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Minutes. 23 July 1945 – 4 Mar. 1953.

The Committee was appointed to assist the Hon. Treasurer; see his ‘Report for the year 1944’, JRAI, vol. 75, 1945, p. 107. The following meetings took place: 23 July, 4 Sep., 27 Nov. 1945; 25 Feb., 18 and 28 Nov. 1947; 13 Feb., 2 Nov. 1948; 8 Nov. 1949; 16 Mar. 1950; 22 May 1951; 26 Mar. 1952; 4 Mar. 1953. No meetings took place in 1946 though appointments were made to the Committee; see Council minutes, 17 Sep. 1946, CM/76/1, Item 5(c). The last meeting was on 4 Mar. 1953, its report being accepted by Council on 12 Mar.; see     CM/82/6, Item 4(b). Council decided on 8 Oct. 1953 that the Committee set up ‘at the request of the Hon. Treasurer to advise him yearly over the Balance Sheet and Accounts of the Institute, its functions could now more usefully be fulfilled by the Committee for Liaison with the Friends of the RAI’; see CM/83/1, Item 6(b). The formation of the Friends of the RAI is reported in ‘Report of the Council for the session July 1951 to June 1952’, JRAI, vol. 82, 1952, pp. 91, 93. The Committee for Liaison with the Friends was superseded by the Committee on Anthropology in Industry which is recorded in ‘Report of the Council for the session July 1954 to June 1955’, JRAI, vol. 85, 1955, p. 215. The ‘Report of the Council … July 1958-June 1959’, p. 4, JRAI, vol. 89, 1959 records the reappointment of the Committee pending a review. Council accepted the Committee pro tem on 6 Oct. 1960; see CM/90/1, Item 6. Its future was referred to the Standing Committee on 2 Nov. 1961; see CM/91/2, Item 5. On the recommendation of the latter Committee it was wound up by Council on 2 Nov. 1961; see CM/91/3, Item 4(a)(iv).

Original minutes copied on acid-free paper covering WMC/[1/2/45]-WM/82/1.

Various associated documents 15 May 1945 – 4 Mar. 1953 [in grey box] as follows:

 /1    Document for Council meeting 15 May 1945, on proposed Committees on Policy and on Ways and Means [see CM/74/6, Minute 5a, f. 448] (tp.)

 /2    Felicia Stallman, RAI Assistant Secretary 1941-52 [FS] to Lord Raglan, 24 May – on appointment of Committee of Ways and Means; asks if he will serve on it; other person being asked is Ivan Horniman. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 /3    Ibid. to Ivan Horniman, 24 May – on appointment of Committee of Ways and Means; asks if he will serve on it (tpc.) [second page missing]

 /4    Lord Raglan to FS, 26 May – declines to be member of Committee; practical difficulties; also feels discouraged about RAI’s finances; refers to a scheme of his some years ago which came to nothing (tp.)

 /5    Ibid., 6 June – on his unsuitability to serve on finance committee; accepts nomination to Council (tp.)

 /6    FS to Dr Hildburgh, 15 June – on obtaining refund on tax paid on subscriptions (tpc.)

 /7    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, Messrs. Kimber Bull & Co. [RAI solicitors], 20 June – enquires about relative merits of being a company and being incorporated by Royal Charter (tpc.)

 /8    T. Walter Howland to FS, 22 June – acknowledges her letter; will reply in due course (tp.)

 /9    Ibid., 2 July – no point now in dismantling the present company and applying for a royal charter (tp.)

/10    E.J. Lindgren[?] to FS, 10 July – responds to enquiry about constitution of R.C.A.S.; suggests she ring Miss Wingate, the secretary; on tax issues (tp.)

/11    J.H. Hutton to FS, ‘Sunday’ – on fixing meeting for 23 July; suggests other people who could be approached to serve on Committee (autogr.)

/12    FS to Ivan Horniman, 19 July – refers to date and time of meeting; encloses memo which Hon. Treasurer has prepared (tpc.)

 .1    Memo dated 3 Apr., suggesting formation of Ways and Means Committee; a number of points which it might consider. 3 leaves (tpc.) [probably memo enclosed with A37/12; see Minutes, Item 2]

 .2    FS to Prof. Hutton, refers to memo ‘for Ways and Means’ (autogr. note)

/13    Note on action taken by Council at its meeting of 31 July, on report of Ways and Means Committee (tp.) [see CM/75/1/ Minute 5b, f. 453]

/14    Agenda for meeting 4 Sept. (tpc.)

/15    FS to Sir Theodore Tasker, 22 Nov. – informs him that he has been elected a Fellow, and appointed to Council; asks if he will serve on Committee (tpc.)

/16    Ivan Horniman to FS, 15 Oct. – pleased to serve on Committee (autogr.)

/17    Mrs B.Z. Seligmann to ibid., 16 Oct. – ibid. (autogr. pc)

/18    E.C.H. Jones to ibid., ibid.

/19    ‘Proposal for an exhibition of African Art’, from the Hon. Secretary [W.B. Fagg], nd [Nov. 1947? see WM/77/1, item 4d; WM/77/2, item 3]; Mrs Seligmann has suggested an exhibition as a way of attracting public interest. 4 leaves (tp.)

/20    Notes on the subject of the exhibition. 2 leaves (autogr.)

/21    Colonel Robert Solomon to FS, 9 Dec. – willing to serve on the Committee (autogr.)

/22    W.B. Fagg to Webster Plass, 9 Dec. – invites him formally to serve on the Committee; on the proposed art exhibition; Council has requested Committee to investigate the matter fully [see CM/77/3, f. 515]; Committee would appreciate his advice in this connection (tp.)

/23    Webster Plass to RAI, 22 Dec. – very glad to be appointed to Committee (tp.)

/24    Notice of meeting 2 Nov. 1948 (tpc.)

/25    B.J. Kirkpatrick, 2 Nov. – ‘Report on the Organisation of the Library’. 2 leaves (tpc. with autogr. corrections) [see WM/78/1, Minute 2, f. 13]

/26    2 Nov. – ‘Costs and Services – Report by the Assistant Secretary’. 3 leaves (tpc.) [see WM/78/1, Minute 2, f. 13]

/27    Notice of meeting 8 Nov. 1949 (tpc.)

/28    FS to Bryan Cranstone, 27 Feb. 1950 – on competence of Committee to examine and recommend on staff salaries; on Council resolution which appointed Committee; resolution restricts Committee to being advisory body concerned with increasing revenue; asks his opinion (tp.)

/29    FS to Ivan Horniman, 6 Mar. – is trying to arrange meeting of Committee; asks if he would be available on 16 or 17 Mar. (tpc.)

/30    Ibid. to H.N.C. Stevenson, ibid.

/31    Daryll Forde to Bryan Cranstone, 13 Mar. – thanks him for passing on FS’s letter; the relative roles of Council and Ways and Means Committee (tp.)

 .1    Daryll Forde, note referring to his letter [A37/31] (tpc. note)

/32    Notice of meeting 16 Mar. (tpc.)

/33    Agenda for meeting 16 Mar. (tpc.)

/34    ‘Lease of 21 Bedford Square’ – [referred to in item 4 of A37/33]; lease will expire midsummer 1951. 2 leaves (tpc.)

/35    Daryll Forde to W.B. Fagg, 17 Mar. – refers to meeting of Committee the day before; thinks it would be useful to write a short statement of the overall financial position (tp.)

/36    W.B. Fagg to [no recipient], nd – writes an informal letter about RAI’s financial position, to give fuller explanation of conclusions reached at meeting of Committee on 16 Mar.; threat posed by termination of lease; possibility of dispersing library. 2 leaves (autogr. draft)

/37    FS to Israel M. Sieff, 6 Oct. – Council has appointed him to Ways and Means Committee; asks if he can accept appointment (tpc.)

/38    Ibid., 7 Oct. to Mr Braunholtz, Mr Coghlan, Mr Digby, Prof. Fleure, Mr Horniman, E.C.H. Jones, Mr Plass, Mrs Seligman, Mr Stevenson and Mr Sieff – ibid.

/39    Israel M. Sieff to FS, 10 Oct. – glad to accept appointment to Committee but will be away for some weeks (tp.)

/40    Noel Stevenson to FS, 22 Oct. – would like to accept invitation but would like to know dates of meetings first; his furniture from Rangoon wrecked (autogr.)

/41    FS to Noel Stevenson, 26 Oct. – no idea about dates for meetings; they are quite irregular; commiserates about the ‘tragedy’ of his furniture (tpc.)

/42    ‘Budget of Expenditure for R.A.I. Library for year ending June 30. 1952’ [memo ordered by Executive Committee on 17 Apr. 1951: see EM/80/7, Minute 2(a)2, f.373; memo considered and approved on 22 May: see EM/80/8, Minute 3(1), f. 376]. 2 leaves (tpc.)

/43    FS to E.C.H. Jones, National Savings Committee, 21 May – encloses copy of Balance Sheet & Accounts for Committee meeting the next day; asks that he return the Accounts as soon as possible if he cannot attend (tpc.)

/44    31 Dec. 1950 – Balance Sheet and Accounts. 7 leaves (tp.) [see also A142/2]

/45    Notice of meeting 22 May 1951 (tpc.)

/46    Agenda for meeting 22 May (tpc.)

/47    Ivan Horniman to FS, 17 Aug. – as he is moving to Somerset he can no longer serve on Committee; will continue to serve on Emslie Horniman Scholarship Fund (autogr. with FS autogr. reply added)

/48    FS to Ivan Horniman, 7 Sept. – replies to his letter [A37/47] (tpc.)

/49    Notice of meeting 26 Mar. [1952] and agenda (tpc.)

/50    26 Mar. – ‘Note for the Ways and Means Committee by Dr. Leach’; on Library budgeting (tpc.)

/51    E.C.H. Jones to FS, 2 Apr. – sorry he did not stay until the end of the meeting; looks forward to seeing minutes (tp.)

/52    W.B. Fagg to Dr E.R. Leach, 8 May – thanks him for note ‘of yesterday’ [not present]; takes up some points about finance, particularly library finance (tpc.)

/53    Ibid. to Sir Robert Hyde, 14 Oct. – informs him that he has been appointed member of committee (tcp.)

/54    J.P. Mills, RAI President 1951-3, to Mrs A.C. Bowe, Secretary to the Officers, 28 Jan. 1953 – suggests holding a Committee meeting on 4 Mar. (autogr.)

/55    Ibid., 3 Feb. – on date and time of meeting (autogr. pc)

/56    Mrs Bowe to E.C.H. Jones, 4 Feb. – encloses minutes of last meeting of Committee (tpc.)

/57    E.C.H. Jones to Mrs Bowe, 11 Feb. – thanks her for minutes; on the cost of printing the Journal and Man; asks about costs of producing one issue of each; asks for specimen copy of each (autogr.)

/58    Mrs Bowe to E.C.H. Jones, 13 Feb. – encloses copies of the two publications; will send figures for cost of one issue when she has them (tpc.)

/59    H.H. Coghlan, the Borough Museum, Newbury, to Mrs Bowe, 1 Mar. – regrets that he is unable to attend meeting on 4 Mar. (autogr.)

/60    Notice of meeting of Committee on 4 Mar. (tpc.)

/61    Memo presented to Committee on 4 Mar. by Mr Jones, ‘Printing of the Journal and of “Man”. Suggested economies’ (tpc.) [see WM/82/1, f. 27]

/62    Ibid., ‘Estimated Library Expenditure’ (tpc.)

/63    Ibid., ‘Man and its importance to the Library’ (tpc.)

/64    nd – ‘Where Trade and Anthropology meet’; document promoting Corporate Membership of RAI. 2 leaves (tpc.) [see [WMC/1/45], WMC/2/45, WMC/3/45]

/65    nd – ‘Note on the Administration and Functions of the RAI’. 2 leaves (tpc.)

/66    nd – document on Publications Section and salary of administrative staff; refers to ‘enclosed sheet’ showing variety and number of RAI publications (tpc.)

/67    nd – list of Publications (tpc.) [probably that referred to in A37/66]

/68    nd – list of early offprints (tpc.)

/69    nd – notes on administrative staff salaries (tpc.)

/70    nd – notes of purposes for which income is needed (tp.)