A153/        STAFF
Correspondence and papers 1929-80


AHC        Anthony H. Christie, RAI Hon. Secretary 1961-70
FS            Felicia Stallman, RAI Assistant Secretary 1942-52
MWS        Dr Marian W. Smith, RAI Hon. Secretary 1956-61
WBF        William B. Fagg, RAI Hon. Secretary 1939-56

  1/    1929-45

  1    nd – notes for the guidance of the staff, on RAI opening hours, holidays etc. (tp.)

  2    Ministry of Labour to Miss K.M. Martindell, Assistant Secretary 1914-42, 24 July 1929 – refers to her replies to enquiries; health, pensions and unemployment insurance contributions are not required to be paid (tp.)

  3    E.J. Lindgren to WBF, 29 Jan. 1940 – on secretarial training colleges; on secretarial salaries (tp.)

  4    WBF to J.L. Myres, 31 Jan. – refers to his ‘sympathetic’ letter [not held]; sees that he need not mince words; it is an ignominious position for a learned society to be in the power of a paid employee; on the inefficiency of the office; what is to be done is a difficult matter; consults Miss M. on matters of fact but not on matters of opinion; on the improvement of the review system. 4 leaves (autogr. draft)

  5    John L. Myres to WBF, 2 Feb. – refers to his letter; is devoted to the RAI; on coming to London; the difficulty is finance; if the RAI could afford a pension, he would be for awarding it at once; on the alternative; doubts whether RAI could afford another salary; there are more people who feel that the state of the office is unsatisfactory (autogr.)

  6    WBF to W.G. Wilsher, RAI Hon. Treasurer 1940-41, 23 Feb. – on making a grant of £30 to Miss Fleming; on arrangements for the payment (autogr. draft)

  7    Ibid. to Miss R.M. Fleming, ibid. – Council decided to make a grant of £30 to her from the Superannuation Fund left by the late Mr Coote Lake; on arrangements for the payment (autogr. draft)

  8    Rene Fleming to WBF, 25 Feb. 1940 – is touched by the Council’s kind thought, but cannot accept; she only served for about 3 years; for her to accept would lessen the amount available to officers with longer service records; expresses her gratitude. 3 pages (autogr.)

  9    WBF to W.G. Wilsher, 27 Feb. – Miss Fleming declines; is making inquiries as to the next step (autogr. notes)

 10    Ibid. to Miss R.M. Fleming, 27 Feb. – refers to her letter; is sorry that she is unable to accept the grant; the fact that she gave up because of ill health was felt to justify the award; the fund is larger than she might suppose; Mr Coote Lake had her in mind when he provided for the setting up of the fund; hopes she will reconsider (autogr. draft)

 11    H.J. Fleure to H.J. Braunholtz, RAI President 1941-43, 29 Feb. – sends the part of [Miss Fleming’s] letter which relates to this matter; has written to her; on a suggestion for getting round the difficulty (tp.)

 12    Miss R.M. Fleming to [H.J. Fleure], nd – on the Superannuation Fund; on Miss Martindell; the £30 should go to swell the fund for her; on only working at the RAI for 3 years (autogr., part letter only)

 13    Ibid. to WBF, 3 Mar. – refers to his letter; on her health record; thanks him (autogr.)

 14    H.J. Fleure to H.J. Braunholtz, 14 Mar. – refers to Mrs Savage; on paying in to a fund held for Miss Fleming; accounts will be kept of all amounts given (autogr.)

 15    WBF to Miss K.M. Martindell, nd – refers to her letter [not held]; on the ‘Curl document’; thanks her for List of Fellows; on the questionnaire; mentions various people in relation to the questionnaire; on the accessions list; on the journal; on air raids. 5 pages (autogr. draft)

 16    Miss K.M. Martindell to WBF, 23 Aug. – encloses questionnaires; answers points about people in relation to questionnaires; on the journal; on reviews in Man; on air raids; on the weather; on the List of Fellows. 4 pages (autogr.)

 17    WBF to Miss K.M. Martindell, nd – sorry if she has read into his letter implied criticisms; does not blame her for errors in the List of Fellows; on various people in relation to the List of Fellows; on the distribution of the journal; she has no power of veto over his decisions; her objection to change seemed to arise from resentment at a perceived slur; the resentment is unfounded; policy and methods of the RAI need streamlining; on Man reviews as a case in point; on the air raids. 6 pages (autogr. draft)

 18    Miss K.M. Martindell to WBF, 2 Sept. 1940 – is sorry he had such an unpleasant experience; on the air raids; on Prof. Seligman who has blood poisoning (autogr.)

 19    Ibid., 16 Oct. – on travel difficulties; has tried to telephone Bedford Square without success; will try again later as she would like to know what has happened (autogr.)

 20    WBF to Davis, 4 Nov. – on the Council’s decision about his case; it was decided that the RAI could not continue to employ him on the same terms; instead of paying him for caretaking of the RAI it is proposed to pay Mrs Davies for cleaning; trusts that the arrangement seems fair (autogr. draft)

 21    H.J. Fleure to WBF, 21 Feb. 1941 – if he refers to the annuity to Miss Fleming in the minutes, asks that he not mention her name (tp.); on verso: WBF to H.J. Fleure, 1 Mar. – refers to his letter; shall do what he can along the lines suggested; essential that Miss Fleming should not learn that the grant is being made; on the Minute Book; have only made the grant for half a year this time; on the air raids (autogr. draft)

 22    Ibid., 5 Mar. – thanks him; on air raids and damage done (autogr.)

 23    Raymond Firth to WBF, 31 Jan. 1942 – on K. Little lecturing; mentions Clarke and the ‘Carnegie people’; on Miss Martindell’s illness; gathers there was an idea of raising a fund for her; encloses a cheque (tp.)

 24    E.W. Martindell to WBF, 20 Jan. – his sister Miss K.M. Martindell desires him to thank him for his letter [not held]; she is glad to know that her work for the RAI is appreciated; her illness is making a drain on her resources; she is gravely ill (autogr.)

 25    WBF, 27 Jan. – notice about the illness of Miss K.M. Martindell; on Council’s decisions about salary and superannuation allowance; on contributions for her medical expenses (tp.)

 26    Brenda Seligman to WBF, 30 Jan. 1942 – asks to know more about Miss Martindell’s illness; sends a cheque (autogr.)

 27    Arthur Keith to ibid., ibid. – sends money for the Martindell Fund (autogr.)

 28    Walter L. Hildburgh, RAI Hon. Treasurer 1942-44, 2 Feb. – note about cheques sent as gifts to Miss Martindell (autogr.)

 29    WBF to Capt. Martindell, ibid. – his mother has just informed him of Miss Martindell’s death; it is hard to realise that she is gone; on the sum of money which was to be presented to her; refers to the grief with which the news will be received by the President and Council; her memory will be cherished with gratitude (autogr. draft)

 30    H.J. Braunholtz to [subscribers to the Martindell Fund], nd [Feb.?] – owing to the death of Miss Martindell the Hon. Treasurer returned cheques to those who had subscribed to the special fund; however there are still medical and funeral expenses to be paid; since Miss Martindell had been told of the fund, he feels a moral obligation to fulfil the promise; therefore appeals to them to repeat their subscriptions; he has already sent Capt. Martindell a cheque for £50 (autogr.)

 .1    Ibid. – additional sentence to be added to previous item (autogr.)

 31    S.G. Livock to WBF, 4 Feb. – expresses sympathy on the death of Miss Martindell (tp.)

 32    E. Dora Earthy to ibid., ibid. – read with grief of the passing of Miss Martindell; refers to the ‘force of her personality’ (autogr.)

 33    John Layard to Dr Hildburgh, 6 Feb. – encloses cheque towards the fund for Miss Martindell (autogr.)

 34    John L. Myres to ibid., 14 Feb. – ibid. (autogr.)

 35    M.E. Durham to ibid., ibid. – ibid.; it is a relief to know that Miss Martindell’s expenses will be paid; hopes there will be enough to clear her debts (autogr.)

 36    Office of the Collector of Taxes to WBF, 6 May – asks for notification form to be returned (tp.)

 37    Ibid., 13 June – asks for reply to communication of 26 May concerning Miss Martindell (printed and autogr.)

 38    FS to the Collector of Taxes, 3 July 1942 – regarding Miss Martindell, she cannot find the Form 1 D.S.; asks for a duplicate (tpc.)

 39    Collector of Taxes, 6 July – compliments slip (autogr.)

 40    Wendy Grant to WBF, 20 July – asks him for a testimonial; on interviews in Glasgow and Edinburgh; on Miss Martindell (autogr.)

 41    WBF, 22 Nov. – testimonial for Miss Wendy Grant, Temporary Assistant Secretary from Jan. to June 1942 (autogr. draft)

 42    Wendy Grant to WBF, 25 Nov. – thanks him for the testimonial; on his letter in the Times; on her work; hopes to attend some lectures at the RAI (autogr.)

 43    nd – Curriculum Vitae of Elisabeth Koutaissoff (tp.)

 44    WBF to [E.J. Lindgren?], 3 Sept. [?year] – is interested in ‘this’; on employing her on classification of periodicals; asks questions about availability, salary etc. (autogr. draft with autogr. comment by E.J.Lindgren)

 45    nd – Curriculum Vitae of Mrs Jadwiga Wyszogrodska (tp.)

 46    E.J. Lindgren to WBF, 18 Aug. 1945 – asks him to pass this on to FS; it should be possible to make use of her (autogr.)

 47    D.H.F. Wilson, RAI Hon. Treasurer 1944-56 & WBF to Davis, 11 Oct. – they fear the contents of the letter will be a shock; Council has come to the conclusion that it can no longer afford a resident housekeeper; therefore his engagement will terminate; assure him of appreciation of the services of both himself and his wife (tp. draft)

 48    FS to WBF, 2 Nov. – asks when he can come to meet Davis; Davis has spoken of the ‘iniquity’ of turning them off after so many years; on a Council meeting (tp.)

 49    20 Nov. – addendum to Minutes of Council Meeting, on staff salaries (tp.)

 50    A.E.F. Hammond to [WBF?], 21 Nov. – writes in connection with the vacancy for a Secretarial Assistant; outlines previous work and experience. 3 pages (autogr.)

  2/    1946

  1    4 Feb. 1946 – advertisement for Secretarial Assistant (newspaper cutting)

  2    Robert R. Hyde, Industrial Welfare Society, to WBF, 14 Feb. 1946 – there are matters he would like to discuss with him; as regards the office boy, suggest appointing a girl instead (tp.)

  3    J. Garnett, Secretary to Mr Hyde, to ibid., 27 Feb. – thanks him for letter of 25 Feb. [not held] (tp.)

  4    Robert R. Hyde to ibid., 7 Mar. – on giving a talk at the RAI; is asking Mr Perry, the Secretary of the Society, to get in touch with him about the office girl; enjoyed meeting him (tp.)

  5    Gerard L. Perry to ibid., 8 Mar. – asks what salary he has in mind for the office girl (tp.)

  6    Katharine R. Matheson to ibid., 15 Mar. – tenders her resignation [as librarian] as from 5 Apr.; has enjoyed her service with the RAI (autogr.)

  7    H.J.H. Drummond to Prof. Fleure, 30 Apr. – thanks him for offer of post of Librarian to the RAI; wonders if he might delay a definite answer for two or three weeks; explains reasons why; is grateful for the offer; the work sounds interesting; however would prefer if possible to stay in Edinburgh. 3 pages (autogr.)

  8    nd [1946?] – description of post of Librarian (tpc.)

  9    Florence R. Ellison to [FS], nd – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (tp.)

 10    T.E. Fitzgerald to ibid., 18 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 11    A.J.T. MacBride to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 12    K. Howard Drake to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 13    Heather A. Wileman to ibid., 19 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 14    G.M. James to ibid., 20 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 15    Sterndale Bennett to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (tp.)

 16    Miss Dilys Jenkins to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 17    T. Nigel Leslie Brown to FS, ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 18    Miss Daphne Drake to [FS], 21 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 19    D. McEwan to FS, ibid. – ibid. (tp.)

 20    Miss V. McGuire to [FS], ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 21    Mrs Eva May Glanville to FS, 24 May 1946 – Miss Joan Evans has asked her to get in touch; she is applying for post of Assistant Curator at the Haslemere Educational Museum; Miss Evans suggested FS might be of some help; gives details of her work and experience. 4 pages (autogr.)

 22    Helen Brown to [FS], 24 May – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 23    Miss M.U. Robinson to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 24    Gladys M.K. Beck to ibid., 25 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 25    Muriel Eastham to FS, ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 26    Norah H. Evans to [FS], 26 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 27    William J. Adams to ibid., 27 May – ibid. (autogr.)

 28    J.E. Graham to ibid., ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of experience (autogr.)

 29    William J.B. Owen to ibid., ibid. [wrongly dated 1945?] – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of work and experience; encloses testimonials and detailed account of his career. 3 pages (autogr.)

 30    Ibid., nd – details of career (autogr.)

 31    Ibid. – testimonials. 3 leaves (autogr. copies)

 32    L.M. Angus-Butterworth to [FS], 27 May – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 33    Averil F. Thompson to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 34    Miss E.M. Harris to FS, ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 35    N. Hardy Wallis to ibid., ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of work and experience; is sure that any Member of the Council of the Royal Society of Literature would support his application. 2 leaves (tp.)

 36    Miss G.M. James to [FS], 28 May – sent an envelope for particulars of the post of Librarian; has not received them yet (autogr.)

 37    G.S.S. Lindsay to [FS], ibid. – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 38    Basil J. Ward to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 39    O.C. Lodge to FS, ibid. – ibid. (autogr. pc)

 40    Joan Gladstone to [FS], 28 May 1946 – ibid. (tp.)

 41    Judith Djamour to FS, ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of work and experience; is doing research under Prof. Ginsberg (autogr.)

 42    FS to Sir Theodore Tasker, 29 May – Mr Wallis, Hon. Librarian of the Royal Society of Literature, has applied for the post of RAI Librarian; he mentioned that he knew Sir Theodore at the Royal Society of Literature; asks what he thinks of him (tp.); reply by Sir Theodore Tasker added: he does not know him (autogr.)

 43    R.L. Armsby to [FS], 29 May – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (tp.)

 44    Sterndale Bennett to ibid., 30 May – applies for post of Librarian; was rejected for Military Service on medical grounds; encloses note from his doctor; gives details of work and experience. 4 leaves (autogr.)

 45    Testimonials for Sterndale Bennett. 2 leaves (tp. copies)

 46    Doctor’s note concerning Sterndale Bennett (tp. copy)

 47    W.P. Chalmers to [FS], 30 May – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 48    E.M. Glanville to FS, 31 May – thanks her for offer of help; the post has been filled (autogr.)

 49    William J. Adams to [FS], 2 June – thanks her for particulars; encloses application for post of Librarian (autogr.)

 50    Ibid., ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of work and experience; encloses a testimonial (autogr.)

 51    Testimonial for Mr W.J. Adams (autogr. copy)

 52    Wilhelmina M. Gallagher to [FS], 2 June – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 53    Dorothy E. Marshall to ibid., 3 June – applies for post of Librarian; briefly describes experience; encloses detailed lists (tp.)

 54    Ibid. – testimonials, Synopsis of Posts held, and Experience. 3 leaves (tp.)

 55    Claire Madden to FS, 3 June – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (tp. pc)

 56    Ibid., nd – thanks her for particulars; the salary is less than half that which would interest a qualified librarian (tp.)

 57    M. Jackson-Wrigley to [FS], 4 June 1946 – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (tp.)

 58    H.W. Acomb to ibid., 6 June – ibid. (autogr.)

 59    H.W. Denyer to WBF, 10 June – applies for post of Librarian; sets out such qualifications as he possesses. 3 leaves (autogr.)

 60    E.M. Glanville to FS, 17 June [1946?] – thanks her for enclosures about library vacancy; shall not apply as the salary is inadequate for London (autogr.)

 61    FS to H.W. Denyer, 21 June – sorry for delay in answering his letter to WBF; wonders if he could come to the RAI to talk the matter over (tpc.)

 62    H.W. Denyer to FS, 29 June – should deem it a privilege to come to Bedford Square to meet WBF; suggests a date (autogr.)

 63    FS to H.W. Denyer, 2 July – confirms time and date for meeting (tpc.)

 64    H.W. Denyer to FS, 4 July – ibid. (autogr.)

 65    M. Fortes to ibid., 9 July – asks if assistant secretary and / or librarian posts are filled; he knows someone who might be suitable (autogr.)

 66    H.W. Denyer to FS, 11 July – refers to the meeting with WBF; states that he is prepared to accept the offer of their terms as regards salary (autogr.)

 67    FS to Dr Meyer Fortes, 12 July – has not heard that the appointment of Assistant Secretary is vacant; there is a vacancy for a Librarian; encloses sheet setting out duties and salary [see ???]; there is an honorary worker in the library who is making a start on the subject catalogue; Mr Leach has done a lot of sorting; knows the salary is not very much; if the person he knows is interested, would be happy to see him or her (tpc.)

 68    Alma S. Wittlin to FS, 14 July – thanks her for particulars of the Librarian’s post; Prof. Hutton is prepared to give a reference; he has suggested she write and asks if she may call for an interview (tp.)

 69    FS to Judith Djamour, 15 July 1946 – sorry she has not written sooner; if she still wishes to be considered, asks her to the RAI (tpc.)

 70    Ibid. to Prof. M. Ginsberg, ibid. – Miss Judith Djamour is a candidate for Librarian’s post; as she has been doing research under him, asks if can he tell her anything (tp.); Morris Ginsberg’s reply added (autogr.)

 71    Miss Ilse T. Boas to [FS], 16 July – applies for post of assistant librarian; gives details of work and experience (autogr.)

 72    Alma S. Wittlin to FS, 22 July – on failing to ring her; will ring on Monday (tp. pc)

 73    Ibid., 23 July – on her typing (autogr. pc)

 74    Ibid., 13 Aug. – refers to her letter of 12 Aug. [not held]; on her doing part-time work at the RAI; shall be available latest on 8 Sept. (tp.)

 75    Ibid., 24 Oct. – has come to the conclusion that only a full-time worker could do justice to the tasks in the library; every routine job consumes time disproportionately long in relation to the job; there is no excuse for the librarian to postpone the reorganisation; hopes a suitable person will be found before long; is happy to come in if her casual visits are of any use (tp.)

  3/    1947

  1    FS to E.R. Leach, 7 Jan. 1947 – has found a place to store stock; has a possibility for the library: Capt. Brookfield, R.N. retired, from Mrs Hodson’s Bureau of Human Heredity; has asked him to come in (tpc.)

  2    Ibid. to Capt. Brookfield, 7 Feb. – Mrs Hodson says that his work at the Bureau is coming to an end; she suggested he might be willing to come to the RAI Library; when the library came back after evacuation the time seemed propitious to undertake much needed reorganisation; asks if he could come in soon. 2 leaves (tpc.)

  3    WBF to ibid., 25 Feb. – sorry not to be in touch sooner; it was necessary to consult the Ways and Means Committee; anxious for him to come for a trial period of a month; on remuneration; asks him to come and see him (tpc.)

  4    FS to Raymond Unwin, University of London School of Librarianship, 5 June 1947 – about a year ago Prof. Fleure and WBF came to see him for advice about the appointment of a Librarian; a permanent appointment was not made; the conditions of the appointment have now changed; should be grateful for any help he could give in finding a suitable librarian (tpc.)

  5    Ibid. to Miss E.E.S. Proctor, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 9 June – refers to meeting her at a ‘Gaudy’; asks for help in finding a librarian; the library needs not only maintenance but a great deal of reorganisation; wants to appoint a full-time qualified librarian who will have a permanent assistant and a temporary one; on the salary; there is the possibility of accommodation being available; asks if she can suggest anyone (tpc.)

  6    Miss M. Christiana Taylor to [WBF], 11 June – has heard that RAI needs a Librarian; gives details of her education and work experience (autogr.)

  7    Nora M. Thomas to [FS], 12 June – has heard that there is a vacancy for a Librarian; should like to apply; on her education; gives references. 3 pages (autogr. with autogr. notes by FS added)

  8    FS to Prof. Harding, British Psychological Society, 13 June – RAI is proposing to appoint a Librarian; it has been suggested that Miss Adinsell, who was for many years with the British Psychological Society, might be suitable; on the difficulties of the post; since the library returned from evacuation a great deal of rearrangement has been done but much still remains; the librarian shall have a permanent assistant and a temporary one. 2 leaves (tpc.)

  9    Ibid. to Miss N.M. Thomas, 14 June – asks if she can come to see her (tpc.)

 10    E.S. Procter to FS, ibid. – encloses names and information about two old students who are librarians, Miss Aspin and Miss Cane; if she feels either might be suitable, she could write direct to them (tp. with autogr. note by WBF added)

 11    Brief details about Miss Isabel Aspin and Miss K.M. Cane [enclosed with previous item]

 12    FS to the Library Association Record, ibid. – encloses advertisement to be inserted (tpc.)

 13    Text of advertisement (tpc.)

 14    Ibid., with list of publications to which it will be sent (autogr. by FS)

 15    Geoffrey A. Lloyd to [FS], nd – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (tp.)

 16    Kathleen Monypenny to FS, nd – apologises for letting her down; refers to another job at Dartington Hall; on moving house; on the Library of Congress classification system. 6 pages (autogr.)

 17    Nora M. Thomas to FS, 16 June – cannot attend on the suggested dates; suggests an alternative (autogr.)

 18    FS to Miss Nora M. Thomas, 17 June – confirms time of meeting (tpc.)

 19    FS to Miss Christi[a]na Taylor, 18 June – refers to her letter; fears her lack of qualifications would prevent her being appointed but will place the letter before the Officers (tpc.)

 20    Ibid. to Miss E.E.S. Procter, ibid. – thanks her for prompt reply; will let the Officers know about Miss Aspin and Miss Cane (tpc.)

 21    Ibid. to Miss Isabel Aspin, 20 June – on looking for a librarian; Miss Procter gave her name; describes the vacancy; outlines the disorganisation of the library; the librarian will have assistants; on the salary; asks her to get in touch if she is interested. 2 leaves (tpc.) [also sent to Miss K.M. Cane]

 22    K. Margaret Cane to FS, 21 June – thanks her for letter; she is not looking for a post; when she does move, she will look for a post in a public library rather than a special library; sorry that she cannot help (autogr.)

 23    Isabel S.T. Aspin to ibid., 23 June – thanks her for letter; she is not free to take up a post immediately though could do so by mid-Sept.; if this is not too late, should be pleased to make a formal application; asks some questions about the post (autogr.)

 24    Stephen J. Kees to ibid., 24 June – applies for post of Librarian; appends details of his qualifications and experience (tp.)

 25    E. Banks to [FS], 29 June – applies for the post of Librarian; outlines his experience (autogr.)

 26    Gladys M.K. Beck to ibid., 30 June – applies for the post of Librarian; gives details of education and employment; gives names of referees. 3 pages (autogr.)

 27    Betty L. Woollacott to ibid., 2 July – applies for the post of Librarian; gives details of employment; asks for further particulars about the post (autogr.)

 28    FS, sent 6 July – an appointment has been made (autogr. draft)

 29    Ibid., nd – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 30    Nora Thomas to FS, 6 July – withdraws her application for the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 31    FS to Stephen J. Kees, 7 July – asks if he could come in to the RAI (tpc.)

 32    Ibid. to Miss G.M.K. Beck, ibid. – asks if she could come in to the RAI (tpc.)

 33    Dr F. Atherton-Mercer to [FS], 9 July – asks for further particulars; on his interests in literature and anthropology; on his friendship with the late Dr Balfour, Professor of anthropology; feels he could discharge the duties satisfactorily (autogr.)

 34    A.D. Margolis to [FS], ibid. – asks for particulars of the post of Librarian (tp.)

 35    Peter K. Laing to ibid., ibid. – submits his name for the appointment of Librarian; on his previous experience; gives some personal details (autogr.)

 36    R.W. Perkins, Ministry of Labour and National Service, Appointments Department, to ibid., ibid. – encloses details of a person whose qualifications and experience seem to be of the kind required (tp.)

 37    Ministry of Labour and National Service – details of the candidate Mr Monkhouse Baber (printed and tp.)

 38    Doris M. Rogers to RAI, 9 July – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of education and employment. 3 pages (autogr.)

 39    H.S. Bush, the Times Weekly Edition, to [FS], ibid. – suggests repeating the attached advertisement in the Times Weekly Edition (tp.)

 40    FS to Stephen J. Kees, ibid. – changes the time of his appointment (tpc.)

 41    Gladys M.K. Beck to FS, ibid. – on a time for her interview (autogr.)

 42    Mary Kinloch to [FS], ibid. – wishes to apply for the post of Librarian; appends particulars of qualifications and experience (tp.)

 43    Ibid., particulars of qualifications and experience. 2 leaves (tp.)

 44    Three testimonials for Mary Kinloch. 3 leaves (tp. copies)

 45    C.H. Collins to [FS], 10 July – asks for further particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr.)

 46    Muriel A. Pease to ibid., ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of her experience. 3 pages (autogr.)

 47    Elizabeth M. Mitchell to ibid., ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; encloses details of experience and qualifications (autogr.)

 48    Ibid., details of qualifications and experience. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 49    FS to Miss Aspin, 10 July – apologises for delay in writing; if no appointment is made, will write to her later to see if she is free; gives more details about the post. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 50    Doris M. Rogers to FS, ibid. – encloses formal application for post of Librarian; on Miss Addinsell. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 51    Miss M.U. Robinson to [FS], ibid. – makes provisional application for the post of Librarian; gives details of experience; asks about salary (autogr.)

 52    FS to Mary Kinloch, ibid. – asks her to come in (tpc.)

 53    Oswald H. Cooke to [FS], 11 July – applies for post of Librarian; gives details of experience. 3 leaves (tp.)

 54    William J. Adams to RAI, ibid. – applies for the post of Librarian; gives brief details of experience (autogr.)

 55    Basil J. Ward to [FS], 12 July – applies for the post of Librarian; gives details of experience. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 56    C.E.R. Clarabut to ibid., ibid. – asks for further particulars of the post of Librarian (autogr. pc)

 57    A.E. Sanderson to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

 58    Dorothy E. Marshall to ibid., 13 July 1947 – applies for position of Librarian; gives brief details of experience (tp.)

 59    Dennis Arthur Brunning, 14 July – application for the post of Librarian (tp. with autogr. additions)

 60    Gladys M.K. Beck to FS, ibid. – asks about the flat which is available (autogr.)

 61    FW to Miss E.M. Mitchell, 17 July – suggests that she telephone to make an appointment to come in (tpc.)

 62    M.U. Robinson, 17 July – application form for post of Librarian (tp. and autogr.)

 63    Ibid. to FS, ibid. – would like to apply formally; encloses particulars of her qualifications; on coming in to see her (autogr.)

 64    FS to Miss [M.U. Robinson], ibid. – encloses application form; on the flat; on coming in to see her (tpc.)

 65    FS to Miss Aspin, ibid. – asks if her application is to stand; on coming to see her; on the flat (tpc.)

 66    Mrs Winifred Lewin to [FS], 19 July – applies for post of Librarian; gives brief details of experience (autogr.)

 67    Isabel S.T. Aspin to FS, ibid. – must withdraw her application (autogr.)

 68    FS to Miss Gladys M.K. Beck, 21 July – on the flat (tpc.)

 69    Ibid. to Miss M.U. Robinson, 22 July – on an appointment to see her (tpc.)

 70    Fay Lawes to [FS], ibid. – applies for post of Librarian; gives brief details of experience (autogr.)

 71    FS to Mrs Winifred Lewin, ibid. – sends application form; on arranging to see her (tpc.)

 72    H. Schurer to WBF, ibid. – cannot make the sacrifice in salary which the post would entail (tp.)

 73    K. Rishbeth to FS, 25 July – on the candidates for post of Librarian; there is not much to choose between Miss Beck and Miss Kinloch; hopes to see her (tp.)

 74    W.P. Preston, 26 July – application form for post of Librarian. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

 75    William P. Preston to the Chairman and members of the Library Committee, RAI, 26 July 1947 – applies for the post of Librarian; gives details of his experience and qualifications. 3 pages (autogr.)

 76    K. Rishbeth to FS, ibid. – has received the enclosed from a friend (autogr)

 77    Ethel M. Smith to Mrs Rishbeth, ibid. – asks if she has any influence with the appointing committee for the post of Librarian at the RAI; recommends somebody (autogr.) [enclosed with previous item]

 78    W. Betty Addinsell to Prof. Forde, ibid. – on withdrawing her application for post of Librarian; gives her reasons; on Mrs Rogers; appreciates the kindness shown by WBF and FS (autogr.)

 79    FS to Miss Mary Kinloch, 28 July – on an appointment to see her (tpc.)

 80    Mary Kinloch to FS, 29 July – ibid. (autogr.)

 81    nd – note confirming Miss Mitchell’s appointment (autogr. pc)

 82    [30 July] – Miss Beck will not be coming this afternoon (autogr. pc)

 83    Gladys M.K. Beck to FS, 30 July – on not coming to see her; she has been offered another post (autogr.)

 84    Fay Lawes to FS, 5 Aug. – on coming in to see her (autogr.)

 85    FS, 6 Aug. – an appointment has been made (tp.)

 86    Mary Kinloch to FS, 10 Aug. – on coming to see her; on the flat (autogr.)

 87    FS to T. Walter Howland, Kimber Bull & Co., 14 Aug. – on the flat; Miss Kinloch is anxious to share it; asks about the position (tp.)

 88    Mary Kinloch to WBF, 15 Aug. – refers to his letter [not held] confirming her appointment as Librarian; would like to occupy the flat; asks about subletting a room (autogr.)

 89    Douglas H.F. Wilson to FS, 20 Aug. – on H.J. Newlin; on subletting the flat (tp. with autogr. note by WBF)

 90    Ibid. to WBF, 27 Aug. – has sent a cheque for Capt. Brookfield’s salary; on FS’s holiday; on Capt. Brookfield (tp.)

 91    Mary Kinloch to ibid., 27 Aug. 1947 – asks if she may defer taking up her appointment; asks whether she would be allowed to sublet a room in the flat; on moving in some furniture (autogr.)

 92    FS to Mary Kinloch, 2 Sept. – shall be glad to see her as soon as she can take up the post; on subletting a room in the flat; on sending in some things (tpc.)

 93    Mary Kinloch to FS, 6 Sept. – will report for duty on 15 Sept.; asks if they can discuss the subletting when she comes in; on her furniture (autogr.)

 94    FS to the Editor, the Times, 26 Sept. – encloses advertisement, for insertion (tpc.)

 .1    Advertisement for Library Assistant (autogr. draft)

 95    nd – note about Miss Combes ringing about the post (autogr.)

 96    Mary Kinloch, nd – notes on applicants[?] 2 leaves (autogr.)

 97    Biographical details of J.L. Watson (tp. with autogr. note by FS)

 98    Michael M. Brewer to [FS], 3 Oct. – applies for post of Library Assistant (autogr.)

 99    S.H. Dixon to ibid., ibid. – ibid.; gives details of education and experience; encloses testimonials. 3 pages (autogr.)

100    Testimonials for S.H. Dixon. 2 leaves (autogr. copies)

101    James Henderson to [FS], 3 Oct. – applies for post of Library Assistant; gives details of education and experience (autogr.)

102    Elizabeth C. MacMillan to ibid., ibid. – applies for post of Library Assistant (tp.)

103    R.A.J. Hill to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

104    Mrs L. Hill to ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr.)

105    FS to Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick, ibid. – refers to her letter [not held] applying for appointment of Assistant Librarian; expects to let her know next week (tpc.)

106    Guy Durnford to [WBF], ibid. – applies for post of Library Assistant; on his experience (tp.)

107    FS to Guy Durnford, 3 Oct. 1947 – his qualifications are not quite those that are needed for the post (tpc.)

108    R.D.G. Faudree to RAI, ibid. – applies for post of Assistant Librarian; gives brief details of education and experience (tp.)

109    John L. Kirby to [FS], ibid. – applies for post of Library Assistant; gives brief details of education and experience (tp.)

110    R.C. Witting to ibid., 4 Oct. – applies for post of Library Assistant; gives brief details of education and experience (tp.)

111    John De B. Leake to RAI, ibid. – applies for post of Library Assistant; on his experience (tp.)

112    Richard Carrington to [FS], ibid. – asks for fuller details of the post of Library Assistant; on his education; on his experience (tp.)

113    Ibid., ibid. – application form for post of Assistant Librarian. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

114    Miss M.E. Davies to [FS], ibid. – asks for further particulars of the post of Library Assistant (autogr.)

115    Marian Blumler to ibid., 5 Oct. – replies to advertisement in the Times; gives details of her education and experience. 2 leaves (tp.)

116    Ibid., nd – application form for post of Library Assistant. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note by FS)

117    Miss Frances W. Bone to [FS], 6 Oct. – applies for post of Library Assistant; on her education and experience. 3 pages (autogr.)

118    Testimonial for Frances Bone (tp.)

119    J.A. Paulson to [FS?], 6 Oct. – applies for post of Library Assistant; gives some details of his experience; encloses testimonial (autogr.)

120    Testimonial for J. Alf Paulson (tp. copy)

121    F. Eaton to FS, 7 Oct. – asks about an interview (autogr.)

122    José M. Smith to RAI, ibid. – asks for further details of the post of Assistant Librarian; describes employment (autogr.)

123    T.A. Jackson to [FS], 7 Oct. 1947 – applies for post of Library Assistant; on coming for interview (autogr.)

124    Jeanne O. Murday to ibid., 9 Oct. – applies for post in the Library; on her education and experience (autogr.)

125    FS to Richard Carrington, 10 Oct. – encloses form for his completion; suggests date for interview (tpc.)

126    Miss Rosamond Haynes to [FS], ibid. – applies for post of Library Assistant; on her experience and education (autogr.)

127    FS to Mrs Marian Blumler, ibid. – suggests date for interview (tpc.)

128    Richard Carrington to [FS], 11 Oct. – on coming for interview (autogr. pc)

129    R.D.G. Faudree, 11 Oct. – application form. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

130    FS to Miss Jeanne O. Mu[r]day, 13 Oct. – sends her an application form (tpc.)

131    Ibid. to Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick, 14 Oct. – invites her to come and meet WBF (tpc.)

132    Ibid. to Richard Carrington, ibid. – ibid. (tpc.)

133    J.O. Murday, 14 Oct. – application form for post of Assistant Librarian. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

134    R.C. Witting, 15 Oct. – application form. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

135    Gunborg Kjerschow to FS, 21 Oct. – has a job at the Norwegian Technical Museum (autogr.)

136    FS to Richard Carrington, 24 Oct. – the Committee has not found it possible to offer him the appointment (tpc.)

137    Ibid. to Gunborg Kjerschow, 27 Oct. – thanks her for letter (tpc.)

138    Maria Lefser to RAI, 2 Dec. – applies for position of Assistant Librarian; on her experience (autogr.)

139    FS to Miss Maria Lefser, 8 Dec. – at the moment there is no vacancy (tpc.)

140    19 Dec. – Trust Deed of Superannuation Fund (tp.)

  4/    1948-57

  1    WBF, 1948[?] – Report on Opening Hours etc. (autogr. draft)

  2    Ibid., nd – Staff Memorandum on securing the Institute at night (tp.)

  3    G.D. Hornblower to FS, 24 Feb. 1949 – thanks her for her note [not held]; on Prof. Fleure; on coming to town; asks the name of the Librarian (autogr.)

  4    FS to G.D. Hornblower, 2 Mar. – hopes to see him later in the spring; the Librarian’s name is Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick (tpc.)

  5    Douglas H.F. Wilson to WBF, 1 June 1950 – refers to his letter [not held]; on Publications Assistant; on Assistant Librarian; money spent on putting the Library in order is well spent (tp.)

  6    H.H. Coghlan to WBF, 6 Oct. – on the matter of FS’s salary; she is on a lower scale than the Librarian; asks that the matter be put on the agenda for Nov. so Council can give a ruling (tp.)

  7    WBF to H.H. Coghlan, 29 Oct. – is sorry for delay in replying; suggests postponing discussion of FS’s salary for about two months; gives reasons for this. 2 leaves (autogr. draft)

  8    H.H. Coghlan to WBF, 1 Nov. – his letter throws a different light on the matter of FS’s salary; agrees to let the affair stand; on a proof (autogr.)

  9    FS to […?], nd – on asking for a rise; gives her grounds (autogr.)

 10    FS to J.P. Mills, RAI President 1951-53, 16 Jan. 1952 – on her salary; it is two years since Council acknowledged that her salary needed rectification, yet nothing has been done; attaches sheet which sets out the history of her pay since 1942. 3 pages (tp.)

 .1    Note concerning the circulation of FS’s letter (tp.)

 11    FS to J.P. Mills, 24 Jan. – refers to her earlier letter; on her ‘office hours’; due to her mother’s illness she arrives later in the morning and works later in the evening; she never takes all her leave; the RAI has not lost in time or work (tp.)

 12    Two copies of previous item (tp. copies with autogr. notes)

 13    Noel Stevenson to WBF, [26 Jan. 1952] – encloses official letter on the subject of FS (autogr.)

 14    Ibid., ibid. – on FS overstepping the bounds of propriety in her comments; if she is not prepared to give loyalty to the RAI then she is no longer a fit person to hold a position of such importance there (tp.)

 15    FS to J.P. Mills, 31 Jan. – an agreement between her and the RAI was signed some years ago; had hoped there might be discussion before the Council meeting (tp.)

 16    J.P. Mills to WBF, 1 Feb. – encloses a letter from FS; does not propose to discuss her conduct with her; asks him to produce a copy of FS’s letter about her hours of work. 3 pages (autogr.)

 17    Ibid., 3 Feb. – encloses draft of ‘difficult’ letter to FS; asks him for comments; asks him to pass it on to Wilson for comments (autogr.)

 18    Minute relating to the Assistant Secretary, Council meeting of 5 Feb.; on her salary; on her hours of work; on a ‘leave book’ (tp. with autogr. addition)

 19    WBF to FS, 5 Feb. – encloses copy of the minute drawn up by the Council; the President will be writing to her (autogr.)

 20    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 21    J.P Mills to WBF, 6 Feb. – refers to his draft to FS; does not want to encourage discussion with FS; if she offers to resign, he would support its acceptance; has sent to telegram of sympathy to the Queen; returns Stevenson’s letters. 4 pages (autogr.)

 22    Ibid. to FS, 9 Feb. – Council considered with sympathy her representation regarding her salary; on her hours of work; it is necessary to maintain a record of days when it is impossible for her to adhere to those hours; on her expressing disparaging opinions; the Council held that this is not in accordance with the spirit of her service agreement; trusts that no further occasion will be given for complaints of this nature (tpc.)

 23    Ibid., nd – ibid. (tp. draft with autogr. amendments)

 24    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. 3 pages (autogr. draft)

 25    Philip Mills to WBF, 13 Feb. – thinks the enclosed should go in the archives; on a reply to the wire to the Queen (autogr.)

 26    FS to J.P. Mills, 14 Feb. 1952 – refers to his letter of 9 Feb.; no specific instances of ‘irresponsible and disparaging opinions’ are mentioned; his letter makes it clear that her carrying out of her duties was not considered deficient; this is not clear from the copy of the Minute; asks him that the final record should contain no ambiguity (tp.)

 27    Philip Mills to WBF, 15 Feb. – encloses letter from FS; they might discuss it with Wilson (autogr.)

 28    Noel Stevenson to ibid., nd – thanks him for note about FS; he had not realised who her supporters were; asks for Radcliffe-Brown’s address (autogr.)

 29    FS to all members of staff, nd – Council has decided to introduce a system by which all staff register their time of arrival; a book will be kept in the general office (autogr. draft)

 30    WBF to ibid., 17 Mar. – the Officers and Council are engaged upon a review of the activities of the RAI; Council has directed that an Attendance Book be kept (tp.)

 31    A.C. Bowe, Mrs D. Cherry, J. Richardson, A.P. Hulbert & Dr A. Kopec to WBF, 18 Mar. – would like him to convey their disapproval of the decision contained in his circular; feel that they have been treated with distrust (tp.)

 32    B.J. Kirkpatrick, Edward Brookfield & G. Reiss to ibid., ibid. – have received his circular with surprise; feel that the staff should be credited with a sense of responsibility; refer to ‘dictatorial’ methods (tp.)

 33    FS to ibid., ibid. – his circular has been received; representations are being sent to him; she associates herself with these; attendance books imply doubt on the part of the employer of the quality of the employee; had she been informed of this proposal she could have made representations; (tp.)

 34    WBF to Miss Kirkpatrick & Mrs Bowe, ibid. – their representations will be considered by the Officers at the first opportunity; the Council had no intention of reflecting on the staff (autogr. draft); on verso: ibid. to FS, ibid. – officers will consider representations at the first opportunity; the Council’s decision was conveyed to her promptly on 6 Feb.; Council may feel surprise at being confronted with representations two months after their decision (autogr. draft)

 35    Ibid. to FS, 23 Mar. 1952 – the Officers would like a report from her of her hours of attendance since 6 Feb. (autogr.)

 36    Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 37    Philip Mills to WBF, 25 Mar. – on FS (autogr.)

 38    [Angela C. Bowe?] to FS, 26 Mar. – on the increase of work in the general office; it is impossible for her to observe her hours of working; puts in an average of two extra hours per day; suggests taking on a junior to help her; there are several suggestions she should like to put forward for increasing the efficiency of the department (tpc.)

 39    WBF to ibid., 30 Mar. – on a remark she made; would like the written report at the Officers’ meeting tomorrow (autogr. draft)

 40    FS, nd – notice of Officers’ meeting on 31 Mar. (tpc.)

 41    WBF to FS, 1 Apr. – informs her of Council decision to give her three months’ notice; on giving her three months special leave on full salary (tpc.)

 42    Ibid., nd – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 43    Noel Stevenson to WBF, 23 Apr. – on FS getting ‘the bird’; this should give an opportunity to reorganise (autogr.)

 44    WBF to J.P. Mills, 7 May – had intended to propose that a passage about FS be added to the Report of the Council; regrets failing to do so; gives the passage (tp. with autogr. reply by J.P. Mills added)

 45    Beatrice Blackwood to WBF, 8 May – agrees that the additional paragraph about FS should be inserted in the Report; there is no doubt that she rendered great and valuable service to the RAI during difficult times (tp.)

 46    John L. Myres to ibid., 9 May – willingly concurs in the farewell message to FS; he deeply regrets her departure (autogr.)

 47    WBF to FS, 20 May – informs her that Council authorised the addition of the following passage to the Annual Report; gives the passage; expresses good wishes for her future (autogr. draft)

 48    Mrs A.C. Bowe, Secretary to the Officers, to T.W. Howland, 9 Feb. 1953 – thanks him for draft letter to Messrs Lovell Son & Pitfield (tpc.)

 49    T. Walter Howland to Mrs Bowe, 10 Feb. 1953 – thanks her for returning the draft letter (tp.)

 50    M. Balu to WBF, 19 Nov. – submits application for post of part-time clerk; gives details of education and experience (autogr.)

 51    Testimonials for M. Balu. 4 leaves (autogr. copies)

 52    Kathleen Gough to M. Balu, 11 Aug. – general news. 3 pages (autogr. copy)

 53    WBF to Prof. R. Firth, 18 Dec. – encloses draft; proposes to ask Miss Tildesley to deliver it to Mrs Bowe, or to send it to the matron of the hospital; asks if he has any comments (tpc.)

 54    Angela C. Bowe to WBF, 28 Feb. 1954 – shall be discharged from hospital very shortly; there are one or two matters she would like to discuss with him. 3 pages (autogr.)

 55    G. Reiss to ibid., 17 Mar. – wishes to apply for 3 to 4 months unpaid leave; on her salary; suggests her holiday be increased from three weeks to four weeks a year (tp.)

 56    WBF to Mrs Reiss, 29 Mar. – accedes to her request for 3 to 4 months unpaid leave; the Officers are examining the possibility of an increase in her salary (autogr. draft)

 57    G. Reiss to WBF, 15 Apr. – on the dates of her unpaid leave (autogr.)

 58    Memorandum relating to a Trust Deed dated 27 May (tp.)

 59    D.H.F. Wilson to Dr Kopec, Miss Kirkpatrick & Mrs Cherry, pre-2 July – on petty cash (tpc.)

 60    Ibid. to Miss Kirkpatrick, Mrs Cherry & Mrs Sobczak, 2 July – ibid. (tpc.)

 61    Jessie Richardson to WBF, 25 July – thanks him for the photos and the money. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 62    B.J. Kirkpatrick to ibid., 20 Aug. – on Mr Wilson; on Mrs Stead (tp.)

 63    T. Walter Howland to D.H.F. Wilson, 13 Sept. – concerning the pension scheme for the Nuffield Blood Group Centre; encloses draft memorandum received from the Sun Life Assurance Society (tp.)

 64    Douglas H.F. Wilson to T.W. Howland, 15 Sept. 1954 – returns the draft memo (tpc.)

 65    T. Walter Howland to D.H.F. Wilson, 16 Sept. – is sending the memorandum to Sun Life today (tp.)

 66    WBF to Mrs B.E. Stead, 22 Sept. – confirms her appointment as half-time assistant librarian; outlines details of the post; on the salary (tpc.)

 67    Curriculum Vitae of Mrs B.E. Stead. 2 leaves (tp.)

 68    Kimber Bull & Co. to WBF, 21 Oct. – on the memorandum modifying the Trust Deed; encloses engrossment for signature (tp.)

 69    N. Gee to Miss Kirkpatrick, Capt. Brookfield, Mrs Reiss, Mrs Stead, Miss Butler, Mrs Cherry, Jessie & Hulbert, 9 Nov. – staff to have the right to local phone calls free of charge (tp.)

 70    [N. Gee] to John Kusel, Kimber Bull & Co., 25 Nov. – forwards the memorandum modifying the Trust Deed, and the certified Minute (tpc.)

 71    Kimber Bull & Co. to Miss Nancy C. Gee, 26 Nov. – her letter will be placed before Mr John Kusel on his return next week (tp.)

 72    [1955] – invitation to the wedding of Sonia Jackson and Michael John Brown (printed)

 73    24[?] Jan. 1955 – document concerning salaries during sickness (tp.)

 74    N. Gee to John Kusel, 14 Feb. – encloses letter from the Accountants; on the Coote Lake Deed of Gift (tpc.)

 75    WBF to Prof. H.J. Gluckman, 5 Aug. – Miss Gee has had to go away on family affairs; asks if he will serve as a judge for the Curl Bequest Prize (tpc.)

 76    G.B. Godfrey-Faussett, C.T. Bowring & Layborn Ltd., to Douglas Wilson, 30 Sept. – on the possibility of instituting a pension scheme (tp.)

 77    Miss Anderson to ibid., 21 Oct. – has not had a letter of appointment; asks about travelling expenses incurred in coming for interviews (tp.)

 78    B.J. Kirkpatrick to WBF, 6 Dec. – on Mrs Reiss; asks if she can tell her that WBF is investigating the possibility of including her in the Superannuation scheme (tp.)

 79    G.B. Godfrey-Faussett to Douglas Wilson, 14 Dec. 1955 – refers to discussion about a Pension Scheme; he was going to send some data; imagines he will be sending it soon (tp.)

 80    Advertisement for post of Secretary to the Officers [1955?] (tpc.)

 81    Ibid. (newspaper cutting)

 82    H.M. Inspector of Taxes to B.J. Kirkpatrick, 12 Apr. 1956 – it is understood that she is a member of the staff superannuation fund; the contributions are invested in a Post Office savings bank account; the interest is taxable; asks how much the interest is (tp. copy); B.J. Kirkpatrick to H.M. Inspector of Taxes, 15 Apr. – did not know that the contributions were in savings account; does not know how much the interest is; was alarmed to learn that the scheme could not be approved under the Income Tax Act 1952; it was suggested that she should negotiate a new agreement which could be approved; her employers are discussing it. 2 leaves (tp. copy)

 83    Gwendoline Morley to WBF, 16 May – applies for post of Secretary Assistant Receptionist; gives details of her experience (autogr.)

 84    MWS, Joint Hon. Secretary, to Miss G. Morle[y], 17 May – thanks her for application; invites her for interview (tpc. with autogr. notes)

 85    Ibid., 23 May – thanks her for coming for interview; if there is an opening which would interest her, will contact her again (tpc.)

 86    Donald F. Long to [MWS], 3 July – writes to introduce himself as a translator of technical and scientific texts; encloses details of qualifications etc. (tp.)

 87    Ibid., details of qualifications (tp.)

 88    Brochure for D.F. Long & Co. (Translations) Ltd. (printed)

 89    Flyer for ‘Water Treatment Handbook’, compiled by R.L Leviel, translated by D.F. Long (printed)

 90    MWS to Donald F. Long, 17 July – thanks him for letter and enclosures; will keep the information on file (tpc.)

 91    [Janet Anderson], Secretary to the Officers, to Miss C. Froboese, 25 Sept. 1956 – since her work is not proving to be up to the standard required, the RAI will not be able to maintain her on its staff (tpc.)

 92    Gertrude Caton Thompson to MWS, 5 Nov. – gives details of someone who may be of the right calibre for office staff at the RAI (autogr.)

 93    MWS to the Staff of the Library, the Nuffield Blood Group Centre & the General Office, 11 Dec. – on Christmas holidays (tpc.)

 94    Barbara Lawson to MWS, 10 July 1957 – thanks her for letting her know about vacancy; unfortunately she is committed; if there is a vacancy at the end of Sept. she would be pleased to hear about it (autogr.)

 95    Janet L.D. Anderson to ibid., 16 Sept. – officially submits her resignation from post of Secretary to the Officers; gives her reasons for the decision (tpc.)

 96    Jean M. Whyte to [MWS], 18 Sept. – asks whether she could assist in the Library; her cousin Miss Kirkpatrick is Librarian (autogr.)

 97    Janet Anderson to Miss G. Morley, 19 Sept. – a senior secretarial post will soon be available; wonders if she would be interested in it (tpc.)

 98    Gwendoline Morley to Janet Anderson, 22 Sept. – has decided to accept a post offered to her; thanks her for getting in touch (autogr.)

 99    Janet Anderson to Miss Barbara Lawson, 24 Sept. – asks if she would be interested in part-time work at the RAI (tpc.)

100    Jean M. Whyte to MWS, 25 Sept. – sends her address (autogr. pc)

101    Advertisement for post of Administrative Secretary, 30 Sept. (tpc.)

102    Ibid. (tp. draft with autogr. corrections)

 .1    Notes on newspapers, regarding the advertisement (autogr.)

103    Barbara [Lawson] to MWS, 30 Sept. – thanks her for offer of part-time work; cannot manage financially on a part-time basis (tp.)

104    MWS to the Staff of the Library, the General Office & the Nuffield Blood Group Centre, 29 Oct. 1957 – on Christmas holidays (tpc.)

105    Mary D[ouglas] to MWS, 5 Dec. – on applicants for secretarial help; gives the name of one whom MWS might use (autogr.)

106    MWS to Dr Mourant, 22 Dec. – had thought of sending the attached letter; asks what he thinks (tpc.)

107    Ibid. to Dr Kopec, Miss Kirkpatrick, Mrs Cherry & Mrs Owen, nd – thinks that those who are concerned with the RAI’s administration should meet to keep each other informed of developments; suggests meeting on the morning of Council meetings; suggests 5 Dec. (tpc.)

  5/    1959-80

  1    Anne Graham, Middlesex Hospital Medical School, to WBF, 16 Aug. 1959 – Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick has applied for the post of Librarian and has given his name as Referee; would be grateful if he would give his opinion of her both professionally and personally (tp.)

  2    WBF to [Anne Graham], nd – reference for Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick; gives unreservedly favourable opinion (autogr. draft)

  3    Eileen M. Walton, Middlesex Hospital Medical School, to WBF, 24 Aug. – thanks him for letter about Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick; she has withdrawn her application (tp.)

  4    Beverley Emery to [MWS], 6 Jan. 1960 – applies for position of Assistant Librarian; gives particulars of qualifications and experience. 2 leaves (autogr.)

  5    Ibid. to Librarian, RAI, 15 Jan. – on coming for interview (autogr.)

  6    MWS to Beverley Emery, 19 Jan. – offers her the post of Assistant Librarian; on the duties; on the hours (tpc.)

  7    Notes about Beverley Emery (tp.)

  8    MWS to Mrs I. Michaelis, 9 Mar. – offers the post of part-time cataloguer in the Library; on the duties; on the hours (tpc.)

  9    Mrs I. Michaelis to MWS, 10 Mar. – looks forward to the work (tp.)

 10    MWS to Accountant, 24 Mar. 1960 – on Mrs Michaelis’ Insurance stamp (tpc.)

 11    Administrative Secretary to Mrs Michaelis, 21 June – on her Income Tax (tpc.)

 12    nd – note about Mrs Michaelis (autogr.)

 13    B.J. Kirkpatrick to MWS, 7 Nov. – on Mrs Michaelis’ holiday (tpc.)

 14    Audrey [Richards] to WBF, 20 Jan. 1961 – on Joan Edwards; encloses copy of letter she wrote to Sir George on the subject (tp.)

 15    Ibid. to Sir George Beresford-Stooke, RAI Hon. Treasurer 1956-62, ibid. – on Joan Edwards, who had some kind of breakdown; on her grievances; if anything happens to Miss Edwards they will be ‘in the soup’; on Mrs Jonas; they want Miss Edwards’ services very badly; on her doctor writing before they have a meeting; is sending a copy of the letter to WBF (tpc.)

 16    Diana V. Owen to WBF, 11 Feb. – notes the suggested termination of her services in three months; would prefer to give a month’s notice dating from the end of Feb.; asks his indulgence if she cannot vacate the flat exactly on the last day of Mar. (tp. with autogr. PS)

 17    WBF to Mrs Owen, 15 Feb. – on the reasons for the Officers’ decision; shall be delighted to accede to her proposal to give a month’s notice; there will be no difficulty about a period of grace before vacating the flat (autogr. draft)

 18    B.J. Kirkpatrick to WBF, 24 Mar. – on applicants for Mrs Emery’s post; she would like him to see two of them (tp.)

 19    WBF, nd [1961?] – circular letter about Jessie Richardson, who will be eligible for a pension on her 65th birthday on 25 Apr.; the RAI can give her a pension but members might also like to make contributions (tp.)

 20    Joan Edwards to […?], nd – on various office matters (tp.)

 21    Ibid.[?], nd – note about Jessie (autogr.)

 22    Sir George Beresford-Stooke to Accountant, 20 Apr. – on a cheque for Mrs Cherry (tpc.)

 23    Joan Edwards[?], nd – note about Mrs Cherry (autogr.)

 24    Daphne Cherry to WBF, 1 May 1961 – thanks him for the cheque and the very kind letter; on her job at the RAI (autogr.)

 25    AHC to Mrs Michaelis, 25 Aug. – on her joining the full-time staff; on her salary (tpc.)

 26    Ibid. to Accountant, ibid. – on Mrs Michaelis joining full-time staff; on Capt. Brookfield leaving (tpc.)

 27    I. Michaelis to AHC, 29 Aug. – looks forward to full-time work at the RAI (autogr. note)

 28    H.M. Inspector of Taxes to RAI, 29 Sept. – asks for Christian names and National Insurance numbers for Mrs L. [L]owenthal and Mrs I. Michaelis (tp. with autogr. notes added)

 29    Joan Edwards to Prof. I. Schapera, 6 Oct. – there is no place for her in AHC’s administrative re-planning; on the necessity to adapt to circumstances; on becoming aware of not being wanted; the only honest thing is to resign; it is unfortunate that she knows criticism is being made of her work yet she has no opportunity to discuss this; places her resignation in his hands (tp.)

 30    AHC to H.M. Inspector of Taxes, 9 Oct. – gives names and National Insurance numbers of Mrs Lowenthal and Mrs Michaelis; on Mrs Michaelis’ tax code (tpc.)

 31    Ibid., nd – ibid. (autogr. draft)

 32    Joan Edwards to Prof. I. Schapera, 9 Oct. – the difficulties arise from AHC’s apparent intention to act as an Administrative rather than as an Hon. Secretary, which makes her function redundant; better that he knows about the increasing unhappiness (tp.)

 33    Ibid., 13 Oct. – cannot go on like this; has written to AHC; encloses copy; asks for a note from him saying she is ‘clean and honest’ (tp.)

 34    Ibid. to AHC, ibid. – they are temperamentally unsuited to working together; as she does not wish to cause embarrassment she has written to the President with her resignation; suggests she leave at the end of the week; sorry things should end like this (tpc.)

 35    E.J. Lindgren to ibid., 1 Nov. – apologises for missing Council meeting tomorrow; presumes that the post of Secretary to the Officers will be advertised; Miss Edwards was the best Secretary in 25 years (tp.)

 36    [AHC?] to Miss Joan Edwards, 10 Nov. 1961 – Council asked him to convey its regret at her resignation; expresses its appreciation of her four years’ service (tpc.)

 37    Joan Edwards to Prof. Schapera, 20 Nov. – on his ‘thoughtful’ letter on behalf of the Council; would have hated to lose his goodwill (autogr.)

 38    Nan Willson to AHC, 22 Nov. – as promised, appends some information about herself. 3 pages (autogr.)

 39    AHC to the Hon. Treasurer & the President, 5 Dec. – on interviewing a candidate [Miss Willson?]; on hours; on salary (autogr. with autogr. notes)

 40    AHC, nd – note [about Miss Willson?] (autogr.)

 41    Audrey Richards to AHC, 6 Dec. – on the question of a £50 gratuity for Miss Edwards; realised that the Hon. Treasurer was opposed to the giving of the gratuity as he thought she had not behaved well in the manner of her leaving; on balance the RAI is in her debt for what she did during MWS’s illness; feels they should repay this debt; difficult to reverse a decision on which a vote was taken. 3 pages (autogr.)

 42    WBF to Toby [Sir George Beresford-Stooke], 13 Dec. – feels concerned over Miss Edwards and her gratuity; understands that he is opposed to granting it; his own view is that she was by far the best Assistant Secretary that the RAI had in his time; gives details about this; on AHC’s arrangements; where there is incompatibility between the Hon. Secretary and the Assistant Secretary, it is the latter who must give way; did not hear any suggestion that she behaved improperly; her early resignation was probably in the RAI’s best interests; on Mrs Cherry. 3 pages (autogr.)

 43    Ibid., ibid. – since posting his earlier letter, received note and cheque from Dr E.A. Alport (autogr.)

 44    [Sir George Beresford-Stooke] to WBF, 16 Dec. – agrees with what he says; never had a cross word with Miss Edwards; she left without notice; RAI should have been justified in withholding money from her final salary cheque on this account; Miss Edwards had represented that her salary should be more than Miss Kirkpatrick’s; it was agreed that she should be given a special increment for extra work during MWS’s absence; is not convinced that it would be right to give her a further gift; asks if this would be fair on the rest of the staff. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 45    Ibid. to Miss Audrey Richards, 16 Dec. 1961 – confirms that the special increment of £25 was paid to Miss Edwards in recognition of extra work falling on her in the absence of MWS (tpc.)

 46    AHC to Miss N. Willson, 19 Dec. – on her appointment to a part-time position in the Publications Department; on salary; on housrs (tpc.)

 47    Joan Edwards to Sir George Beresford Stooke, 21 Dec. – refers to AHC telling her that she would be given a sum of money, additional to her salary; on her work and MWS’s being misrepresented; if AHC had asked her how things were managed by MWS through her, she would have gladly told him; in the new year she will begin what promises to be a far more rewarding post at a higher salary; she should not have been told that money was coming to her. 3 leaves (autogr.)

 48    Sir George Beresford Stooke to AHC, 27 Dec. – although addressed to him, it seems to be an attack on AHC; suggests Miss Edwards is suffering from mental derangement; the reply requires careful consideration (autogr.)

 49    Nan Willson to AHC, ibid. – thanks him for letter confirming her appointment; will present herself to start work on 8 Jan. (autogr.)

 50    Joan Edwards to AHC, 8 Feb. 1962 – asks him to express to Council her appreciation of payment of £25 (autogr.)

 51    S.M. France, Clerk to the Officers, to Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance, 9 Sept. 1963 – encloses National Insurance card for Mrs Ilse Michaelis; asks for a new one (tpc.0

 52    AHC to Mrs I. Michaelis, 30 Sept. – sets out her revised terms of employment; encloses copy of a reference (tpc.)

 53    Ibid., 1 Oct. – reference for Mrs Ilse Michaelis (tpc.)

 54    Ibid. to Accountant, 3 Oct. – on salaries for Mrs Michaelis, Dr Kopec, Mrs Sobczak and Miss Wasung (tpc.)

 55    B.J. Kirkpatrick to WBF, 21 Jan. 1964 – encloses note giving the gist of what Mrs Michaelis said in her application to the BM; outlines her duties at the RAI; on previous experience (tp.)

 56    Mrs I. Michaelis, nd – note giving gist of her application to the BM; on experience at the RAI and previously (tp.)

 57    [WBF] to Bentley Bridgewater, British Museum, 6 Feb. 1964 – brings to his attention Mrs I. Michaelis, who might be of use as a part-time worker in the Library; describes her work at the RAI; she is exceptionally careful and conscientious (tpc.)

 58    Bentley Bridgewater to WBF, 11 Feb. – cannot find a record of an application by Mrs Michaelis; will see if there is anything he can do (tp.)

 59    Marianne Möllerström to AHC, 29 Apr. – would like to be considered for post of Library Assistant; gives details of her experience; gives referees (tp.)

 60    Gillian Arnold to AHC, ibid. – applies for post [of Library Assistant]; gives details of her qualifications (tp.)

 61    B.J. Kirkpatrick, Librarian, to Miss Marianne Möllerström, 4 May – is short listing her for the post and taking up references; asks if she can type; asks for snapshot (tpc.)

 62    Ibid. to the Librarian, University Library, Lund, ibid. – asks for reference for Miss Marianne Möllerström (tpc.)

 63    Ibid. to the Director, the Royal Library, Stockholm, ibid. – ibid. (tpc.)

 64    Ibid. to Miss Gillian Arnold, ibid. – notes that she omitted to send names of two referees; asks that she send them as she would like to short list her (tpc.)

 65    Gillian Arnold to [B.J. Kirkpatrick], 5 May – sends names of two referees (tp.)

 66    Lars Tynell, Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, to B.J. Kirkpatrick, 6 May – gives reference for Marianne Möllerström (tp.)

 67    B.J. Kirkpatrick to A.P. Quilley, 7 May – asks for reference for Miss Gillian Arnold (tpc.)

 68    Ibid. to Miss J. Lomax, ibid. – asks for reference for Miss Gillian Arnold (tpc.)

 69    Ibid. to AHC, ibid. – has written to Miss Arnold’s referees; on interviews; on telling other candidates that they cannot offer them the post; on obtaining a work permit (tp.)

 70    nd – note on a form to be obtained from the local labour exchange (tp.)

 71    Marianne Möllerström to B.J. Kirkpatrick, 8 May – thanks her for letter; sends a snapshot; states that she can type (tp.)

 .1    Photograph [enclosed with previous item]

 72    J.C. Lomax, The High School, Stamford, to [B.J. Kirkpatrick], ibid. – gives reference for Gillian Arnold (tp.)

 73    Alan G. Quilley to ibid., 9 May 1964 – ibid. (tp.)

 74    B.J. Kirkpatrick to Dr Lars Tynell, 11 May – is grateful for the information he sent (tpc.)

 75    Krister Gierow, Director, Universitetsbiblioteket, Lund, to B.J. Kirkpatrick, 12 May – gives reference for Marianne Möllerström (tp.)

 76    B.J. Kirkpatrick to AHC, 13 May – note on Miss Arnold and Miss Möllerström (tp.)

 77    AHC to Marianne Möllerström, 15 May – offers her a job to start on 1 June; wishes it to be considered as an appointment for 12 months at least; the first two months to be a probationary period; on salary; on a work permit (tpc.)

 78    Marianne Möllerström to AHC, 20 May – accepts his offer of appointment starting on 1 June; agrees with arrangement of two months’ probationary period (tp.)

 79    AHC to Marianne Möllerström, 22 May – encloses formal letter of appointment; hopes this will help her get through immigration controls; needs some details for the work permit (tpc.)

 80    Ibid., ibid. – formal letter of appointment; is sending a copy of the letter to the Immigration Authorities (tpc.)

 81    Ibid. to the Chief Immigration Officer, Harwich, 27 May – encloses work permit for Marianne Möllerström who is arriving from Sweden on 30 May; provides some further information (tpc.)

 82    26 May – Work permit for Marianne Möllerström. 2 leaves (photocopy)

 83    Maitland Bradfield to Dr Richards, 29 May – writes about an unfairness about to be done towards Mrs Michaelis; on her work in the Library; on changing from full-time to part-time work; a decision has been made that only full-time staff shall be employed, so she has been given notice to leave; she knows her way around the library and is willing to help people; feels that the RAI is doing an injustice to Mrs Michaelis; feels that they will not find anyone as sympathetic as her; feels that facts should be brought before Council before her dismissal becomes final. 4 pages (autogr.)

 84    […?] to Dr Bradfield, nd – Dr Richards retired as President some years ago; the decision to staff the library on a full-time basis is known to and accepted by Council; on Mrs Michaelis’ work in the library; she has been given ample warning of the impending changes; thinks she has been fairly treated (tp. draft)

 85    Audrey I. Richards to Dr Weiner, RAI President 1963-65, 2 June – asks him what she should say in answer to this letter; asks if he will answer it himself (tp.)

 86    Ibid., 7 June – asks him to refer Dr Bradfield’s letter to AHC (autogr.)

 87    J.S. Weiner to Dr M. Bradfield. 15 June – is replying to his letter as Dr Richards ceased to be President some years ago; should be unhappy if he believed that Council took decisions about RAI and its staff without informed discussion; Mrs Michaelis’ employment has been discussed on more than one occasion; on her work in the library; she has been given more than statutory notice; she has been given the same paid holiday as full-time members of staff (tpc.)

 88    Ibid., nd – ibid. (tp. draft with autogr. additions)

 89    R.M. Bradfield to Dr Weiner, 18 June – doubted whether Council had acted wisely or fairly; Mrs Michaelis has found another job (autogr.)

 90    Gillian Arnold to AHC, 27 Mar. [1965] – writes to give notice that she will leave the RAI at the end of Apr., for medical reasons; hopes she shall not cause inconvenience by leaving so abruptly; thanks him for him kindness (autogr.)

 91    AHC to Gillian Arnold, 29 Mar. – regrets her decision to leave but understands the circumstances; on references (tpc.)

 92    Ibid. to Accountant, 18 June – on gratuity for Marianne Möllerström (tpc.)

 93    Ibid. to Coutts & Co., 24 June 1965 – asks them to mark the attached cheque under Exchange Control Regulations and return it (tpc.)

 94    Coutts & Co. to AHC, 28 June – return the cheque marked ‘for the credit of an external account’ (tp. with autogr. notes by AHC)

 95    [AHC?] to Marianne Möllerström, 30 June – encloses cheque to say thank you for all the work she did in the library (tpc.)

 96    Mimi[?] Michaelis to AHC, 30 June 1967 – was hoping to see him to say goodbye; she has loved being at the RAI (autogr.)

 97    E.R. Leach, RAI President 1971-75, to all members of Library staff, 9 Apr. 1973 – his concern as President has been to find ways and means of keeping the RAI in being, fulfilling its functions; in recent years RAI has become insolvent; the annual loss on current account is just about equal to the cost of maintaining the Library; one possible solution is for the RAI to give away its Library; various institutions would accept the gift on their own terms; Council has decided to launch an endowment appeal; the financial value of the Library must be emphasised; the RAI has no present intention of selling the Burton Library; the threat to sell the Burton Library is one of the most valuable financial ‘weapons’ at the RAI’s disposal; addresses point made in a letter from the Library staff that the sale of the Burton collection would not solve the problems of the RAI but merely postpone them; on the isolation felt by Library staff; Council has no intention of selling them ‘down the river’. 4 leaves (tp.)

 98    Barbara Bentley, Administrative Secretary, circular to all staff, 25 June – the Director has resigned; gives run-down on work carried out so far; on Standing Committee; on Annual General Meeting; on the Seligman Centenary Symposium; on the Development Committee and the City Dinner; on a letter from Prince Charles; there have been no major donations to the Fund; on a new budgeting system; on a symbol for the RAI and newly designed stationery; the affairs discussed in this document are confidential. 2 leaves (tp.)

 99    Ibid., circular to the staff, 24 Aug. – attaches a programme for the Conversazione on 4 Oct.; asks for help on that evening; the Sponsors of the Centenary Appeal have been invited to this function; replacements for the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer have not yet been found; on the Seligman Centenary Symposium; on a meeting with Lord Eccles; on the City Dinner; on the accommodation problem; on Richard Thorn and Ann Hurman, and their project to introduce anthropology into schools; on the Schools Theatre Project; on searching for another person to help in the office; on holidays. 2 leaves (tp.)

100    [Ibid.], circular to the staff, Nov. – on leaving the RAI to work for Survival International; the new Hon. Treasurer is Mr Roger Moss; the new Director is Mr Jonathan Benthall; Dr Lucy Mair will act as Hon. Secretary; on the search for outside financial help; on the City Dinner; on accommodation prospects. 3 leaves (tp.)

101    Roger Moss to WBF, 6 Dec. – on Barbara Bentley leaving; the RAI will make her a gift; asks if he would like to contribute (tp.)

102    Mrs Jill Swart to Mr Price, 22 June 1980 – on her salary increase; to accept an increase at the cost of the book purchasing allocation would be absurd; therefore the increase should be deposited in the Library Reserve Fund as a personal donation (tp.)