Gloyne, G.B. (MS 163)

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The batik art of Java, by G.B. Gloyne. [1933]

[i], 52, 15 leaves. 4 drawings (loose). 32.5 x 20 cm


In envelope with handwritten note: ‘This manuscript was among my papers which I am clearing up as I move house. It was written in 1933 after 21 years of work among the battick workers of Java. If it is any use as a reference at any time, here it is. There is of course no question of my offering it for sale & I do not want it returned. [Signed] G.B. Gloyne, Mere Down House, Warminster, Wrcks.’

Inserted: Some notes on the pattern and stitch dyeing of textiles on the West Coast of Africa. [2 leaves, typewritten]

Presented by the Royal Geographical Society, 3 Oct. 1950