Torday, Emil (MS 197)

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Various papers and lectures. [19- to 31].

8 pts. 3 photos. 25.5 cm x 20.5 cm

Typescript; partly corrected by hand.

4, in yellow box inscribed by hand: Lecture on West Africa.

Contents :

/1-/2 Lectures on Hungary to Rotarians

/3 On some oddities of the Congo people [lecture]

/4 Lecture on West Africa [1931]

/5 [Anthropology]

/6 [On initiation]

/7 Female initiation in Africa

/8 Tylor’s definition of ‘fetish’, by E.W. Smith, R.S. Rattray and E. Torday [1924]

Inserted: three newspaper cuttings pasted on to cardboard; headed in pencil: Samples of journalism; pencil note: I never said this!