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Correspondence. 1946.

Dr G.M. Morant proposed investigating the fluorine content of bone with a view to determining the antiquity of human fossils. He suggested the appointment of a small committee and W.B. Fagg suggested that this should be one of the Research Committees. Nothing appears to have come of the proposal and there are no references in the minutes of either Council or the Executive Committee or in the Report of the Council.

1    Dr G.M. Morant to W.B. Fagg, 19 July 1946 – has discussed with Dr K.P. Oakley the possibility of investigating the fluorine content of bone; would indicate the antiquity of human fossils; suggests that the RAI should appoint a small committee; the Horniman Trustees, Geological Society or the Royal Society might help. 6 pp. (autogr., annotations by WBF and F. Stallman)

2    Ibid., 2 leaves (tp.)

3    Prof. H.J. Fleure, President to Dr H.J. Emeleus, Cambridge University Chemistry Laboratory, 24 July – RAI Officers are trying to get some ancient skulls examined with a view to their fluorine content; asks if he and his laboratory would be interested (tpc.)

4    [W.B. Fagg] to J.C. Trevor, 24 July – encloses a copy of the above (/3); arises from a suggestion by G.M. Morant; as Dr Emeleus is also at Cambridge thought it useful for him to know (tpc.)

5    Ibid., 1 Aug. – suggests a research committee; Dr Morant, Dr Oakley and himself as the mainstays; would be linked to the National Council for Archeology (tpc.)