Crooke, William (MS 139)

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Correspondence, including detailed description of native cloths and wooden and stone vessels.

8 letters. Various sizes.

Handwritten and typewritten. Handwritten unless stated otherwise

2005 addition: Bibliography of the works of William Crooke 1848-1923, held in the Anthropology Library, British Museum, formerly the Library of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Presented by Mr J.E. Crooke, 11 March 1955.

/1 Pandit Rám Gharib Chaubé, 19 Dec. 1900 – eulogizes on help of Mr V.A. Smith after retirement of WC; recalls happy times with WC and his kindnesses; wants to publish series of lives of Anglo-Indian officers dedicated to WC and Mr Smith; asks WC to send some lives of Anglo-Indians; asks for recommendation to Mr D.J. Roberts, Board of Revenue in N.W.P. for a post; Mr Smith and Dr Grigson have had a cottage built for him and family as old house destroyed; photographs of temples at Hardwar and a well was sunk; transliteration adopted in Linguistic Survey of India; detailed list of native cloths with descriptions and derivations; requests funds to go to Benares to see kothi of cloths B?b? Balbhadra; has lost all his money and begs for money to be sent; extensive eulogies of WC and his books. 61 pp. [pp. 39-61 too fragile to handle, photocopies taken for use]. 21 x 13.5 cm. [CLOSED pp.39-61]

/2 Hanuman Prasad to W. Crooke, 30 Aug. 1909 – encloses answers to queries made 31 Dec. 1908 by WC; gives detailed descriptions and use of wooden and stone vessels. 7 leaves. 28 x 21.5 cm. Typewritten

/3 F. Fawcett to W. Crooke, 31 Aug. 1910 – jungle people of India, Ten Kurumbas, Eruâdrus, Kâins; gives brief description of each and European contacts; took some anthropometric measurements; distrusts information from missionaries; R.C. prior lived 20 years among Khonds without making a convert. 4 pp. 18 x 11.5 cm

/4 F.A. Milne to W. Crooke, 25 Feb. 1915 – President should pay for 50 extra copies usually allowed; call the matter to the attention of Council when presenting the Printers’ bill; Council may pay cost out of general funds. 2 pp. 18 x 11.5 cm

/5 [??] to W. Crooke, 7 Nov. 1919 – apologizes for delay in answering query on Gaura?; account of Gaura’s home in Tabl?; son of the sun associated with god of death; buffalo connection described. 3 pp. 25.5 x 20 cm

/6 I. Kennelly to W. Crooke, 8 Apr. 1920 – aborigines of U.P. were Dravidians or Mon-Khmer; Aryans kept close to pasture grounds; language proof of culture not of race; gives description of culture contacts and stature; question of Mon-Khmer not properly researched; Risley says no difference between Mundas and Dravidians; differences need working out; ‘Scytine’ blood in the Panjab and gives evidence; influence of Scythine art; history of invasions of the Panjab; different influences on stature; primitive populations of U.P. 10 pp. 18 x 11.5 cm

/7 Sidney Hartland to W. Crooke, 27 Feb. 1921 – cites various references to Kanna and other roots and nuts; the answer to CW query may be the ground nut or sweet potatoes; asks if they fit Tavernier’s description; going with Haddon to Cranbourne Chase and Pitt Rivers’ Museum; mentions Archaeological Society meeting. 3 pp. 24.5 x 16.5 cm

/8 Jadunath Sarkar to WC, 27 Apr. 1921 – Prince in Ball’s Tavernier; has not seen WC edition of Tod as too expensive; annexes list of errors in Ball’s Tavernier; posted to Government College at Cuttack. 2 pp. 17.5 x 11.5 cm

2005 Addition: Bibliography of works by William Crooke, 1848-1923, held in the Anthropology Library, British Museum, formerly the Library of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Photocopies of 14 cards, and photocopies of 9 library computer entries.