Long, Richard E.C. “collection” (MS 87)

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Collection of reprints by various people, including correspondence and notes. [1924-49]

9 pts. Various sizes


/1 The Maya lunar count, by C.E. Guthe; correspondence inserted

/2 The Maya eclipse table … by R.H. Merrill – The Hispanicized Haab of Yucatan, by R.R. Weitzel; copies of letters to Merrill inserted

/3 The Maya correlation problem to-day, by L. Roys; copy of letter from R.E.C. Long inserted

/4 Five reprints of papers by R.P.C. Schulz and others, and notes

/5 Two reprints of papers by R.P.C. Schulz and copy of letter to him from Alfonso Villa Royas

/6 John Edgar Teeple, by A.G. Robinson, and correspondence with Mrs Teeple

/7 Ethnological codice Maya … by C. Cook de Leonard and R.P.C. Schulz (reprint) – The so-called serpent numbers of the Dresden Codex … by R.P.C. Schulz – Publicaciones del autor (R.P.C. Schulz) sobre cronologia Maya (typewritten)

/8 Correspondence with H.J. Spinden and the latter’s ‘Answer to J.E. Teeple’ (mimeo.)

/9 XXVII Congresso Internacional de Americanistas, 1939 (leaflet and correspondence)