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Correspondence and papers. 1929-31.

The Conference (formerly entitled Congress on Children of Non-European Origin) was organized by Save the Children International Union and was held in Geneva from 21-5 June 1931. At, a meeting on 22 Nov. 1928 it was decided that the proposed conference should limit itself to: (1) Infant mortality; (2) Education in connection with labour; (3) Child marriage. A questionnaire was circulated in Sept. 1929. Mrs L. De Bunsen was Chairman of the British Committee and L.B. Golden, the Secretary.

1/    Printed papers

1    Questionnaire covering: preliminary and general questions; infantile mortality; child labour and education; child marriage. 36 leaves

2    Pamphlet accompanying the questionnaire; circulated Sept. 1929. 2 leaves

3    Interim report, Nov. 1930. 3 pp.

4    Preliminary prospectus (annotated by Sir John L. Myres, FBA, OBE, Wykeham Prof. of Ancient Literature, University of Oxford; RAI     President, 1928-31 and dated 10.1.31). 4 pp.

5    Preliminary programme, Feb. 1931. 4 pp.

6    Registration card

7    Brochure, May 1931. 16 pp.

2/    Correspondence

1    African customs: an anthropological view expressed by a correspondent, who wishes to be anonymous, in two letters to Mrs [L.] De Bunsen, July 1930; the author is Emile Torday. 3 leaves (mimeo.)

2    British Committee to RAI, 14 Oct. 1930 – encloses preliminary prospectus (/1/4 above); mentions questionnaire; wishes to contact, certain anthropologists (autogr.)

3    Ibid, 12 Jan. 1931 – encloses papers (autogr.)

4    Ibid, 13 Mar. 1931 – hopes RAI will appoint representatives (tp. annotated by Sir John L. Myres)

5    Emile Torday (1875-1931) to President, RAI, 21 Mar. – prepared to represent RAI (tp.); see Council minutes 24 Mar. 1931, f. 167

6    British Committee to RAI, 14 Apr. – pleased to learn Emile Torday is to be a RAI delegate (tp.)

7    Ursula Torday for E. Torday to RAI, 18 Apr. – presumes fee for the Conference applies to RAI; he is already a reporter of one section (autogr.); Torday died on 9 May

8    R.S. Rattray (1881-1938) to RAI, 8 June – glad to accept. Nomination as a delegate; asks for further information (autogr.); see Council minutes 16 June 1931, f. 179

9    British Committee to RAI, 9 June – pleased to learn R.S. Rattray will be a delegate; asks for delegate’s fee (12s.) to be sent (tp.)

10    R.S. Rattray to RAI, 12 Oct. – sends report of conference (/11 below)

11    ‘A brief general account of the proceedings at Geneva held under the auspices of the “Save the Children International Union of Geneva”, June 21st to June 25th, 1931’, 10 leaves (tp.)

12    ‘The conclusions to which the Conference came’. 4 leaves (mimeo. annotated by Rattray)

From the W.B. Fagg Papers, July 1992.