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The centenary of the death of James Cowles Prichard (1786-1848) was celebrated by the RAI on 22 Dec. 1948 where papers were read by Dr J.C. Trevor and Prof. W.C. Osman Hill, and by Prof. H.J. Fleure read in his absence by J.C. Trevor. The Revd T.I. Pocock, the only surviving grandson, and the Revd T. Estlin Prichard, a great grandson were among those present. Prichard was a founder member of the Ethnological Society in 1843. See Man, ‘James Cowles Prichard’, ‘Prichard’s life and works’ by J.C. Trevor, ‘Prichard as an anthropologist’ by W.C. Osman Hill, and ‘A further note on J.C. Prichard’ by H.J. Fleure, Man, Nov. 1949, Nos 162-5.

1    Sir Arthur Keith to RAI, 3 Nov. 1948 – cannot attend centenary; ‘can join … only in spirit – not in body’ (autogr.)

2    Revd Edward C. Prichard to RAI, 16 Dec. 1948 – reports J.C. Prichard’s surviving grandson and his great-grandson will attend ceremony; he will lead a small pilgrimage to JCP’s grave at Sellack which the family is restoring (autogr., annotated by WBF)

3    Greetings from the family assembled at Sellack, 22 Dec. (telegram)

4    Agenda for Special Meeting held at the RAI, 21 Bedford Square, on 22 Dec. 1948 (tpc.)

5    ‘Pioneer anthropologist: a centenary of Dr James Prichard’, The Times, 23 Dec. 1948 (photocopy)

5a    ‘James Cowles Prichard’, The Times, 23 Dec. 1948 (photocopy)

6    ‘James Cowles Prichard’ by J.C. Trevor, letter to The Times, 5 Jan. 1949 (photocopy)

7    Dr J.C. Trevor to W.B. Fagg, CMG (1914-92), (Hon. Secretary, 1939-56), 24 Jan. 1949 – reports contact with another great-grandson, has a good photograph of his great-grandfather; could get a block made; a publisher ‘angling for a biography’ (autogr. pc)