Brewster, Adolphe (MS 25a)

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Genealogies and histories of Mantanitu: or, tribal governments of central Viti Levu, Great Fiji [original native documents]

[120] pp. 33 cm and insertion 36 pp. 22.5 cm



 /1 Noemalu: account of the election of the first Vunivalu of Noemalu

 /2 Noikoro: original notes by Jimi Tiraulevu, district scribe of Noemalu, 27 Nov. 1892

 /3 Vunaqumu: original notes by Aliferete, district scribe of Noemalu, 1890

 /4 Muaira: original manuscript of Jolame (Joram) Tamanavuilagi, district scribe of Muaira, 7 May 1892

 /5 Nadrau: original manuscript of Nathaniel, district scribe, c. 1895

 /6 Colo navosa: or, Tholo west tribes from the manuscript of the Rev. Felix (Vilikeasa) Kalou, 21 Aug. 1895


 /1 Naqio of Noikoro, recorded by B. Glanvill Corney, 29 July 1919; Turou Nagatagata; Jehevah and Degei

 /2 Autograph letter from A.B. Brewster dated 28 March 1925