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Visitors’ book. 28 Feb. 1950 – 21 Sep. 1976.

The book records in the hand of the visitor the date of visit and name and address of the visitor. After the move from Bedford Square visitors from commercial organisations paid a modest fee.

1    28 Feb. 1950 – 26 Feb. 1971, 1 Oct. 1971 – 21 Sep. 1976

The Library moved from 21 Bedford Square to the Museum of Mankind (Dep. of Ethnography, British Museum), Burlington Gardens from 22-30 July 1971. The Library was closed from 1 Mar. until 1 Oct.

2    5 Mar. – 15 Aug. 1971

When the Library was closed, the Students’ Reference Library was housed at the Institute of Archaeology. Students using the collection recorded the date of use, their name and college or department.