Hobley, Charles William “collection” (MS 27)

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Anthropological papers by various people and correspondence, listed and annotated by A.W. Champion. [London, 1947].

57 pts. Various sizes

Handwritten and typewritten

1-54 listed by A.W. Champion; 55-7 additions.

Contents: Contents list by A.W. Champion

/1 The Wa-Langulu … [by C.W. Hobley]

/2 The Wadigo of Vanga district, by G.H. Osborne

/3 An account of the taking of the oath of they hyena by the Giriama elders … by J.M. Pearson

/ 4 The Giriama oath … by C.W. Hobley [3 copies]

/5 Galla equivalents to the words in the Ariangulo vocabulary, by C.W. Hobley

/6 Personal names, by A.W. Champion

/7 Girijama clans, with covering letter dated 12 May 1914 by A.W. Champion

/8 Two letters from Sir J.G. Frazer, dated 4 Sep. 1909 and 27 Nov. 1920, and MS of Frazer’s introduction to Hobley’s book, dated 11 Mar. 1922

/9 Typescript of a monograph on the Masai; translated from the German by C. Dundas (t.p. wanting)

/10 Medicine plants in use in British East Africa, [by an unidentified author] (2 copies)

/11 Proposals for the application of anthropology to native administration (1930), by C.W. Hobley

/12 Memo of land ownership within the Kikuyu reserve, by F.W. Isaac

/13 The Ngoloko, [by an unidentified author]

/14 The regalia of the Wa-Vumba, by T. A. Dickson, with handwritten notes by C.W. Hobley

/15 Kikuyu system of land tenure; … c. 1918, by J. Ainsworth

/16 Tribal and inter-tribal position and relations and their forms of government, by ? C.W. Hobley

/17 Letter on Masai folklore, dated 13 July 1906, addressed to A.C. Hollis, probably by C.W. Hobley

/18 [Customs of the Wa-Taveta]: ‘Irika’ 1914, by S.H. La Fontaine

/19 To ask the witch-doctor: Kikamba, Kwantaya, by O. Thermann

/20 Witchraft (uwe) amongst the Wakamba, by O. Thermann, with covering letter dated 27 Dec. 1912, by C. Dundas

/21 Notes on the Dorobo people and other tribes, by ? C.W. Hobley

/22 Ngai, by C. Dundas (with covering letter dated 14 Mar. 1913)

/23 Notes on Mogogodo tribe, by ? C.W. Hobley

/24 Letters 24 Nov. 1926 and 22 Feb. 1927 from C.C. Luck

/25 Letter, 18 Apr. 1923 from Sir H.H. Johnston

/26 Notes on the Dorobo people and other tribes … [material for /21], by A.C.H.

/27 That ghosts and other psychic phenomena exist, by C.W. Hobley

/28 Letter dated 12 Sep. 1930, with notes on the Tharaka, by E.R. Shackleton

/29 The administration of the African, by C.W. Hobley

/30 African sign writing, by C.W. Hobley

/31 Notes on the Baringo district [by an unidentified author]

/32 The WaDegerre: [copy of a letter from 23 Dec. 1947], by G.H. Osborne

/33 Native law of debt etc.: memorandum by C.W. Hobley, with attached letters, F.W. Isaac [13 Aug. 1913] and C. Dundas [21 Aug. 1913] from A.W. Champion [8 Oct. 1913]

/34 The story of the Wawango being called Kavirondo … notes by A.C. Hollis with covering letter dated 26 May 1923 from B. Tate

/35 Kikuyu songs, 2 pts., annotated by C.W. Hobley

/36 Names among the Kikuyu, by ? C.W. Hobley

/37 The Kichandi, by C.W. Hobley

/38 A Kikuyu oracle, [by an unidentified author]

/39 Evil eye, [by an unidentified author]

/40 Further researches into Kikuyu and Kamba customs, by C.W. Hobley

/41 Memorandum on Masai organisation and social life, by C. Dundas

/42 The grades of elders among the A-Kamba, by C.W. Hobley

/43 Further notes on the Ethnological Dorobo … by C.W. Hobley

/44 Nature folklore, [with covering letter dated 10 Jan. 1923] by A. Loveridge

/45 Religious ideas and customs of the Wakamba, by … Hofman [c. 1910]

/46 Kamba belief in spirits, by E. Brutzer-Imba

/47 The sacred fig-tree of the Kikuyu, by Merwyn W.H. Beech

/48 Memo on Masai … by C. Dundas

/49 Mathembo groups of the Akamba; (copied from Political Record Book)

/50 Marriage, etc. [by an unidentified author]

/51 Customs of the Akamba … by C. Dundas [missing 30.7.97]

/52 Varieties of the Kisuba language, by G.A.S. Northcote

/53 Ethnology of the A-Kamba tribe … by C.W. Hobley

/54 History of the Kitui, by C. Dundas

/55 Extract from paper on Kikuyu land tenure, by E. Stone, with covering letter to Mr Dobbs, dated 29 June 1918, forwarded to C.H. Wedgwood 23 Aug. 1918

/56 Afrikanische Bilderschriften, by K. Weule, (printed article); translated and annotated by C.W. Hobley

/57 Letter from A.M. Champion, dated 11 May 1941