Torday, Emil (MS 198)

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Various articles and stories. [192-].

34 pts. 25 cm x 20 cm

Typescript; partly corrected and annotated by hand, mostly in Hungarian.

Contents :

/1 Afrikai Eml?kek: preface

/2 A few words on African folk-lore

/3 The jackal and the hippopotamus

/4 How the giraffe got his long neck

/5 Why the hyena laughs

/6 A meglopoctt tolvaj

/7 Animal friendships

/8 A hunter’s day

/9 Stowaway stories

/10 Keep your mouth shut and you wont get a head ache

/11 Papa-dianantopoulo

/12 The story of tobacco

/13 Uncle jackal has pig for his dinner

/14 The revival of Comassoo

/15 How Mr Green died by accident

/16 Frocks and frills in the Congo

/17 A visit to the Canaries

/18 An apology of Sir John de Mandeville

/19 Traders in Central Africa

/20 Young Africa

/21 A man-eater, 1921

/22 How a rhinocerous saved my life, 1922

/23 Experiences in Sierra Leone, 1922

/24 The coloured gentleman, 1922

/25 The sad story of Kalamata, 1923

/26 Africa, 1923

/27 The re-incarnation of Tutankhamen

/28 Gwynfryn

/29 The awful end of uncle jackal

/30 Slavery in Central Africa

/31-/32 Translations of Seven farthings, by Z.S. Móricz, and An idyll on the track, by J. Szini

/33 My cannibal crew. [reprinted from Lond. Gaz. nd]

/34 Incomplete stories and odd leaves [in envelope].