Durham, Mary Edith “collection” (MS 41)

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My Balkan notebook: drawings, photographs and notes, made between 1900-1914, by Mary Edith Durham. London, 1940

3 vols. 30.5 x 40.5 cm

Dark brown cloth boards; lettered in dull red on circular label on upper cover: My Balkan notebook …

Contents :

/1 Primitive implements – boats, hearths, buildings in various Balkan districts, Serbia: costumes, buildings, etc.

/2 Sun + moon designs, tattoos, graves in Bosnia + Albania, Montenegro: buildings, costumes, war mutilations

/3 Albania: tribes, costumes, buildings, etc.

1, p. 1 holograph: ‘I give these books of drawings, photographs and notes to the Royal Anthropological Institute with the hope that, in the future, they may be of interest as a record of the very primitive conditions in East Europe at the beginning of the 20th century’, [signed] M.E. Durham, February 1940

2, leaf 29, autograph letter and signed photograph of King Nicola of Montenegro

3, front., end-paper photograph of M.E. Durham

Compiled 1940 just before her death.

13 colour transparencies of various sketches from MS 41 and 47.

Presented by W.B. Bland, 14/9/87