Im Thurn, Sir Everard Ferdinand (President 1919-20) “collection” (MS 231)

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Contents :

/1 Fiji as a Crown Colony

/2 The islands and the people of Fiji, by M.I. Finucane

/3 Dendrobium Imthurnii

/4 On the development of the female Strobilus in Podocarpus, by L.S. Gibbs

/5 Notes on the phytogeography and flora of the mountain summit plateaux of Tasmania, by L.S. Gibbs

/6 Hurricane in Fiji, January 21-22 1904, by R.L. Holmes

/7 Suva Town Board Circulating Library, Catalogue, 1907

/8 Colonial reports, Fiji, 1908-11

/9 Problems of reconstruction in the Pacific, by G.H. Scolefield

/10 Fiji: its political aspect from 1870-1873, by Vindex, Levuka, 1873

/11 The Fiji islands, by Ceres [possibly Mrs Fitz-Gibbon; see attached letter dated Suva, 6 Nov. 1907]. Melbourne, 1869

Presented by the Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society, 8 March 1960