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Appointed by the Council of the RAI for the purposes of co¬operating with A.T. Marston in his investigation on the Swanscombe skull and on the site of its discovery; and publications of the results; 1936-64. The archive also contains papers relating to an excavation led by John d’Arcy Waechter, 1968-72.

Members of the Committee

M.A.C. Hinton (MACH), FRS, Keeper of Zoology, British Museum Natural History (BMNH) (Chairman)

Dr K.P. Oakley (KPO), FGS, Dept. of Geology, BMNH (Secretary)

Prof. P.G.H. Boswell (PGHB), FRS, Dept. of Geology, Imperial College, London (resigned 2 November 1937)

H.G. Dines (HGD), Geological Survey and Museum

C.F.C. Hawkes (CFCH), Dept. of British and Medieval Antiquities, BM

Prof. W.B.R. King (WBRK), Dept. of Geology, University College, London

Prof. W.E. Le Gros Clark, FRS, Dept. of Anatomy, University of Oxford

A.T. Marston (ATM), LDS

Dr G.M. Morant (GMM), Galton Laboratory, University College, London

S. Hazzledine Warren (SHW), FGS Co-opted

Dr Frank Corner (FC)

Mrs M.A. Cotton (MAC), Institute of Archaeology, University of London

Abbreviations (apart from personal names)

BM                British Museum
BMNH            British Museum Natural History

All letters and papers are either typescripts or typescript carbons unless stated otherwise.

  1    Minutes of meetings, 14 Apr. 1937 – 11 Oct. 1938 (autogr.)

  2    ‘Human and other remains at Swanscombe’, signed: Seen H.G. Dines, 7/5/37 and:

2/1    Corrected proof for MAN, No. 118, June 1937; second copy (uncorrected)

  3    ‘Excavations report: The Barnfield pit section’, signed M. Cotton, initialled KPO

  4    ‘Report on the Swanscombe skull: introduction’, signed KPO (revised MACH) (corrected tp.)

  5    ‘Marston’s section’, notes signed HGD, 2/3/38

  6    ‘Observations on Mr A.T. Marston’s collection of flint artefacts from Barnfield pit, Swanscombe, after examination at the British Museum by Messrs. S. Hazzledine Warren, FGS, K.P. Oakley, FGS, and C.F.C. Hawkes, FSA (edited Dec. 21st, 1937), initialled SHW, KPO, CFCH (corrected tpc.)

  7    ‘Note on the implements and flakes obtained from the skull layer’, signed ATM, 10 Jan, 1938 (corrected tp.)

  8    ‘Copy of typed labels supplied by Mr Marston for his collection submitted for examination by the British Museum, with index-letters A-J added by CFCH’, signed A.T. Marston (corrected tp)

  9    List of persons to whom ‘Offprints of the Committee’s report on the Swanscombe skull are being sent …’ (corrected tp.)

 10-27    Correspondence with Committee

 10    Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd

  1    11 Nov. Lt Col A.C. Davis (ACD), Managing Director to J.P.T. Burchell (JPTB), Royal Society – permission to excavate given subject to full responsibility being accepted (tp., autogr. note by JPTB)

  2    21 Nov. JPTB to ACD – help with company’s mechanical digger requested; readiness to refund expenses incurred

  3    23 Nov. ACD to JPTB – asks him to contact J. Cornhill (Stone Court Ballast Co. Ltd.) and to explain requirements

  4    20 Jan. ACD to Reginald A. Smith (RAS), Keeper, Dept. of British & Medieval Antiquities, BM – refers to Press report of BM Committee supervision of further excavations; has written to ATM asking for further information and to JPTB on the Royal Society Committee; permission to excavate suspended in view of unsatisfactory situation

  5    20 Jan. ACD to KPO – refers to difficulty between those investigating site; permission to excavate suspended until matter is clarified

  6    22 Jan. ACD to RAS – acknowledges letter stating ATM is to excavate; there will be no conflict with Committee if ATM is given permission to proceed

  7    19 Apr. ACD to KPO – declines invitation to nominate a staff member to Committee; assumes he will be informed of investigations
  8    5 June. KPO to ACD – Committee’s decision that careful excavation of lower part of Middle Gravels is required; need for a labourer’s aid under supervision

  9    9 June. ACD to KPO – suggests contacting J. Cornhill

 10    3 July. KPO to Cornhill – thanks him for allowing MAC     and her helpers to excavate

 11    29 July. KPO to ACD – ATM’s investigations completed; seeks the company’s permission to present the human skull and associated animal remains and flint implements to the BM; Committee anxious for A.S. Kennard (ASK) to examine the gravels for the collection of fossil shells and microtine mammals; seeks permission for this work

 12    2 Aug. ACD to KPO – permission given for remains and implements to be lodged with the BM; and for ASK to examine gravels

 13    9 Aug. KPO to ACD – letter of 2 Aug. acknowledged

11/    Dr. E.B. Bailey (EBB), Director, Geological Survey and Museum

  1    28 Oct. KPO to EBB – reproduction of official photographs

  2    1 Nov. EBB to KPO – ibid.

  3    13 May. Ibid. – ibid.

12/    Prof. P.G.H. Boswell, FRS (PGHB), Dept. of Geology, Imperial College, London

  1    22 Sept. PGHB to J. Reid Moir (JRM) – application to the Royal Society for grant (autogr., annotated by JRM and KPO)

  2    22 Jan. PGHB to RAS – ATM and the Committee

  3    29 Jan. Ibid. – ATM and the Chairmanship of the Committee

  4    28 Oct. KPO to PGHB – ATM’s paper

  5    2 Nov. PGHB to KPO – resigns from Committee

13/    J.P.T. Burchell (JPTB), Member of Royal Society Committee; Commissioner for Taxes, Holborn Division

  1    21 Nov. JPTB to RAS – age of pottery from Stone Court Valley; need to expedite pit excavation and the permit for the work

  2    28 Nov. Ibid. – use of mechanical excavator

  3    19 Jan. Ibid. – ATM and the Committee

  4    23 Jan. Ibid. – ATM and misunderstandings

  5    1 Feb. Ibid. – resigns from Committee (an earlier Committee dissolved later in the year) owing to ATM’s attitude

14/    John Grahame Douglas Clark, (JGDC) Editor, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society

  1    4 May. JGDC to KPO – publication of Swanscombe note (autogr. note by JGDC)

15/    Dr. Frank Corner (FC), Royal Societies Club

  1    11 June. FC to KPO – willingness to assist; has known the site since c. 1890; has some artefacts from the site

16/    Mrs Molly A. Cotton (MAC), Institute of Archaeology, University of London

  1    22 June. MAC to KPO (autogr.) – progress at the site

  2    2 Mar. Ibid. (autogr.) – report and its presentation to the Committee

  3    nd. Mon. Ibid. (autogr.) – amendments to report

17/    H.G. Dines, (HGD), Geological Survey and Museum

  1    23 Apr. HGD to KPO (autogr.) – acceptance of membership of the Committee

  2    23 Mar. Ibid. (autogr.) – typescript of geology section of the report

  3    30 July. Ibid. (autogr.) – amendments to the report

  4    13 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – proofs

18/    Christopher F.C. Hawkes (CFCH), Convener of the first Committee meeting; Assistant Keeper, Dept. of British and Medieval Antiquities, British Museum

  1    14 Apr. CFCH to KPO (autogr.) – draft minutes

  2    24 Apr. Ibid. (autogr.) – Committee’s visit to the site; co-option of Prof. W.B.R. King

 2a    7 May. CFCH to Raymond Firth (autogr.) – proposes inviting Prof. King to join the Committee

  3    20 Oct. CFCH to KPO (autogr.) – difficulties with ATM and the Committee

  4    10 Dec. Ibid. (autogr.) – his revision of ATM’s report

  5    31 Dec. Ibid. (tp.) – ATM’s labels for the collection; draft of summary of Archaeological Sub-Committee’s views; return of the collection to ATM

  6    3 Jan. Ibid. (autogr.) – amendments to the draft summary

  7    2 Mar. Ibid. (autogr.) – bill for illus.

  8    5 Apr. Ibid. (autogr.) – publication in JRAI (see Vol.68, 1938, pp. 30-47) and addition to the report; Museum subsidies

  9    8 June. Ibid. – custody of the implements

 10    15 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – illus. for Quartär (see Vol.2, 1939, pp. 54-65), ‘Ein Menschenschadel altpalaolithischen Alters von Swanscombe, Kent’ by K.P. Oakley and G.M. Morant) and revision to proofs

19/    H.M Stationery Office (HMSO)

  1    20 May. HMSO to KPO – reproduction of illus. in JRAI

  2    8 Oct. Ibid. – ibid.

20/    T.D. Kendrick (TDK), Keeper, Dept. of British and Medieval Antiquities, British Museum

  1    5 Nov. TDK to KPO – receipt of the palaeolithic implements from the site

21/    A.S. Kennard (ASK), Geological Survey and Museum

  1    27 July. ASK to KPO (autogr.) – acceptance of invitation to carry out palaeontological investigations

  2    nd. Ibid (autogr.) – investigations

22/    Prof. W.B.R. King (WBRK), Dept. of Geology, University College, University of London

  1    Easter Monday, nd. WBRK to KPO (autogr.) – draft summary

  2    7 May. Ibid. (autogr.) – ibid.

  3    nd Sat. Ibid. (autogr.) – ibid.

23/    Alvan T. Marston (ATM), LDS

  1    16 Sept. ATM to Reginald A. Smith (RAS) – his work at the site; limitations of the mechanical digger; welcomes proposed Committee

  2    22 Jan. Ibid. – relationships with the cement company, the British Museum and the Committee

  3    27 Jan. Ibid. – renewal of cement company’s permit; suggested names for the Committee; £50 fund

  4    28 Jan. ATM’s list of Committee members (autogr.) attached to /5

  5    15 Feb. ATM to RAS – Committee Members

 5a    Ibid. Ibid. to RAI Council – refers to Miss Martindell’s letter [not held]; asks for meeting with Council; has not encountered any indication of a wish to co-operate

  6    7 Mar. ATM to RAS – progress at site

  7    27 Oct. ATM to KPO – ibid.

  8    4 Jan. Ibid. – KPO’s suggestions on terminology for his paper; his disagreement on some issues (JRAI, Vol.67, 1937, pp.339-406)

  9    6 Jan. Ibid. – description of implements and flakes and opinions sought

 10    24 Feb. Ibid. – delay in publishing his paper in the JRAI (see Vol.67, 1937, pp.339-406)

10a    16 Mar. ATM to Geoffrey Miles Morant – on including a comparison to Piltdown in his paper

10b    21 Mar. ATM to H.L. Braunholtz, RAI President 1937-39, 1941-43 – extracts from previous correspondence concerning the terms of the publication of his paper, 2 leaves

10c    24 Mar. Ibid. – expresses appreciation that his paper will be published in full

 11    5 Oct. Ibid. – inability to attend Committee meeting

24/    Dr. Geoffrey Miles Morant (GMM), Galton Laboratory, University College, University of London

  1    4 May. GMM to KPO (autogr.) – report to appear in Man; desirability of Council’s approval (Man, No. 118, June 1937)

  2    11 May. Ibid. (autogr.) – general feeling of the undoubted age of the skull

 2a    17 May. GMM to Raymond Firth (autogr.) – suggests that consideration of statement regarding formation of Committee should be on the agenda of next meeting; no doubt should be cast on the age of the skull

  3    23 June. GMM to KPO (autogr.) – Prof. Le Gros Clark’s exhibit of the skull and data GMM has collated for his report

  4    21 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – discussion with Le Gros Clark on the remains being Homo Sapiens type or not; ATM’s paper; number of proofs to be ordered

  5    5 Jan. Ibid. (autogr.) – proofs of the first part of ATM’s paper and the illus. (JRAI, Vol.67, 1937, pp.339-42, ‘A description of the finding of the skull’)

  6    13 Jan. Ibid. (autogr.) – suggestion that the British Association should set aside half a day for discussion of the Swanscombe remains

  7    17 Jan. Ibid. (autogr.) – ATM’s papers on stratigraphy and the implements; neither to appear in his JRAI article; rumour that some flints were planted (see also /26/3)

  8    4 Mar. Ibid. (autogr.) – proofs for ATM’s plates with final corrections; to be available to other Committee members

 8a    18 Mar. GMM to H.J. Braunholtz (autogr.) – received the enclosed letter from ATM [/23/10a]; suggests the matter should be brought before Council

  9    6 Apr. GMM to KPO (autogr.) – plates; possibility of the BM subsidising publication and selling offprints

 10    15 Apr. Ibid. (autogr.) – plates, blockmakers and figures supplied by C.F.C. Hawkes

10a    21 May. GMM to H.J. Braunholtz – encloses notes which may help in seeking grant; politic to address application to the Director of the BMNH. 2 leaves [see /32/6, /7, /8]

 11    28 June. GMM to KPO (autogr.) – text of report and the plates; date of handing the remains to the BM

11a    17 July. GMM to H.J. Braunholtz (autogr.) – encloses invoices for drawings, to be sent to BMNH

 12    22 July. GMM to KPO (autogr.) – RAI move to 21 Bedford Square; meeting to discuss queries and amendments to the text

 13    3 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – proofs and H.G. Dines’s alterations; number of offprints for contributors and for sale; two photographs similar to those in the report; contribution to Quartär (see /18/10 for details)

 14    8 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – use by KPO of JRAI illus. for their joint Quartär paper; suggestion for hardback copies of the Report for sale at 5s. and 2s. 6d. – 3s. for paper covers; interest in BMNH’s Patagonian skull

 15    11 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – page proof of eight sections of the report with first proofs corrected by KPO; remarks on figs. and plates

 16    14 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – page proofs and urgency of return

 17    22 Aug. Ibid. (autogr.) – acknowledges return of proofs; all queries settled; comments on their joint Quartär article (see /18/10 for details)

 18    16 Sept. Ibid. (autogr.) – production of the report; the Treasury has approved grant of £30 to RAI; Secretary of BMNH considers additional grant unlikely; possibility of Royal Society grant being used; Sec. says BMNH unlikely to order reprints for sale; probable total of 475 reprints

25/    Reginald A. Smith (RAS), Keeper, Dept. of British and Medieval Antiquities, British Museum (retired July 1937)

  1    30 Sept. KPO to RAS – transfer of Royal Society’s £50 grant to RAI Committee

  2    nd. RAS to KPO (autogr.) – cheques covering Royal Society grant enclosed

  3    22 Oct. Ibid. (autogr.) – documents relating to excavation and Royal Society application form sent; informed of requirement to report to RS

26/    S. Hazzledine Warren (SHW), FGS

  1    7 May. SHW to KPO (autogr.) – comments on the proof for Man and criticism of ATM’s terminology

  2    Corrected proof for Man of ‘Human and other remains in the 100 ft. terrace at Swanscombe’ (Man, No. 118, June 1937)

  3    14 Aug. SHW to KPO (autogr.) – informed of rumour that implements had been planted as a joke; visited the site and found it quite untrue; the foreman thinks the men are selling the best implements and wishes to catch them doing so; hopes to visit Clacton

  4    3 Jan. SHW to KPO (autogr.) – comments on ‘Observations on the flint artefacts after examination at the BM; annotated report enclosed

  5    ‘Observations on Mr. A.T. Marston’s collection of flint artefacts from Barnfield pit, Swanscombe, after examination at the British Museum by Messrs S. Hazzledine Warren, FGS, K.P. Oakley, FGS, and C.F.C. Hawkes, FSA’ signed: S. Hazzledine Warren, Kenneth P. Oakley, C.F.C. Hawkes (corrected tp.)

  6    24 Apr. SHW to KPO (autogr.) – difficulties in phoning KPO; disagrees with much in the draft report; expects to discuss it with CFCH; found interesting evidence at Cromer on beach flakings

  7    Address of Cundell Eve and Co. Ltd. (autogr.)

27/    Sir Arthur Smith Woodward (ASW)

  1    5 Nov.    ASW to RAS (autogr.) – pleased to learn of help for ATM; willing to join Committee; suggests KPO watches the site; difficulty of ATM’s personality; hopes more skull remains will be found; mentions Piltdown and work at Newick

  2    20 Jan. ASW to RAS (autogr.) – glad ATM to continue digging at site; had no communication about Committee; informed RAI is having trouble with ATM’s paper

  3    30 Jan. ASW to RAS (autogr.) – glad to have information on Committee, wonders at Dewey’s [Henry Dewey, FGS] omission; best to let ATM proceed as he pleases

28/    Alfred Scheuer (AS): papers relating to his doubt as to the authenticity of the skull

  1    26 Jan. ‘Swanscombe re-opening’, 10 leaves – submission to the RAI, including demand for a new Committee with himself as investigator

  2    27 Jan. Record of receipt

  3    3 Feb. AS to RAI – no acknowledgement received (autogr. note: ack. 5 Feb.)

  4    3 Feb. W.B. Fagg (WBF), Hon. Secretary to KPO – AS’s visit to him at the BM; availability of files; would like background information (2 copies)

 4a    6 Feb. KPO to WBF (autogr.) – thanks him for dealing with AS’s enquiry; statement deleted from galley proof of report is unimportant

  5    ‘Report on the Swanscombe skull: extracts from draft introduction’ (2 copies, one with WBF’s corrections)

  6    11 Feb. Assistant Director, Geological Survey to RAI – inquiries received from AS concerning omission of some words from published report

  7    10 Feb. Copy of his reply to AS

  8    15 Feb. AS to RAI – essential MACH and other Committee members present their views as to alteration of the report; intends to publish news of the scandal

  9    1 Mar. Ibid. – immediate action by RAI demanded

 10    5 Mar. Report of conversation between ?WBF and ATM on latter’s excavations; his description agrees with the published report in JRAI (Vol.37, 1937, pp. 339-42)

 11    24 Mar. AS to RAI and Geological Society – proposes an open meeting to which he can place his evidence; it will clear up the scandal

 12    29 Mar. AS to RAI – unless RAI takes action he will expose the affair

 13    5 Apr. WBF to AS – Council unable to find grounds to doubt authenticity of findings

 14    1 Sept. AS to RAI – copy of letter to be sent to the Press (autogr. note by WBF, 13 Sept.)

 15    14 Apr. W.A. Ferguson, Secretary, BMNH, to AS – acknowledges his letters to the Director [not held]; answers the points made in them

 16    15 Apr. AS to RAI – refers to RAI report; offers his own investigation for publication (18 Apr. autogr. note by WBF to KPO added)

 17    25 Apr. KPO to WBF – encloses copy of Secretary’s letter to AS [/28/15]; WBF’s short reply all that seems necessary

 18    1 June 1941 AS to RAI – encloses paper on ‘The Swindle of the Magdalenian Cultures’. 4 leaves

29/    Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research: grant towards publication of report

  1    9 Feb. KPO to Paul Fejos (PF), Director of Research, Wenner-Gren – acknowledges grant of $1000 (£355.5.5)

  2    9 Feb. Lloyds Bank to KPO – grant received

  3    10 Feb. KPO to Marian W. Smith (MWS), Hon. Sec., RAI – cheque for grant enclosed

  4    11 Feb. MWS to accountant – directions for cheque

  5    12 Feb. MWS to KPO – acknowledges cheque

  6    8 Nov. PF to KPO – report on grant requested for annual report

  7    27 Nov. Anthony Christie, Hon. Sec., RAI to PF – Swanscombe monograph ready for press in 1962

  8    4 Dec. PF to AC – acknowledges letter of 27 Nov.

  9    17 Dec. Lita Binns Fejos (LBF), Director of Research, Wenner-Gren to KPO – report on grant requested

 10    12 Mar. AC to LBF – monograph in page proof; due for publication in the summer

 11    20 Mar. LBF to AC – acknowledges letter of 12 March

30/    Printing estimates, costs, and schedules

  1    18 Mar. Headley Brothers Ltd to RAI – estimate

  2    19 Sept. RAI to William Clowes & Sons Ltd – estimate requested

  3    25 June. Clowes to RAI – revised estimates and covering letter, 3 pages

  4    17 July. Ibid. – production schedule and covering letter
  5    17 July. RAI to Clowes – print run of 1000 confirmed

  6    20 July. Clowes to RAI – production schedule and covering letter

  7    1 Sept. Ibid. – revised date of despatch

  8    10 Sept. Ibid. – advice note for 780 copies

  9    11 Sept. Ibid. – advice note for 161 copies

 10    17 Sept. Clowes to Cameron D. Ovey, Editor – advice note for line blocks

 11    24 Sept. Clowes to RAI – standing type charges after 6 months

 12    Proofs of title-page and spine

31/    Correspondence concerning publication (see The Swanscombe skull: a survey of research on a pleistocene site edited by Cameron D. Ovey, 1964 (Occ. Pap. RAI, Vol. 20)

  1    20 Mar. Admin. Sec. to KPO –‘flint’ section of the report; and meeting for an invited group

  2    8 Sept. Admin. Sec. to Hon. Editor [G.W.B. Huntingford] – Swanscombe drawings to be sent to J. Wymer (JW), Museum & Art Gallery, Reading for slides to be made

  3    30 Sept. JW to Admin. Sec. (J. Edwards) – asks for drawings of the flint implements for slides (annotated by MWS[mith])

  4    6 Oct. Admin. Sec. to JW – drawings now received and in her office

  5    8 Oct. JW to Admin. Sec. – relieved to know drawings are safe; will collect them

  6    29 Dec. Hon. Sec. to KPO – Headley’s asked to estimate

  7    6 Apr. Hon. Editor to Hon. Sec. – willing to deal with the publication

  8    8 Apr. Hon. Sec. to Hon. Ed. – drawings for the paper at RAI

  9    17 Feb. Admin. Sec. acknowledges receipt of typescript, photographs, drawings and plans from KPO

 10    2 June. Hon. Sec. to KPO – planning publication schedule and possibility of KPO completing the report

 11    28 Aug. A.J. Sutcliffe (AJS), BMNH to Hon. Ed. – encloses his report on the mammals; inquires about offprints

 12    31 Aug. Admin. Sec. to AJS – acknowledges report on mammals

 13    24 Oct. AJS to Admin. Sec. – hopes publication will proceed soon; omission of a name from acknowledgements

 14    15 Feb. Hon. Sec. to Dr. J.S. Weiner (JSW), Dept of Human Anatomy, University of Oxford – inquires as to delivery date of his manuscript

 15    16 Feb. JSW to Hon. Sec. – delay due to computer problems

 16    [Aug.] KPO to Hon. Sec. – unable to edit the report owing to illness; suggests Cameron D. Ovey (CDO)

 17    28 Aug. Hon. Sec. to CDO – invites CDO to edit the report; inquires as to normal fee

 18    3 Sept. CDO to Hon. Sec. – willing to undertake editing

 19    5 Sept. Hon. Sec. to CDO – acknowledges letter of 3 Sept. and suggests discussing fee when he is in London

 20    10 Sept. CDO to Hon. Sec. – will be in London; suggests date

 21    20 Sept. Don R. Brothwell (DRB), BMNH, Dept. of Palaeontology to Hon. Sec. – list of comments and suggestions following talks with KPO and

 22    List of contents sent by Hon. Sec. (tp., annotated by DRB)

 23    22 Oct. CDO to Hon. Sec. – inquires whether KPO has written the introduction; KPO trying to regain health

 24    11 Dec. T.D. Stewart, Director, Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC to DRB – encloses reprint of his paper for inclusion in report

 25    3 Jan. Hon. Sec. to CDO – papers complete but considering the inclusion of earlier work; KPO and DRB investigating

 26    17 Jan. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – has met KPO and expects additions; awaiting new printer’s estimates and their acceptance by RAI

 27    21 Feb. Hon. Sec. to DCO – has complete material; suggests meeting in view of problems

 28    4 Mar. Hon. Sec. to KPO – all material now with CDO; inquires as to fee and funds available

 29    6 Mar. KPO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – suggests fee

 30    24 Apr.    Hon. Sec. to CDO – additional material from KPO and possibility of more from AJS

 31    25 Apr. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – hopes to commence editing by mid-May; glad to include additional material

 32    10 May. Hon. Sec. to CDO – no news of additional material; suggests meeting soon including DRB

 33    15 May. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – suggests date for meeting; comments on meetings with Bernard Campbell and Eric Higgs

 34    24 May. Hon. Sec. to Geological Survey – request for new photographs for paper and permission to print; and attached:

 35    Notes by Hon. Sec. dated 5 July

 36    24 May. Hon. Sec. to CDO – title of T.D. Stewart’s paper requested

 37    25 May. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – editing progressing well; German article being translated; suggests an indexer

 38    26 May. Hon. Sec. to Institutonacional de Antropologia e Historia, Mexico (INAH) – requests permission to publish Stewart’s paper

 39    26 May. KPO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – additional para for report; suggests Prof. Derek Freeman as possible lecturer while in the UK

 40    18 June. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – KPO’s additions; German translation and indexing costs; Bernard Campbell to check German translation for technical terms; list of blocks for illus. needed

 41    18 June. INAH to Hon. Sec. – permission given

 42    Contents of monograph

 43    1 July. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – regrets inability to attend garden party; encloses copy of proposed layout; inclusion of earlier papers

 44    8 July. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr. pc.) – reproduction required of fig. 19

 45    12 July. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr. pc.) – fig. 19 and other figs.

 46    17 July. Ibid. – reproduction of figs; note on payment

 47    Note on payment by Hon. Sec.

 48    18 July. Hon. Sec. to CDO – issues of JRAI sent

 49    23 Aug. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – specimen page enclosed; figs for E. Breitinger’s chapter; Geological Survey photos received

 50    Specimen pages

 51    5 Sept. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr. pc.) – asks for decision on specimen pages

 52    9 Sept. Hon Sec. to CDO – reservations about specimen pages

 53    14 Sept. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – has had discussions with printers who will provide another specimen

 54    16 Sept. Hon. Sec. to CDO – approves suggestions

 55    24 Sept. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – encloses specimen B

 56    Specimen pages B

 57    25 Sept. Hon. Sec. to CDO – approves new format; cards     for bibliography to be sent

 58    7 Oct. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – copy now edited except for bibliography; possible authors     suggested for Introduction

 59    8 Oct. Hon. Sec. to CDO – bibliography to be sent soon; proposes writing Introduction

 60    28 Feb. KPO to Hon. Sec. – Swanscombe site declared National Nature Reserve in 1954 by Nature Conservancy; copy of letter to Wenner-Gren sent to Bernard Campbell; draft title-page enclosed

 61    Draft title-page – initialled KPO and DRB

 62    9 Mar. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr. pc.) – address for posting Foreword and bibliography

 63    11 Mar. Hon. Sec. to printers – text for Foreword and prelims sent; layout of title-page

 64    Text of Foreword

 65    11 Mar. Hon. Sec. to CDO – text for Foreword and bibliography sent; Foreword and draft prelims sent to printers

 66    c.13 Mar. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – able to proceed with final stages of monograph

 67    14 Apr. Hon. Sec. to CDO – proofs received; asked to ensure no authors re-write at this stage

 68    2 June. Hon. Sec. to printers – sends information for dust jacket

 69    23 June. Hon. Sec. to CDO – details of dust jacket

 70    13 Oct. CDO to Hon. Sec. (autogr.) – letter from JW inquiring about offprints of his chapter enclosing:

 71    8 Oct. JW to CDO (autogr.)

 72    15 Oct. Hon. Sec. to JW – no offprints but book available at special rate for Fellows

 73    20 Oct. JW to Hon. Sec. – acknowledges letter of 15 Oct.

 74    21 Dec. Printers to Hon. Sec. – seeks permission to send JW blocks for his chapter

 75    31 Dec. Hon. Sec. to printers – will write to JW before deciding

 76    31 Dec. Hon. Sec. to JW – requests reason for requiring blocks

 77    5 Jan. JW to Hon. Sec. – wrote to printers at Editor’s suggestion; original drawings destroyed; use of blocks would save his time in preparing a book on the Thames Valley palaeolithic period

 78    18 Jan. Hon. Sec. to JW – permission given to use blocks

 79    19 Jan. JW to Hon. Sec. – acknowledges letter of 18 Jan. (autogr. note by JW)

 80    27 Apr. AJS to Hon. Sec. – sends thanks for copy of the book; has distributed circulars which he hopes will assist sales

32/    Miscellaneous correspondence etc., 1937-38

  1    5 May. K.M. Martindell to Dr Raymond Firth (autogr.) – refers to Minute relating to formation of Swanscombe Committee [see A10/4 f. 301]

  2    Ibid. Dr Raymond Firth to [Royal Society]; – informs of formation of Swanscombe Committee; refers to grant from Royal Society not yet expended; asks that the amount be transferred to MACH

  3    28 May. Clerk to the Government Grant Committee, the Royal Society, to Dr Raymond Firth – approved the transfer of the grant to MACH

  4    19 June – article from Nature on the formation of Swanscombe Committee (cutting)
  5    20 May. MACH to H.J. Braunholtz (autogr.) – on cost of the illustrations for Swanscombe Report

  6    26 May. H.J. Braunholtz to the Director, BMNH – on the cost of illustrations for the report on the Swanscombe skull; asks whether BMNH might award a grant towards this cost; on making offprints available. 2 leaves

  7    2 June. Thomas Wooddisse, BMNH, to ibid. – grant will be awarded provided that the skull will come to the Museum

  8    8 Nov. Ibid. to Dr Raymond Firth – grant has been approved; suggests that it is used to cover costs of illustrations

33/    Papers relating to excavation led by John d’Arcy Waechter, 1968-72

  1    17 Oct. A.H. Christie, RAI Hon. Secretary 1961-70 (AHC) to [Dr Poore], Director, The Nature Conservancy – Committee set up at RAI to consider further investigations at Swanscombe; a Scientific Advisory Committee will be appointed; hopes that Nature Conservancy will be represented; asks for their consent to suggestion for further research. 2 leaves

  2    20 Oct. G. Ainsworth Harrison, Anthropology Laboratory, University of Oxford, to KPO – sorry that he misled him; he can accept an application for the Boise Fund (autogr. note by KPO added)

  3    21 Oct. KPO to AHC – sends some forms which may be useful when making applications for grants

 .1    Wenner-Gren application form [enclosed with /33/3] (printed)

 .2    Percy Sladen Memorial Fund application form [enclosed with /33/3] (printed)

  4    26 Oct. R.E. Boote, the Nature Conservancy, to AHC – response to AHC’s letter to Dr Poore [/33/1]; pleased to agree to proposal for further research; would like to be represented on Scientific Advisory Committee

  5    4 Nov. AHC to R.E. Boote – thanks him for letter; will ask him to send representative in due course

  6    10 Nov. H.W. Ball, BMNH, to KPO – on Museum’s participation in project; asks for application from the Committee chaired by Dr John Napier giving details of how a grant from the Museum would be spent

  7    1 Dec. John Napier, Chairman, Swanscombe Planning Committee, to Sir Terence Morrison-Scott, Director, BMNH – on the new Committee; on publication by RAI of previous research; on the proposed excavations; RAI is preparing a statement in support of request for financial aid; BMNH has long been associated with the RAI investigations. 2 leaves

  8    8 Dec. Sir Terence Morrison-Scott to Dr John Napier – Trustees of BMNH have agreed a grant of £1000 towards the work at Swanscombe; asks for 3 copies of the statement mentioned in his [Napier’s] letter

  9    13 Dec. AHC to Sir Terence Morrison-Scott – thanks him for welcome news; will send statement as soon as it is ready

 10    3 Jan. John Wymer, South Africa, to AHC – sends his address in case there is anything he can do to help with the Swanscombe appeal

 11    16 Jan. AHC to John Wymer – thanks him for letter; not much to report yet

 12    3 Feb. [wrongly dated 1966] Michael Day, Dept. of Anatomy, Middlesex Hospital, to AHC – encloses draft of preliminary application to the Nuffield Foundation; it makes quite clear that it is an RAI project

 13    9 Feb. AHC to the Director, the Nuffield Foundation – encloses application on behalf of RAI Council, setting out proposals for investigations at Swanscombe

 14    AHC, Michael Day, ‘A Pleistocene Research Project: Swanscombe, Kent’ – application to Nuffield Foundation; encloses copy of The Swanscombe Skull [see /31]; gives details of new proposal; includes list of members of Scientific Advisory Committee; includes history of the site. 6 leaves

 15    14 Feb. K.W. Blyth, the Nuffield Foundation, to AHC – thanks him for letter [/33/13]; will consider proposal, but there is little chance that the Foundation can offer assistance

 16    17 Feb. Michael Day to AHC (autogr.) – response from Nuffield ‘not encouraging’; has drafted a reply; suggests other sources of funding

 17    28 Feb. M.V. Labern, the Nature Conservancy, to AHC – encloses letter from Dr Sieveking, who wishes to take samples from Swanscombe reserve; does RAI have any comments

 18    25 Feb. Gale Sieveking to M.V. Lab[e]rn (photocopy) – returns map with position of proposed samples marked; gives details of what he intends to do. 2 leaves, and a printed map

 .1    map enclosed with /33/1 (printed) [kept in map cabinet]

 19    3 Mar. AHC to K.W. Blyth – amplifies reasons for approaching the Nuffield Foundation

 .1    draft of /33/19 with autogr. corrections

 20    9 Mar. [AHC?] to Michael Day – refers to ‘emotional masterpiece’

 21    20 Mar. K.W Blyth to AHC – regrets that Nuffield Foundation unable to offer a grant; returns the monograph [The Swanscombe Skull]

 22    28 Mar. [AHC] to K.W. Blyth – thanks him for letter, which was not a surprise

 23    21 Mar. Ibid. to M.V. Labern – confirms verbal consent to work proposed by Dr Sieveking

 24    7 May. John Wymer to AHC – anxious to know the situation regarding Swanscombe; if there is nothing positive he will stay in South Africa another year; on his excavations; on permission for a publisher to use the figures published in his part of the report

 25    12 May. AHC to John Wymer – situation regarding Swanscombe depressing; suggests Wymer accept the year’s extension

 26    25 May. John Wymer to AHC – news is disappointing; suggests meeting AHC and Michael Day in London in Aug.

 27    25 Oct. Sir Terence Morrison-Scott to Dr Michael Day – refers to letter of 24 Oc. [not held]; on grant awarded to Swanscombe project; refers to letters between John Napier and himself [/33/7, /8]

 28    4 Jan. AHC to Prof. Ronald Singer – thanks him for letter of 27 Dec. [not held]; letter will be discussed by the Advisory Committee; proposal will be put to Council on 8 Feb.; note to Michael Day added

 29    14 Feb. Ronald Singer to AHC – is anxious to learn the outcome of deliberations on his application to ‘set up shop’ at Swanscombe

 30    22 Feb. AHC to Prof. Singer – project was laid before Council on 8 Feb.; a further meeting of Swanscombe Committee was thought essential; any excavations would have to be supervised by a committee approved by Government department; will write again when there is further news

 31    6 Mar. RAI Clerk to the Officers to the Accountant, BMNH – acknowledges receipt of cheque for £500

 32    4 Apr. Dr G.P. Black to AHC – requests report on Swanscombe for Council for British Archaeology Annual Report

 33    26 Apr. AHC to G.P. Black – RAI is sponsoring an excavation under direction of Dr J.A. Waechter, Institute of Archaeology; Council has received from Prof. Singer of University of Chicago proposals for excavation to be carried out by Mr Wymer; these proposals do not seem to RAI Committee to constitute a satisfactory scientific basis for research, so will not be entertained in their present form

 34    26 June. AHC to Prof. Singer – discussions since his departure from London not favourable; Dr Waechter’s excavation has been sanctioned; this will be possible without recourse to outside bodies for funding; sorry that it is not possible to involve Prof. Singer in the project

 35    4 July. AHC, J.S. La Fontaine, to Coutts & Co. – to arrange credit of £700 to Dr Waechter at bank in Ebbsfleet

 36    8 July – Coutts & Co. to AHC – have arranged credit of £700

 37    9 July. A.P. Coleman, Secretary, BMNH, to AHC – on grant for Swanscombe

 38    17 July. AHC to Dr Waechter – on journalistic enquiries about Swanscombe; on exclusivity

 39    23 July. Ibid. to the Director, BMNH – expresses RAI’s gratitude for grant

 40    Ibid. to the Secretary, British Academy – makes an application on behalf of Dr Waechter; details of the current programme; on costs; on grants already received

 41    3 Feb. Mary Swainson, Research Secretary, British Academy, to AHC – before his application goes before Committees, asks how much he hopes to receive; would like to know results of other applications

 42    19 Feb. Paul Johnstone, Senior Producer, BBC, to AHC – ‘Chronicle’ [BBC TV programme] will contribute £250 in return for exclusive feature rights

 43    25 Feb. AHC to Paul Johnstone – grateful for the contribution; agrees to the exclusive feature rights

 44    5 Mar. Ibid. to Mary Swainson – apologises for delay; would be grateful if the Academy could provide £500; reports on other sources of funding

 45    6 Mar. Mary Swainson to AHC – will pass the information to the Committees

 46    28 May. D.F. Allen, Secretary, British Academy, to AHC – Council of the Academy has awarded £500, which will be available when required; will provide reports for the Academy

 47    29 May. AHC to D.F. Allen – thanks him for welcome news; would be grateful for the cheque, as excavations will start in mid-June

 48    2 June. Ibid. to [?] – writes in amplification of application for support regarding Swanscombe excavations; gives details of extent of excavation; number of excavators; mileage allowance; computer time

 49    4 June. Molly Myers for D.F. Allen to AHC – sends cheque for £500; would be grateful for reports

 50    18 June. Barbara Bentley, Clerk to the Officers, to D.F. Allen – acknowledges receipt of cheque

 51    2 July. Judith A. Collyer, Natural Environment Research Council, to Dr Waechter – Geology and Geophysics Research Grants Sub-Committee has recommended an award of £2000 over two years; breakdown of award; asks how he would like sum for staff costs divided

 52    9 July. AHC, Adrian Mayer, to Coutts & Co. – to arrange credit of £700 to Dr Waechter

 53    Ibid. AHC to Judith Collyer – response to letter to Dr Waechter [/33/51]; accepts proposals made in her letter; on the item for staff

 54    25 July. J.A. Jolliffe, Natural Environment Research Council, to AHC – confirmation of grant, subject to terms and conditions as attached. 2 leaves

 .1    Natural Environment Research Council, conditions of grant [attached to /33/54]. 5 pages

 55    29 July. Barbara Bentley to J.A. Jolliffe – AHC is abroad at present

 56    12 Aug. AHC to ibid. – confirms willingness of RAI to accept terms and conditions

 57    21 Nov. Mary Swainson to AHC – Committees will be meeting soon; would be glad of a report on progress at Swanscombe

 58    19 Dec. AHC to D.F. Allen – asks for continued support of British Academy for Swanscombe excavations; reports on work in the previous year; outlines plans for work in the coming year

 59    22 Dec. Mary Swainson to AHC – will pass his application to Committees

 60    Ibid. Aileen King for J.A. Jolliffe to Dr Waechter – asks for forecast of future expenditure; encloses ‘Estimate[d] Expenditure’ form [not held]

 61    5 Feb. – invitation to lecture by Dr Waechter on Swanscombe (tp. pc)

 .1    (autogr.) list of those to whom special invitations should be sent [attached to /33/61]

 62    25 Feb. Barbara Bentley to Accountant – asks for cheque for £144 for Dr Waechter

 .1    (autogr.) figures [attached to /33/62]. 2 leaves

 63    26 May. Dr Waechter to J.A. Jolliffe – encloses Estimated Expenditure form; apologises for lateness; asks if grant could be administered through the Institute of Archaeology rather than RAI

 64    27 May. D.F. Allen to AHC – Council of British Academy has awarded £500 for Swanscombe excavation

 65    28 May. Barbara Bentley to D.F. Allen – thanks him for letter to AHC who has now retired; will pass the letter to Dr Waechter, the new Hon. Secretary

 66    19 June. Ibid. to D.A. Frawley, Natural Environment Research Council – thanks him for letter regarding application for funds [not held]; confirms that payment should be made to Dr Waechter

 67    Ibid. Ibid. to Research Secretary, British Academy – on transferring the grant awarded

 68    26 June. Nora Myers, British Academy, to Barbara Bentley – sends cheque for £500; asks for a report before the end of Oct.

 69    1 July. Barbara Bentley to the Accountant – on transferring money to Dr Waechter

 70    Ibid. Ibid. to Nora Myers – thanks her for cheque; will ask Dr Waechter to submit report

 72    19 Dec. [?] to ‘John’ [Waechter?] – on questions from the Natural Environment Research Council

 73    28 Feb. Dr Waechter to Miss C.S. Sunley, Natural Environment Research Council – thanks her for letter of 23 Feb. [not held]; on various aspects of the excavation; refers to ‘Mr Conway’ and his annual reports; on various other specialists working on the site

34/    Maps and diagram [stored in map cabinet]

  1    nd, map of Swanscombe (copy)

  2    1968, map of Swanscombe (copy)

  3    diagramatic sections, Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe, 1968 (photocopy)