Correspondence and papers. 1944-47

[For papers relating to Leakey’s East African Expedition of 1931-32, see A47]

  1/    L.S.B. Leakey to the Hon. Chief Secretary, Naoirobi, 22 Feb. 1944 – on ‘preservation of prehistoric site at Olgasalic’; submits proposals and estimates for suggested Research Institute for Prehistory and Archaeology; suggests that Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika be regarded as a single area; suggests that proposed Research Institute by under control of East African Central Research Council; Mr Daubney may be visiting England soon; useful if he were to discuss the proposal (tp. copy)

  2    nd – ‘Suggestions for an Institute of Prehistoric and Archaeological Research in East Africa’; containing 1. Reasons for establishing such an Institute; 2. Scope of the Institute; 3. Organisation and Staff; 4. Estimate of Costs; Scheme for research students; Library and reference books; Value of Institute to Colony; Relationship to Museum authority; Summary [enclosed with /1]. 8 leaves (tp. copy with a few autogr. annotations)

  3    W.B. Fagg, RAI Hon. Secretary 1939-56 – notes referring to Leakey’s document [/2] (autogr.)

  4    C. Van Riet Lowe, Director, Archaeological Survey, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, to the Hon. Chief Secretary, Nairobi, 14 Mar. – welcomes the move for an Institute of Prehistoric Research in Kenya; without such an Institute, archaeological research in Africa must be impeded; on the importance of Dr Leakey’s work; other parts of Africa already have official institutions for archaeology; Prime Minister of South Africa would welcome such an institution in Kenya (tp. copy)

  5    [Gerald Creasy], The Under Secretary of State, Colonial Office, to [W.B. Fagg], 9 Jan. 1945 – encloses copies of papers relating to Leakey’s proposal [presumably /1, /2, /3]; suggests a joint Committee of RAI and Royal Society to examine the proposals; suggests some questions which might be addressed by such a committee (tp.)

 .1    Copy of /5 (autogr. in hand of Felicia Stallman, RAI Assistant Secretary, with notes added regarding Royal Society)

  6    Felicia Stallman to [Gerald Creasy], 2 Feb. – his letter and documents have been laid before RAI Council; RAI ready to co-operate with the Royal Society in formation of a committee (tpc.)

  7    [Felicia Stallman] to Miss G. Caton-Thompson, 2 Feb. – encloses copy of letter from Colonial Office [/5]; RAI would like Mr Braunholtz, Major J.C. Trevor and herself to serve on a joint committee with the Royal Society; asks if she would serve (tpc. with autogr. note)

  8    Felicia Stallman, 4 Feb. – note relating view of [J.D.] Griffith Davies, Assistant Secretary, Royal Society (autogr. pc)

 .1    nd – rough notes on Royal Society and Colonial Office (autogr.) [see /14]

  9    Gertrude Caton-Thompson to Felicia Stallman, 7 Feb. – thinks Prof. Garrod should serve on the committee instead of her; Prof. Garrod would be glad to serve (autogr.)

 10    Felicia Stallman to G. Caton-Thompson, 9 Feb. – will report her proposal regarding representation on committee to RAI Executive Committee (tpc.)

 11    Ibid., 16 Feb. – Executive Committee happy for Prof. Garrod to serve on the committee (tpc.)

 12    A.B. Cohen, Colonial Office, to Felicia Stallman, 7 Mar. – refers to her letter of 2 Feb. [/6]; proposal for assembling a committee should be discussed at an informal meeting at the Colonial Office; asks for names of RAI representatives (tp.)

 13    Felicia Stallman to A.B. Cohen, 8 Mar. – includes names and addresses of RAI representatives on the committee. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 14    Ibid. to Professor Dorothy Garrod, ibid. – apologises for not writing sooner about the proposed committee to consider East African Institute for Prehistoric and Archaeological Research; Royal Society does not wish to be involved in the committee but suggested that the Colonial Office set up a committee; RAI would prefer original proposal of a ‘committee of experts’; informs her of proposed meeting at Colonial Office (tpc.)

 15    Ibid. to Major J.C. Trevor, ibid. – on Royal Society’s view that the committee should be set up by the Colonial Office; on proposed informal meeting at Colonial Office (tpc.)

 16    A.B. Cohen to Felicia Stallman, 19 Mar. – will communicate with RAI representatives in due course (tp.)

 17    Sir Gerard L.M. Clauson, Colonial Office, to H.J. Braunholtz, 17 May – encloses draft memorandum of conclusions following meeting on 1 May to discuss Dr Leakey’s proposals for Institute of Prehistoric and Archaeological Research; asks for observations on the memorandum; memorandum as agreed to be sent to Governor of Kenya (tp.)

 18    May – ‘Draft Memorandum / Prehistoric and Archaeological Research in East Africa’; accepted that East Africa of great importance for archaeology and paleaeontology; essential that governing body of any Institute should be in United Kingdom; conclusion was that an Institute as proposed would not be suitable for East Africa; on finance; recommendations. 3 pages (mimeo. with autogr. annotations)

 19    Felicia Stallman to Prof. W.E. Le Gros Clark, University Museum, Oxford, 14 Nov. 1947 – sends papers dealing with East African archaeological research project; it was noted at Council meeting of 7 Oct. that Joint Committee for Archaeological [sic] Research and Teaching be asked to look into the matter (tpc.) [NB the last meeting of the Joint Committee for Anthropological Research and Teaching was held on 11 Mar. – see A58/2/13/11 for minutes]