Nigeria, Northern (MS 202)

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[Reports to Colonial Office]. 1907-8

5 pts., map (in pocket). 32.5 x 20 cm

Contents :

/1 Notes on the Munshi tribe [by Assistant Resident Gordon]; [sent by] the Resident, Muri Province [F.H. Ruxton] to His Excellency the High Commissioner, S.W. ‘Sarota’ (on the river Benue, September 4th 1907

/2 Report on native customs, by A. Holdsworth Groom, Assistant Resident, Kabba Outstation: Notes on the Bassa Komo tribe

/3 Report No. 15/1907, Kanna district … Some preliminary notes on the Angass, by Captain H.D. Foulkes, A/R

/4 Physical distribution of the country and political organisation: Fika district, Bornu Province, by E.J. Arnett, Third Resident Zaria Province, Zaria, 19th March 1908

/5 Bornu Province; compiled by Mr Hanns Vischer

1-5, leaf 1 stamped: C.O. 44316 … Recd. 20 Dec. 07, C.O. 509 … Recd. 6 Jan. 08, C.O. 20314 … Recd. 5 Jun 08, C.O. 31818 … Recd 31 Aug. 08 and C.O. 40849 … Recd. 7 Nov. 08 respectively

5, accompanied by printed and completed form: Northern Nigeria No. 504; Zungeru 29th September 1908. Governor, Sir E.P.C. Girouard, KCMG, DSO, RE to the Right Honourable The Earl of Crewe KG. Subject: Further notes on the manners and customs of the Kanuri (Bornu Province)