The Radcliffe-Brown Fund is the responibility of the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) but the RAI provides the administration and is the Custodian Trustee. Resources come principally from the royalties from the ASA conference volumes, secondly there are dividends on the capital account. A third source is £1000 annually from the Sutasoma trust. The aim of the fund is to help social anthropologists handicapped by lack of finance to work towards completion of a doctoral thesis. Students of exceptional quality receive an extra grant from the Sutasoma Trust, this is known as a ‘starred award’. A history of the Fund can be found in 1/20 below.

The papers are not complete. Where known, other grant recipients, and applicants are listed.


1    History of the Fund


Names of individual students are abbreviated to their initials within the section dealing with them.

1/    History of the Fund


1    H.S. Morris, Hon. Treasurer ASA to Anthony H. Christie, Hon. Secretary, 1961-70, 12 Feb. 1962 – asks him to raise the matter of making arrangements for the RAI to take over management of the Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund with Council; Dr Marian W. Smith had suggested forming a Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Committee (tp.)

2    [Anthony H. Christie] to H.S. Morris, 16 Feb. – is willing to form a Committee; suggests naming three specific officers from the RAI together with their opposite numbers from the ASA (tpc.)

3    H.S. Morris to Anthony H. Christie, 5 Mar. – thinks the Committee should be limited to five members; suggests the Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer from the RAI and three nominees from the ASA (tp.)

4    Rachel M. Lloyd, Clerk to the Officers, to Stephen Morris, 25 Apr. – Anthony H. Christie is in hospital; Council agreed to his proposals for administering the Fund (tpc.)

5    H.S. Morris to Anthony H. Christie, 26 Oct. – reminds him of his suggestion concerning the Committee of the Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund; had proposed the Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of the ASA as well as two officers from the RAI; does not recall having received a reply regarding this (tp.)

6    [Anthony H. Christie] to H.S. Morris, 29 Oct. – tells him that his proposals were formally agreed to in a letter of 25 Apr.[? above] (tpc.)

7    H.S. Morris to Anthony H. Christie, 14 Nov. – was in hospital when the letter of 25 Apr. arrived; is writing to Prof. H.M. Gluckman to arrange a meeting (tp.)


8    Prof. Michael Banton to Anthony H. Christie, 2 Dec. 1963 – encloses a cheque for £365.14.3 transferring the Radcliffe-Brown Fund to the RAI; Prof. Adrian C. Mayer will speak to him about two applications; thinks it would be helpful if a procedure for authorizing payments could be agreed on which would not involve a meeting (autogr.)

9    Anthony H. Christie to Coutts & Co., 5 Dec. – encloses the cheque and asks them to open a new account to be known as the Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund (tpc.)


10    Minutes of the first Committee meeting of the Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund, 11 Feb. 1964- the Committee members are Prof. H.M. Gluckman, Prof. A.C. Mayer, Prof. Michael Banton, H.E. Wadsworth and A.H. Christie; a notice should be inserted in Man outlining the objectives of the Fund; approval given for grants to Dr Emrys Peters and Prof. Max Marwick; they would pay the grant back within seven years (tpc., signed by M.P. Banton, M. Gluckman and Anthony H. Christie)

11    Dr Max Gluckman to Anthony H. Christie, 24 Feb. – thanks him for his help in getting the Radcliffe-Brown Fund going; encloses a copy of the Minutes (? Above)(tp.)

12    Notice about the Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Publications Fund for Man (printed)

13    [Anthony H. Christie] to Dr Max Gluckman, 28 Feb. – thanks him for the Minutes and the notice for Man; suggests an announcement in Current Anthropology as well; has sent a copy of the Minutes to Prof. A.C. Mayer (tpc.)

14    Dr Max Gluckman to Anthony H. Christie, 16 Mar. – will consult Michael Banton before sending a note to Current Anthropology; is worried that they may be overwhelmed by applications from Indians (tp.)


15    I.M. Lewis, Secretary to Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund to Anthony H. Christie, 19 Aug. 1965 – Dr Gananath Obeyesekere has applied for a grant of £50 towards the cost of publication of a revised version of his thesis; the application is supported by Dr E.R. Leach (tp., with ‘no objection’ added by hand by Anthony H. Christie)


16    Barbara Pym, Asst. Editor Africa to H.E. Wadsworth, Treasurer Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund, 14 Mar. 1968 – has been told by Dr Peter Lloyd that she should apply to him for subsidies for printing costs of two articles published in 1967 by E.L. Peters and G. Kingsley Garbett; both payments have been approved (tpc.)

17    Ibid., to Dr Peter Lloyd, 8 May 1968 – still has not received the subsidies for E.L. Peters and G. Kingsley Garbett (tp.)

18    Anthony H. Christie to accountant, 14 May 1968 – asks him to draw a cheque for £55 in favour of the International Africa Institute (autogr.)

19    Peter Lloyd, Hon. Secretary ASA to Anthony H. Christie, 25 Nov. 1968 – informs him of resolutions concerning the Radcliffe-Brown Fund passed at a recent ASA meeting; the Fund is to be administered by the RAI; it should be used for the promotion of social anthropology; on investments and books inscribed as gifts of the Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund; asks for yearly statements to be prepared (tp.)


20    G.K. Garbett, acting Hon. Secretary [ASA], 7 July 1975 – a brief history of the Radcliffe-Brown Fund. 2 leaves (photocopy)


21    Trust Deed between the ASA and the RAI and Prof. A.L. Epstein, Dr Jean S. La Fontaine, Dr Nicholas Allen and Dr Richard Werbner, 28 Feb. 1978. 7 leaves (tp., copy)

Awards were made in 1964 to Max Marwick (£50) and Emrys Peters (£30); in 1965 to Ganath Obeyesekere (£50)