Im Thurn, Sir Everard Ferdinand (President 1919-20) “collection” (MS 226)

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Miscellaneous papers

Various papers. Various sizes

Typewritten, holograph and printed

Folder labelled: Voyages 1517-1577

Contents :

/1 Notes on some events in the history of the Fiji Islands

/2 Dates of voyages 1517-1687

/3 Odd notes: Life history of a savage; Bismark Archipelago, Eastern Polynesia; New Hebrides; Norfolk Island; Pacific Times article; Bishops of Melanesia; Fiji as a crown colony; Dates of events in Fiji; Notes of events in Fiji; Pre-cession papers, by Pilling (wanting); note on Charles Sturt

Presented by the Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society, 8 March 1960