Rattray, Robert Sutherland, “collection” (MS 102)

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Abene: Kwawu. [nd]

11 papers in 1 folder. 33 x 20 cm.

Handwritten and typewritten.

The folder has been discarded. The title only has been retained. 6.5 x 14 cm. Handwritten.

Lantern slides held in the Photographic Collection.

Presented from the estate of the late Dr Rattray, 1938.

/1 Notes on Kwahu; by Eugene Addow. [i], 70 leaves. Typewritten

/2 Native abbreviations and problems on proverbs – Kwahu – E.P.: Prefix, 1 p. Typewritten

/3 The law of property (continued): (land tenure and alienation), Chapter XXXIII. 1 p. Typewritten with handwritten annotations

/4 The Kwahus and the Ashanti Kotokos were originally one people. 3 leaves. Typewritten

/5 Abetifi. 2 pp. Handwritten

/6 Abene [and] Obo. 2 pp. Handwritten

/7 Pepease. 1 p. Handwritten

/8 ‘Asase-aban’ [and] Sadang. 2 pp. Handwritten

/9 Bonabom in Adanse: [genealogy]. 3 leaves. Handwritten

/10 Abene (Capital). 2 leaves. Handwritten

/11 Who is the author? by Phil Bartle, 1974