There were two committees. The first held meetings from Oct. 1957 to Apr. 1960. A second committee was formed in Nov. 1968 with an initial report to Council in June 1969; this committee continues to meet.

  1/    Minutes and committee papers

Ref.    Date of meeting
FM/87/1- EF/89/2    14 Oct. 1957-13 Apr. 1960
–    28 June 1960; nothing held; the previous minutes, 13 Apr. are dated thus and signed by M.W. Smith
[FC/69/1]    24 June 1969
[FC/69/2]    [17 Dec. 1969]
FC/70/1-6    5 Feb. – 15 Dec. 1970
FC/71/1    14 Jan. 1971
FC/71/2    21 Jan. 1971; agenda only, no minutes
FC/71/3-8    19 Mar. – 24 Nov. 1971
FC/72/1-6    10 Feb. – 14 Dec. 1972
FC/73/1-2    15 Mar., 3 July 1973
    ? further meetings in 1973
FC/74/1-2    7 Feb., 21 Oct. 1974; complete
    23 Apr. – 9 Aug. 1974: special meetings re Thames TV and the BBC
FC/75/1    1 July 1975; complete
FC/76/1-4    12 Jan. – 13 Dec. 1976
FC/77/1-2    1 July – 15 Dec. 1977; complete
FC/78/1    6 July 1978; complete
FC/79/1-2    10 Jan. – 11 July 1979; complete
FC/80/1-3    9 Jan. – 22 Nov. 1980
FC/81/1-2    1 July – 16 Dec. 1981
FC/82/1-2    14 July – 15 Dec. 1982
FC/83/1-3    30 June – 16 Dec. 1983

    Next meeting due 26 Apr. 1984

A78/2        Lapp films, 1946-48    

  1    W.B. Fagg, RAI Hon. Secretary 1939-56, to the Secretary, Svensk Filmindustri Company, 13 June 1946 – on a notice in the Times Educational Supplement concerning educational films they produce; on films on the Lapps; RAI would like to add the films to their archive; asks if the films are for sale (tpc.)

  2    Christian A. Tenow, Aktiebolaget Svensk Filmindustri, to W.B. Fagg, 5 July – refers to his letter of 13 June; on films about Lapps; two of these are ‘The Lapps’ and ‘The Winterland of the Lapps’. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Flyers about two films, ‘Lapparna’ and ‘Lapparnas vinterland’. 2 leaves (printed, in Swedish)

  3    Asta Kihlbom, the Swedish Institute, to W.B. Fagg, 26 July – encloses letter from Christian A. Tenow (tp.)

  4    W.B. Fagg to Christian A. Tenow, 4 Sept. – refers to his letter of 5 July; on advice of Ethel J. Lindgren is considering buying the two silent films ‘Lapparna’ and ‘Lapparnas vinterland’ for the RAI archives; should be glad if she could have a chance to see the films; would also like to borrow a print of ‘Sarvtid’ to show to Fellows (autogr. draft)

  5    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (tp. copy)

 .1    E.J. Lindgren to W.B. Fagg, nd – has had his letter copied (autogr. note)

  6    Secretary to Dr Kihlbom to ibid., 6 Sept. – Dr Kihlbom is on holiday; acknowledges his letter (tp.)

  7    Asta Kihlbom to ibid., 24 Sept. – read his letter to Mr Tenow with great interest and forwarded it to him; it was generous of E.J. Lindgren to put up the money for the films; has contacted people in Stockholm about ‘Sarvtid’ (tp.)

  8    E.J. Lindgren to ibid., 14 June 1948 – on the £20 she promised to the RAI to begin a collection of films on Lapps; on ‘Lapparna’ and ‘Lapparnas vinterland’; they have been brought to the country for Lt. Commander D. Dixon; would propose to Council that the RAI buy these films; purchase is subject to inspection of the two rolls. 4 pages (autogr.)

A78/2/9    W.B. Fagg to E.J. Lindgren, 21 July – has not been able to do anything arising from her letter; is anxious to get Dixon’s films and show them at the RAI; on offprints; on pulls; Man authors never receive either pulls of illustrations or page proofs; her article will be the most memorable in Man, 1948 (autogr.)

 .1    E.J. Lindgren, nd – note about Dixon’s films (autogr)

 10    Douglas Dixon to W.B. Fagg, 21 Sept. – refers to W.B. Fagg’s letter of 11 Sept. [not held]; on the two films ‘Lapparna’ and ‘Lapparnas vinterland’; they have warped or shrunk through not being properly packed; they are now with Kodak’s for laboratory report; on the subject matter of the two films; would be honoured to speak about the films. 2 leaves (tp.)

 11    Ibid., 2 Nov. – the Lapland films have been shown without trouble; shall see Dr Lindgren to talk the matter over; on dates for his showing the films at the RAI (tp.)

 12    Ibid., 24 Nov. – will lecture on 14 Dec.; on projector; includes ‘blurb’ about the films (autogr.)

 13    Ibid., 24 Dec. – wanted to thank him for a pleasant evening; on fees (tp.)

 14    Ibid. to Miss Stallman, ibid. – cover note (autogr.)

 15    Flyer for ‘The King’s Sailing Master’ by Lieut.-Commander Douglas Dixon (printed)

 16    W.B. Fagg, nd – draft letter to the press on the fate of the Skolt-Lapps of Suenjel (autogr.)

 17    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. 2 leaves (tp.)

 18    Brochure for NK, department store in Sweden (printed)

 19    ‘List of the qualifications for Knut Gunnar Pipping’ (tp.)

 20    W.B. Fagg, nd – review of ‘Spinning ~Tools and Spinning Methods in Asia’ by G. Montell (tp.)

 21    Gösta Montell to W.B. Fagg, 18 Sept. 1948 – on the review of his article; the work to which the article was an appendix was published in 1941 (tp.)

  3/    Miscellaneous papers, 1938-90

  1    H. Coote Lake to H.J. Braunholtz, 14 Jan. 1938 – sends report of meeting; on a register of ethnological films; on foreign films (autogr.)

A78/3/2    Report of meeting held on 12 Jan., on ‘Preservation of Film Records of Customs & Handicrafts’; on the purpose of the Film Institute; on a register of films. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Envelope with notes (autogr. by H.J. Braunholtz)

  3    Montagu Slater, Films Division, Ministry of Information, to W.B. Fagg, 5 Apr. 1946 – a large quantity of film material is received; the chances of these films being viewed by anthropologists is small; suggests a Viewing Committee which might select any material of scientific value (tp.)

  4    G.W. Gardner, Royal Geographical Society, to ibid., 10 Apr. 1947 – Mr A.M. Champion will show films of Kenya Tribes on 14 Apr. (tp.)

  5    E.J. Lindgren[?] to David Whittaker, 20 Oct. 1950 – refers to his letter of 13 Oct. [not held]; disappointing that he has had so little success in cataloguing anthropological films; it may be that in a few years the RAI and the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology will have a collection which can be loaned out; refers to a notice in Man (tpc.)

  6    Helen E. Coppen, Chairman, Library Committee of British Universities Film Council, to W.B. Fagg, 2 Nov. 1951 – writes about a film ‘Dark Rapture’; asks if he can suggest someone to view the film and give an opinion about its accuracy and value for use in universities (tp.)

  7    nd – notice of a showing by Dr W.H.J. Punt of two films entitled ‘Zimbabwe’ and ‘The Trek of Louis Trichardt’ (tp.)

  8    Oct. 1953 – notice about the two films ‘Zimbabwe’ and ‘The Trek of Louis Trichardt’ (tp.)

  9    Extract from the Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held on 21 Jan. 1954; on formulation of policy regarding films (tp.)

 10    Tom Harrisson to W.B. Fagg, 25 Feb. – on the Ainu film question (autogr. pc)

A78/3/11        John Huntley to ibid., 22 Mar. – a colour film on African sculpture made by Mr Henry Cassirer will be shown on 26 Mar.; invites him to attend (tp.); [on verso:] W.B. Fagg to John Huntley, 27 Mar. – is glad to have seen the film of ‘African sculpture’; sorry that the British Film Institute, the Arts Council, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Colonial Department of the British Council and UNESCO have become associated with it (autogr.)
 12    John Huntley to ibid., 22 Mar. – a colour film on African sculpture made by Mr Henry Cassirer will be shown on 26 Mar.; invites him to attend (tp.)

 13    Isobel F. Smith, Institute of Archaeology, to ibid., 5 Apr. – on a film on pottery making in Sierra Leone, shown on 18 Mar.; Prof. Childe would like a copy made; asks about appropriate person or organisation (tp.)

 14    […?] to Harry [Powell?], 9 Mar. 1955 – has been running a series of film programmes; Mme Grigaut of the Comité du Film Ethnographique raised the question of an Ethnographic Film Committee in England; had a meeting with various people; if the Committee is formed, it should be part of the RAI; the committee would be incomplete without him (tpc.)

 15    17 Mar. – Executive Committee is asked to approve the following Memorandum; it is proposed that an Ethnographic Film Committee be appointed; explains why this is necessary; on the initial purpose of such a committee; suggests a nucleus of members (mimeo.)

 16    B.J. Kirkpatrick to D.J. Stenning, 18 Mar. – Dr Leach has asked her to forward the memorandum on the formation of the Ethnographic Film Committee (tp.)

 17    Nancy C. Gee, RAI, to ibid., 29 Mar. – W.B. Fagg is keen to have a film during the session; on free dates; asks him what films may be available (tp.)

 18    W.B. Fagg to ibid., 21 Apr. – invites him to become member of the Ethnographical Film Committee; on other Fellows who have been invited; on the aims and objects of the committee; on liaison with the Ethnomusicology Committee (tp. with autogr. PS); [on verso:] Derrick J. Stenning to W.B. Fagg, 24 Apr. – accepts invitation to serve; asks him to let him know when other Fellows accept; on co-option of representatives of the British Film Institute and the Committee of Scientific Film (tpc.)

 19    N.C. Gee to D.J. Stenning, 26 Apr. – refers to his letter about the films [not held]; Mr Fagg would like the programme he suggests (tp.); [on verso:] Derrick Stenning to Miss Gee, 28 Apr. – on the film meeting (tpc.)

A78/3/20        6 May – Minutes of a meeting of the Ethnographic Film Committee, held 5 May. 2 leaves (tp.)

 21    Derrick J. Stenning, 10 May – circular letter on the Ethnographic Film Committee; on the aims and objects of the committee; the committee is preparing a catalogue of films obtainable in Great Britain; would be grateful if a member of the department would act as correspondent (tp.) [on verso:] – list of those to whom the letter was sent (tp.)

 22    Ivan Polunin to D.J. Stenning, 18 June – could not come to the meeting as he had left England; outlines two things with which the committee should concern itself; is making film records of the life of various peoples in Malaya (tp. with autogr. PS)

 23    Harry Powell to ibid., 20 June – encloses four memoranda which he has been preparing; describes them briefly; they will serve to represent him should he be unable to attend the next meeting (tp.0

 24    Derrick J. Stenning to […?], 4 July – suggests that the Ethnographic Film Committee meet; encloses five memoranda, four by Harry Powell and one by Denis Forman; would be grateful for comments on Powell’s scripts; hopes that a catalogue of ethnographic film be ready by Oct.; on Forman’s memorandum (tp.)

 25    ‘Memorandum on Aims and Objects of Ethnographical Film Committee, RAI’. 4 leaves (tp.)

 26    ‘A Memorandum on the Use of Film in Anthropology’. 5 leaves (tp.)

 27    ‘Extract from letter to Central Research Fund, London University, reporting on Use Made of Photographic Equipment in the Trobriands, 1950-51’. 5 leaves (tp.)

 28    ‘A Memorandum to the Members of the Association of Social Anthropologists on the advisability of taking action to set up facilities for the handling of films obtained by Anthropologists engaged upon Field Research’. 4 leaves (tp.)

 29    B.J. Kirkpatrick to W.B. Fagg, 14 Sept. – gives details of films with the British Film Institute; on an application to the Wenner Gren Foundation to copy them (tp.)

 30    The Times, 4 Oct. – ‘Film Archives: 21 Nations at Warsaw Congress’ (newspaper cutting)

A78/3/30.1    E.J. Lindgren to W.B. Fagg, nd – asks if he has any line on the ‘Com. du filme ethnographique’; other matters (autogr. note)

 31    [D.J. Stenning?] to Harry Powell, 11 Oct. – had hoped to have a meeting of the Ethnographic Film Committee; feels they should press on with the catalogue (tpc.)

 32    W.B. Fagg to Dr Paul Fejos, Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 14 Oct. – applies for a grant to enable the RAI to obtain copies of certain unique ethnographical films; itemises these; they are on deposit in the National Film Library of the British Film Institute; Council is anxious that there should be copies of these important films; should the grant be bigger, there are two other films which could be copied. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 33    W.B. Fagg to D.J. Stenning, 15 Oct. – encloses copy of his application to Wenner Gren; on his calling a meeting of the Committee; thinks he should join the Executive Committee (tp.)

 34    B.J. Kirkpatrick to W.B. Fagg, ibid. – thanks him for copy of the Wenner Gren application; gives him a summary of present policy [see /3/9] (tp.)

 35    Derrick J. Stenning to ibid., 26 Oct. – refers to his letter of 15 Oct.; on storage of films; hopes to have a first catalogue of films ready by next term; would be grateful for typing assistance in connection with it; on Rouch’s films; Rouch has another film which he could show in Jan. at RAI; should be glad to serve on the Executive Committee (tp.)

 36    W.B. Fagg to D.J. Stenning, 31 Oct. – on proposing him for Executive Committee; on Rouch’s films; would be delighted if Rouch could show his other film at the RAI in Jan. (tp.)

 37    D.J. Stenning to Jean Rouch, 1 Nov. – on his film ‘Maitres Fous’; RAI suggests 19 Jan. for the showing of his new film; on UNESCO catalogues; on Brandt (tpc.)

 38    Marian Smith, RAI Hon. Secretary 1956-61, to D.J. Stenning, 6 Mar. 1956 – on an address given by the Minister for Territories on the occasion of the showing of ‘Albert Namatjira’ and ‘So They Did Eat’; asks if he has any use for this in connection with the film committee (autogr. memo)

 39    Derrick J. Stenning, 17 Apr. – Ethnographic Film Committee, Annual Report 1955-56. 3 leaves (tpc.)

A78/3/40        Michael A. Fenton, Director, Free Lance Presentations Ltd., to W.B. Fagg, 1 Aug. – on a showing of films by Mr Ross Salmon (tp.)

 .1 List of films (tpc.)

 41    W.B. Fagg to D.J. Stenning, 14 Oct. – asks him for Film Committee documents before he leaves for Africa; is finding out whether Powell would take over the Secretaryship; Marian Smith would like to know what the Committee ought to do in the next year or so; asks if he will have lunch to discuss it (autogr. draft)

 42    Maud Karpeles, International Folk Music Council, to D.J. Stenning, 28 Nov. – is interested to see that there is an Ethnographic Film Committee, preparing a list of ethnographic films; the IFMC has embarked on a similar scheme so far as music and dance are concerned; the revised edition of the ‘Manual for Folk Music Collectors’ will have a section on the technique of film making; suggests they meet to discuss matters, to avoid overlapping (tp. with autogr. note from […?] to WBF – told Miss Karpeles that Dr Stenning had left the country; suggested he might be able to help her)

 43    International Folk Music Council, nd – circular letter regarding their survey of films and telefilms of folk music and folk dance; asks for information about films in specified categories (tp.)

 44    International African Institute, 13 June 1957 – notice of a showing of the film ‘A Bushman Hunt’ on 18 June (tp.)

 45    D. Cherry to Miss Edwards, 25 Feb. 1959 – Mr Leon Underwood called this afternoon in connection with Ethnographic Films; thinks his son would be interested; thinks the oil company with whom his son is connected may be able to help; asks her to ring him (tp.)

 46    [Miss Edwards], Administrative Secretary, to Leon Underwood, 3 Mar. – asks if his son would like to receive further copies of the questionnaire; on approaching his company; W.B. Fagg has taken over 1,000 films already (tpc.)

 47    Jack Goody to A.H. Christie, RAI Hon. Secretary 1961-70, 20 Aug. 1962 – wonders whether the RAI committee had produced a list of films suitable for teaching (tp.)

 48    Anthony Christie to Dr J.R. Goody, 27 Aug. – there is a large and uncritical catalogue of all the ethnographic films there ever were; thinks the Committee should prepare a short list of teaching films (tpc.)

A78/3/49        [F.A. Evans], the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, to A.H. Christie, 30 June 1966 – on endorsing a cheque for the Anglo-Gambian Accounts; on the film ‘African Stonehenge’; asks if the society would like to see the film (tp.)

 .1    Information sheet about the film ‘African Stonehenge’ (tp.)

 50    Anthony Christie to F.A. Evans, 14 July – glad the film was a success; hopes to include it in next year’s programme at the RAI (tpc.)

 51    Francisco C. González to Adrian Digby, 7 Jan. 1967 – on material he has from South America, film, tape recordings and slides; the material is in London and he could arrange to show it to him (tp.)

 52    Adrian Digby to Francisco C. González, 10 Jan. – the British Museum has no facilities for showing film; hence he has passed the letter to Anthony Christie at the RAI who may be able to arrange a showing of his film; the programme may be full already (tpc.)

 53    Ibid. to Anthony Christie, ibid. – encloses letter offering to show film with sound effects; asks if he would be interested (tp.)

 54    Anthony Christie to Francisco C. González, 16 Jan. – the RAI’s film programme is full so cannot include his material (tpc.)

 55    2 & 3 May 1967 – programme of films on Australian Aboriginals at the RAI. 3 pages (tp.)

 56    Agenda for RAI Council meeting on 12 June 1969; reconstitution of Ethnographic Film Committee on the agenda (tp.)

 57    [June 1969] – ‘Preliminary Report from the Sub-Committee for Ethnographic Films’ (tp.)

 58    Apr., 1971 – RAI Film Library – First List of Films. 11 pages (tp.)

 59    Miss Yvonne Renouf, British Universities Film Council Ltd., to Mrs J. Montagu, 22 Feb. 1972 – encloses copy of letter from Dr Dauer; looks forward to seeing her next week (tp.)

 60    Dr A.M. Dauer, Institut für den Wissenschaftlifchen Film, to Miss Yvonne Renouf, 16 Feb. – on the programme; on screening films; on travel arrangements; looks forward to the Ethnomusicology panel. 2 leaves (tp.)

A78/3/60.1    List of films (tp.)

 61    Programme of Ethnographic Films at the National Film Theatre, 2 & 3 Mar. 1972. 4 pages (printed)

 62    Leaflet, ‘Information about BUFC’. 2 leaves (printed)

 63    James Woodburn to Bryan Cranstone, 24 July – thanks him for documents on ‘Life in Failaka Island’; asks if there is any chance of the British Museum getting over an inspection print of the film (tp.)

 64    S.G. Weir to James Woodburn, 3 Aug. – encloses leaflets on the Failaka film; would not consider buying it, especially not if the RAI library were to buy it; would be keen to see it (tpc.)

 65    Programme for a series of Ethnographic Films to be shown at the National Film Theatre in early Feb. 1973. 3 pages (tp.)

 66    Application form for tickets to the series of Ethnographic Films at the National Film Theatre (tp.)

 67    Report to Council 28 Feb. 1974 by the RAI Film Committee. 2 leaves (tp.)

 68    Feb. 1975 – information about the Film Lending Library; conditions of hire; list of films. 8 pages (tp.)

 69    ‘Additional Copies of Films already on our main list’ (tp.)

 70    7 Mar. – ‘Temporary Distribution Arrangements for new Acquisitions’ (tp.)

 71    Film Prize – proposed rules agreed at discussions of the Film Committee on 2 July & 13 Dec. 1976. 2 leaves (tp.)

 72    Jonathan Benthall, RAI Director 1974-2000, to Ben Whitaker, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2 Oct. 1990 – reports on visit of Dr Ruy Duarte de Carvalho to the International Festival of Ethnographic Film, grant-aided by the Foundation; on the film he showed; on expenses; returns unspent balance of grant (tp.)

 73    Notice of a meeting of Film Committee on 9 Mar. (tp.)

 74    Phone message regarding film of Mr Marshall (autogr. note)

 75    W.B. Fagg, nd – note on Lawrence Marshall (autogr.)

 76    Marian Smith to W.B. Fagg, nd – on getting grant from Wenner-Gren for the Film Catalogue (autogr.)

A78/3/77        nd – notes on Folk Music Film Catalogue (tpc.)

  4/    Leverhulme Trust Film Training Fellowships, general

  1    Jonathan Benthall to Dr R.C. Tress, Director, the Leverhulme Trust, 22 July 1982 – on the Film Committee formed in 1971; on its film lending library; on a special issue of RAIN, on film; thinks the time has come to expand commitment in this field; on André Singer’s article in RAIN; on the possibility of a joint fellowship scheme to be organised by the RAI and the National Film School; on the aim of the fellowship; on the National Film School; this is an exploratory letter to enquire whether the Leverhulme Trust would be interested in principle, with a view to submitting an application for a grant in due course. 2 leaves (tpc.)

  2    Ronald C. Tress to Jonathan Benthall, 7 Sept. – refers to his letter of 22 July; encloses brochure; the provision of training fellowships is open to the Trustees; would be able to comment further when he has a clearer view of the joint scheme; on Mr Singer’s article which demonstrated how well educational material is forthcoming from television companies (tp.)

  3    Brochure, ‘Grants by the Leverhulme Trust – Policies and Procedures’ (printed)

  4    Brochure, ‘Grants by the Leverhulme Trust in 1980’ (printed)

  5    Jonathan Benthall to Ronald Tress, 8 Sept. – refers to his letter of 7 Sept.; will be in touch again in due course; on the point he made in his last paragraph about television companies (tpc.)

  6    Ibid. to Richard Tapper, James Woodburn, André Singer & Colin Young, ibid. – on the proposed collaboration with the National Film School; on paragraphs to be inserted in letters to foundations; has had negative replies from Nuffield and Gulbenkian; encloses reply from Leverhulme Trust; would like to submit as strong a case as possible to the Leverhulme Trustees for support; lists the arguments to be used. 2 leaves (tpc.)

  7    Colin Young, Director, the National Film School, to Jonathan Benthall, 14 Feb. 1983 – sends words for Leverhulme; systematic training in ethnographic filming occurs nowhere in Britain; on provision at UCLA; on provision in France and Germany; what is needed is a method of attaching anthropologists to the NFTS for shorter training periods; on a ‘fellowship’ programme. 2 leaves (tp.)

A78/4/8    Ibid. to Jean Rouch, ibid. – on a book on ethnographic film; attaches copy of letter in which Jonathan Benthall summarises his plan for the book (tp.)

  9    Jonathan Benthall to Dr Ronald Tress, 17 Feb. – follows up his letter of 8 Sept. 1982; the onus is on him to convince the Trustees that foundation funding is necessary; television support is unreliable; the anthropological content of films made for television is distorted; on ‘observational’ filming; uses some of the ‘words for Leverhulme’ contained in /4/7; has approached the head of the Artistic Creation Section of UNESCO about the possibility of an award for an international festival of ethnographic film. 3 leaves (tpc.)

 10    Ibid. to Colin Young & James Woodburn, 11 Mar. – contains preliminary thoughts on Leverhulme application; asks for comments; on the objective of the fellowships; sample figures. 3 leaves (tpc. with autogr. notes)

 11    Jonathan Benthall to Dr Ronald Tress, 29 Mar. – encloses first draft of application, for comment; the sum asked for may seem high but film-making is not an inexpensive activity; also the number of Fellows could be cut down; hopes to be able to supply a breakdown of the estimated costs for film-making of £4,000 per year (tpc.)

 12    Draft Application to Leverhulme Trust. 4 leaves (tpc.)

 13    Ronald Tress to Jonathan Benthall, 12 Apr. – refers to his letter of 29 Mar.; suggests a three-part presentation to the Trustees; makes some points regarding the budget; asks for six copies of a final text by 1 May for presentation to the Trustees in July. 2 leaves (tp.)

 14    Audrey Campbell, the National Film School, to ibid., 19 Apr. – refers to his letter to Colin Young of 15 Apr. [not held]; on average costs of insurance of equipment; on costs of two recent films made by students; suggests he might speak to Jilda Smith of the Production Department. 2 leaves (tp.)

 15    Jonathan Benthall to Dr Ronald C. Tress, 21 Apr. – encloses six copies of application for a series of training fellowships; would not wish the administrative costs to be regarded as critical; the estimated £24,000 to cover film-making expenses is important (tp.)

 16    ‘Application to the Leverhulme Trust for a scheme of training fellowships for anthropologists in the making of anthropological films’. 10 leaves (tp.)

A78/4/17        Ronald Tress to Jonathan Benthall, 3 May – thanks him for letter and application; has noted what he says about non-salary cost items; shall put the application before the Trustees in July (tp.)

 18    Jonathan Benthall to Malcolm McLeod, Museum of Mankind, 11 May – has given his name as a referee to the Leverhulme Trust; hopes he agrees to do this; the model for the kind of film he would like to have made would be ‘Waiting for Harry’ (tpc.)

 19    Ibid. to David Attenborough, 12 May – on putting his name forward as a referee to the Leverhulme Trust; on the film ‘Waiting for Harry’ (tpc.)

 20    Ibid., 14 June – on his [Attenborough’s] reservations about the proposal; sets out some points in the hope of convincing him; on research films vs. the educational market; on developing the market; on television showings; on collaboration between social anthropologists and film-makers; on the commitment of the RAI to the project. 4 leaves (tpc.)

 21    Ronald Tress to Jonathan Benthall, 1 Aug. – the Trustees agreed to offer the RAI up to £75,900 over 2 years for training fellowships for anthropologists in the making of anthropological films; gives a breakdown of the grant; the notional starting date is 1 Oct. 1984; the Trustees will wish for a progress report after one year and a report at the end of the period of the grant; would wish to see any draft statement to the press. 2 leaves (tp.)

 22    Ibid., 2 Aug. – encloses formal offer of grant; the grant is for 2 years, not 3; explains why (tp.)

 23    Director’s Secretary, RAI, to Ronald Tress, 8 Aug. – thanks him for letter and offer of a grant; Mr Benthall is away but will be in touch as soon as he is back (tpc.)

 24    Jonathan Benthall to ibid., 30 Aug. – thanks him for letter of 2 Aug. and offer of grant; encloses formal acceptance; the points made will be noted; thanks him for his assistance (tpc.)

 25    Ibid., ibid. – accepts with gratitude the Leverhulme Trustees’ offer of a grant (tpc.)

 26    Ibid. to James Woodburn & Colin Young, ibid. – encloses copies of correspondence with the Leverhulme Trust; on the allowance for RAI’s administrative costs (tpc.)

 27    Advertisement for Training Fellowships for anthropologists in the making of anthropological films (tp. with autogr. corrections)

A78/4/28        Ibid., two drafts. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. additions)

 29    […?] to Jonathan Benthall, nd – Dr Woodburn would like an insertion to be made to the advertisement (autogr. note)

 30    AUT salary scales, 1983/4. 2 leaves (photocopy of leaflet)

 31    James Woodburn to Jonathan Benthall, 28 Oct. – encloses photocopies of salary scale leaflet [previous item]; discusses salary to be offered to Fellows; makes a suggestion for the relevant sentence in the advertisement; the Appointments Committee should be given a clear indication of the money available (tp. with autogr. notes)

 32    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, Financial Secretary, the Leverhulme Trust, 31 Oct. – writes to confirm telephone conversation about annual increments of salary (tpc.)

 33    Ibid. to Dr Ronald C. Tress, ibid. – shall not be issuing a press release but intends to publish the enclosed announcement, subject to any comments he has; has discussed salary scales and increments with Mr Thompson (tpc.)

 34    Ibid. to the Film Committee, 1 Nov. – James, Colin and he have agreed the text of an advertisement, as below; other stipulations; gives text of advertisement (tp.)

 35    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 4 Nov. – on the lecturer pay scales; Dr Tress confirms his agreement to the wording of the announcement (tp.)

 36    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 7 Nov. – thanks him for clarifying the position about the scales at which the grants will be payable (tp.)

 37    Advertisement of the fellowships; ‘For anthropology department noticeboards’ (tp.)

 38    Michael Williams, New Society, to Jonathan Benthall, 14 Dec. – thanks him for his note about the fellowships; has passed it to one of the writers who may wish to pursue it (tp.)

 39    James Woodburn to ibid., 17 Feb. 1984 – thanks him for draft letter for referees; suggests he clear it with Colin Young; encloses application from Tristram Riley-Smith; on applications which will be non-starters; mentions the Ainu matter(tp.)

A78/4/40        Colin Young to ibid., 2 Mar. – refers to his letter of 28 Feb. [not held]; would be happy to have Chris Curling or André Singer; on other possible members of the selection panel[?] (tp.)

 41    Draft of letter offering appointment to a Training Fellowship for anthropologists in the making of anthropological films; on the aim of the scheme; on practical arrangements; on salary; on statement of intent about pursuing career within the British Isles (tp. with autogr. additions)

 42    Notes on the budget for the fellowships (tp. with autogr. notes)

 43    Miss G. Browne, Leverhulme Trust, to Jonathan Benthall, 5 Apr. – acknowledgment of his communication of 3 Apr. (printed and autogr. pc)

 44    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 27 June – has made two one-year appointments, of Dr John Baily and Dr Paul Henley; on their salaries; on increase in the lecturer scales and National Insurance contributions; is now in a position to accept payment of the first instalment of the grant (tpc.)

 45    Ibid. to Jeremy McClancy, ibid. – John Baily has accepted the Fellowship; sorry that he cannot offer it to him as well; hopes he will consider reapplying in 1985-86 (tpc.)

 46    List of salary scales for non-clinical academic staff, received with letter from John Alcock 28 June (tp. with autogr. note)

 47    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 2 July – will send the cheque on 1 Oct.; if revisions to University salary scale have been announced, the instalment will be increased (tp.)

 48    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 5 July – asks him to send the cheque direct to the RAI’s bank (tpc.)

 49    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 30 Sept. – sends cheque for £37,500 (tp.)

 50    Jonathan Benthall, 29 Oct. – note on budgets (tp. with autogr. notes)

 51    RAI Film Committee meeting, 19 Dec. – ‘A Report from the two Leverhulme Fellows’. 2 leaves (tp.)

 52    Photocopies of advertisement for Fellowships 1985/86. 2 leaves

A78/4/53        Jonathan Benthall to Dr Akbar S. Ahmed, National Centre for Rural Development, Government of Pakistan, 8 Mar. 1985 – introducing Dr John Baily; he is going to Pakistan to make a film; would be grateful if he could give him advice or contacts (tpc.)

 54    Ibid. to Sir Rex Richards, Director, the Leverhulme Trust, 22 Mar. – writes to let him know that the first phase of the scheme for training anthropologists in film-making is going extremely well; on the two film projects; is currently engaged in the selection process for two Fellows for the second year; both Baily and Henley have reapplied; the Trustees did not rule out funding for a third year; they made two points about how the undertaking would work out, and whether there will be jobs for those finishing the course; shall submit a report which will review these two points (photocopy)

 55    Sir Rex Richards to Jonathan Benthall, 29 Mar. – pleased that the project is going so well (tp.)

 56    Jonathan Benthall to Ms Felicia Freeland, 23 Apr. – the selection panel has decided to make offers to the two present Fellows for a second year; they were impressed by her application and wish to keep her name on file; they would only offer her an appointment if she had her Ph.D. before the course begins; encourages her to apply again for 1986/87 (tpc.)

 57    Ibid. to Sir Rex Richards, 18 June – Dr John Baily and Dr Paul Henley have each been offered a second year under the Film Training Fellowship scheme; they both accept the offers which are subject to satisfactory completion of the first year’s scheme (tpc.)

 58    Ibid., 23 July – is in a position to report at the end of the first year; encloses statement of expenditure; outlines how the Fellows spent the year; the training course has been demanding but both Fellows are people of high calibre; hopes to view the results of their efforts at the end of Sept. (tpc.)

 59    Statement of expenses to 25 July (tp.)

 60    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 30 Aug. – encloses cheque for £35,000 (tp. with autogr. notes)

A78/4/61        Jonathan Benthall to Sir Rex Richards, 7 Oct. – on the two Fellowships; Dr John Baily and Dr Paul Henley were each appointed for a second year; his letter of 23 July gave a brief note of progress; Dr Baily and Dr Henley sent individual reports [not held]; each Fellow has now completed a film; on the films; requests funding for a third year of two Fellowships; the scheme is working out as well as could be expected; on the employment prospects of the Fellows; it is possible that for a third year more junior candidates would be appointed; refers to the present economic climate however, ethnographic film is one of few growth-points in the discipline. 3 leaves (photocopy)

 62    Sir Rex Richards to Jonathan Benthall, 16 Oct. – refers to his letter of 7 Oct.; shall put his request to the Trustees in Nov. (tp.)

 63    Ibid., 13 Nov. – the Trustees agreed to offer the RAI a grant of up to £41,200 over one year; gives breakdown of the grant; the Trustees expect a full report at the end of the period of the grant; would be grateful to comment on any draft statement to the press. 2 leaves (tp.)

 64    Jonathan Benthall to Sir Rex Richards, 19 Nov. – is pleased to accept the offer of a further grant; shall be advertising the two vacancies soon; the two present Fellows are not eligible (tpc.)

 65    Anthony Rose, National Film and Television School, to Jonathan Benthall, 13 Dec. – encloses invoice for tuition fees for John Baily and Paul Henley (tp.)

 66    10 Dec. – invoice for tuition fees for John Baily and Paul Henley (tp.)

 67    Advertisement for Leverhulme Film Training Fellowships 1986-1987, closing date for applications 17 Feb. 1986 (tp.)

 68    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 14 Mar. – on the adjustment to be made to the salaries of the two Fellows employed during 1984-85; gives his calculations (photocopy)

 69    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 18 Mar. – on the Trust’s contribution to the salaries of the two Fellows. 2 leaves (tp.)

 70    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 4 June – encloses accounts for the first year of the scheme; proposes to send accounts up to July 1986 at the same time as applying for first instalment for 1986/87; has awarded Fellowships to Marcus Banks and Felicia Freeland; on their salaries; on transferring a surplus to cover a shortfall. 2 leaves (photocopy)

A78/4/71        Accounts 1 Aug.[sic] 1985 – 30 Sept. 1985 (photocopy)

 72    Jonathan Benthall to Audrey Campbell, 6 June – would like to place a firm order for prints of ‘Amir’ and ‘Reclaiming the Forest’; suggests meeting Colin to discuss future funding of the anthropological film training scheme after Sept. 1987; has a little slack in the Leverhulme budget which could be applied towards costs of generating further funding (tpc.)

 73    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 9 June – will send cheque on 1 July; the saving on salaries may be used to meet filming expenses (tp.)

 74    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 12 June – thanks him for letter of 9 June (tpc.)

 75    Ibid. to Colin Young, James Woodburn, André Singer & Richard Tapper, 23 June – on fund-raising for the future of the anthropological film training scheme; cost per trainee is about £20,000 a year; on suggestion of matching a UK trainee with an overseas trainee; on recruiting overseas trainees; sum reserved from the Leverhulme budget could be used to generate further funding for the scheme; should aim to find someone who will give their name to some new Fellowships; on favourable and unfavourable factors of the scheme; on hosting an evening to find ‘intermediaries’ (tp.)

 76    Ibid. to fund-raisers, nd – on trying to raise funds for fellowships for anthropologists to train in film-making; asks if the firm has experience of raising funds from people involved in film and television (tpc. draft)

 77    New Society, 13 June – ‘Fundraisers’ Who’s Who’. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 78    List of firms to whom the draft letter [/4/76] was sent. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 79    Audrey Campbell to Jonathan Benthall, 13 Aug. – on the prints of ‘Amir’ and ‘Reclaiming the Forest’; it appears that the cost will be more than he was originally quoted; on VHS-NTSC copies (tp.)

A78/4/80        Jonathan Benthall to Colin Young, 29 Aug. – on visiting the school to catch up with work by John and Paul; the films need more time to be finished; on the question of whether the RAI should extend their employment for a short time; sums up a meeting with Craigmyle, a fund-raising consultancy; on Manchester University having support from Granada TV for an ethnographic film study centre; suggests a group might be appointed to evaluate the scheme to date; if the evaluation were favourable, would be in a strong position to press Council to put its weight behind an appeal; if the decision is to try to generate funds for 1987/88 then it might be best to do this within the Film Committee (photocopy)

 81    Ibid. to D.A. Thompson, 3 Sept. – encloses reports from Dr John Baily and Dr Paul Henley; both Fellows are expecting not to finish the films by the end of the period of employment; on using RAI reserves to relieve them of financial pressures; Dr Henley says it was an impossible task to complete in 12 months; on Manchester University having funding from Granada Television to set up a new centre for anthropological film; on the third and final grant of £41,200 (tp. copy)

 82    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 4 Sept. – good to know of the development at Manchester; will send cheque on 1 Oct. (tp.)

 83    Ibid., 1 Oct. – sends cheque (tp.)

 84    Ibid., 3 July 1987 – has calculated the salaries for 1986/87; other items are as given in the Director’s letter of 13 Nov. 1985 (tp.)

 85    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 8 July – he needed information about salaries for 1985/86, not 1986/87; gives a brief progress report; on a public screening of the films of the first two Fellows, John Baily and Paul Henley, early in 1988; on the current Fellows;  on the foundation of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester; Paul Henley has taken up the post of Director. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 86    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 10 July – sorry not to have sent the figures for 1985/86; University salaries were not increased until Dec. 1986; good to learn of recent developments; hopes to attend the public screening (tp.)

 87    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 28 July – refers to the reason for the misunderstanding; encloses full statement of expenses; is still due £2,350; has found the calculations complicated; hopes he has got the accounts right (tpc.)

A78/4/88        D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 8 Oct. – sorry not to have replied sooner; has arranged to send a cheque for £2,350 on 12 Oct. (tp.)

 89    Jonathan Benthall to Sir Rex Richards, 11 Dec. – on screenings of films made by John Baily and Paul Henley; the two Fellows who have just finished a year at the National Film and Television School are just putting the finishing touches to their films which will be screened as soon as possible in 1988 (tp. copy)

 90    Felicia H. Freeland & Marcus Banks to the RAI Film Committee, 24 Jan. 1988 – ask for funds to be made available so that they can show their films at the visual anthropology conference in Zagreb in July; their presence and their films would make more widely known the work of the Leverhulme Fellowships; the Zagreb venue would provide an opportunity to meet people  and raise interest in the forthcoming RAI film festival in 1990; Colin Young indicated that NFTS would consider supporting them; perhaps funding could be divided between the NFTS and the RAI; without financial support, neither of them could attend the conference (tp.)

 91    Jonathan Benthall to Felicia Freeland & Marcus Banks, 28 Jan. – their letter will be considered by the Film Committee when it meets on 17 Feb.; does not think they should raise their hopes about money being forthcoming; gives reasons why; asks for brief report from each to be sent to the Leverhulme Trust (tpc.)

 92    National Film School Distribution Co. Ltd. to Jonathan Benthall, 31 Jan. – invoice for printing of four films (tp.)

 93    Jonathan Benthall to Sir Rex Richards, 3 Mar. – refers to his letter of 26 Feb. [not held]; encloses reports by Felicia Freeland and Marcus Banks (tpc.)

 94    Ibid. to D.A. Thompson, 2 June – includes statement of expenditure from 1 Oct. 1986 to 31 Dec. 1987; on the job situations of the Film Training Fellows; the impact of the scheme on the careers of the individuals concerned has been favourable. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 95    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 6 June – will inform the Trustees of the success of the Fellows (tp.)

 96    Jonathan Benthall to Sir Rex Richards, 25 Oct. – gives notice of a screening of the films of Felicia Freeland and Marcus Banks on 5 Jan. 1989; has asked Dr David Turton to undertake a formal evaluation of the scheme; will send a copy of his report; on accounts (tpc.)

A78/4/97        D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 27 Jan. 1989 – on final accounting so that the grant can be closed (tp.)

 98    British Film Institute to ibid., Jan. 1989 – invoice for food and drink at reception on 5 Jan. (photocopy)

 99    National Film and Television School to ibid., 10 Feb. – invoice for print of film (photocopy)

100    Jonathan Benthall to D.A. Thompson, 20 Feb. – apologises for delay in sending final account; the new Chairman of the Film Committee has prepared an evaluation of the scheme; a copy will be sent in due course; copies of the films are now on sale (tpc.)

101    D.A. Thompson to Jonathan Benthall, 6 July – asks for copy of evaluation of the scheme so that the grant can be closed (TP.)

102    Jonathan Benthall to Sir Rex Richards, 27 June 1991 – refers to internal report on the results of the grant to the RAI, dated 19 July 1989; since then RAI has not approached the Leverhulme Trust in connection with ethnographic film; writes now to draw attention to the strong position achieved, with a view to further advances; this is based on cooperation between the RAI, the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and the National Film and Television School; mentions the former Fellows; on fund-raising; asks if he can give any encouragement that a proposal might commend itself to the Trustees. 2 leaves (tpc.)

103    Pages of accounts. 24 leaves (photocopies, autogr. and tp.)

  5/    Leverhulme Trust Film Training Fellowships, Paul Henley

  1    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 23 May – offers him appointment to Training Fellowship for anthropologists in the making of anthropological films; on the terms of employment; on the salary; on the making of a film during the Fellowship; asks him to state that he intends to pursue his career in the British Isles; he must sign a statement that he has no health or other problems which would prevent him carrying out the requirements of the Fellowship (tpc.)

  2    Colin Young to Paul Henley, 30 May 1984 – refers to letter of appointment to Training Fellowship which he will have received from RAI; mentions that film will be screened on 25 Sept. 1985; sets down some details of the programme; would like to meet him again. 2 leaves (tp.)

A78/5/3    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 8 June – refers to letter of 23 May [not held] offering a Training Fellowship; is pleased to accept; on the salary; on his future career plans; on the date for the screening of his film. 2 leaves (tp.)

  4    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 12 June – notes his remarks about salary; on the date of the screening (tpc.)

  5    Ibid., 27 June – John Baily has accepted their offer (tpc.)

  6    Ibid. to Noneen Purr, 6 Sept. – on putting Dr John Baily and Dr Paul Henley on the payroll (tpc. with autogr. notes)

  7    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 15 Dec. – encloses budget for film about the miners of the Gran Sabana; the research and travel expenses come out over the sum allocated but it is a pessimistic estimate; some items may turn out to be less than indicated; on his [Benthall’s] enquiries about further financing; on a private source which he mentioned; on other questions to do with funding; looks forward to showing the Committee his exercise film. 2 leaves (tp.)

  8    Budget for ‘Miners of the Gran Sabana’ (tp.)

  9    James Woodburn to Jonathan Benthall, 19 Dec. – asks if he should write to Paul Henley along the lines of the enclosed draft (tp.)

 10    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, nd – asks about date of his departure for Venezuela; on his application for a second Leverhulme Fellowship (tp. draft with autogr. notes by J. Benthall – see /5/13)

 11    Ibid. to John Baily and Paul Henley, 19 Dec. – the Film Committee are extremely impressed by the work so far; on funds to be released to them; on a formal meeting with the Film Committee, to ensure their interests are not prejudiced by being out of the country for some time (tpc.)

 12    James Woodburn to Paul Henley, ibid. – offers help regarding application to the ESRC or universities (tpc.)

 13    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 28 Dec. – asks about date of his departure for Venezuela; on his application for a second Leverhulme Fellowship; suggests he do this early; realises that there are other calls on his time; he has every right to submit the application at the last minute (tpc.)

 14    Ibid., 11 Jan. 1985 – on a salary increase (tpc.)

A78/5/15        Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 17 Jan. – encloses copies of letters to BCal and AF asking for concession on excess baggage charges; on the different approaches to the two companies; if he writes, asks that he maintain this difference in tone; on writing to the Venezuelan ambassador regarding a courtesy visa; on the work he and John [Baily] are doing; is leaving about 22 Feb. (tp.)

 16    Ibid. to Brian Reburn, Marketing Manager, South America, British Caledonian, ibid. – on going to Venezuela to make a film; asks if he would consider reducing or waiving the excess baggage charges (tpc.)

 17    Ibid. to the Director, Rélations Publiques (Amérique du Sur), Air France, ibid. – ibid. (tpc.)

 18    Jonathan Benthall to Brian Reburn, 21 Jan. – writes in support of the letter sent by Paul Henley; emphasises the importance attached to the film by the RAI and National Film and Television School (tpc.)

 19    Ibid. to the Director, Rélations Publiques (Amérique du Sur), Air France, ibid. – writes in support of the letter sent by Paul Henley; emphasises the importance attached to the film by the RAI and National Film and Television School; asks that he waive the baggage charge in exchange for acknowledgment in the film’s credits (tpc.)

 20    Ibid. to His Excellency Senor Nestor Coll, Venezuelan Embassy, ibid. – introduces Dr Paul Henley, who has written requesting a courtesy visa; on Dr Henley, his qualifications and his Fellowship; hopes the Embassy will grant a courtesy visa (tpc.)

 21    Ibid. to His Excellency Dr Salcedo-Bastardo, Venezuelan Embassy, 5 Feb. – writes at the suggestion of Dr Paul Henley to ask whether the Embassy could allow a courtesy visa to M. Georges Drion, Dr Henley’s research assistant; on Mr Drion (tpc.)

 .1    Jonathan Benthall, nd – notes on Georges Drion (autogr.)

 22    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 5 Feb. – asks that £4,000 be transferred to his bank account (autogr.)

 23    [Jonathan Benthall] to Paul Henley, 11 Feb. – the cheque is being sent today (tpc.)

 24    Paul Henley to Dr James Woodburn, 17 Feb. – encloses CV and new series of film proposals in support of his application for renewal of his RAI Leverhulme Film Fellowship; on video material which he could submit in support of his application (tp.)

A78/5/25        Film proposals. 19 leaves (tp.)

 26    Paul Henley, CV. 3 leaves (tp.)

 27    Karen [Godden?] to Noneen [Purr], 15 Feb. – on letters about Paul Henley and John Baily’s salaries (autogr.)

 28    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley & John Baily, 20 Feb. – on back pay (tpc.)

 29    Ibid. to General Gaudi Jimenez, Consul General, 22 Feb. – Dr Paul Henley will be asking him to approve a list of technical equipment which he is taking with him to Venezuela; asks that he extend cooperation and assistance to Dr Henley (tpc.)

 30    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 12 Mar. – on the trip so far; his ideas for the film have been undergoing modification; on his schedule for shooting; on the cost of living being higher than expected. 3 leaves (autogr.)

 31    Jonathan Benthall to James Woodburn and Colin Young, 20 Mar. – encloses copy of letter from Paul Henley (tpc.)

 32    Ibid. to Paul Henley, 23 Apr. – offers him a further one year appointment to a Training Fellowship; the film he makes will be shown on 24 Sept. 1986; offer is conditional on satisfactory completion of the current year’s Fellowship; is making a similar offer to John Baily; on conditions of the appointment; on the salary; asks that he state that he intends to pursue his career in the British Isles; neither he nor John Baily would be eligible for a third year’s Fellowship. 3 pages (tpc.)

 33    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 17 June – accepts offer of a further year’s appointment; believes he will complete his film on schedule; there are no health reasons why he cannot undertake the Fellowship; intends to pursue career in the UK (autogr.)

 34    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 18 June – refers to his letter of 17 June; asks him to use exact wording in his confidential statement (tpc.)

 35    Paul Henley to whom it may concern, 1 July – declares that he suffers from no health, domestic or other problems which might impair his ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship (autogr.)

 36    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley , 9 July – confirms his appointment (tpc.)

A78/5/37        Paul Henley, 22 July – report on the shoot in Venezuela, Mar. – June 1985. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Ibid., ibid. – cover letter (autogr.)

 38    Karen [Godden?] to […?], 19 Nov. – note about Paul Henley’s book reference (tpc.)

 39    […?], nd – note about illustrations which Paul Henley wants to use (autogr.)

 40    Jonathan Benthall to Permissions Department, British Library Board, 20 Nov. – asks permission to use photographs from a book in Paul Henley’s film (tpc.)

 41    Kevin Formings[?], the British Library, to Jonathan Benthall, 6 Jan. 1986 – gives permission to reproduce the photographs (photocopy)

 42    Jonathan Benthall to Dr J.L. Salcedo-Bastardo, 18 Feb. – members of the RAI will be pleased to learn that the film was of such interest to him; Dr Henley has been granted a second year at the National Film and Television School; is planning to make another trip to Venezuela; he will shortly be applying for a courtesy visa; asks if this could be for 90 days rather than the usual 60; asks for courtesy visa for Georges Drion also (photocopy)

 43    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 11 Mar. – his ‘Devil Dancers’ project has been approved by the Film School Heads of Department; asks that the funds be transferred to him (autogr.)

 44    Note of Paul Henley’s address in Caracas (autogr.)

 45    Paul Henley to Colin [Young], 12 May – on his tribulations; on people’s antipathy to being filmed; therefore he moved to Cuyagua; on ideas for his film; asks him to change the date of his booking in a cutting room as he will not be back by the beginning of June. 6 leaves (autogr.)

 46    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 3 Sept. – thanks him for post-production report; looks forward to seeing the work in progress next week; a two-part film of 50 minutes per part is beyond the spirit of what he is expected to be doing; on the time overrun of six weeks (tpc.)

 47    Paul Henley, 31 Aug. – post-production report on ‘Cuyagua’. 4 leaves (tp.)

 48    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 10 Oct. – it has been agreed that he will receive a terminal payment of £400 at the conclusion of his period of employment (tpc.)

A78/5/49        Colin Young to Jonathan Benthall, 16 Jan. 1987 – on his surprise at the arrangement come to by Paul Henley over the budget of his two films; on post-production budget allocation being spent of processing the additional film Paul supplied to permit him to make his second film; on raising the money which is needed to complete both films; on Rank and Trad; on approaching the Venezuelan ambassador (tp.)

 50    Jonathan Benthall to Colin Young, 20 Jan. – it is not a surprise to him that there was a financing problem over Paul Henley’s double-barrelled film; there is a clash between aesthetic and financial considerations; is sure that Paul would draft a letter better than he would; if the School cannot raise funds for the first film to be made the School should write to the RAI Film Committee explaining what has gone wrong with funding plans; for the current Fellows, 30 minutes is written into the contracts as the length of film expected (tpc.)

 51    [Paul Henley] to Jonathan Benthall, 26 Jan. – encloses proposed draft letter to be sent to the Venezuelan Ambassador; on moving quickly; hopes the film will be selected for ‘Cinéma du Réel’; has sent tapes of English voiceovers of dialogues and dialogue transcripts; intends to send the material to Heimo Lappalanien (tp.)

 52    Jonathan Benthall and Colin Young to Dr J.L. Salcedo Bastardo, nd – write concerning Dr Henley’s film ‘Cuyagua’; on the two parts of the film; on budgetary problems; instead of one 40 minute film Dr Henley has made two films of approximately 55 minutes each; there is no money left in the budget to cover the laboratory costs of producing the final copy of the film; ask whether the Embassy would consider making a contribution towards the printing of ‘Cuyagua’; the sum outstanding is £3,700; it is only 15% of the total cost of making the film; on showing the films at the Bolivar Hall; on entering the film for the ‘Cinéma de Réel’ festival in Paris; hopes that he will consider supporting the project. 2 leaves (tp. draft)

 53    Audrey Campbell to Jonathan Benthall, 2 Feb. – includes replacement paragraph from Colin Young for draft letter [/5/52] (tp.)

 54    Jonathan Benthall and Colin Young to Dr J.L. Salcedo Bastardo, 5 Feb. – finished version of /5/52. 2 leaves (tpc.)

A78/5/55        Ibid. to Colin Young, 9 Mar. – refers to his letter of 20 Jan.; on raising outside funds to finish Paul Henley’s films; Paul is writing to the Film Committee explaining how the budget has run out; on the understanding between the RAI and the NFTS; decision to use Paul’s post-production budget allocation on processing additional film was made in July 1986; on earlier correspondence; hopes that the original split of financial responsibilities can be adhered to (tpc.)

 56    Paul Henley, 10 Mar. – ‘Memorandum to the RAI Film Committee about the funding of “Cuyagua”’. 7 leaves (tp.)

 57    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 12 Mar. – cover note (autogr.)

 58    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 13 Mar. – would be pleased to circulate his report to the Film Committee but would first like a comment from Colin Young (tpc.)

 59    Colette Piault to Jonathan Benthall, 15 Mar. – on Paul Henley’s problems in participating in meeting in Budapest; participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and subsistence; it is important that film-makers should maintain contact with colleagues; asks if the RAI could apply for funding for Paul Henley from the British Council; would very much like him to present his film. 2 leaves (photocopy, in French)

 60    Jonathan Benthall to Colette Piault, 19 Mar. – would be pleased to support an application by Paul Henley to attend the meeting in Bucharest[sic]; he would have to approach the British Council himself as he is no longer employed by the RAI; the RAI’s own budget is tightly stretched in having copies of various films printed (tpc.)

 61    Paul Henley to Peter S. Allen, Film Reviews Editor, American Anthropologist, 30 Apr. – refers to his letter concerning review of his film ‘Reclaiming the Forest’ [not held]; asks that the review be put on hold as he has not sorted out how and in what formats the films will be distributed; has reedited the fil on video at a shorter length; on transfers onto NTSC system tapes; asks if the reviewer would be prepared to handle a PAL U-matic or VHS tape (tp.)

A78/5/62        Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 2 May – Suzie Mealing of the NFTS Production Dept. has worked out figures for the completion of ‘Cuyagua’; they came out less than anticipated; they refer to the completion of both parts; on subtitling; Georges Drion has ‘taken delivery’ of the Fr. 10,000 from the Mario Ruspoli prize; it will be worth almost exactly £1,000; on three options regarding the spending of this money; has been trying to see Colin [Young] for six weeks to get a response to the memo of 10 Mar.; asks if RAI would share subtitling costs with NGTS; on meeting him on 19 May; on asking Channel Four to broadcast the films; has written again to the Venezuelans; on invitations to screen the films; encloses copy of his letter to Peter Allen; has completed a 39 minute video version of ‘Reclaiming the Forest’; encloses new synopsis. 4 leaves (tp.)

 63    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 7 May – confirms that they will meet on 19 May at NFTS; Colin Young was going to let him have a statement of NGTS’s position with regard to these costs; hopes he has written to Colin Young again; cannot release Film Committee funds without knowing the NFTS’s position (tpc.)

 64    Soozy to Richard, 18 May – cost breakdown for post-production of ‘Devil Dancers’ and ‘The Saint with Two Faces’. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by Jonathan Benthall)

 65    Jonathan Benthall to Film Committee, 20 May – report on Leverhulme Fellows; includes detailed account of the difficulties with the post-production costs of Paul Henley’s films and possible solution. 2 leaves (tp.)

 66    Ibid. to Richard Jenkins, NFTS, 5 June – RAI has agreed to pay £2,000 to the NFTS to enable the completion of part 2 of Paul Henley’s film (tpc.)

 67    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 14 June – accepts the conditions associated with the RAI’s advance of £2,000 to allow the completion of ‘Cuyagua’; on the showing of his and John Baily’s films; refers to his memo of 12 June [not held] (tp. with autogr. PS)

 68    Jonathan Benthall to Sheila Whitaker, National Film Theatre, 25 June – suggests a jointly organised pair of evenings to be held at the NFT in Jan. 1988; on the scheme for training film-makers; both Baily and Henley have now completed two films; proposes two sessions, each showing two films of approximately 50 minutes each, followed by discussion; describes the films which would be shown; would like to arrange a drinks party after each screening (tpc.)

A78/5/69        Richard Jenkins to Jonathan Benthall, 29 June – refers to his note of 5 June; is delighted that the RAI can guarantee £2,000 to enable the completion of Paul Henley’s film (tp.)

 70    Sheila Whitaker to ibid., 13 July – suggests two screenings in Feb. 1988; agrees to free rental of the films in exchange for tickets; on the drinks reception (tp.)

 71    Paul Henley to ibid., 23 July – on the current state of thinking about the 2nd RAI Festival; his colleagues share enthusiasm for having it in Manchester but urge caution for two reasons; mentions the possibility of hiring a freelance festival organiser; the Roscoe Building is well equipped to host the Festival; mentions timing; suggests integrating the RAI Prizes with the Festival; on RAI film catalogue; on ‘Cuyagua’; on setting up a video library and archive at Manchester. 3 leaves (tp.)

 72    Jonathan Benthall to Paul Henley, 28 July – is replying on the question of the future Film Festival; thanks him for information about facilities at Manchester and possible Granada funding; there is pressure from Council to focus on present projects rather than take on new ones; cannot undertake to organise a film festival in Sept. 1988; on having a full-time organiser; the idea of an orientation towards Europe is a good one; thinks the Film Committee should take more initiative at this point; the supplement to the catalogue is not yet ready. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 73    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 22 Sept. – enquires about printing of RAI copies of the films he and John Baily made in their second year at the Film School; the NFTS copy of ‘Cuyagua’ has been to various international venues; this is an economically opportune moment; explains why; on distribution of the film; suggests appointing an agent; on moving house. 2 leaves (tp.)

 74    Jonathan Benthall to Soozy Mealing, 7 Oct. – authorises purchase of ‘Cuyagua’ and ‘Lessons from Gulam’ by John Baily (tpc.)

 75    Paul Henley, ‘Text of introductory remarks to be delivered at the Cornerhouse on the occasion of the inauguration of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester, October 28th, 1987’. 2 leaves (tp.)

 76    Information sheet about the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester (tp.)

A78/5/77        Jonathan Benthall to John Baily & Paul Henley, 5 Nov. – on screenings of their films at the National Film Theatre in Feb. [1988]; asks them to choose a panellist; includes joint blurb; asks for blurbs on each film; on distribution of RAI/NFTS films; on the RAI copies of their films (tp.)

 78    Paul Henley to Jonathan Benthall, 12 Nov. – encloses 100-word blurb about ‘Cuyagua’; on stills; encloses copy for an advertisement to include in AT; on reporting on the short season of ethnographic films with which the Cornerhouse was launched; encloses text of the speech he made on the occasion [/5/75] (tp.)

 79    National Film Theatre Programme Notes on ‘Cuyagua’. 3 pages (tp., one leaf in French)

 80    National Film Theatre to Jonathan Benthall, nd – ‘Guideline Agreement for Contributors to NFT Booklet’ (tp.)

 81    Information about the film ‘Gran Sabana Miners’ by Paul Henley and Georges Drion; on the content of the film; on logistics; on budget. 4 leaves (tp.)

 82    Information about the film ‘Devil Dancers of Chuao’ by Paul Henley and Georges Drion; summary of the film; on background; on the film content; description of some scenes from the film; on logistics; on budget; comments. 9 leaves (tp.)

 .1    Photograph of ‘Devil Dancers’

  6/    Leverhulme Trust Film Training Fellowships, John Baily

  1    John Baily to Miss J.M. Ireland, Senior Assistant Secretary, Academic Council, Queen’s University Belfast, 26 May 1984 – the RAI has offered him a Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship; requests permission for unpaid leave for the academic year 1984-85; on the NFTS; both the RAI and the NFRS are writing to Mr Graham to state the objectives of the Fellowship and to explain why he has been selected; his appointment to the Fellowship would bring credit and honour to Queen’s. 2 leaves (photocopy)

A78/6/2        Jonathan Benthall to Alan Graham, Secretary to the Academic Council, Queen’s University of Belfast, 29 Mar. 1984 – Dr John Baily has been offered a Film Training Fellowship; he has written requesting unpaid leave of absence for the period of the Fellowship; stresses the importance of the Fellowship scheme to the development of social anthropology in the British Isles; the contribution of Queen’s University to ethnomusicology and social anthropology could be strengthened by exposure of one of their experts to training by one of the world’s leading film schools; their offer to John Baily remains open until 20 June. 2 leaves (tpc.)

  3    Colin Young to ibid., ibid. – writes to endorse the letter from Jonathan Benthall; on the partnership between the RAI and the NFTS; John Baily emerged as a strong candidate because of the support he has received at Queen’s from the Television Centre; the new Fellowship enables Britain to make its contribution to visual anthropology as an academic discipline. 2 leaves (photocopy)

  4    J. Maureen Ireland to Dr J.S. Baily, 29 May – encloses application form for leave of absence; on 30 Apr. the Committee of Deans did not feel able to agree to his request; however if he wishes to pursue it as a special case his application will  be considered on 22 June (photocopy)

  5    Colin Young to ibid., 30 May – refers to letter of appointment to Training Fellowship which he will have received from RAI; mentions that film will be screened on 25 Sept. 1985; sets down some details of the programme; would like to meet him again. 2 leaves (tp.)

  6    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 1 June – is delighted to receive the offer of a Fellowship and hopes to be able to accept; encloses copies of correspondence with Miss Ireland; points out that the Committee does not meet until two days after the date by which he has to give a decision; mentions resigning his post at Queen’s (tp.)

  7    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, 4 June – can extend the offer until 25 June (tpc.)

  8    Ibid. to James Woodburn & Colin Young, 25 June – John Baily has not been granted leave of absence; he will be resigning his post in order to take up the Fellowship; told him that the fellowship is for one year only; told him that the Film Committee would appreciate his commitment to the scheme (tpc.)

A78/6/9        John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 25 June – sends official letter of acceptance; on the statement of ‘freedom from impediment’; thanks RAI and NFTS for support in trying to get leave; regrets that he has to resign his lectureship but feels this will allow greater freedom in future work (tp.)

 10    Ibid., ibid. – accepts offer of Leverhulme Training Fellowship; agrees to the conditions; confirms his intention to pursue his career in the British Isles; declares that there are no health or other problems which might interfere with his ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship; thanks RAI and NFTS (tp.)

 11    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, 27 June – is sending copies of his letters and this reply to James Woodburn and Colin Young; can now treat his acceptance as firm; on the Fellowship being for one year only; if there were a second round of Fellowships and he applied, he would be on the same footing as other applicants; the Film Committee will appreciate his commitment to the scheme (tpc.)

 12    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 27 Sept. – refers to his memo of 6 Sept. [not held]; on his salary; on needing an interpreter for fieldwork in Ajmer; has someone in mind, Devdan Sen; wants to go to Edinburgh to see material from Ajmer; asks if the budget will cover expenses; looks forward to his visit in Oct. (tp.)

 13    [Jonathan Benthall] to John Baily, 3 Oct. – on his salary; all budget for expenses has to be approved by the Film Committee; as regards Devdan Sen, it would be taking a chunk out of the budget to pay for a third person; thinks the Committee will want to investigate other possibilities; on visiting (tpc.)

 14    James Woodburn to John Baily, 19 Dec. – offers help regarding application to the ESRC or universities (tpc.)

 15    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 9 Jan. 1985 – refers to memo of 19 Dec. [not held]; was delighted with the Committee’s response to the documentary exercise; on having a meeting with the Chairman of the Film Committee; on a pay increase; asks for a copy of the catalogue of the RAI’s film archive (tp.)

 16    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, 11 Jan. – on his pay increase (tpc.)

 17    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 27 Feb. – on an interview on 6 Mar.; sends a complete budget; is happy to take an advance of £3,500 and to ask for the difference retrospectively; the school will pay for subtitling (autogr. with autogr. notes by Jonathan Benthall)

A78/6/18        NFTS budget for ‘Songs of Afghan Refugees’ by John Baily. 15 leaves (photocopy)

 19    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 27 Mar. – has arrived safely in Peshawar; on his accommodation; on Afghan performance of resistance songs; feels much encouraged (autogr.)

 20    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, pre-16 Apr. – offers him a further one year appointment to a Training Fellowship; it is a condition that a film should be made, to be screened on 24 Sept. 1986; the appointment is conditional on successful completion of the current year’s Fellowship; on terms of the appointment; on salary; asks him to sign a statement that there is no health or other reason why he cannot fulfil the requirements of the Fellowship. 2 leaves (tpc. draft); [followed by] Jonathan Benthall to Felicia Freeland, nd – the selection panel has decided to make offers to the two present Fellows for a second year; they were impressed by her application and wish to keep her name on file; they would only offer her an appointment if she had her Ph.D. before the course begins; encourages her to apply again for 1986/87 (tpc. draft; see /4/56)

 21    James Woodburn to Jonathan Benthall, 16 Apr. – thinks his draft letters are excellent; makes a few suggestions of changes (tp.)

 22    John Baily, nd – application submitted for Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship. 17 leaves (photocopy)

 23    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, 23 Apr. – finished version of /6/20. 3 pages (tpc.)

 24    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 10 June – encloses formal letter of acceptance for a second year as a Film Training Fellow; on his monograph; on correct address for cheques (autogr.)

 25    Ibid., ibid. – is pleased to accept offer of a further year’s appointment to a Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship; confirms that it is his intention to pursue his career in the British Isles; has no health or other problems which would impair his ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship; thanks the RAI (tp.)

 26    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, 18 June – the offer is confirmed, subject to completion of the current year’s Fellowship; is pleased to hear that the filming went well (tpc.)

 27    John Baily, 15 July – report on filming with Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan. 2 leaves (tp.)

A78/6/28        Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (tp. draft with autogr. additions)

 29    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 3 Nov. – thanks him for visit; he felt much better after the screening; on how many prints of the film should be made; on a piece he is planning to write about the filming of ‘Amir’; wonders whether the RAI would be interested in publishing this in the occasional papers series; on this year’s film; on acknowledgments; encloses copy of credits as they now stand (tp. with autogr. PS)

 30    List of credits (autogr.)

 31    Jonathan Benthall to John Baily, 6 Nov. – on dates for his diary; on selling copies of his and Paul’s films; on his article on the making of ‘Amir’; hopes he will not spend too much time on writing if this would cut into his film training time; on acknowledging the Leverhulme Trust (tpc.)

 32    John Baily, 20 Nov. – ‘Pakistani Musicians in the U.K.’; notes from a pre-project meeting. 2 leaves (tp.)

 33    Richard Jenkins to Production, 21 Nov. – on John Baily’s freight charges (tp.)

 34    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 10 Dec. – sends accounts for the shooting of ‘Amir’; actual expenditure was in excess of the amount estimated; major excesses occurred especially with air freight; explains the situation; the school has agreed to pay some extra charges as per the enclosed memo; he is personally out of pocket and hopes the RAI will be able to refund him (tp.)

 35    ‘Amir – Production Costs covered by RAI’ (tp.)

 36    John Baily, 19 Dec. – ‘Pakistani Musicians in the U.K.’; notes from a project meeting. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 37    Peter S. Allen to Stephen Gudeman, North American Committee, 21 July 1986 – thanks him for submitting the film ‘Amir: Portrait of an Afghan Refugee Musician’; has arranged a screening for 3 Dec.; he will receive a letter in Oct. (tp.)

 38    [Jonathan Benthall] to John Baily, 28 Aug. – the RAI North American Committee have decided to show his film at the AAA Annual Meeting; encloses letter from Steve Gudeman; they have only allocated 15 minutes for introduction and questions; on the difficulty of paying for fare and accommodation for such a short appearance; sorry if this is disappointing news; he was trying to get an autonomous RAI session scheduled; at least the film will be shown (tpc.)

A78/6/39        K.E. Kitchen, Registrar, University of Manchester, to Jonathan Benthall, 11 Mar. 1987 – Dr J.S. Baily has applied for post of Director of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology; has given his name as a referee; asks for his comments on his suitability for the post; encloses particulars of the appointment (tp.)

 40    Particulars of the post of Director of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester (tp.)

 41    Leaflet about the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester (printed)

 42    Jonathan Benthall to Mr K.E. Kitchen, 16 Mar. – gives reference for Dr John Baily. 3 leaves (tp.)

 43    4 Sept. – information about ‘Lessons from Gulam: Asian Music in Bradford’ by John Baily (tp.)

 44    8 Sept. – ibid. (tp.)

 45    John Baily, memo for meeting of the Film Committee on 30 Oct. 3 leaves (tp.)

 46    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 14 Nov. – refers to his memo of 5 Nov. [see /5/77]; on the blurb; sends a blurb for his two films; encloses still for ‘Amir’ [not held]; has asked Barbara at NFTS to send still of Gulam; will be in touch soon about invitations (tp.)

 .1    Still of Gulam (photograph)

 .2    Compliments slip from Barbara Hathaway, NFTS (autogr)

 47    [Jonathan Benthall] to Prof. L. Perkins, Department of Music, Columbia University, 9 Apr. 1988 – gives reference for Dr John Baily (tp.)

 48    Leeman L. Perkins to Jonathan Benthall, 20 Apr. – thanks him for his letter regarding the candidacy of John Baily for a tenured position in Ethnomusicology; his assessment will be most helpful (tp.)

 49    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 25 Apr. [1988?] – on the Brighton Film Festival; ‘Amir’ is being shown; encloses review; Columbia is firming up though the question of tenure has not been resolved (autogr.)

 .1    Review of ‘Amir: An Afghan Refugee Musician’s Life in Peshawar, Pakistan’ in Ethnomusicology 1988, pp. 161-2 (photocopy)

A78/6/50        Flyer for concert of Music from Afghanistan and India, featuring John Baily, on 14 May (printed)

 51    John Baily to Jonathan Benthall, 3 Oct. – thanks him for sending copy of letter from Sadruddin Aga Khan; on making a film for the BBC entitled ‘Return to Herat’; Sadruddin Aga Khan’s response to ‘Amir’ might be helpful; on having his films distributed by DER (tp.)

 52    Ibid., 12 Feb. 1989 – encloses reviews of Henley and Baily films which appeared in the ‘Yearbook for Traditional Music’; would like a copy of Felicia’s film for review; also encloses his report on the ICTM Colloquium on film and video in ethnographical research held in Czechoslovakia last year; on other articles in preparation; has been in touch with DER; mentions collapse of BBC interest in his proposed Herat film; sent print of LFG to RAI in Jan. (tp. with autogr. PS)

 53    ‘Yearbook of Traditional Music’ 20, 1988 – reviews of ‘Cuyagua’ by Paul Henley, and ‘Amir …’ and ‘Lessons from Gulam’ by John Baily. 6 pages (photocopy)

 54    Ibid. – ‘ICTM Colloquium on Film and Video’ by John Baily. 6 pages (photocopy)

 55    ‘World Music Catalogue’, Summer 1985 (printed)

 56    National Film Theatre, Programme Notes on ‘Amir’ and ‘Lessons from Gulam’ (tp.)

  7/    Leverhulme Trust Film Training Fellowships, Felicia Hughes-Freeland

  1    Felicia Hughes-Freeland to Moertini Atmowidjojo, Head Bureau of International Relations, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia [Indonesian Institute of Sciences], 2 Apr. 1986 – enquires about possibility of coming to Indonesia next year; refers to her previous research for her doctoral thesis; on the possibility of being offered a fellowship to train in film-making and make a film; would like to make a film on kraton dance in Yogyakarta; on security precautions relating to the forthcoming election; asks if there is any chance of her being admitted to Yogyakarta to make the film (tpc.)

  2    Ibid. to Mr W. Lusikooy, Cultural Attaché, Indonesian Embassy, 9 Apr. – enquires about possibility of visiting Indonesia next year; mentions the general eletion which might restrict access for travellers; on making a film as part of the training fellowship she hopes to be offered; a previous visa took eighteen months; would not want to undergo such problems again; if he cannot answer in a letter she could come to talk to him (tpc.)

A78/7/3        H. Napitupulu, Head, Foreign Research Scholars Division, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, to Felicia Hughes-Freeland, 16 Apr. – suggests she contact Direktorat Pembinaan Film dan Rekaman Vedeo through the Indonesian Embassy; suggests she come to Indonesia three months after the General Election in Apr. 1987; asks for three copies of her thesis when available (tp.)

  4    Felicia Hughes-Freeland to Bp. H. Napitupulu, 12 May – shall contact the Direktorat Pembinaan Film dan Rekaman Video; shall send copies of her thesis once it is approved (tpc.)

  5    W.A. Miftach, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, to Felicia Hughes-Freeland, 14 May – asks her to send the necessary documents immediately; encloses regulation for film shooting permit and application form to be filled in (photocopy)

  6    Indonesian Embassy, ‘General Regulations for Foreign Correspondents to make a Journalistic Visit to Indonesia’. 2 leaves (photocopy)

  7    Department of Information, Republic of Indonesia, ‘Application for Film Shooting Permit’ (photocopy)

  8    Felicia Hughes-Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 16 May – was delighted to receive his letter [not held]; in principle she can accept the offer; shall write directly to the requisite Indonesian body; on her name (tp.)

  9    Ibid. to Mr W. Lusikooy, 27 May – refers to letter she received from L.I.P.; on her film project and the fellowship; has been advised to contact the Direktorat Pembinaan Film dan Rekaman Video; asks what the procedure is for doing this; would appreciate any information about the policy to be adopted regarding film-making before and after the forthcoming General Election; if access to Indonesia is forbidden, she would appreciate being told (tpc.)

 10    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 28 May – encloses documents from the Indonesian Embassy (tp.)

 11    [Jonathan Benthall] to Felicia Freeland, 2 June – hopes to get final offer letter off very soon; is sending a copy of the application form to Colin Young at the NFTS; on the difficulties of filming in Indonesia; mentions alternatives in UK or Holland (tpc.)

A78/7/12        Ibid. to Felicia Freeland, 4 June – offers her appointment to a Training Fellowship; it is a condition of the appointment that a film of approx. 30 minutes be made; on the terms of the appointment; on the salary; the film will be shown on 23 Sept. 1987; on statement of intent that she intends to pursue her career in the British Isles; on statement that she has no health or other problems which might impair her ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship; the offer remains open until 20 June. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 13    Colin Young to Jonathan Benthall, 5 June – on Felicia Freeland’s relationship with the Indonesian authorities (tp.)

 14    Felicia Freeland to ibid., 14 June – accepts the offer of a Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship; will try to make contacts in Holland soon; passed her Ph.D. (tp.)

 15    Jonathan Benthall to Felicia Freeland, 17 June – congratulates her on her Ph.D.; asks for confidential statement (tpc.)

 16    Felicia H. Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 19 June – declares that there are no problems which might impair her ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship (tp.)

 17    Ibid., 1 Aug. – encloses draft letter to Wim Lusikooy; sends the original carbons of her letters to the Embassy and to LIPI and top copy of reply from LIPI; also encloses letter from W.A. Miftach; is sceptical that Lusikooy will be able to do much (tp.)

 18    Jonathan Benthall to Wim Lusikooy, 8 Aug. – on Dr Hughes-Freeland who hopes to make a film in Yogyakarta next year; she has received details of the conditions for filming in Indonesia and an application for a shooting permit; the documents seem to relate to commercial film-making; the assistant has not yet been selected so the application cannot be made yet; schedule is tight and it would be very difficult to allow for delays regarding permits or visas; Dr Roy Ellen has suggested asking for his assistance; would be grateful for any help or information (tpc.)

 19    Ibid. to Marcus Banks & Felicia Freeland, 15 Dec. – the Film Committee would like them to attend a meeting on 23 Jan. 1987 to make a presentation of proposals for their film projects; James Woodburn is standing down as Chairman to be succeeded by David Turton; draws attention to the mention of 30 minute film in their contracts; this was deliberate; asks them to stick to it (tpc.)

A78/7/20        Felicia Freeland, Jan. 1987 – Treatment for ‘Yogya dance’. 5 leaves (tp.)

 21    Jonathan Benthall, 6 Mar. – notes on Felicia Freeland and her plans (autogr.)

 22    Ibid. to Felicia Freeland, 24 Mar. – on extending her contract for one month on condition that she draws no salary during Aug. (photocopy)

 23    NFTS draft budget for ‘Yogya Dance’. 16 leaves (photocopy)

 .1    NFTS compliments slip (printed and autogr.)

 24    Felicia Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 20 July – reports from Yogya; on arrival; on her official shooting schedule; lists the scenes she hopes to film; preparation time is important (autogr.)

 25    Ibid., 20 Aug. – reports from Yogyakarta, before her last two weeks of shooting; outlines progress so far; has taken on a couple of students from the local film school; on language difficulties; does not think the film will be ready by Oct.; other details. 3 leaves (autogr.)

 26    Eileen Walters, Director’s Secretary, to Dr F.H. Freeland, 26 Aug. – Jonathan Benthall is away; her letter will be placed before him on his return (tpc.)

 27    Jonathan Benthall to Felicia Freeland, 6 Nov. – reports on recent Film Committee meeting; on the possibility of her making a longer film; it is not a good moment to try to raise funds; conclusion was that it would be wrong to encourage her to think of making a film longer than 30 minutes (photocopy)

 28    Felicia Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 29 Feb. 1988 – encloses report for Leverhulme; Colin has approved the cut of her film; happy that the Film Committee have voted her and Marcus some money to go to Zagreb (tp.)

 29    Felicia Hughes-Freeland, 29 Feb. – ‘Report on the Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship 1986-1987’. 3 leaves (tp.)

 30    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 6 Mar. – on cheque for £200; is submitting a request to Colin to provide the balance; the film has been accepted for screening at the conference; on using his name as a referee (autogr.)

A78/7/31        L.E.A. Howe, University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge, to ibid., nd – Felicia Hughes-Freeland has given his name as a referee in connection with the application for an Evans Fellowship; asks for an assessment of her abilities; encloses information about the Evans Fellowship (tp.)

 32    Information about the Evans Fund (photocopy)

 33    Jonathan Benthall to Dr L.E.A. Howe, 16 Mar. – gives reference for Felicia Hughes-Freeland (photocopy)

 34    Felicia Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 18 Apr. – NFTS has given her and Marcus [Banks] money to go to conference in Zagreb; on her film; on M. Bloch interview (tp.)

 35    Soozy Mealing to ibid., 12 July – gives estimate of cost for print of Felicia’s film ‘Yogya Dance’ (tp. with autogr. reply added by Jonathan Benthall; see next item)

 36    Jonathan Benthall to Soozy Mealing, 14 July – accepts estimate for print of ‘Yogya Dance’ (tpc.)

 37    Felicia Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 26 Aug. – encloses her piece of the Visual Anthropology Symposium at Zagreb; is still waiting for the print of her film to come back from Holland; on publicity and production of VHS copies for distribution; on who is to be invited to the NFT screenings (tp.)

 38    Felicia Freeland, ‘Research Strategies – Visual Anthropology in the 80’s. Zagreb, 24-31 July 1988: Some Observations’. 6 leaves (photocopy)

 39    Jonathan Benthall to Felicia Freeland, 20 Sept. – on a date for the NFT screening; feels that her report on Zagreb needs a little more thought; asks her to edit it a little; asks for publicity blurb for the film (photocopy)

 40    Felicia Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 4 Oct. – sends two synopses of the film; the short one is being printed on a publicity card; on her article on Zagreb; mentions the NFT screening (autogr.)

 41    Felicia Freeland, nd – two synopses of the film ‘The Dancer and the Dance’ (tp.)

 42    [Jonathan Benthall] to Felicia Freeland, 20 Oct. – has to condense her synopsis into 50 words; asks for a still for the NFT programme (tp.

A78/7/43        Felicia Freeland to Jonathan Benthall, 23 Oct. – sends revised version of her piece on the Visual Anthropology meeting at Zagreb; encloses a photograph for publicity [not held]; has other images if he prefers; on credits on the film (tp.)

 44    The Film Clinic, 22 Dec. – Examination Report of ‘The Dancer and the Dance’ (Yogya Dance) (printed and tp.)

 45    Ibid., production/delivery note (printed and autogr.)

 46    Ibid. – compliments slip, F.A.O. Margaret (printed and autogr.)

 47    Margaret Allison, Production Co-ordinator, NFTS, to Jonathan Benthall, 6 Jan. [1989?] – encloses the examination report from the Film Clinic; has taken a copy; on insurance (tp.)

  8/    Leverhulme Trust Film Training Fellowships, Marcus Banks

  1    Marcus Banks to Jonathan Benthall, 23 May 1986 – refers to letter of 14 May [not held] saying that the RAI proposes to offer him a Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship; is very pleased; encloses letter of application for any funds which the RAI might be able to award for his trip to India this summer (tp.)

  2    Ibid., ibid. – inquires if the RAI has any funds that it might consider awarding him for a trip to India this summer; intends to use his Fellowship to make a film about the lives of Jain ascetics in Gujarat State; this is part of a larger project; has planned a four week fieldwork trip; outlines his plans; gives a budget; on other bodies he has applied to for funding. 2 leaves (tp.)

  3    Jonathan Benthall to Marcus Banks, 29 May – hopes to get formal offer letter off very soon; thinks he may be trying to pack too much into four weeks; thinks an exploratory visit with a film in mind might be premature; is rather cautious about the idea (tp.)

  4    Ibid., 4 June – offers him an appointment to a Training Fellowship; it is a condition of the appointment that a film of approx. 30 minutes be made; on the terms of the appointment; on the salary; the film will be shown on 23 Sept. 1987; on statement of intent that he intends to pursue his career in the British Isles; on statement that he has no health or other problems which might impair his ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship; the offer remains open until 20 June. 2 leaves (photocopy)

A78/8/5    Marcus Banks to Jonathan Benthall, 16 June – encloses letter of acceptance and confidential statement; thanks him for letter referring to his application for funds; two other bodies have agreed to pay the costs; discusses the idea that the trip might be ‘premature’; agrees that his ideas about his film may well change (tp.)

  6    Ibid., ibid. – accepts the offer of a Training Fellowship; agrees by the conditions and terms; intends to pursue his career in the British Isles; encloses confidential statement that he has no problems which might impair his ability to carry out the requirements of the Fellowship (tp.)

  7    Ibid., ibid. – confidential statement (tp.)

  8    Jonathan Benthall to Marcus Banks, 17 June – glad he has raised the funds to go to India; the paperwork if now complete (tpc.)

  9    Marcus J. Banks, Jan. 1987 – application to[?] the National Film Development Corporation of India. 4 leaves (tp.)

 10    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 30 Mar. – on his budget not being finalised; he will pay the deposit on the tickets; the rest can be paid after the budget is approved (autogr.)

 11    Richard Jenkins to ibid., 31 Mar. – on the £8,000 which the RAI is allocating to Marcus Banks and Felicia Freeland; the film school will provide £6,000 each; on producing 30 minute films for £10,000; he will consult with Jonathan Benthall should further expenditure be required (tp.)

 12    Jonathan Benthall to Richard Jenkins, 3 Apr. – does not think RAI can abdicate responsibility for passing budgets; this is part of their obligation to the Leverhulme Trust; NFTS should not exceed budget except with prior approval of RAI (tpc.)

 13    Richard Jenkins to Jonathan Benthall, 8 Apr. – encloses the current budget which is not yet approved; NFTS is not in a position to commit the RAI to further expenditure without prior agreement; on a type of specialist insurance which provides funds if a project goes over budget (tp.)

 14    26 Mar. – budget for ‘The Jains (Renouncing the World)’. 15 leaves (photocopy)

A78/8/15        Marcus Banks to Jonathan Benthall, 12 Apr. – flights are booked; has not received permission from the Indian Government to make the film; on equipment and excess baggage charges; money is not a problem; encloses sheet with addresses (tp.)

 16    Addresses where Marcus Banks will be in India (tp.)

 17    Richard Jenkins to Jonathan Benthall, 15 Apr. – encloses budget he recommends; has raised it to £11,000; on the additional cost to the RAI for a print of the film; on subtitling costs (tp.)

 18    Budget for ‘Renouncing the World’. 16 leaves (photocopy)

 19    Marcus Banks to Jonathan Benthall, 29 Apr. – is still in Britain as permission has not come through; has rethought his film and is considering an alternative film ‘Raju and his Friends’; lists the problems concerning the Jain film; lists the advantages of the alternative film; has discussed the alternative treatment with several people; has just heard that permission has come through. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. PS)

 20    Jonathan Benthall to the Film Committee, 1 May – on Marcus Banks’ alternative film; on Felicia Freeland receiving no pay during Aug.;  on the film library; on a follow-up to the Leverhulme scheme (tpc.)

 21    Marcus Banks to Jonathan Benthall, 5 June – reports from Jamnagar; on the making of his film (autogr.)

 22    INTACH, daily programme 7-10 Nov. 4 leaves (photocopy)

 23    Marcus Banks to Jonathan Benthall, [Mar. 1988] – apologises that this [report] is late and long (autogr.)

 24    Marcus Banks, ‘Report on RAI/Leverhulme Film Training Fellowship 1986-87’. 4 leaves (photocopy)

 25    Ibid. to Jonathan Benthall, 22 Mar. [1988] – thanks him for the £200; on going to Zagreb in July; had intended to finish his film over Easter but NFTS cannot offer cutting-room space; the next free time he has is June/July (autogr.)

 26    Ibid., 6 Oct. – on RAI or Leverhulme money paying for publicity materials; encloses a mock-up leaflet; on cost of printing (autogr.)

 .1    Mock-up leaflet (tp.)

 .2    Leaflet (printed)

A78/8/27        Jonathan Benthall to Marcus Banks, 20 Oct. – thanks him for letter [not held]; shall be happy with option 3; has condensed his blurb into 50 words for the NFT; asks for a still for the programme (tp. with autogr. reply by Marcus Banks added)

 28    Ibid. to Mark Atkin, National Film Theatre, 28 Oct. – sends copy for 5 Jan. [1989]; includes blurbs for ‘Raju and his Friends’ and ‘The Dancer and the Dance’; includes general blurb (tpc.)

 29    Chris […?], BBC, to Jonathan Benthall, nd – on trying to speak to him about conversations with Marcus (autogr.)

 30    Marcus Banks, nd – ‘alternative Indian film treatment’; on ‘Raju and his Friends’. 5 leaves (photocopy)

 31    ‘Raju and his Friends’, short synopsis (tp.)

 32    ‘Raju and his Friends’, synopsis (tp.)

 33    National Film Theatre, Programme Notes for ‘Raju and his Friends’ and ‘The Dancer and the Dance’ (tp.)