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1907-1995 (photocopies)

These are copies of general press cuttings on anthropology mainly from the British press but also from the international press to a limited extent.
The archive also contains various correspondence and papers relating to press and publicity.

  1/    Correspondence and papers 1936-69

  1    W.B. Fagg, RAI Hon. Secretary 1939-56, nd – ‘The problems of reconstruction and the study of peoples’; on the problems which will confront the victors of the war; sciences of anthropology, sociology and psychology are essential to an appreciation of the difficulties involved; promotes fellowship of the RAI (autogr.)

  2    Ibid., ibid. – ‘The Study of Man and the great human problems of Reconstruction’, another version of previous item (autogr.)

  3    nd – list of ‘Colonial Specialist Publications and Overseas Papers with London Offices’. 6 leaves (tp.)

  4    19 June 1936 – advertisement for the RAI, to appear in the Times Weekly Edition of 25 June (printed proof)

  5    Manager, Discovery, 6 July – seeking an advertisement to appear in the magazine; the magazine is esteemed as the most authoritative of the monthlies dealing with the advance of knowledge for the general reader; on prices of advertisements (tp.)

  6    H.S. Bush, the Times Weekly Edition, to RAI, 8 Sept. – receipt for advertising (printed and tp.)

  7    R. de Montmorency, the Times Weekly Edition, to Dr Firth, RAI Hon. Secretary 1935-39, 28 Sept. – encloses proofs of his announcement; on alterations (tp.)

  8    nd – advertisement for the RAI, to appear in the Times Weekly Edition, Christmas number (printed proof with autogr. notes)

  9    H.S. Bush to H. Coote Lake, 11 Jan. 1937 – the Travel Colour Number will appear on 11 Mar. instead of 18 Mar.; the reason being that pictures of the regalia for the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth can be published on that day; RAI’s advertisement will therefore appear in the 11 Mar. Colour Number (tp.)

A83/1/10        [H.J. Braunholtz, RAI President 1937-39, 1941-43] to the Director, BBC, 25 Oct. – refers to series of talks broadcast by Mr Foster Forbes; the talks gave publicity to views that are unacceptable to serious archaeologists; such views are injurious to the science of prehistoric archaeology itself; Council requested him to suggest that future talks be submitted to the British Museum or to some representative body such as the Society of Antiquaries or the RAI (tpc.)

 11    J.C. Thornton, BBC, to H.J. Braunholtz, 29 Oct. – refers to his letter; the BBC will give due weight to the views therein expressed (tp.)

 12    R. de Montmorency to Dr R. Firth, 16 Sept. 1938 – refers to conversation with Mr Coote Lake; refers to recommendation that their ‘respective Societies’ should be represented in Oct. and Nov. issues; on those issues; on the results of previous announcement not being altogether satisfactory; on amending the copy. 2 leaves (tp.)

 13    H. Coote Lake to Dr R. Firth, 24 Sept. – on de Montmorency suggesting joint advertisement of the Folk-Lore Society and the RAI; on previous advertisements bringing in some new Fellows; suggests they discuss the matter (tp.)

 14    Ian Cox, BBC, to ibid.[?], 1 May 1939 – on a programme of topical science called ‘Science Review’; describes the programme; asks him to tell RAI members that BBC is delighted to receive suggestion[s] for material and speakers; on previous subjects of the programme (tp.)

 15    R. de Montmorency to W.B. Fagg, 10 July 1941 – encloses two ‘suggestions’; now is the time to stress the importance of anthropology; the 13 Aug. issue will have a colour cover showing Mr Churchill; on the necessity of striking a new note in an announcement on behalf of the RAI; on the rate for space (tp.)

 .1    Two suggested announcements on behalf of the RAI. 2 leaves (tp.) [enclosed with previous item]

 16    W.B. Fagg to R. de Montmorency, 29 July – has not answered his letter sooner because of pressure of official work; on the possibility of advertising; he has written a draft advertisement which he is sending to H.J. Braunholtz; asks if some reduction in rates could be made; asks for information about last date for copy and any possible reduction in rates; asks for specimen page or two; is not promising anything (autogr. draft)

A83/1/17        Ibid. to H.J. Braunholtz, 31 July – refers to his ‘old friend’ de Montmorency; should like his views on the question of advertising; on previous occasions he advised against advertising; now thinks there is a case for a mild campaign; gives his reasons; has done a draft advertisement which he would like him to consider; has written to de Montmorency saying he might consider his proposition, especially if he could make a reduction in the rates; if he thinks it worth doing, suggests he speak to Hildburgh to get the funds released; may be too late to get it into the 13 Aug. issue. 5 pages (autogr.)

 18    R. de Montmorency to W.B. Fagg, 31 July – it is now too late for the 13 Aug. issue; no other special numbers are planned; it is impossible to reduce the cost of advertising; the rate should be increased but everything has been done to keep the rate favourable; shall be glad to do what he can regarding preparation of copy (tp.)

 19    H. Salmon to ibid., 1 Jan. 1942 – refers to W.B. Fagg’s letter in the Times of 30 Dec. [1941]; refers to the Institute of Sociology, from which he resigned membership; believes the study of social phenomena should be set upon a scientific basis; on J.L. Tayler; has tried to draw attention to the need for a scientific approach to society; encloses a booklet (tp.)

 20    J. O’Keefe[?], Black and White, to ibid., 21 Mar. – the magazine has been founded to further the cause of the blind with the general sighted public; has introduced a greater variety of material to attract the general reader; at the moment activities are restricted to Eire and Northern Ireland; asks to be put on the mailing list for Man; if not, asks for a copy of each alternate issue; asks permission to make extracts from articles; will be happy to send the magazine in exchange (tp.)

 21    E.J. Lindgren to Felicia Stallman, 28 May – sends some cuttings; asks her to call Mr Braunholtz’s attention to the Carnegie one (autogr.)

 22    B.B. Ray, Empire Press Agency, to W.B. Fagg, 29 Aug. – on reviewing the JRAI; asks for review copies (tp.)

 23    H.J. Braunholtz & W.B. Fagg to the Editor, the Times, 12 Nov. – letter in response to letter from the Royal Empire Society, on Britain and the Empire, published in the Times of 7 Nov.; on the part which anthropology should play in the realisation and appreciation of the history and character of the Empire; on the part played by anthropology in colonial administration; anthropology is an instrument of change (tpc.)

 24    Ibid. – ibid. (autogr. draft)

A83/1/25        H.J. Braunholtz, nd – part of the text of the letter (autogr.)

 26    Felicia Stallman, RAI Assistant Secretary 1942-52, to B.B. Ray, 1 Dec. – apologises for delay in answering; Council will be glad to send regular review copies of Man and JRAI (tpc.)

 27    W.B. Fagg to the Editor, the Sunday Times, 28 Apr. 1943 – letter in response to article by Mr Desmond MacCarthy on Mr Brogan’s ‘The English People’; on the meaning of the word ‘anthropology’; on a ‘continental’ meaning as opposed to a British/American meaning (tp. with autogr. notes added)

 28    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 29    W.B. Fagg to E.J. Lindgren, 30 Apr. – sends his application for C.H. [Chatham House?] membership; has sent Ginsberg a copy of his draft letter to the Times; discusses last sentence of penultimate paragraph; on other matters (autogr.)

 30    Ibid. to Morris Ginsberg, ibid. – Miss Stallman is sending him a copy of a draft letter to the Times; seeks his comments; refers to a previous correspondence on the subject of a Social Science Research Council; the emphasis of this letter is on an increase in the numbers of young people entering the study of social science; raises question of his signing the letter, or sending a further letter when it appears; asks advice on anti-Semitism in the clothing trade; wonders if it is worth while to gather information on the subject (autogr.)

 31    Morris Ginsberg to W.B. Fagg, 3 May – thinks his draft letter ‘admirable’; gives reason why he will not sign it; hopes he will collect information on anti-Semitism; his own experience suggests that there is less hostility towards anglicised Jews; mentions two books on the subject (autogr.)

A83/1/32        H.J. Braunholtz & W.B. Fagg to the Editor, the Times, nd – on Sir Stafford Cripps, who advocated increase in the facilities available for scientific research; the speakers principally have technical and mechanical sciences in mind; on the greater need for broadening of research in the social sciences; on the effects of the war; on the need for more research workers in social research; on the dangers of accepting preconceived ideas as proved ; refers to this as the danger of the growth of ‘pseudo-science’; outlines the remedy; the need and opportunity most urgent in the field of colonial welfare; increased interest in colonial problems has centred on political and economic questions; more anthropologists and sociologists will be needed to discharge the responsibilities of Empire. 3 leaves (tp. draft) [see /2/61 for printed letter]

 33    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 34    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. 2 leaves (autogr. draft)

 35    Ibid., 6 May – ibid. 2 leaves (tp.)

 36    W.B. Fagg to the Editor, the Times, ibid. – forwards official letter from the RAI; a real need is felt for some such public statement as this; has been unable to compress the letter further (autogr. draft)

 37    Ibid., snippet of text from the letter (autogr.)

 38    E.J. Lindgren to W.B. Fagg, nd – comments on the draft letter[?] (autogr.)

 39    John Webb, the Times, to W.B. Fagg, 7 May – the letter is more than half a column; if he could reduce it he would see if he could publish it (tp.)

 40    W.B. Fagg to the Editor, the Times, 13 May – forwards a revised version of the letter, reduced to approximately two thirds of the original length (tpc.)

 41    Ibid., nd – revised version of the letter (autogr. draft)

 42    Ibid. to Morris Ginsberg, 13 May – encloses revised version of letter to the Times; hopes he will contribute to correspondence on the subject; thanks him for advice about anti-Semitism (autogr. draft)

 43    Ibid. to the Editor, the Times, ibid. – revised version of letter (tpc.)

 44    Ibid. & H.J. Braunholtz, nd – parts of the text of the letter. 2 leaves (autogr. draft)

A83/1/45        J.G. Worth to W.B. Fagg, 17 May – refers to his letter in this morning’s Times on anthropology and the social sciences; asks his opinion about slavery in ancient Athens; asks if a study of the subject would make any contribution to social science (tp.)

 46    John L. Myres to W.B. Fagg, 18 May – thanks him for letter and text of letter to the Times; refers to his letter in Sunday Times; mentions Lord Raglan; mentions the Horniman benefaction; on the Le Gros Clarke ‘incident’; on the JRAI and Man; on coming to London (autogr.)

 47    Miss Nina Epton to RAI, 18 May – refers to the letter in the Times; asks about degrees in social science (tp.)

 48    John L. Myres to W.B. Fagg, 19 May – note about J.G. Worth’s enquiry[?] (autogr.)

 49    C.R. Enock to H.J. Braunholtz & W.B. Fagg, 19 May – refers to letter in the Times; sends his booklet on ‘The True Plan and Science of Corporate Life’; what he shows is that there is a plan for life on earth; on what he terms the ‘economic neighbourhood’; should be prepared to explain this to the RAI; on his travels in Peru (tp.)

 50    Ibid. – ‘The True Plan of Life’ (printed booklet)

 51    Card about ‘The True Plan of Life’ (printed)

 52    T.E.U. to E.J. Lindgren, 20 Sept. 1943 – note about C.R. Enock (tp.)

 53    W.B. Fagg to J.G. Worth, nd – refers to his letter of 17 May; passed it on to Prof. Myres who has replied to him; slavery in ancient Greece seems like a fruitful field of study; hopes he will pursue the idea (autogr. draft)

 54    Miss Norah Hill to W.B. Fagg, 22 May – refers to his letter in the Times; agrees as to the need for extension of research in the social sciences; describes her background and experience; thinks she might still be of service in social research; asks whether a study of elementary anthropology might help in this connection; shall be grateful for more information. 3 pages (autogr.)

 55    J.G. Worth to W.B. Fagg, 1 June – thanks him for passing his letter on to Prof. Myres, who has written to him; pleased that Fagg thinks slavery in ancient Athens a promising piece of common ground between the classics and anthropology (tp.)

A83/1/56        Felicia Stallman to Miss Nina Epton, ibid. – refers to her letter of 18 May; hopes that RAI will soon be able to give information about academic training in anthropology; she is collecting the information now; mentions LSE and Cambridge; the RAI provides useful facilities. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 57    Ibid. to Miss Norah Hill, ibid. – refers to her letter of 22 May; is gratified by the number of replies evoked by the letter to the Times; the RAI is not a teaching body but she hopes to have information about training at universities; should be glad to meet her (tpc.)

 58    W.B. Fagg, nd – ‘Proposal for a Standing Committee on Anthropological Terminology’; on the function of the RAI as that of coordination and liaison; the most obvious field for this influence is that of terminology; refers to correspondence in the Sunday Times earlier in the year, in which a number of letters commended the intention to set up such a committee; the committee should be advisory; a by-product of its work might be a glossary of terms; meetings should be held once or twice a year; on the question of the autonomy of the committee (autogr. draft)

 59    J.C. Leggett to W.B. Fagg, 13 June – refers to his letter in the Sunday Times; is interested in the problem of the misuse of words; refers to the formation of the Standing Committee on Anthropological Terminology; on Logic’s inherent problem of the relation between words and thought; asks if he might give a paper on ‘Curvature in Thought’; uses an astronomical analogy; on the misuse of the word ‘evil’ (autogr.)

 60    Grahame Clark to ibid., ibid. – on the correspondence in the Sunday Times relative to the meaning of terms; on proposal to set up a committee to investigate questions of terminology; outlines two distinct problems; asks what steps the RAI will take about consulting American opinion; agrees that jargon must be avoided; on the historical use of terms; on the term ‘anthropology’; on a book he is writing about activities of the peoples of Europe who lived before written history; on difficulties with the title. 4 pages (autogr.)

 61    W.B. Fagg to the Editor, Sunday Times[?], nd – letter in response to letter from Prof. Myres. 2 leaves (autogr. draft) [see /2/62 for published letter]

 62    H.J. Braunholtz to W.B. Fagg, 16 June – returns Grahame Clark’s letter; on a committee on terminology set up in 1938; on another set up for prehistoric sciences; Committee will have to take American opinion into account; no committee can permanently stereotype the use of words; on the title for Clark’s book (autogr.)

A83/1/63        W.B. Fagg to Grahame Clark, nd – refers to his letter of 13 June; refers to his lack of response (autogr. draft, unfinished)

 64    Ibid. to the Editor, Sunday Times, 20 June – on ‘The Study of Man’ (autogr.) [see /2/62 for published letter]

 65    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 66    Harold Wells to W.B. Fagg, 29 June – refers to his letter in the Sunday Times of 27 June; on experiments he made with chrysanthemums. 3 pages (autogr.)

 67    G.R. Barnes, BBC, to ibid., 4 Jan. 1947 – refers to articles from the Anthropological Journal; refers to his [Fagg’s] interview with Mr Waller (tp.)

 68    Robert Waller, BBC, to ibid., 5 Feb. – thanks him for particulars of meetings; would have liked to have come but has a programme on Tuesday nights; the anthropology series has been accepted by the Third Programme (tp.)

 69    W.B. Fagg to Director of Feature Programmes, BBC, 5 Mar. 1949 – refers to programme ‘The Tomb of Tutankhamen’; recording was played of 1939 broadcast from Cairo of the trumpets found in the tomb; that broadcast was highly misleading; on Prof. Percival R. Kirby who received cooperation from the BBC last year in establishing the facts about the broadcast; Prof. Kirby gave a lecture to the RAI in 1948 in which he showed how the broadcast had been done; quotes from Man, vol. XLIX, No. 13; a modern mouthpiece was used; regrettable that further currency should be given to the idea that Tutankhamen’s trumpets were capable of playing the Post-Horn Galop (autogr. draft)

 70    Leonard Cottrell, Features Dept., BBC, to W.B. Fagg, 17 Mar. – refers to his letter of 5 Mar.; was unaware that a modern mouthpiece had been used; difficult to obtain fresh recordings from Cairo but hopes that this will be done when possible; asks if Prof. Kirby is in England (tp.)

A83/1/71        W.B. Fagg to the Editor, Radio Times, 23 Mar. – suggest that a warning be attached to the recording of the Tutankhamen trumpet that it was made with the aid of a modern mouthpiece; the impression now widespread that the Egyptian instruments were versatile enough to play elaborate musical phrases; refers to Prof. Kirby’s lecture (autogr. draft); ibid., ibid. – asks him to find space for the enclosed letter; refers to his previous letter of 5 Mar.; it is Les Lambert’s broadcast that compels him to write again; in it the record was played in full; feels that BBC is under duty to avoid further propagation of this error (autogr. draft)

 72    Radio Times, 6 May – W.B. Fagg’s letter [/1/71] printed on p. 3 (printed)

 73    R. Morley Pegge to W.B. Fagg, 8 May – refers to his letter in the Radio Times; his especial interest is the ‘brass’; surprised to learn that instruments with detachable mouthpieces were in existence so early; on the notes sounded; asks for information about the trumpets; on his own study of the subject. 4 pages (autogr.)

 74    Percival R. Kirby to ibid., 23 July – refers to his letter to the Radio Times and Leslie Lambert’s reply; asks if he should draft a statement; on the harmonics obtainable from tubes; there is no evidence that the Egyptians used mouthpieces; seems extraordinary that the BBC should permit such wild statements to be printed (tp. with autogr. PS)

 75    W.B. Fagg to the Editor, Manchester Guardian, 15 Oct. – refers to issue of 8 Oct. which reproduced examples of the resist-dyed cloths of the Yoruba of Nigeria; such decorated cloths would repay study by textile designers; mentions two collections in museums; RAI has a great deal of information on the whereabouts of such collections; is considering ways of making the information accessible (tpc.) [cross ref.]

 76    Miss Gwen Mason to W.B. Fagg, 25 Oct. – refers to his letter in the Manchester Guardian; is interested in African and Eastern cloths from the colour and design point of view; asks if she could obtain samples; presumes Indonesian cloths are similar to Dutch Block Prints (tp.)

 77    D.M. Williams, West Africa, to ibid., 1 Nov. – asks for information about collections of West African cloth of which he wrote in the Manchester Guardian; shall shortly be publishing an article about the Manchester West African trade (tp.)

A83/1/78        Denys Parsons to ibid., 8 Sept. 1951 – has a friend who is a writer on the Star; sometimes his features are followed by a flood of letters from readers; on tapping this energy for research purposes; asks if he has a problem for which he would find it useful to appeal to a large body of the public, such as an appeal for old documents; the appeal would be accompanied by an article on the RAI (tp.)

 79    Harman Grisewood, Controller, Third Programme, BBC, to ibid., 7 Jan. 1952 – refers to his letter [not held] calling attention to the Byzantine anniversary that falls in 1953; will let him know if he can make use of his suggestions (tp.)

 80    W.B. Fagg to the Editor, the Times[?], 26 Apr. – on an aetiological myth for the origin of turn-ups; there is a serious side to such trivial matters; refers to coinage of the term ‘deausterization’ (autogr. draft)

 81    Ibid., nd – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 82    Ibid., 28 Dec. 1954 – on Prof. Fortes’ tribute to the work of philanthropic foundations; on Representative Reece from Tennessee (autogr. draft)

 83    Brigid Gibbings, the Times, to W.B. Fagg, 31 Dec. – the Editor thanks him for his letter of 28 Dec.; pressure on space prevents him from making use of it (tp.)

 84    H.J.C. Stevens, the Daily Telegraph, to W.B. Fagg, 25 Nov. 1955 – encloses letter; wonders whether he has any knowledge of Mr Conrad Hoyer (tp. with autogr. notes added)

 85    Ibid., 18 Apr. 1956 – encloses cutting giving the story of how Mrs Hoyer was traced (tp.)

 86    ‘Soviet Clue to Lost Briton’ (newspaper cutting about Mrs Hoyer)

 87    A.J. Forrest to A.H. Christie, RAI Hon. Secretary 1961-70, 25 July 1961 – Mr W. Stevens, Deputy Editor of the Birmingham Post, has asked him for an article on the work, aims and background of the RAI; would be glad to let him see a draft before publication; asks if he could have an interview to obtain the factual information required; suggests some times; has written articles on the Royal Geographical Society (tp.)

 88    [Joan Edwards], RAI Administrative Secretary, to A.J. Forrest, 26 July – Mr Christie will be happy to meet him at RAI on 2 Aug. (tpc.)

A83/1/89        A.J. Forrest to Joan Edwards, 27 July – confirms appointment with Mr Christie; if there is any change, a message can be left for him at the National Liberal Club (tp.)

 90    RAI to the Editor, the Times, 5 Mar. 1962 – gives information about Rivers Memorial Medal 1962 and Huxley Memorial Medal and Lecture, to be announced (tpc.)

 91    Anthony Christie to ibid., 13 Apr. – gives information about the institution of a Patron’s Medal, to be announced; the first recipient shall be Mrs Brenda Zara Seligman (tpc.)

 92    Rachel M. Lloyd, Clerk to the Officers, to ibid., 15 May – gives information about lecture by Prof. Claude Lévi-Strauss, to be announced in ‘Today’s Arrangements’ (tpc.)

 93    Ibid., ibid. – gives information about a dinner party in honour of Prof. Claude Lévi-Strauss, to be published if possible (tpc.)

 94    Michael Kendall, BBC, to Anthony Christie, 20 Feb. 1969 – sorry that he could not arrange for a Producer from the Bristol Unit to be present at Dr Kortlandt’s lecture; the snow caused more than the usual dislocation problems; thanks him for invitation (tp.)

  2/    Press cuttings (photocopies) of which there are originals

1907, 1908, 1909, 1912

  1    Western Mail, Perth, Australia, 1 June 1907 – ‘Fanny Balbuk-Yooreel, the last Swan River (Female) Native’, by Daisy M. Bates. 3 leaves

  2    Western Mail, 7 Mar. 1908 – ‘Some Southern Aborigines – Their Natural Characteristics’ by Daisy M. Bates. 3 leaves

  3    Essex Times, 30 May 1908 – ‘More about Dene Holes. Reasons for Numerous Shafts in Contiguity’

  4    Mafeking Mail and Protectorate Guardian, 13 Apr. 1909 – ‘Bushmen Carvings in Rock, in the Bechuanaland Protectorate’

  5    Morning Post, 20 Apr. 1912 – ‘The Lake Dwelling in Dorset. Professor Boyd Dawkins’s Views’


  6    Morning Post, 27 Jan. 1920 – ‘Witches and Law. The Origins of Devil Worship’

A83/2/7        Times, 15 June 1923 – ‘Among Unknown Eskimo. From Canada to Siberia. Danish Explorer’s Plans’

  8    Times, 13 Jan. 1925 – ‘Ice Age Men in the Thames Valley. “Very much like ourselves”’; Times, 24 Jan. 1925 – ‘Anthropology in Practice. An Imperial Concern’, letter from Henry Balfour

  9    Times, 17 Jan. 1925 – ‘Races of the Empire. Anthropology and Policy. Need of Trained Advisers’, letter from G. Elliot Smith

 10    Times, 7 Feb. 1925 – ‘Anthropology and the Empire. Where the Government might help’, letter from Arthur Thomson; Times, 5 Mar. 1925 – ‘Kish Excavations. Arts of 3,000 B.C.’, letter from […?] [incomplete]

 11    Times, 10 Feb. 1925 – ‘Discoveries at Ur. An Antiquary of Old’ by C. Leonard Woolley

 12    Times, 10 Mar. 1925 – ‘New Find in Egypt. Relics of 5,000 Years ago. A Tomb Shaft’; Times, 10 Mar. 1925 – ‘Pharaoh Seneferu’

 13    Times, 15 Aug. 1925 – ‘The Galilee Skull. A Tribute to its Discoverer’

 14    Times, 27 Aug. 1925 – ‘Roman Villa Unearthed. Traces of Surrey Settlement. Discoveries at Ashtead’; Times, 15 Aug. 1925 – ‘Primitive Skulls. New Exhibits at South Kensington’

 15    Times, 4 Sept. 1925 – ‘Prehistoric Europe. Some New Discoveries’ by Sir Basil Thomson

 16    Times, 27 Oct. 1925 – ‘The Georgics of Algeria’

 17    Times, 27 Oct. 1925 – ‘Origin of the Alphabet. The Sinai Inscriptions’, letter from Alan H. Gardiner

 18    Times, 11 Nov. 1925 – ‘Maori Rock Carvings. An Important Discovery’; Times, 30 Jan. 1926 – ‘Ancient Cities of Peru. Reported Discoveries’

 19    Times, 16 Jan. 1926 – ‘The Excavations at Sakkara. Ancient Records’

 20    Times, 23 Feb. 1926 – ‘Man and the Great Apes. Sir A. Keith on the Taungs Skull’

 21    Morning Post, 28 Mar. 1927 – ‘Dr Gann’s New Discoveries – Earliest Christian Church’ by Dr Gann. 4 leaves

A83/2/22        Times, 3 Sept. 1928 – ‘A Prehistoric Village. Traces of Human Sacrifice’, letter from V. Gordon Childe


 23    Times, 29 Oct. 1932 – ‘Holiday in the Sahara I. – A Young Men’s Trek’. 2 leaves

 24    Times, 1 Nov. 1932 – ‘Holiday in the Sahara II. – Peoples of the Desert’. 2 leaves

 25    Times, 27 Dec. 1932 – ‘Across Sinai – A Prehistoric Road Remade – The Traffic of Three Continents’

 26    Times, 12 May 1932 – ‘A Season’s Finds at Jericho – Walled City and its Suburbs’ by Prof. John Garstang. 2 leaves

 27    Times, 3 June 1932 – ‘Fossil Man in Java – Discovery of a New Species’, letter from G. Elliot Smith; Times, 16 Dec. 1932 – ‘Roman Remains at Colchester – Mr Hawkes on the Season’s Discoveries’

 28    Times, 27 Dec. 1932 – ‘The Romans in Britain – A Legionary Fortress – Excavations at Caerleon’

 29    Times, 27 Dec. 1932 – ‘Iron Age Settlement at Chichester – Excavation of Ancient Walls’; Times, 31 May 1932 – ‘Roman Exeter – Finds in Deanery Garden’ by Mr S.E. Winbolt

 30    Times, 3 Mar. 1933 – ‘More Finds at Ur – Temple of Moon God’, by C. Leonard Woolley; Times, 10 Apr. 1933 – ‘New Finds at Ur – Wall of the Temenos’, by C. Leonard Woolley. 2 leaves

 31    Times, 30 Aug. 1933 – ‘An Ancient Welsh Fort – Finds at Pen Dinas; Times, [21] Sept. [1932] – ‘Roman Remains in London – Evidence of Great Cemetery Area’

 32    Times, [24] Dec. [1932] – ‘The Bronze Age in Wales – Burial Mound excavated on Kerry Hills’; Times, 14 Jan. 1933 – ‘Ainu Bear Ceremony – Film of a Primitive Rite’

 33    Times, 20 Mar. 1933 – ‘Early Man – Evidence from Africa’

 34    Morning Post, 18 Oct. 1934 – ‘Expedition Leaving for Nubia – Exclusive Reports in “Morning Post”’; Times, 13 Aug. 1934 – ‘Iron Age Horses – Skeletons Found on the Berkshire Downs’

 35    Times, [10] Aug. 1934 – ‘Pit Dwelling at Maiden Castle – Discoveries During Excavations’; Morning Post, 18 Oct. 1934 – ‘Maiden Castle Capitulates – Yielding up Secrets to Excavators’

A83/2/36        Times, [31] Aug. 1934 – ‘Bronze Age Relics – Finds in Lincolnshire Excavation’; Times 16 Feb. [1935] – ‘Obituary – Mr. B.H. Chamberlain – A Japanese Scholar’

 37    Times, 17 Mar. 1934 – ‘Obituary – Dr. Davidson Black – Discoverer of the Peking Man’; Times, 1 Sept. 1934 – ‘Skill of Neolithic Man – Flint Tools made 4,000 Years Ago’

 38    Times, 5 Mar.[?] 1935 – ‘Kish Excavations’ by S. Langdon [incomplete; not found in Times database]

 39    Times, 4 Feb. 1935 – ‘“Trephined” Bronze Age Skull – Specimen Trawled off Sussex Coast’; Times, 1 Mar. 1935 – ‘Maiden Castle’

 40    Times, 1 Mar. 1935 – ‘Kalevala’

 41    [Times], 19 Jan. 1935 – ‘Obituary – Professor J.M. Brown – Problems of the Pacific’

 42    Times, [7] Feb. 1935 – ‘The Worora Tribe – A British Museum Film’, letter from George Hill

 43    Manchester Guardian, 16 May 1932 – ‘Northern Tibet – An American Research Expedition’; Times, 30 Dec. 1932 – Ancient Syria – Recent Belgian Researches – The City of Apamea’

 44    Times, 19 July 1932 – ‘Israel in Egypt – Linguistic Evidence for Story of Exodus’; Times, 10 Sept. 1931 – ‘Mr. Elsdon Best’; Times, 7 July 1932 – ‘The “Ape Man” of Sumatra’

 45    Times, 28 May 1932 – ‘A Saharan Journey by Londoners – Start of Expedition’; Times, 12 Jan. 1932 – ‘Mr. R.W. Williamson – Anthropology in the Pacific’

 46    May 1932 – ‘The Excavation of Troy – Completing the Work of Schliemann’

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