‘Rethinking Anthropology’ (tpc.)

 59    AHC to Dr Anthony Forge, 23 Oct. – thanks him for the cheque (tpc.)

 60    W.H. Whiteley to AHC, 15 Nov. – makes a formal application to the Esperanza Fund for assistance for Kirsten A. Sommerfelt; on her situation; she needs three months in England to write up her material under his supervision; attaches her project summary (tp.)

 61    Kirsten Alnæs Sommerfelt, summary of research project ‘A Study of the Role of Song in Konzo Society (The Bakonjo) in Western Uganda’ (tp.)

 62    AHC to Prof. Wilfred Whiteley, 13 Dec. – confirms that the Esperanza Trust will make a grant of £150 to Mrs Sommerfelt (tpc.)

 63    Barbara Pym, Assistant Editor, Africa, to AHC, 20 Dec. – thanks him for cheque for £10 on behalf of the Esperanza Trust for Peter Rigby’s article (tp.)

 64    W.H. Whiteley to ibid., 28 Dec. – refers to his letter of 13 Dec.; has told Mrs Sommerfelt of the award; on his gratitude to the Trustees (tp.)

 65    Geoffrey Benjamin to ibid., 7 Jan. 1968 – on applying for a grant from the Esperanza Trust; both Audrey Richards and ERL agreed that he should get some money; on his plans for fieldwork; outlines likely expenses; applies to the fund for a total of 2,500 Singapore dollars; on his work in the University. 2 leaves (tp.)

 66    AHC to Geoffrey Benjamin, 11 Jan. – refers to his letter of 7 Jan.; is asking the Trustees for their approval; glad to hear he is getting material for his book (tp.)

 67    Ibid. to ERL, ibid. – on Geoffrey Benjamin’s letter about his proposed field trip; he is asking for £375; the details of his expenditure seem very reasonable; asks whether the Trustees agree to the grant (tpc.)

 68    Audrey Richards to AHC, 16 Jan. – would like to support Geoffrey Benjamin’s application for a grant (tp. with autogr. PS)

A156/2/69    ERL to ibid., 17 Jan. 1968 – on Geoffrey Benjamin’s application; on Caroline Waddington; on Audrey [Richards’] trusteeship (tp.)

 70    G. Reichel-Dolmatoff, Universidad de Los Andes, to ERL, 22 Jan. – the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has granted academic sponsorship for Mr Stephen Hugh-Jones’ research project on Colombia (tp.)

 71    AHC to ERL, 23 Jan. – encloses copy of Geoffrey Benjamin’s letter; asks what his reaction is (tpc.)

 72    Miss M. Hackett, the Manchester Guardian & Evening News, to Esperanza Trust, 24 Jan. – encloses cheque for fee for an article by ERL (tp. with autogr. note by AHC)

 73    AHC to Miss H. Hackett, 25 Jan. – thanks her for the cheque (tpc.)

 74    [AHC] to Dr B. Benedict, 29 Jan. – on an application by Anne Osborne for a grant; asks his opinion of her (tpc.)

 75    Ibid. to ERL, 1 Feb. – encloses application from Ann Osborne with supporting letter from Burt; endorses Burt’s view of her; on offering Benjamin £250; on Carolyn Humphrey (tpc.)

 76    AHC to Ann Osborn, 12 Feb. – the Esperanza Trustees have decided to make her an award of £180; the first instalment will be sent in a few days (tpc.)

 77    Ibid. to Geoffrey Benjamin, 13 Feb. – the Trustees do not feel able to make a grant of more than £250; their view is that the Trust should supplement grants in aid from official bodies; asks whether he will be able to proceed with field work with the help of the subventions made by the Trustees (tpc.)

 78    W.H. Whiteley to AHC, 14 Feb. – Mrs Sommerfelt has arrived; on the paying of her grant (tp.)

 79    Geoffrey Benjamin to ibid., 16 Feb. – refers to his letter of 13 Feb.; £250 should be enough to work with; asks that the money be made available as soon as possible (autogr.)

A156/2/80    Stephen Hugh-Jones to ibid., 18 Feb. 1968 – writes about possible financial support for fieldwork in Colombia; encloses two projects, one by Peter Silverwood-Cope and one by his wife and himself; they are also hoping to apply to Horniman (tp.)

 .1    ‘Project for a field study of the Tukano Indians in the Vaupes area of Colombia, South America’. 7 leaves (tp.)

 .2    ‘Project for a field study of the Maku Indians in the Vaupes area of Colombia, South America’. 7 leaves (tp.)

 .3    Notes on the Estimates of Cost (tp.)

 .4    Estimate of Cost of two years field study in Colombia, South America (tp.)

 .5    ‘General Description of the Vaupes area’, including Bibliography. 8 leaves (tp.)

 .6    Map (photocopy?)

 81    Ann Osborn to AHC, 18 Feb. – thanks the Trustees for the award of £180 (tp.)

 82    AHC to R.H. Harper, Accountant, 19 Feb. – on award of £150 to Mrs Kirsten Sommerfelt; the money to be paid in three instalments beginning on 1 Mar. (tpc.)

 83    Ibid. to ERL, 20 Feb. – on Geoffrey Benjamin; on Mrs Sommerfelt (tpc.)

 84    Ibid. to Geoffrey Benjamin, ibid. – on sending him £250 (tpc.)

 85    Geoffrey Benjamin to AHC, nd – asks him to ask bank to contact bank in Singapore (telegram)

 86    AHC to Stephen Hugh-Jones, 22 Feb. – refers to his letter of 18 Feb. and enclosures; will put it before the Esperanza Trustees; encloses application forms for the Horniman Scholarship Fund; asks what other sources of financial support he has (tpc.)

 87    N.A.M. Ferguson to AHC, 23 Feb. – encloses cheque in respect of royalties on a book by ERL (tp.)

 88    Barbara Bentley, Clerk to the Officers, RAI, to Mrs K. Sommerfelt, 27 Feb. – on her using an office (tpc.)

 89    Ibid. to N.A.M. Ferguson, ibid. – acknowledges receipt of the cheque (tpc.)

A156/2/90    [AHC?] to Dr John Beattie, 19 Mar. 1968 – refers to his letter [not held]; on his undertaking the job of Esperanza Trustee (tpc.)

 91    Ibid. to ERL, ibid. – John Beattie is willing to be a Trustee; he sent the enclosed application for funds; it seems to be a lot of money; does not understand why Africa requires such heavy subsidies (tpc.)

 92    V. Cooper, Provost’s Secretary, to AHC, 20 Mar. – acknowledges receipt of his letter; will bring it to the Provost’s attention when he returns (tp.)

 93    ERL to ibid., 2 Apr. – attaches letter for John Beattie (tp.)

 94    [AHC] to John Beattie, 18 Apr. – encloses letter from ERL [not held]; hopes he will continue to serve as Trustee; shares ERL’s view that subsidising publications is not the best way of spending the Trust’s money; on the subsidisation of Africa (tpc.)

 95    Roger W. Evans, Treasurer, Equal Rights, to ERL, 1 July – on the Race Relations Bill; many of the Equal Rights objectives have been achieved; outlines these; on two major tasks still to be performed; needs money to survive, about £250 (photocopy)

 96    ERL to AHC, 11 July – attaches copy of letter from Roger Evans; on Equal Rights; wonders if it comes within the terms of reference for the Esperanza Trust; would like to make a recommendation that the Trust contribute £50 to the Equal Rights appeal (tp.)

 97    AHC to Harry Wadsworth, 16 July – refers to attached letter from ERL and appeal from Equal Rights; believes it would be appropriate to make a donation; gives reasons (tpc.)

 98    Ibid. to Roger W. Evans, ibid. – encloses cheque for £50 (tpc.)

 99    Ibid. to D. Long, Accountant, ibid. – on cheque (tpc.)

100    ERL to John Beattie, 26 July – suggests that Esperanza make an award of £70 to Archie Mafeje; on Mafeje; a grant on this scale would be within past precedents (tp. with autogr. reply by John Beattie)

101    AHC to Accountant, 31 July – on cheque for Archie Mafeje (autogr. memo)

102    BBC Publications to Esperanza Trust, 14 Aug. – on royalties for work by ERL (tp.)

A156/2/103    Barbara Bentley to BBC Publications, 19 Aug. 1968 – acknowledges cheque (tpc.)

104    BBC Publications to Esperanza Trust, 27 Aug. – sends cheque for royalties for work by ERL (tp.)

105    Barbara Bentley to BBC Publications, 23 Sept. – acknowledges cheque (tpc.)

106    BBC Publications to Esperanza Trust, 5 Dec. – sends cheque for royalties for work by ERL (tp.)

107    Barbara Bentley to BBC Publications, 11 Dec. – acknowledges cheque (tpc.)

108    ERL to AHC, 12 Dec. – asks him to confirm that cheque from BBC has arrived; asks what credit balance is in Esperanza account (tp.)

109    BBC Publications to Esperanza Trust, 13 Dec. – sends cheque for royalties for work by ERL (tp.)

110    Nathaniel Tarn, Jonathan Cape Ltd., to the Editor, Proceedings of the RAI, 18 Dec. – on republication of an essay by ERL which originally appeared in the Proceedings (tp.)

111    Barbara Bentley to BBC Publications, 19 Dec. – acknowledges cheque (tpc.)

112    Nathaniel Tarn to the Editor, Proceedings of the RAI, 27 Dec. – ERL has suggested that royalties be paid to the Esperanza Trust (tp.)

113    ERL to AHC, 30 Dec. – refers to his letter of 20 Dec. [not held]; on the expendable balance of the Trust; would like to invest £2000 of the balance (tp.)

 .1    Notes on the balance of the Trust (autogr.)

114    List of awards made 1967/8 (tp.)

115    Jonathan Oppenheimer to AHC, 11 Jan. 1969 – writes on advice of Prof. Freedman to apply for a grant from the Esperanza Trust; on his research; on his financial situation; applies for grant of £200 (autogr.)

116    AHC to Nathaniel Tarn, 13 Jan. – refers to his letters of 18 and 27 Dec.; consents to reprinting of ERL’s essay; on the royalties (tpc.)

117    Ibid. to J. Bebb, Messrs J. & A. Scrimgeour, 23 Jan. – asks for forms for purchase of £2000 of Tyndall Exempt (tpc.)

A156/2/118    ERL to John Beattie, 30 Jan. 1969 – on R.L. Stirrat; he has an SSRC Studentship; now intends to get married; asks if he is prepared to support a grant from the Esperanza Trust for Stirrat’s wife (photocopy)

 .1    Compliments slip (photocopy)

119    7 Feb. – character reference by I.M. Jones for Thomas Frederick Johnston (photocopy)

120    [AHC] to ERL, 11 Feb. – encloses application from Oppenheimer; on Mrs Stirrat-to-be; on other matters (tpc.)

121    ERL to AHC, 12 Feb. – on LAE shares; on Mrs Stirrat; on Oppenheimer’s application; asks him to ask him for more information (tp.)

122    Harry Wadsworth to AHC, 14 Feb. – on Jonathan Oppenheimer’s application; asks if Horniman Fund wishes to give support (autogr.)

123    AHC to J. Oppenheimer, 25 Feb. – the Trustees require further information before considering his request; specifies this (tpc.)

124    Jonathan Oppenheimer to AHC, 7 Mar. – gives the further information requested; outlines the story of his applications for funding; outlines his proposed research. 9 pages (autogr.)

125    Tristan Platt to ERL, 13 Mar. – asks for information on how to apply for an Esperanza grant; on his research; list items which the SSRC are unable to finance (photocopy)

126    ERL to John Beattie, 17 Mar. – attaches copy of letter from Tristan Platt; lays down some principles as to how he sees this sort of issue; lists the sort of thing which has been previously backed. 2 leaves (photocopy)

127    Ibid. to Tristan Platt, ibid. – refers to his letter of 13 Mar.; the type of application he has in mind is not really suitable for an Esperanza grant; he is asking for a grant to cover equipment which is normal to any research expedition; there are alternative possibilities such as the Horniman Fund (tp.)

128    Otto Koenigsberger, the Architectural Association, to AHC, ibid. – seeks help on behalf of Peter A. Andrews who has begun a survey of nomad tents; on his work; on previous grants; Peter Andrews is a special case which needs support from the Esperanza Trust; the amount needed is £1,500 for a year. 3 leaves (tp.)

A156/2/129    AHC to Jonathan Oppenheimer, 27 Mar. 1969 – refers to his letter of 7 Mar.; the Trustees do not feel able to meet his request; the Trust does not exist to serve as a substitute for State grants; suggests he apply to the SSRC for a grant to begin in June (tpc.)

130    Peter Andrews to AHC, 10 Apr. – confirms that the Trustees of the RIBA have authorised the allocation of £640 for the next six months; on the SSRC; SOAS has accepted him for an M.Phil. course (tp.)

131    S.V. Bardell, Secretary, Social Service Supplies Ltd., to Barbara Bentley, 9 May – is in a position to accept a loan of up to £2,000; on interest to be paid; has security in the machinery at Fairstead Press (tp.)

132    AHC to ERL, ibid. – thinks the suggestion in the attached may be suitable for Esperanza; on the organisation; the rate is good (tpc. with autogr. note by ERL)

133    Barbara Bentley to S.V. Bardell, ibid. – refers to his letter of 9 May; will contact him further after ruminations (tpc.)

134    Samuel W. Corrigan to the Trustees, the Esperanza Trust, 10 May – on his proposed field research among the Canadian Dakota Indians of Manitoba and Saskatchewan; on his objectives for the trip; on the costs; appends estimate of costs; gives references. 2 leaves (tp.)

135    Ibid., nd – estimate of costs for USA study trip (tp.)

 .1    AHC to [ERL?], 13 May – asks for comments on Samuel Corrigan; has taken action on the loan to Fairstead Press (tp. note)

136    AHC to S.V. Bardell, ibid. – Esperanza Trust would be willing to make a loan to the Fairstead Press of £2000 for a period of three years (tpc.)

137    Barbara Bentley to Mrs Purr, ibid. – on cheque for the Fairstead Press (tp. memo)

138    Peter A. Andrews to Prof. Maurice Freedman, 14 May – since Dr Koenigsberger spoke to him, has applied to several organisations for funds; the Royal Institute of British Architects has made him an award of £640 for six months; is anxious to find support for the rest of the year; is application to the Esperanza Trust has not been answered; asks if the Trust could help; will send a copy of his report to the SSRC when it is ready (tp.)

139    Peter Alford Andrews, Interim Report on ‘Nomad Tents in North Africa’. 17 leaves (tp.)

A156/2/140    ERL to Meyer Fortes & Gwylim Jones, 14 May 1969 – asks for his comments on the attached; on Corrigan; if the Trustees were to start making grants to secondary characters the whole aim of the operation would be lost; asks him to consider priorities carefully (tp.)

141    S.V. Bardell to AHC, 15 May – on behalf of the Directors accepts his offer of a loan (tp.)

142    Meyer Fortes to ERL, 16 May – advised Corrigan strongly against the application; told him that he thought it unlikely that the Esperanza Trust would support a project of this kind; urged him to seek aid from United States resources; Gwylim Jones may have different views (tp.)

143    Gwilym Jones to ERL, ibid. – thinks a reasonably strong case can be made for assisting Corrigan; on the Dakota Sioux; on Corrigan (tp.)

144    ERL to AHC, 19 May – refers to his memo of 13 May; includes text of letter to be sent to Corrigan; on establishing a kind of case law; mentions John Laredo (tp.)

145    Maurice Freedman to Peter A. Andrews, 21 May – glad that he has been given an award by RIBA; will look into the question of how he stands with the Esperanza Trust (tpc.)

146    AHC to Samuel W. Corrigan, 22 May – the Trustees have considered his application but have decided to turn it down; his application falls somewhat outside the ordinary purposes of the Trust (tpc.)

147    [AHC] to ERL, 2 June – Prof. Freedman has asked him to make an approach concerning Mr Andrews; clearly Andrews feels that the SSRC has let him down (tpc.)

148    ERL to AHC, 4 June – refers to his letter of 2 June; on the SSRC grant to Mr Andrews; on his interim report; on his work as a whole; on the evidence he is not favourably impressed. 2 leaves (TP.)

149    AHC to P.A. Andrews, 10 June – the Esperanza Trust feels unable to make him a grant; the nature of his work show insufficient sociological content (tpc.)

150    ERL to the Hon. Treasurer, RAI, 14 July – on the RAI’s cut for administrative services relating to the Esperanza Trust (autogr.)

151    John Blacking, University of the Witwatersrand, to Tom Johnston, 15 Aug. – sends best wishes for his fieldwork (photocopy)

A156/2/152    R.A. Armstrong, Jones, Lang, Wootton, Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers & Valuers, to AHC, 19 Aug. 1969 – has received details of a freehold investment property in East Street, Bedminster, Bristol; on a surveyor’s report; a lease has been agreed to a Mr Michaelides; on the price; it would appear to be an attractive shop investment. 2 leaves (tp.)

153    ERL to ibid., 2 Sept. – thanks him for sending on the letter from Jones, Lang, Wootton; seems quite a good idea as a proposed investment for Esperanza; on properties acquires by King’s [College] on similar terms; the Estates Bursar thinks it an appropriate time to make an investment of this sort (tp.)

154    [AHC] to ERL, 3 Sept. – refers to his letter of 2 Sept.; has asked for confirmation of planning permission and references for Mr Michaelides (tpc.)

155    Dr Hugh Tracey to Tom Johnston, 3 Sept. – refers to his letter of 29 Aug. [not held]; refers to him finding the going tough; refers to his request (photocopy)

 .1    Photograph of two musicians

156    R.A. Armstrong to AHC, 11 Sept. – encloses copy of offer letter written in his behalf; asks for the name and address of RAI’s solicitors (tp.)

157    Ibid. to G. Calver, Messrs. Hartnell, Taylor & Cook, ibid. – his clients are prepared to proceed with the purchase of 141 East Street, Bedminster, Bristol, on the following terms; states these terms. 2 leaves (tp. copy)

158    Barbara Bentley to R.A. Armstrong, 16 Sept. – gives the name and address of RAI’s solicitors (tpc.)

159    John Kusel to AHC, 18 Sept. – shall be happy to act in connection with the proposed purchase of 141 East Street (tp.)

160    ERL to F. McCarthy, Principal, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, ibid. – on slides of Australian Aboriginal rituals and films of Walbiri rituals which he has for sale; would like to purchase some slides; could probably arrange for Esperanza Trust to provide purchase price for films (tp.)

161    B.M. Machin to ERL, 22 Sept. – has just heard about the Esperanza Trust; outlines his qualifications and research work; needs money to complete his B.Litt. thesis; on his wife and her salary. 3 leaves (photocopy)

A156/2/162    R.A. Armstrong to AHC, 23 Sept. 1969 – the vendors of 141 East Street are willing to proceed with the sale; encloses copy of planning permission for the use of the property as a fish and chicken bar; encloses references for Mr Michaelides relating to another property; on the vendors. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Document confirming planning permission to use the property as a fish and chicken bar (photocopy)

 .2    P.S. Michaelides to Messrs. Hartnell, Taylor & Cook, 1 July 1969 – on his plans to use a property as a restaurant; gives a list of his references. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 .3    References for Mr Michaelides. 3 leaves (photocopy)

163    ERL to B.M. Machin, 24 Sept. – refers to his letter of 22 Sept.; on the Esperanza Trust; suggests he discusses his case with Dr Beattie who is one of the Trustees; wonders why he has not applied to the Horniman Fund; if he got a grant from the Horniman Fund, the Esperanza Trustees might consider supplementing that grant (photocopy)

164    Ibid. to Dr John Beattie, ibid. – attaches Xerox of letter from Mr Machin and his reply; in the past the Trustees have declined to support people who have been turned down by other grant-aiding bodies; all rules are capable of being bent (photocopy)

165    R.A. Armstrong to AHC, 2 Oct. – has received copies of references for Mr Michaelides relating to this transaction; on surveyor’s inspection; understands that the legal side is proceeding satisfactorily (tp.)

 .1    References for Mr Michaelides. 5 leaves (photocopy)

166    M. Joy to [RAI], 6 Oct. – on a previous application to the Horniman Fund which he withdrew; is now to become a student at Oxford; wishes to visit the Budapest Ethnographical Museum; applies for £60; at present holds an SSRC grant. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 .1    Curricula Vitae of Maurice Joy (tp.)

167    Thomas F. Johnston to the Secretary, Ling Roth Scholarship Fund, 7 Oct. – on his fieldwork; now commences a year of transcription and documentation; writes to ask for advice in seeking a modest bursary (tp.)

A156/2/168    Barbara Bentley to M. Joy, 7 Oct. 1969 – asks for references (tpc.)

169    M. Fortes to T.F. Johnston, 13 Oct. – not possible to assist him with regard to the Ling Roth Scholarship Fund; is sending his address to the RAI for his application to be submitted to the Trustees of the Esperanza Fund (tp.)

 .1    M. Fortes to AHC, nd – cover note (autogr.)

170    A. Eckersall, Inland Revenue, to AHC, 20 Oct. – asks whether a fee paid for an appearance on television was personal to ERL or paid to the Esperanza Trust (tpc.)

171    Miss Wazir Karim to ibid., ibid. – asks for application form for Esperanza Trust Scholarship (autogr.)

172    Barbara Bentley to A. Eckersall, 23 Oct. – the sum was not personal to ERL but entirely for the use of the Esperanza Trust (tpc.)

173    Ibid. to Miss Wazir Karim, ibid. – does not think the Esperanza Trust Fund will be on any use to her; it does not support work of the nature she describes; is usually given to those of British nationality (tpc.)

174    André Singer to ERL, ibid. – enquires about the Esperanza Trust; RAI has awarded him a Hornimans; Prof. Evans-Pritchard suggested he might be eligible for Esperanza (photocopy)

175    Jones, Lang, Wootton to Esperanza Trust, 27 Oct. – enclose report and valuation on 141 East Street (tp.)

176    ERL to A. Singer, ibid. – advises him to write to AHC and say he wishes to apply to the Esperanza Trust; copies of his Horniman papers could be used to support his application; suggests he discuss matters with Dr Beattie (photocopy)

177    André Singer to AHC, 28 Oct. – wonders if the Esperanza Trust might supplement his Horniman award (tp.)

178    Jones, Lang, Wootton to Esperanza Trust, 4 Nov. – enclose copies of the Ordnance Survey sheet showing 141 East Street (tp.)

 .1    Extract from Ordnance Survey sheet (photocopy)

179    John Kusel to AHC, 7 Nov. – encloses copy of the proposed Agreement and Lease to Michaelides; the Tenants have asked for a number of revisions to the draft Lease; itemises these. 3 leaves (tp.)

A156/2/180    Miss Averell A.P. Wainwright to AHC, 12 Nov. 1969 – on her studies; asks about the Esperanza and Emslie Horniman Trusts (autogr.)

181    M. Joy to ibid., 16 Nov. – refers to his application for £60 to visit the Budapest Ethnological Museum; requests that should his application be successful, he be allowed to postpone his visit from the Christmas to the summer vacation; gives his reasons for the request (tp.)

182    Peter Gathercole to ibid., 17 Nov. – supports very strongly Mr Joy’s request for a grant from the Esperanza Trustees; on his work; on his proposed visit (tp.)

183    B.M. Blackwood to ibid., 19 Nov. – Mr Joy has asked her to act as referee; has had several conversations with him about his proposed research; he is a very promising student; he would make the best possible use of an opportunity to study the collections in Budapest (tp.)

184    AHC to John Kusel, 21 Nov. – answers the various points regarding revisions of the Lease, made in letter of 7 Nov. (tpc.)

185    Ibid. to Miss A.A.P. Wainwright, 24 Nov. – refers to her letter of 12 Nov.; Horniman Scholarships are not available for study in this country; the Esperanza Trust does not make awards of this nature (tpc.)

186    [AHC] to ERL, ibid. – encloses application with supporting documents from Maurice Joy (tpc.)

187    John Kusel to AHC, 26 Nov. – refers to his letter of 21 Nov.; notes his instructions (tp. with autogr note)

188    ERL to John Beattie, Anthony de Reuck & AHC, 27 Nov. – on Maurice Joy; his comment is ‘No’ (photocopy)

189    Jones, Lang, Wootton to AHC, 4 Dec. – on a property in Poole, Dorset. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note by AHC)

 .1    Map of Poole (photocopy)

190    H.G. Emberson, Jones, Lang, Wootton to AHC, 8 Dec. – on a property in Welling, Kent (tp. with autogr. notes by AHC)

191    AHC to H.G. Emberson, 12 Dec. – refers to letters of 4 and 8 Dec.; in principle is interested in diverting part of the portfolio into property; however RAIU is fully invested in other funds; so is unable to follow up his suggestions (tpc.)

A156/2/192    Ibid. to Dr John Beattie, 12 Dec. 1969 – asks for his comments on Maurice Joy’s application to the Esperanza Trust (tp. pc with autogr. reply by John Beattie)

193    AHC to M. Joy, 15 Dec. – the Esperanza Trustees do not feel able to support his application; Dr Beattie is making further suggestions about possible sources of financial support (tpc.)

194    André Singer to AHC, 1 Jan. 1970 – gives the name of his bank for the Horniman Scholarship; asks when the Esperanza Trust might inform him about his application; is hoping to leave for Iran at the end of Jan. (autogr.)

195    Dr C.G. Helman to AHC, 13 Jan. – asks about Esperanza Trust and Emslie Horniman Scholarship; is South African citizen; is considering studying for Diploma in Social Anthropology. 2 leaves (autogr.)

196    Barbara Bentley to Dr C.G. Helman, 15 Jan. – refers to his[?] letter of 13 Jan.; neither the Esperanza Trust or the Emslie Horniman Scholarship will be of any use; they are restricted to those of British nationality (tpc.)

197    AHC to Dr John Beattie, 19 Jan. – on Mr Singer’s application to Esperanza; is not quite sure what the present position is; one ought to try to get the matter settled (tpc.)

198    Ibid. to Thomas F. Johnston, 20 Jan. – on his application originally to the Ling Roth Scholarship Fund; did not receive further application from him; seems unlikely that his interests fall within the terms of reference of the Esperanza Trust (tpc.)

199    D.G. Clemence, Jones, Lang, Wootton, to AHC, 21 Jan. – the proposed tenancy of 141 East Street to Mr Michaelides has fallen through; the purchase will not take place (tp.)

200    Barbara Bentley to ERL, 26 Jan. – on Mr Singer’s application to Esperanza; on his Horniman award; encloses the papers he sent in connection with his Horniman application (tpc.)

201    D.G. Clemence to Barbara Bentley, 16 Feb. – the proposed tenant of 141 East Street no longer wishes to proceed; once again the proposed purchase has fallen through; on proceeding with the purchase if the agents again offer terms (tp.)

A156/2/202    Barbara Bentley to D.G. Clemence, 17 Feb. 1970 – refers to his letter of 16 Feb.; will circulate the facts to the Trustees; feels sure that they will wish to terminate any further negotiations (tpc.)

203    A.V.S. de Reuck to ERL, 20 Feb. – is inclined to hand over the balance of funds to Scrimgeours for investment in Equities; now is a good time to buy stocks and shares; on the disadvantage of having a shop ‘at the other end of England’ (tpc.)

204    C.R. Leegood, BBC Publications, to Esperanza Trust, 24 Mar. – ERL has agree to the reproduction of the first of the Reith Lectures; his share of the proceeds will be paid to the Trust; on tax forms (tp.)

205    Barbara Bentley to H.M. Inspectors of Taxes, 2 Apr. – asks them to sign forms as per letter from the BBC (tpc.)

 .1    Note of address of H.M. Inspectors of Taxes (autogr.)

206    Gaye Poulton, Jonathan Cape Ltd., to AHC, 15 Apr. – refers to correspondence with Nathaniel Tarn on permission to reprint essay by ERL; how asks if permission can be extended to cover translations of the essay; any monies due to ERL will be paid to the Esperanza Trust (tp.)

207    Barbara Bentley to G. Poulton, 1 May – AHC is no longer Hon. Secretary; is happy to give permission for the translation of the essay, providing acknowledgments are made; notes that monies will be paid to the Esperanza Trust (tpc.)

208    BBC Publications to [Barbara Bentley], 10 June – enclose cheque for royalties for work by ERL (tp.)

209    J. & A. Scrimgeour to Barbara Bentley, 12 June – on purchase of shares (tp.)

210    J.D. Fage to ERL, 16 June – on an application to the Esperanza Trust by Mr A.D. Buckley; on the ins and outs of his finances. 2 leaves (photocopy)

211    ERL to Prof. J.D. Fage, 19 June – on A.D. Buckley (tp.)

212    Ibid. to Barbara Bentley, ibid. – ibid. (tp.)

213    Barbara Bentley to BBC Publications, 25 June – acknowledges cheque (tpc.)

A156/2/214    Christopher Curling to […?], nd – would like to apply for a grant to make a film in Morocco; asks how he applies for a grant (autogr.)

 .1    […?] to […?], cover note referring to ‘a non-starter’ (tp.)

215    BBC Publications to Esperanza Trust, 30 June 1970 – enclose cheque for royalties for work by ERL (tp.)

216    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (tp.)

217    J.D. Fage to Barbara Bentley, 1 July – on the Esperanza Trust making one more grant to A.D. Buckley; asks her to convey his thanks to the Trustees (tp.)

218    Valerie G. Phillips, p.p. Barbara Bentley, to BBC Publications, 16 July – acknowledges cheques (tpc.)

219    Barbara Bentley to ERL, 4 Sept. – the enclosed is for his information; on the RAI’s ailments (tpc.)

220    Eric James Whittle to the Trustees, the Esperanza Trust, 18 Nov. – thanks them for grant of £300 (photocopy)

221    John Laredo to Barbara Bentley, 31 Dec. – thanks her for cheque; asks her to thank the Trustees; is rewriting his material (autogr.)

222    Raymond Firth to ibid., 3 Feb. 1971 – would like to recommend strongly David Turton for an award from the Esperanza Trust; on his work (tp.)

223    David Anthony Turton, 8 Feb. – information about his work among the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia. 2 leaves (tp.)

224    Dr J.C. Woodburn to Trustees, Esperanza Trust, 9 Feb. – writes in support of David Turton’s application for a grant; on his abilities; on his work; he intends to write up his Ph.D. thesis by Oct.; has no hesitation in giving a wholly favourable reference (tp.)

225    ERL to Barbara Bentley, 14 Feb. – on David Turton’s application; does not think there is anything special about the case which deserves special consideration; suggests they say that funds are not available (photocopy)

226    J.H.M. Beattie to ibid., 2 Mar. – on David Turton’s application; should have no objection to a grant in the amount applied for (tp.)

A156/2/227    ERL to Dr Jean La Fontaine, 9 Mar. 1971 – asks if she would be willing to let her name go forward to the Council as their Representative Trustee on the Esperanza Trust; on the Trust; on the previous Council Trustees. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Compliments slip (tp.)

228    Jean La Fontaine to ERL, 16 Mar. – would be delighted to accept were she not asking for leave of absence 1971-72; however does not have a firm offer of finance so it is possible that she will still be here next year (tpc.)

229    Peter Gathercole to Barbara Bentley, 19 Mar. – asks her to convey his thanks to the Trustees (tp.)

230    ERL to ibid., 24 Mar. – on making payments to Jock Stirrat (tp.)

231    [Ibid.] to Dr Jean La Fontaine, 29 Mar. – does not think the fact that she may be away need preclude her candidature; thinks the Trust should go easy on taking up new obligations; the Trustees do all their business by post; takes it that she would not object to her name being put forward (photocopy)

 .1    Compliments slip (printed)

232    Jean La Fontaine to ERL, 1 Apr. – would be glad to act if the Trust does not consider her absence a disadvantage (tpc.)

233    Jacob M. Black to [Esperanza Trust], 20 Apr. – requests grant to enable him to complete the writing-up of his Ph.D. thesis; encloses curriculum vitae; outlines the circumstances relevant to his application for funds; on his referees. 2 leaves (tp.)

234    Jacob M. Black, curriculum vitae. 2 leaves (tp.)

  3/    General Correspondence, 1975-93

  1    Esperanza Trust, Accounts for the year ended 31 Dec. 1975. 3 leaves (tp.)

  2    14 June 1976 – notice of a meeting of the Esperanza Trustees on 22 June (tpc.)

  3    ERL to Diane [Warburton], 18 June – makes some comments for her to pass on to the formal trustees’ meeting (tp. with autogr. corrections)

  4    Minutes of a meeting held on 14 July (tp.)

  5    Notes on investments, expenses and income. 2 leaves (tp.)
A156/3/6        ERL to Jonathan Benthall, RAI Director, 3 Dec. 1976 – on Paul Henley; Esperanza will not provide top-up funds for SSRC studentship awards. 2 leaves (tp.)

  7    Jonathan Benthall to ERL, 7 Dec. – refers to his letter of 3 Dec.; the policy of the Trustees is now clear to him (tpc.)

  8    Esperanza Trust, Accounts for the year ended 31 Dec. 1978. 3 leaves (tp.)

  9    8 Mar. 1979 – memorandum of various aspects of the Esperanza Trust. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 10    ERL to Roger [Moss], 22 May – on pledging Esperanza support for the Index; it cannot support the enterprise indefinitely (photocopy)

 11    Jonathan Benthall to Esperanza Trustees, 26 Feb. 1981 – on George Condominas; on the investment portfolio; asks for small grant to cover two extra pages in the Apr. issue of RAIN; ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 1 Mar. – would be happy to see Esperanza funds devoted to this kind of thing (photocopy)

 12    Esperanza Trust, Accounts for the year ended 31 Dec. 1982. 3 leaves (photocopy)

 13    Jonathan Benthall to Roger Moss & Jean La Fontaine, 29 Apr. 1983 – encloses copy of ERL’s memorandum of 30 Apr. [next item]; on ERL’s generosity to the Esperanza Trust; on shares and investments (tpc.)

 14    ERL to Co-Trustees, Esperanza Trust, 30 Apr. – has transferred ownership of some Ultramar shares to Esperanza; the value of this capital transfer is about £74,000; in the new situation does not think there needs to be a change in policy; the donation to the Esperanza Trust is not ‘secret’ but sees no reason why it should be drawn to the attention of the Council (tp.)

 15    […?], Richard Moss & Co., Chartered Accountants, to Jonathan Benthall, 9 May – understands that the Trust has decided not to sell the Ultramar shares; on capital gains tax; encloses typescript of the 1982 accounts of the Trust (tp.)

 16    Ibid., 11 May – on Capital Transfer Tax (tp.)

 17    Jonathan Benthall to Finance Committee, cc Esperanza Trustees, 24 June – on financial targets for RAIN (photocopy)

A156/3/18    ERL to Esperanza Trustees, Jonathan Benthall, RAI President, 30 June 1983 – the Trustees are about to receive substantial applications for funding; on the capital of the Trust; the RAI will shortly be applying for a lump sum of £7,000 plus £2,500 for four years; presumes that Council will turn to the Trustees to support Mrs Poignant’s photographic enterprise; suggests ways of meeting these demands (tp.)

 19    Jonathan Benthall to ibid., 23 Sept. – financial summary for meeting on 27 Sept. (tp.)

 20    Ibid., ibid. – on proposal for ‘Religions in conflict’ conference; SSRC have the money; occurs to him that Esperanza might consider an application for travel funding for one or two important contributors (tp.)

 21    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 26 Sept. – on the finances of the Esperanza Trust; on spending a percentage of the capital; on possible ways of spending this. 3 pages (autogr.)

 22    Jonathan Benthall, ibid. – check-list for Trustees (tp.)

 23    Notes of a meeting of the Esperanza Trustees, 27 Sept. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 24    Jonathan Benthall to Finance Committee, 29 Sept. – note following meeting of Esperanza Trustees on 27 Sept. 2 leaves (tp.)

 25    C. Roger Moss to Jonathan Benthall, 18 Oct. – refers to his commitment to complete the draft pro-forma for financial objectives for investment policy and planning; has now completed the blank table; is sending a copy of it to Brian (tp.)

 .1    Table (tp.)

 26    Jonathan Benthall to Dr R.L. Stirrat, 28 Feb. 198[4] – the Esperanza Trustees are willing to make him a grant of £165 to cover photocopying, postage and packing; if some important member of the seminar cannot attend the conference because of travel expenses a late application will be considered; since this is the second application by the South Asianists’ Group the Trustees have asked him to let him know that they are averse to having permanent clients (photocopy)

 27    Ibid. to Esperanza Trustees, 29 Feb. – encloses letter sent to Dr Stirrat; on advertising; on forthcoming applications by Council to the Esperanza Trustees; on Anthropology Today; on a special issue of RAIN. 3 leaves (tp.)

A156/3/28    Ibid., 8 Mar. 1984 – on fellowship incentive scheme (tp.)

 29    Valuation of Esperanza assets at 19 Apr. (tp.)

 30    Jonathan Benthall, 19 Apr. – notes for Trustees, 24 Apr. (tpc.)

 31    Notes of a meeting of the Esperanza Trustees, 24 Apr. 3 leaves (tp. draft with autogr. additions by ERL)

 32    Ibid. – copy to be circulated for signing by the Chairman. 3 pages (tp. with autogr. correction)

 33    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 25 Apr. – on royalties being earmarked for the funding of the two Kula conferences; now withdraws this restriction; on other royalties; on the investment strategy; on investment policy (tp.)

 34    Jonathan Benthall to Esperanza Trustees, 15 May – encloses draft of announcement about new policy guidelines of the Esperanza Trust, to appear in RAIN. 3 pages (tp. with autogr. notes by Jonathan Benthall)

 35    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 16 July – on Steve Gudeman; on stockbrokers; on handing over Esperanza to the care of an American banking house; would like Steve Gudeman to be involved in the Trust in some way; on Tasmanian aborigines (tp.)

 36    Valuation of Esperanza assets at 18 July (tpc.)

 37    Jonathan Benthall to Esperanza Trustees, 18 July – gives extract of memo sent to ERL; on meeting with Steve Gudeman; on moving a sizeable chunk of the Fund to the USA; on Trustees of the Fund; on options for involving Steve Gudeman in the Trust; encloses today’s rough valuation (tpc.)

 38    Ibid. to Miss B.K. Searle, Charity Commission, 30 July – encloses copy of the trust deed for the Esperanza Trust; the Founder Trustee is interested in increasing the number of trustees from three to four; is considering the possibility of entering into a supplemental deed; on the Chairman of the trustees having a casting vote (tp.)

 39    Ibid. to the Esperanza Trustees, 5 Oct. – lists applications for the current year; on a Typetrack ‘milking machine’ which the RAI wants to purchase; asks if Esperanza would make up the shortfall (tp.)

 40    Ibid., 11 Oct. – on election of Steve Gudeman as a Trustee; on documents he is sending to him; on applications approved by Council; on communication between Trustees (tp.)

A156/3/41    Esperanza Trust – Summary of ‘RAI allocation’ for 1985 (tp.)

 42    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 15 May 1986 – on his health; Kahari goes beyond the limits; on another application; on paying his subscription (tp.)

 43    Jonathan Benthall to ERL, 17 May – answers the points made in his letter of 15 May (photocopy)

 44    Ibid. to Esperanza Trustees, 21 May – encloses Esperanza’s accounts; comments on them (tp.)

 45    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 10 June – refers to his memo [not held]; on the problem of theft of books from libraries; would hope that Esperanza money should not be used in subsidising the Museum of Mankind library until this issue is sorted out; on the establishment of a joint Museum of Mankind/RAI working party (tp.)

 46    Jonathan Benthall to ERL, 11 June – answers points made in ERL’s letter of 10 June (photocopy)

 47    Ibid. to ERL, Prof. Jean La Fontaine & Prof. Stephen Gudeman, 12 Sept. – on the Film Committee buying video cameras; on a previous suggestion for a conference on Anthropology in South Africa; on arranging one or two visiting fellowships for non-white South African social anthropologists; the Esperanza Trust could commit some funds (tpc.)

 48    Ibid., 16 Sept. – follows on from his memo of 12 Sept.; has consulted Adam Kuper; makes some points about the scheme; on funds available (tp.)

 49    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 17 Sept. – refers to his memos of 12 and 16 Sept.; needs to be reassured that the Trust is not overspending; on figures he would wish to see before considering such a scheme as that proposed regarding South African fellowships; on Harriet Sibisi; not convinced that an anti-apartheid gesture is the kind of thing Esperanza should be doing; is not enthusiastic (tp.)

 50    Jonathan Benthall to Esperanza Trustees, 22 Sept. – encloses latest valuation with the index calculations requested by ERL; on the investment performance; on the Trustees Allocation; on his video movie camera, which is too delicate to be hired out in adverse field conditions (tp.)

 51    Esperanza valuation at 19 Sept. (tp.)

 52    Jonathan Benthall to ERL & Stephen Gudeman, 6 Feb. 1987 – on Esperanza Trust investments (tp.)

A156/3/53    Ibid., 16 Feb. 1987 – following his note of 6 Feb.; more on Esperanza Trust investments (tp.)

 54    Revised figures at 18 Feb.; Esperanza grants since 1985 (tp.)

 55    Jonathan Benthall to Stephen Gudeman, 25 Feb. – on the financial impact on the RAI of proposal to purchase a new headquarters at 50 Fitzroy Street; on the cost; there will be a shortfall of £70,000; advisers say it is a sound and prudent investment; on the Esperanza Trust offering a ‘floating mortgage’ to cover the shortfall; on other details; would be grateful for his reaction as soon as possible. 3 leaves (tp.)

 56    Ibid., 10 Apr. – on last-minute hitches with the purchase of the property in Fitzroy Street; refers to letter to Sun Life of Canada [not held]; on details of Esperanza Trust’s involvements (tp.)

 57    Ibid. to Esperanza Trustees, 19 June – encloses quick valuation; overseas stocks have underperformed; on the assets of the Fund (tp.)

 58    […?], Richard Moss & Co., Chartered Accountants, to Jonathan Benthall, 25 June – recapitulates the matters discussed; on Esperanza; on Emslie Horniman and Radcliffe-Brown; on Institute Accounts. 3 leaves (tp.)

 59    Financial Statements for the year ended 31 Dec. 1987. 6 leaves (booklet)

 60    Memo to be discussed with ERL on 18 Aug. 1988; on settled policies regarding the Esperanza Trust; on the policy of Esperanza towards the RAI; on other institutions; on the Founder’s academic interests. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by Jonathan Benthall)

 61    Notes of meeting between ERL and Jonathan Benthall, 18 Aug. (tp. with autogr. notes by ERL)

 62    Jonathan Benthall to ERL, 18 Aug. – asks him to sign the note of the meeting if he agrees (autogr.)

 63    Ibid. to Prof. Jean La Fontaine & Prof. Stephen Gudeman, 22 Aug. – encloses copy of notes of meeting between him and ERL (tp.)

 64    Ibid. to Patrick Swaffer, Goodman Derrick & Co., 5 Oct. – the Esperanza Trust has investments of about £350,000; thinks the Trustees could agree to taking on a risk of £100,000 worth of blue-chip equity stock; mentions clause 7; asks if the risk could be spread by sharing it among other funds (tpc.)

A156/3/65    Diana Rawstron, Goodman Derrick & Co., to Jonathan Benthall, 19 Oct. 1988 – Patrick Swaffer has asked her to reply; on clause 7; the fact that the founder trustee has said he would like the trustees to take some risks is not relevant (tp.)

 66    Jonathan Benthall to Diana Rawstron, 24 Oct. – thanks her for her letter (tpc.)

 67    Steve Gudeman to Jonathan Benthall, 29 Nov. – shall be in London in Dec.; on meeting with Jean La Fontaine; on seeing ERL; on seeing him (autogr.)

 68    Jonathan Benthall to Jean La Fontaine & Stephen Gudeman, 5 Dec. – on Steve Gudeman’s visit to London; he suggested that a prize be set up for the best anthropological book, in honour of ERL; on the difficulties of judging; suggests one person appointed by the Trustees or RAI Council; ERL was very clear that he wanted the Trust to reflect the same breadth of interests as the RAI (tp.)

 69    Steve Gudeman to Jonathan Benthall, 16 Dec. – feels strongly that the Esperanza Trust should have associated with it someone with expertise in financial matters; he is happy to help if he can but it is difficult from the USA; this underlines the need for a London-based advisor. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 70    Jonathan Benthall to Steve Gudeman, 29 Dec. – refers to his letter of 16 Dec.; on Jan Cherim and Niel Sebag-Montefiore, both of whom answer his specifications; both will take an active part in financial policy relating to the Esperanza Trust; in his opinion the investment and financial policy in recent years has been prudent and successful (tpc.)

 71    List of Esperanza Trust applications for 1988 (tp.)

 72    [Jonathan Benthall?] to Mrs Loulou Brown, 30 Jan. 1989 – encloses copy of catalogue of Bracton Books;, on Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison; asked Sarah Harrison if she would have room to house a large collection of books; sure they would not be right for selling the valuable books; the Esperanza Trust should share costs the Executors may incur; encloses copy of the Trust Deed for the Esperanza Trust for Bradley; encloses other documents (tp.)

A156/3/73    Jonathan Benthall to Jean La Fontaine & Steve Gudeman, 30 Jan. 1989 – on Esperanza finding resources for some kind of research fellowship; has been told that ERL remembered Esperanza ‘handsomely’ in his will; on selling ERL’s books and dividing the proceeds between King’s College and Esperanza; asks if it would be desirable to link a fellowship with one particular institution; thinks there are strong arguments in favour; outlines these; although it could be argued that the RAI should not favour one institution about another; on electing a new Trustee; on the ERL bibliography. 2 leaves (tp.)

 74    Ibid. to Michael Banton, President, & Eric Sunderland, President Designate, 16 Mar. – on election of an Esperanza Trustee; suggests Howard Morphy; the period of trustees’ office needs to be formalised (tp.)

 75    Eric Sunderland to Jonathan Benthall, 20 Mar. – refers to his memo of 16 Mar.; agrees that Howard Morphy be proposed; answers other points (tp.)

 76    Jonathan Benthall to Howard Morphy, 20 Apr. – Council elected him Trustee of the Esperanza Trust; on the period of office; encloses copy of the Trust Deed; on the other trustees; on the commitment of the Trust (tp.)

 77    Ibid. to Jean La Fontaine & Stephen Gudeman, 26 Apr. – Council has elected Howard Morphy as Trustee and he has accepted; on dates when terms of office expire; trustees would be given the option of serving up to ten years; on the sale of ERL’s books; on the lack of success of the Horniman Fund (tp.)

 78    Ibid., 22 May – on the ERL bibliography; on ERL’s library (tp.)

 79    Jonathan Benthall to Christiana Dart, 15 June – refers to her letter of 25 May [not held]; encloses cheque for expenses in promoting Anthropology Today in North America (tp.)

 80    Ibid. to Prof. Jean La Fontaine, 3 Aug. – writes to make applications for grants from Esperanza Trust; these applications have been approved by Council. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 81    Esperanza Trust, financial statements for the year ended 31 Dec. 1989 (booklet)

A156/3/82    Jonathan Benthall to Esperanza Trustees, 7 Feb. 1990 – on investments; on a special memorial issue of Cambridge Anthropology; on the sale of ERL’s library; on grant policy; on offering an annual sum for research fellowships in anthropology; gives reasons; suggests approaching King’s College, Cambridge, and LSE about this idea. 2 leaves (tp.)

 83    […?] to Jean La Fontaine & Howard Morphy, 19 Feb. – refers to Jonathan Benthall’s memo of 7 Feb.; answers some small points; on the Leach Fellowships; has a strong preference for these to be handled through King’s; on details. 2 leaves (tp.)

 84    Stephen Gudeman to Prof. Jean La Fontaine, 27 Feb. – refers to hers of 12 Feb. and his memo of 7 Feb. [not held]; on the Leach Fellowships (tp.)

 85    Jonathan Benthall to ibid., 9 May – on the Leach Fellowships; contains draft announcement to anthropology departments, seeking offers to administer the funds. 2 leaves (tp.)

 86    Jean La Fontaine to Howard Morphy, 15 May – sends record of their conversation about the proposed Leach Fellowship; on various aspects of the scheme (tp. with autogr. PS)

 87    Esperanza Trust, financial statements for the year ended 31 Dec. 1990. 5 leaves (tp.)

 88    Ibid., financial statements for the year ended 31 Dec. 1991. 6 leaves (tp.)

 89    Jonathan Benthall to Stephen Gudeman, 16 Oct. 1992 – refers to his memo of 15 Oct. [not held]; on investment arrangements (autogr. fax sheet)

 90    Jean La Fontaine to ibid., 11 Nov. – refers to points raised in his recent correspondence; on meeting; on the management of the Esperanza Trust and its investments. 2 leaves (tp.)

 91    Stephen Gudeman to Jonathan Benthall, 29 Jan. 1993 – refers to meeting with Howard Morphy in San Francisco; on a new trustee taking Jean’s place; further consideration of investment methods may await the new appointment (tp.)

A156/3/92    Jonathan Benthall to Jan Cherim, 8 Feb. 1993 – gives extract from minutes of Council meeting, on Esperanza Trustees; on Jan Cherim being a ‘trustee in waiting’ until Jean La Fontaine stepped down; on guidelines for trustees; Jean La Fontaine intends to see through the evaluation of the current Leach/RAI Fellowship scheme (tp.)

 93    C. Roger Moss[?], nd – notes on Esperanza Trust; on its purpose; on finance. 5 leaves (autogr.)

 .1    Compliments slip

  4/    Elmdon Project

  1    Audrey Richards to ERL, 15 Nov. 1976 – asks if there is any money in the Esperanza kitty for Jean Robin; on possibilities of publishing the material in a book; on the amount of money needed. 3 leaves (photocopy)

  2    ERL to Jean La Fontaine, 16 Nov. – encloses Xerox of letter from Audrey Richards; on the original Elmdon book; on Jean Robin; gives reasons why it is a ‘legitimate’ Esperanza operation (tp.)

  3    Marilyn Strathern to Jonathan Benthall, 10 June 1977 – has been helping Audrey Richards with Elmdon material; Dr Richards is anxious to see the material published; plans to edit two books; on Jean Robin; will be helping with one of the books; asks for help from the Esperanza trust for some assistance with personal expenses. 2 leaves (tp.)

  4    Jonathan Benthall to ERL, 13 June – refers to Marilyn Strathern’s enquiry about the Elmdon Project; on the AAA annual meeting in Houston. 2 leaves (tp.)

  5    ERL to Jonathan Benthall, 16 June – on the AAA annual meeting; on the Elmdon Project; his impression is that the financial angle is in total confusion (tp.)

  6    Marilyn Strathern to ERL, 20 June – refers to his two letters [not held]; answers his queries about funding (tp.)

  7    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 4 July – refers to his letter of 13 June [not held]; makes formal application to Esperanza Trust for assistance with the Elmdon work (tp.)

  8    Ibid., ibid. – application to the trustees of the Esperanza Trust; on the Elmdon project; on her part in it; on the duration of the work; on likely expenses (tp.)

A156/4/9        Ibid., 28 Nov. 1977 – wonders whether the Esperanza Trustees have considered her application (tp.)

 10    Jane Cockerill, Director’s Secretary, to Dr Marilyn Strathern, 29 Nov. – Jonathan Benthall is away but will be in touch on his return (tpc.)

 11    Jonathan Benthall to ERL & Dr J. La Fontaine, 6 Dec. – encloses copy of letter he has sent to Marilyn Strathern; Audrey Richards is the principal scholar responsible for the project; she should apply with full details (tpc.)

 12    Ibid. to Marilyn Strathern, ibid. – the Trustees feel that they need a complete picture of the grants the project is receiving, before they make a decision; suggests that Audrey Richards makes an application giving these details (photocopy)

 13    ERL to Audrey Richards, 9 Dec. – attaches Xerox of letter from Jonathan Benthall to Marilyn Strathern; RAI accountants and Charity Commissioners require systematic documentation; needs a clear statement from her about the financing of the project; asks if she could produce a revised application in her own name (tp. with autogr. note by ERL)

 14    Audrey Richards to Jonathan Benthall, 20 Dec. – writes to clarify the application which Dr Marilyn Strathern made to the Trustees in relation to the Elmdon project; refers to the first publication of the project; on the original project for a new volume; it was then decided to publish this material in two volumes; Dr Strathern is applying for funds for one of these volumes; outlines how much she will need. 3 leaves (tp.)

 15    ERL to ibid., 24 Dec. – on Audrey Richards’ letter to him of 20 Dec.; thinks the Esperanza Trust might support the enterprise again; suggests a grant of £700 (autogr.)

 16    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr. note)

 17    Jonathan Benthall to Dr Audrey Richards, 13 Jan. 1978 – confirms that the Esperanza Trustees are willing to make a grant of £700; will send the cheque as soon as possible (tpc.)

 18    ERL to ibid., 16 Jan. – refers to her letter of 20 Dec. to Jonathan Benthall; the Trustees have decided to award her £700; asks for a brief report after the money has been spent (tpc.)

A156/4/19    Audrey Richards to Jonathan Benthall, 18 Jan. 1978 – delighted to hear about the Esperanza award; will write formally when required (tp. with autogr. note)

 20    Marilyn Strathern to ibid., 4 Feb. – believes that Audrey Richards has written to him; wishes to add her personal gratitude (tp.)

 21    Jean Robin, ‘Change and Continuity of a North Essex Village’. 6 leaves (tp.)

 22    Marilyn Strathern, ‘Kinship at the core: idioms of identity in a North Essex village’. 6 leaves (tp.)

  5/    Leach/RAI Fellowships

The Leach/RAI Fellowship was established by the Trustees of the Esperanza Trust to honour the memory of the founder of the Trust, Professor Sir Edmund Leach, and further his expressed aim of promoting anthropology.

  1    Marjorie Bunn, Brunel University, to J.S. La Fontaine, 25 July 1990 – acknowledges her letter of 24 July regarding the Fellowship (tp.)

  2    Pat Caplan, Goldsmiths’ College, to ibid., 31 July – ibid.; shall be seeking views of colleagues (tp.)

  3    Reginald Byron, Queen’s University of Belfast, to ibid., 9 Aug. – refers to her letter; his department would wish to participate; would provide the fellow with resources (tp.)

  4    Ioan Lewis to ibid., 14 Aug. – refers to her letter; is interested in the idea (tp.)

  5    Lionel Caplan, SOAS, to ibid., 4 Oct. – refers to her letter of 24 July; would be happy to participate in the scheme; at the moment SOAS does not have any spare office space but in the future would wish to be considered (tp.)

  6    R.F. Ellen to ibid., 9 Oct. – has discussed the matter  with the Dean of Social Sciences and the Vice-Chancellor; on commitment of resources; lists facilities etc. which they would provide for the Fellow. 2 leaves (tp.)

  7    Eileen Walters, Director’s Secretary, to Prof. Lionel Caplan, 15 Oct. – his letter will be passed to Jean La Fontaine (tpc.) [identical letter to Prof. R.F. Ellen not retained]

A156/5/8        A.P. Cohen, University of Edinburgh, to Jean La Fontaine, 19 Oct. 1990 – the possibility of Edinburgh accommodating the Leach/RAI Fellowship has been discussed; outlines the facilities he could offer (tp.)

  9    Eileen Walters to Prof. A.P. Cohen, 22 Oct. – acknowledges his letter (tpc.)

 10    Jean La Fontaine to Dr Robert Layton, Durham, Prof. I.M. Lewis, LSE, Prof. Anthony Cohen, Edinburgh, Prof. Roy Ellen, Kent, Dr R.F. Byron, Belfast, Prof. Lionel Caplan, SAOS, Dr Pat Caplan, Goldsmiths & Prof. Adam Kuper, Brunel, 14 Nov. – on behalf of the Esperanza Trustees has accepted the University of Manchester’s offer to accommodate the Leach/RAI Fellowships for the first three years; will contact them again about the second series of Fellowships (tpc.)

 11    Jonathan Benthall to Jean La Fontaine, Stephen Gudeman & Howard Morphy, 27 Apr. 1992 – encloses information about the shortlist of candidates for the 1992/93 Leach/RAI Fellowships; on travel expenses for a candidate from the USA (tpc.)

 12    List of candidates for the 1992/93 Leach/RAI Fellowships (tp.)

 13    Jonathan Benthall to Prof. Marilyn Strathern, 7 May – refers to her letter of 5 May [not held]; on the election of Dr Sharon Hutchinson; encloses cheque as contribution to her travel expenses; on a grey area concerning extra expenses (tpc.)

 14    Sharon Hutchinson to ibid., ibid. – accepts with pleasure the Fellowship for 1992-93; encloses copy of her Ph.D. certificate; is delighted at the prospect of interacting closely with her and the Department (fax)

 15    Application form from Sharon Hutchinson for the Leach/RAI Fellowship. 5 leaves (printed and tp.)

 16    Marilyn Strathern to Jonathan Benthall, 13 May – encloses copy of Sharon Hutchinson’s acceptance letter; on her work permit; asks if she can start on 1 Sept.; encloses copy of Fellowship details (tp.)

 17    Details about the Leach/RAI Fellowship, awarded annually; in 1992-93, tenable at the University of Manchester. 8 leaves (tp.)

 18    Jonathan Benthall to Marilyn Strathern, 26 May – refers to her letter with enclosures; on Gustaaf Houtman giving a presentation at the conclusion of his Fellowship (tpc.)

A156/5/19    Ibid. to Dr Gustaaf Houtman, 8 July 1992 – would like him to give a presentation on 14 Oct.; on details (tpc.)

 20    Ibid. to Lady Leach, ibid. – on Dr Gustaaf Houtman’s presentation; invites her to attend; on Dr Sharon Hutchinson, the second Leach/RAI Fellow; believes the scheme has got off to a good start (tpc.) [identical letter to Ms Loulou Brown not retained]

 21    Marilyn Strathern, 21 Sept. – Report to Council on Dr Gustaaf Houtman, first Leach/RAI Fellow (tp.)

 22    Eileen Walters to Mrs E. Thomas, Catering Manager, LSE, 1 Dec. – on drinks and snacks for a reception (tpc.)

 23    Flyer for the first Leach/RAI Fellowship Lecture, to be delivered on 10 Dec. by Dr Gustaaf Houtman (tp.)

 24    Jonathan Benthall to Marilyn Strathern, 12 Feb. 1993 – suggests some amendments in the formal conditions of employment for the 1993-94 Fellowships (tpc.)

 25    Ibid. to Nora Shane, Administrative Officer, SOAS, 5 Sept. – confirms booking of boardroom on 25 Oct. (tpc.)

 26    Ibid. to Sharon Hutchinson, 7 Sept. – has booked the boardroom at SOAS on 25 Oct. for her presentation; on details; it sounds as though the Fellowship has been a great success (tpc.)

 27    Flyer for presentation by Sharon Hutchinson on 25 Oct. (tp.)

 28    List of people to whom invitations were sent for the presentation by Sharon Hutchinson (tp.)

 29    Suggestions by Sharon Hutchinson as to who should be invited. 7 leaves (photocopied list with autogr. markings)

 30    J.S. La Fontaine to Gustaaf Houtman, 2 Mar. 1994 – is disappointed that he will not submit his manuscript for publication until 1995; on factors contributing to the delay; it is gratifying to the trustees that the Fellowship has been valuable to him (tpc.)

 31    Jonathan Benthall to Sharon Hutchinson, 28 Mar. – asks if she has come to terms with a publisher as regards her book; the trustees would be grateful for a report (tpc.)

 32    25 July – information sheet about the Leach/RAI Fellowships 1995-98 (tp.)

A156/5/33    Eileen Walters to Dr William Rea, 23 Aug. 1994 – a second series of RAI/Leach Fellowships is being arranged; will send further information later (tpc.)

 .1    Eric […?] to Eileen [Walters], 17 Aug. – on Dr Rea wanting details of the Fellowship (autogr.)

 34    David Akin to RAI, 3 Oct. – asks for information about the Leach/RAI Fellowship (tp.)

 35    Eileen Walter to Dr David Akin, 10 Oct. – at the moment has no further information about the Fellowship; will let him know in due course (tpc.)

 36    Howard Morphy to Jonathan Benthall, 15 Nov. – on the three letters of application for the Fellowships; would still recommend awarding them to Manchester (tp. with autogr. notes by Jonathan Benthall)

 37    Jean La Fontaine to Howard Morphy & Steve Gudeman, 20 Nov. – on the current bids for the Fellowship; Manchester’s administration of the previous Fellowships is not as good as their bid; two of the Fellows do not yet have a book in press; on the question of the circulation of the Fellowship; on calling the money an ‘award’ rather than a ‘fellowship’ (tp.)

 38    Jonathan Benthall to ibid., 21 Nov. – adds some comments on Jean La Fontaine’s letter of 20 Nov. (tp.)

 39    Jeanette Edwards, 24 Nov. – final report on the Leach/RAI Fellowship 1993-94. 2 leaves (tp.)

 40    Ibid., Sept. 1994 – Book Proposal; ‘Born and Bred – Ideas of relatedness and relationships in late twentieth century England’. 17 leaves (tp.)

 41    Kamala Visweswaran to RAI, 5 Dec. – asks for information about the Leach/RAI Fellowship for 1994-95 (tp.)

 42    Eileen Walters to Ms Kamal Visweswaran, 16 Dec. – will send details in due course (tpc.)

 43    Tim Ingold to Jonathan Benthall, 4 July 1995 – encloses report on the applications and selection procedure for the 1995-96 Leach/RAI Fellowship, and copy of the application of Dr Borut Telban, to whom the Fellowship was awarded (tp.)

 44    Leach/RAI Fellowships – Report on applications and selection 1995. 2 leaves (tp.)

A156/5/45    Application form from Borut Telban for the Leach/RAI Fellowship. 3 leaves (photocopy)

 46    Borut Telban, Curriculum Vitae. 4 leaves (tp.)

 47    Dr Borut Telban to Prof. Tim Ingold, 20 Mar. – letter of application; includes abstract of his proposed book. 3 leaves (tp.)

 48    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 13 July – refers to his letter of 7 July [not held]; was pleased with the Fellowship appointment; on his travel plans (tp.)

 49    Jonathan Benthall to Prof. Tim Ingold, 22 Aug. – confirms that the Esperanza Trust is making a contribution of £11,000 to the salary of Dr B. Telban (tp.)

 50    Borut Telban to Jonathan Benthall, 26 Sept. – thanks him for lunch; on his first impression of Manchester; refers to his book (autogr.)

 51    Jonathan Benthall to Prof. Stephen Gudeman, nd – on Cambridge University Press; appends report by Borut Telban and his request for funding to get back to Slovenia; Borut Telban to RAI, 31 July 1996 – gives his report on his tenure of the Leach/RAI Fellowship; asks for funds to return to Slovenia. 3 leaves (email printout)

 52    Prof. Stephen Gudeman to Jonathan Benthall, 31 July – as Acting Chair of the Esperanza Trust, approves the expenditure so that Borut Telban may return to Slovenia (email printout)