RAI. Anthropological Survey Committee (A22)

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Report of the Committee appointed at the request of the Colonial Office to examine the results of the experimental Anthropological Survey carried out by Northcote W. Thomas in the Central Provinces of Southern Nigeria and presented to the Secretary of State for the Colonies. London, 1910.

Members of the Committee: Sir Herbert Risley, KCIE, CSI, President; Prof. A.C. Haddon, FRS; Dr R.R. Marett; S.H. Ray; Prof. Carveth Read; Dr W.H.R. Rivers, FRS.

1    Draft of the report with amendments (holograph)

2    Draft minutes of meeting, 24 May 1910. 5 pp. (holograph)

3/    Draft report (mimeo.) circularized to the following and returned with their holograph amendments:

1    A.C. Haddon with covering note by H.S. Kingsford, Assistant Secretary

2    R.R. Marett, ibid.

3    Carveth Read, dated 8 June 1910

4    H.H. Risley

5    W.H.R. Rivers with

6    Rivers’s covering letter, Cambridge, 8 June to T.A. Joyce, Hon. Secretary (holograph)

4    List of amendments by Committee members by H.S. Kingsford (holograph)

5    Covering letter from H.S. Kingsford accompanying the report sent for signature to Committee members, London, 17 June 1910

See copy of letter from the Colonial Office, Apr. 1910 to the RAI (A10/3/3/12) and Council minutes, 26 Apr. 1910, f. 222