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Register of negatives, prints and slides. 1897.

Following the suggestion of (Sir) John L. Myres (JLM), FBA, OBE (1869-1954), Later Wykeham Professor of Ancient History, University of Oxford; RAI President, 1928-31, founder and editor of Man, the Library Committee decided to form a loan collection of photograph, negatives, and lantern slides on 23 Nov. 1896. On 30 Jan. 1900, it was reported to the Library Committee, that JLM had arranged and catalogued the collection, and that an inventory and subject index were now ready (see Council minutes, 10 Nov. 1896 and 30 Jan. 1900, ff. 307-8,422; and Library Committee minutes, 23 Nov. 1896 (A17/1)). See also_ Report of the Council, JRAI, Vol. 27, 1898, p. 545; A32:2/2 for accessions, 17 Sept. 1932 – 13 July 1933.

1    Date of receipt, accession number, print., slide, negative, subject, and name of donor recorded. 135 leaves

2    A few donations during 1898 are recorded. Some items were noted as missing on dates between 30 June 1898 and 25 June 1909

3    Register of prints on cabinet mounts, leaves 76-7, 79, nos. 1-78

4    Donors: leaves 1-39: Lieut. Boyle T. Somerville, RN; H.H. Johnston; E. im Thurn; O.M. Dalton; Surg. Fredk. W. Co1linqwood, RN; A. Quatrefages; H. Ling Roth; C.E. Peek; N.M. Witt; G.E. Dobson, MB; R.J.G. Leigh; HH the Ranee of Sarawak; P.W. Stuart; Dr B. Seemann; J. Park Harrison; E. Kootman; British Association; Franklin White; T. Gill; E.C.R. Armstrong; F.W. Knocker; R. Shelford; Prof. Frederick Starr; leaves 96-108, 111-14, 126-7: British Association