Durham, Mary Edith “collection” (MS 57)

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Political correspondence.

Various sizes. 6 parts.

Various papers. Various sizes.


/1 ‘Sundry correspondence Albania, 1920’; contains letters to Miss Durham, all dated c. 1920, amongst others from Lord Teignmouth, E.D. Morel (Union of Democratic Control), C.T. Erickson (Albanian delegation); copy of letter sent by Committee of the National Defence of Kosovo to His Excellency, General Commanding Allied Troops at Scutary; telegram, signed Bishop Noli. Morton Eden, from Paris, containing copy of appeal to Lloyd George on the invasion of Albania by Serbian army, August 1920

/2 ‘Letters and pamphlets from Morton Eden re Albania and state of Europe’

/3 Letters from J. de Salis

/4 Various letters