Dayrell, Elphinstone (MS 210)

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Africa West: further notes on ‘Nsibidi signs with their meanings from the Ikom district, Southern Nigeria.

[vi, 142] pp. (followed by blank leaves), drawings. 36.5 x 24 cm


Marbled paper boards, red cloth spine.


/1 Copy-book: Nsibidi-Efik. Handwritten, drawings

/2 Ink drawings with handwritten caption: The above ‘Nsibidi signs were carved on a wooden fan (Nsibidi looking glass), the figures etc. were coloured white and yellow, the wood being dark brown, almost black. This fan was taken on the Buanchor Patrol in November 1910 and is in the possession of Dr Luhn M.O. Ikom

/3 Manuscript: Further notes on ‘Nsibidi signs. 6 pp. Handwritten