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Papers, reports and symposiums. [Chicago], 1955-7

12 pts., tables, diagrs., map. 28 x 21.5 cm


6, inserted: map; 9, marked ‘Preliminary and confidential’

Presented by Professor Sol Tax, 8 Oct. 1957

Contents :

/1 The Schwarzhaupt Foundation Tama Indian program: report of activities, 1955-6, by Sol Tax

/2 Symposium: The Fox Indian project, a program of action anthropology. Central States Anthropological Society, 5 May 1955; chairman Sol Tax

/3 Symposium: The Fox project, by S. Tax, F. Gearing and R. Rietz … 1956

/4 The ‘Tama Indian crafts’ project: summary statement, by R. Rietz [1957]

/5 Letter from S. Tax to D. Krudenier jr. re Progress report: the Fox professional education program; 1 March 1957

/6 The present-day distribution of United States Indians, by S. Tax, R. Thomas and S. Stanley

/7 Report: Summer workshop on Indian affairs … 1 July-10 August 1956, by S. Tax

/8 ‘Action anthropology’, by S. Tax, 1956

/9 Changing consumption in Indian Guatemala, by S. Tax … 1955

/10 The Indians in the economy of Guatemala … by S. Tax, 1956

/11 Minutes of a discussion on progress and on values at the Fifth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences … 1956

/12 Culture change: two extracts from discussion reported in Man’s role in changing the face of the earth, edited by W.J. Thomas jr., Chicago, 1956