Ponape Notes (MS 161)

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Ponape notes … book [5] D [and G; nd].

2 vols. 21 x 16 cm

Handwritten [mostly in pencil].


/1 Black-green marbled paper cover, inscribed on orange and white labels: Ponape Notes upon Ponian I.

/1 Vocabl. suppl., – Names of Sea animals etc. Story of Chatapo or Obadiah of Aru. Notes on Acts (N.T.)

/2 On the peculiar use of … for … in c.21. List of curious onomatopoecic verbs in Ponapean

/3 Vocab. suppl. Continued

/4 Japanese analogies with Ponapean

/5 List of varieties of Breadfruit in Ponapean & description of each. Book D

/2 Brown marbled boards, black spine, inscribed on white label: Contents: Peculiar Ponape & Yap. Ruk story. Marianne Ruins & Notes (for introduction). Book G.

3/8/73 Dr S.H. Riesenberg, Smithsonian Institution, thinks the writer is probably F.W. Christian; other Christian MSS in Wellington, N.Z.