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Symposium organized by Prof. Meyer Fortes on the centenary of Prof. C.G. Seligman, FRS, FRCP (1873-1940), Prof. of Ethnology, University of London, RAI President, 1923-5 held on 28 June 1973 at the London School of Economics. See Report of Council, 1973, p. 2. See also Council minutes, A10, 31 May 1973, CM/73/4, Item 37; and Library Committee minutes for exhibition of material from the Seligman Collection, 13 Sep. 1973, LC/13/1, Item 3b.

1    List of proceedings including names of speakers

2    Tapes, Parts 1-2

3    Ibid., Parts 33-4

4/    Correspondence

1    Administrative Secretary, RAI to W.B. Fagg, CMG (1914-92), Hon. Secretary, 1939-56, Hon. Editor, Man, 1939-65, 5 June 1973 – profuse apologies for failure to invite him to speak at the symposium; hopes he will agree to do so (tp.)

2    Ibid., 14 June – invited to lunch and cocktail party at the London School of Economics (tp.)

3    Ibid., 12 July – thanks him for his contribution; events recorded with a view to publication (tp.); the proceedings were not published

5    List of exhibits from the Seligman Collection (tp.)