Deacon, Arthur Bernard “collection” (MS 91)

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Correspondence and letter extracts concerning Deacon’s journey to and work in Malekula. 1925-6 and 1982.

Various papers, various sizes. photograph.

Handwritten and typewritten.

? Presented by Camilla A. Wedgwood

/1 Letter to Armstrong from Deacon, dated 4 Nov. 192[5?] written aboard the SS Orimonds near Colombo. 16 pp. 18 x 11 cm. Handwritten

/2 Photocopied extracts of letters to Margaret Gardiner from Deacon, dated June 1926, written from South West Bay leaves 1-6, written from Lambumbu leaves 7-24, and written from Bushmans Bay dated 26 Oct. 1926 leaves 25-9. 20.5 x 16.5 cm. Handwritten.

The originals were presented to the RAI by Camilla Wedgwood and subsequently returned to Margaret Gardiner in 1982.

/3 Letter from Margaret Gardiner to Jonathan Benthall, dated 12 Jan. 1982, concerning the consultation and use of the letters in MS 91/2. 2 pp. 25 x 20 cm. Handwritten

/4 Reply from Jonathan Benthall, Director of the RAI to Margaret Gardiner, dated 13 Jan. 1982, addressing her concerns. 1 leaf. 29 x 25 cm. Typewritten

/5 Letter from Jonathan Benthall, Director to Margaret Gardiner, 18 Jan. 1982, arranging access to the archive and requesting her acknowledgement of the gift of the extracts by Camilla Wedgwood. 1 leaf. Handwritten

/6 Letter from Margaret Gardiner to Jonathan Benthall, dated 19 Jan. 1982, disputing the gift by Camilla Wedgwood and the right of the RAI to possess them, confirms meeting and viewing of the documents. 2 pp. 25.5 x 20 cm. Handwritten.

There is an additional note by Jonathan Benthall on the letter chronicling the history of the extracts and photograph.

/7 Photocopy of entry 7074 in the RAI Photographic Collection of the photograph of Deacon taken in Malekula, 1927, see also A105/1/7.2-17.6. 1 leaf. 19 x 28 cm. Typewritten.

The original is now in the possession of Deacon’s mother. The snapshot was given to Mr G.B. Milner in Samoa by Mr Plowman, 27 Apr. 1956.