Bott, Elizabeth, [afterwards] Mrs James Spillius “collection” (MS 307)

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Miscellaneous papers in 7 boxes

Various papers. Various sizes.

Typewritten, printed, mimeographes, holographs

Contents :

/1 Box 1. Tonga

/1 Mortuary facilities and societal ranking in Vava’u, Tonga; by P.V. Kirch

/2 37 cards of bibliographic references

/3 Summaries of Korn, Kaeppler, Marcus, Martin and Mariner, Rogers, Rutherford

/4 Alternative social structures and the limits of hierarchy in the modern kingdom of Tonga; by G.E. Marcus. Xerox [from] Bijdr. Taal-, Land-, Volkenk., 1975, 131:1, 34-66

/5 ‘The father’s sister is black’: a consideration of female rank and powers in Tonga; by G. Rogers. Xerox [from] J.Polynes.Soc. 1977, 86:2, 157-82

/6 The origins of the state in Tonga: gender hierarchy and class formation; by C.W. Gailey. Xerox [from] Symposium AAA, Washington, 1976, 1-31

/7 Tonga, Lapita pottery, and Polynesian origins; by L.M. Groube. Xerox [from] J.Polynes.Soc. 1971, 80:3, 278-316

/8 Tonga: equality overtaking privilege; by A. Maude. Xerox [from] Crocombe, R.G., ed., 1971. Land tenure in the Pacific, pp. 106-28

/9 Kinship organisation and behaviour in a contemporary Tongan village; by M. Aoyagi. Xerox [from] J.Polynes.Soc., 1966, 75:2, 141-76

/10 Summary of matrilaterality in patrilineal systems: the Tongan case (Curl Prize Essay 1974); by A. Biersack

/11 Land tenure and social organisation in Tonga; by R.R. Nayacakalou. Xerox [from] J.Polynes.Soc., 1959, 68, 93-114

/12 Exchange patterns in goods and spouses: Fiji, Tonga and Samoa; by A.L. Kaeppler. Xerox [from] Mankind, 1978, 11:3, 246-52

/13 Me’a faka’eiki: Tongan funerals in a changing society; by A.L. Kaeppler. Xerox [from] Gunson, N., ed., 1978. The changing Pacific: essays in honour of H.E. Maude, pp. 174-202

.1 Draft copy, pp. 49

/14 Land shortage and population pressure in Tonga; by A. Maude. Xerox [from] Brookfield, H.C., ed., 1973. The Pacific in transition, pp. 163-85

/15 Observations on the study of Tonga kinship; by G. Rogers. Xerox [from] Kai and Kava in Nivatoputapu. 1975, PhD Thesis, University of Auckland, Chap. 5, pp. 234-97

/16 Tongan adoption before the constitution of 1875; by C.F. Urbanowicz. Xerox [from] Ethnohist., 1973, 20:2, 109-23

/17 Change in rank and status in the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga; by C.F. Urbanowicz. Xerox [from] Ixth ICAES, 1973, pp. 1-17

/18 Tongan tourism today: troubled times? Chico, California State University, 15 Oct. 1974, pp. 28

/19 Missionaries in Tonga: the Christian paradigm of 1797, 1822, and 1826+. Chico, California State University, 15 Dec. 1974, pp. 1-50

/20 Population changes in Tonga: an historical overview and modern commentary; by A.C. Walsh. Xerox [from] Pacific viewpoint, 1970, 11, 27-46

/21 Some comments on the ‘report on the results of the 1966 census’, Kingdom of Tonga, 1968; by G. Rogers. Xerox [from] J.Polynes.Soc., 1969, 78, 212-22

/22 Economic planning – Tonga style; by Ian Fairbairn. Xerox [from] Pacific perspective, 1972, 1:1, 38-45

/23 Urbanisation in Nuku’alofa, Tonga; by A.C. Walsh. Xerox [from] S.Pacif.Bull., 1964, 14:2, 45-50

/24 Bibliography of Tonga, etc.; by S.L. Kavaliku, pp. [14]. 2 copies

/25 Tongan authority structure: concepts for comparative analysis; by A. Coult. Xerox [from] Krober Anthrop.Soc. paper, 1959, 20, 56-70

/2 Box 2. Oceania

/1 Man and culture: an evaluation of the work of Bronislaw Malinowski; edited by R. Firth. Proof edition. London, 1957

/2 New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Solomon Islands; edited by R. Firth. Rough proof. Great Britain. Admiralty. Handbook. Chaps. 11-16, pp. 414-699, with letter [from] Firth to Spillius dated 8 July 1955

/3 Report on a visit to Sikaiana by T. Russell, District Commissioner Malaita, 26-30 April 1955. [i], 18, [10] pp.

/4 Report of survey into the need for family planning in the Pacific islands of Fiji, Tonga, Nive, and Eastern and Western Samoa; by Mrs Ena Compton. Auckland, Aug. 1957. [12] pp.

/5 The Joe Gimlet, or Siovili cult: an episode in the religious history of early Samoa; by J.D. Freeman. [Later published as Chap. 8 in] Anthropology in the South Seas; ed. by J.D. Freeman and W.G. Geddes. Canberra, Australian National University, 1958 [in annotated folder]

/6 Land tenure in the South Pacific; by R.G. Crocombe. [Extract from] Man in the Pacific Islands; ed. by R.G. Ward. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1972, pp. 219-51 [with 1 p. MS letter from Leila Dixon to Mrs Spillius]

/7 Social anthropology: a natural science of Society?; by E.R. Leach. British Academy Radcliffe-Brown Lecture for 1976, 20 May 1976, pp. 1-7

/8 Manuscript kinship notes; by Mrs J. Spillius. [17] pp.

/9 Social stratification in Polynesia; by M.D. Sahlins. University of Washinton Press, 1958. chap. 2, pp. 1-7

/10 A problem in Malayo-Polynesian social organisation; by W.H. Goodenough. [from] Amer.anth. 1955, 57, 71-83

/11 The structure of unilineal descent groups; by Meyer Fortes. [from] Amer.anth. 1953, 55, 17-41

/12 Non unilinear descent and descent groups; by W. Davenport. [from] Amer.anth. 1959, 61, 557-72

/13 On certain unconsidered aspects of double descent systems; by E.R. Leach. Paper 2 [from] Symposium on descent and residential group structures. 10th Pacific science congress, pp. [i], 14

/14 Social structure in Southeast Asia; by G.P. Murdock, ed. [from] Viking Fund Publ. in Anth., 1962, 29, Chap. I, pp. 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13

/15 A note on descent groups in Polynesia; by R. Firth. Draft for Man 1957, No. 2, 4-8

/16 Notes [from] Social structure; by G.P. Murdock. Macmillan, 1949, pp. [3]

/17 The Iban; by J.D. Freeman. A paper to be published in the symposium: Social structure in Southeast Asia; edited by G.P. Murdock. Canberra, Aust. Nat. Univ., 1958, pp. [i], 1-48

/18 Politics, permits, and professional interests: thoughts on the Rose case; by J.A. Barnes, F/1/183/2, Nov. 1968, pp. [i], 1-33

/19 Cargo cults in New Guinea; by L.P. Mair. Univ. London, Inst. Commonwealth Studies, Post-Graduate seminar, British tropical dependencies during the past 100 years, May 1957, TD/56/20, pp. 1-4

/20 The sweet witchcraft of Kuma dream experience; by Marie Reay. [Canb.], Aust. Nat. Univ., pp. 1-7. Paper presented at the 9th Pacific science congress

/3 Box 3. Psychology and Psychiatry

/1 The measurement of human adaptation to stressful environments; by S.I. Cohen, A.J. Silverman and B.M. Shmavonia. Paper presented at the American Rocket Society 13th annual meeting, N.Y., 1958, pp. [i], 1-21, [14]

/2 Catecholamines in psycho-physiological studies; by A.J. Silverman et al. Paper 67 [from] Dept. of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center, pp. [i], 1-14, [16], 1-5

/3 Psycho-physiologic correlates in women with peptic ulcer; by S.I. Cohen, A.J. Silverman and F. Magnussen. Paper 16, Dept. of Psychiatry, Duke University School of Medicine, pp. 1-20

/4 Practical and theoretical difficulties in ‘isolation’ studies; by S.I. Cohen et al. Paper prepared for ONR Symposium on sensory deprivation, Harvard University, June 1958. Paper 31, Dept. of Psychiatry, Duke University School of Medicine, pp. [i], 1-19, [2]

/5 The expression of emotions on the lexical and linguistic levels; by G.F. Mahl. Paper presented at the Symposium entitled Expression of the emotions in man… AAAS Meeting, Dec. 29-30 1960, New York, pp. [v], 1-26, [3]

/6 Crisis theory; by Marion Mackenzie, 20 Jan. 1965, p. [i], 1-13

/7 The family and psychiatric treatment: a conceptual approach; by Rhona Rapoport. Draft of paper delivered at the 21st annual Groves conf. on marriage and the family, Washington, 14-16 April 1958, pp. [i], 1-22. [1]

/8 The therapeutic community revisited: some aspects of social science diffusion; by R.N. Rapoport. Draft of paper for a special issue of the Journal of Social Issues, Oct. 1968, pp. [i], 1-48, [8]

/9 The contribution of social anthropology to medicine and public health. Seminar held at the London School of Economics and political science, Michaelmas Term 1956; chairman R. Firth, pp. [ii], 15

/10 Some preliminary theoretical formulations concerning unconscious processes in group relations; by I.L. Janis. Memorandum T-1, May 1962, pp. 1-57 & [letter dated 21 May 1962]

/11 Group identification in super-ego functioning: a preliminary theoretical analysis; by I.L. Janis. Memorandum T-2, pp. 23

/12 Group identification under conditions of external danger; by I.L. Janis. Paper presented to the Medical section of the British Psychological Soc. on 23 May 1962 [with note, pp. 1]

/13 Psycho-diagnostic appraisal in the light of recent theoretical developments; by J.D. Sutherland, H.S. Gill and H. Phillipson, Draft, 16 Jan. 1967, pp. 22

/14 The place of psychotherapy in community mental health; by J.D. Sutherland. First Margaret Allan memorial lecture – Edinburgh, 4 Nov. 1966, pp. 24

/15 Comparative psychiatric treatment in different countries; by Michael Shepherd. Xerox copy of a Paper presented at a conference on aspects of anthropology and medicine, held at UCL, 19 Dec. 1967, pp. 110-24 [i]

/16 Review of Maurice H. Krout (Ed.) Psychology, psychiatry, and the public interest, 7 Feb. 1957, EJB/ARC, pp. 2

/17 Manuscript notes on de Reuck, A.V.S. and Porter, R. Eds. Transcultural psychiatry, 1965, London, J. & A. Churchill, pp. 5

/18 The moral career of the mental patient; by Erving Goffman. Draft for Psychiatry, [1957], pp. [i], 46

/4 Box 4. Organisation, Management, Systems Theory

/1 Environmental settlings of socio-technical systems; by E.L. Trist. Course outline BA 292A, xerox, pp. 7

/2 The emergence of system theory in the study of organisation; by E.L. Trist. T.40, pp. 14 (2 copies)

/3 Wider organisational networks and their environments; by E.L. Trist. Working paper (not for publication). Third social science of organisations seminar, Pittsburgh, June 1964. T.332, pp. 7

/4 Index numbers of hospital economic performance; by H.W.G. Deeks, King Edward’s Hospital Fund for London Hospital administrative staff college, pp. [i], 3, 3

/5 Technology and social organisation; by F.E. Emery, paper read at the Manchester meeting of the British Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, on 3 Sep. 1962. London, Human resources centre, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1962, pp. [i], 9

/6 Progress report on conceptualisation; by F.E. Emery. Doc. No. T.67, London, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1963, pp. [i], 8 (2 copies)

/7 Some characteristics of enterprises and their leadership: summary of lecture; by F.E. Emery, pp. 11

/8 On various approaches to the study of organisations; by C.W. Churchman and F.E. Emery, pp. 12

/9 The case study method; by F.E. Emery. Doc. No. T265, London, Human Resources Centre, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1967, pp. [ii], 19

/10 Notes [from] discussion on Swiss Cottage proposal; by F.E. Emery, 27 May 1960, pp. 9

/11 Second progress report on conceptualisation; by F.E. Emery. Doc. T 125, London, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1963, pp. [i], 23, 2

/12 Characteristics of socio-technical systems; by F.E. Emery. Doc. No. 527, London, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1964

/13 Article commencing ‘The Oxford English Dictionary describes a profession as an occupation which’, pp. 10

/14 Notes on Becker, H.S. Role and career problems of the Chicago Public school teacher. Unpublished PhD dissertation, Dept. of Sociology, University of Chicago, Aug. 1951, pp. 16

/15 The role of the retail marketing superintendent in Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd: the report of a field study and an organisational analysis; by Gurth Higgin. Confidential Doc. No. 667. London, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1961-2, pp. [iii], 53

/16 The orgasmic nature of work and creativity in groups, or, Why the conference cabaret was so good; by Gurth Higgin. Draft for Bull. Group Relations Training Assoc., 1977, pp. 6

/5 Box 5. Family and Social Networks

/1 Social structure and family size; by Yonina Talmon-Garber. Jerusalem, The Hebrew University, 1958, pp. [ii], 92. Draft translation of one chapter of The family in collective settlements in Hebrew

/2 Development and discussion for the study of a community: working outline; by W. Lloyd Warner, pp. 7

/3 Conjugal roles and social networks: a re-examination of an hypothesis; by C. Turner. University of East Anglia, pp. [i], 12, [1]

/4 Economic pre-conditions of social stratification. Paper read at the ASA Spring meeting 1961; by Mary Douglas, pp. 7

/5 Draft of the Ernest Jones Memorial lecture of the British Psychoanalytical Society, London, 1973; by Meyer Fortes, pp. 49

/6 Totem and taboo: a reappraisal by Derek Freeman. Australian National University, June 1965. Pre-publication draft, pp. [i], 28, [1]

/7 ‘The middle years’: material to be covered in a book, pp. [i], 10

/8 What is applied anthropology?; by L.P. Mair. Draft copy for Brit.J.Sociol. Applied Anthrop. (B1)

/9 Mind, self and society; by G.H. Mead, pp. 21

/10 The working-class subculture: a new view; by S.M. Miller and Frank Riessman. Xerox [from] Social problems, 1961, 9, pp. 86-97

/11 Lower class culture as a generating milieu of gang delinquency; by Walter B. Miller. Xerox [from] J.Soc.Issues, 1958, 14:3, 5-19

/12 Causal path analysis and the Bott hypothesis: preliminary draft; by J.C. Mitchell, 17 May 1971, pp. 6

/13 Causes of change in family role patterns; by John Mogey and Raymond Morris. Mar. 1960 [confidential], pp. 15

/14 Family structure and community structure by John Mogey [confidential], pp. 12

/15 Extracts [from] The social structure of the family; by Talcott Parsons, pp. 7-16

/16 Theoretical problems in the study of social mobility: memorandum; by Talcott Parsons, pp. 37

/17 Notes on Talcott Parsons and Robert F. Bales. Family, socialization and interaction process. Glencoe, The Free Press, 1955, pp. 36

/18 Draft discussion of Talcott Parsons and Robert F. Bales. Family, socialization and interaction process. Glencoe, The Free Press, 1953; by Elizabeth Bott, 26 Oct. 1955, pp. 13 (2 copies)

/19 E.J.B.’s review on Parson’s family, socialization and interaction process, pp. 3 (2 copies) with letter to E.B. from Tom, 10 Chadlington Road, Oxford, Saturday, pp. 3

/20 Manuscript notes on Parsons, pp. 5

/21 Notes on Talcott Parsons, Robert F. Bales and Edward A. Shils. Working papers in the theory of action. Glencoe, The Free Press, 1953, pp. 15

/22 Notes on Talcott Parsons, The social system, pp. 2

/23 Notes on Talcott Parsons and Edward A. Shils, editors, Toward a general theory of action. Cambridge, Harvard University, 1951, pp. 5

/24 Social class and parental values; by Melvin L. Kohn, pp. 28 [10]

/25 Proposals for a study of marriage in selected Scottish and West African families; by [Kenneth Little?]. University of Edinburgh, Dept. of Social Anthrop., [Draft], pp. 8, [1]

/26 The study of marriage as a critical transition for personality and family development; by Rhona Rapoport, Harvard Medical School, Jan. 1965. For publication by British Psycho-Analytic Society in forthcoming volume on the family, pp. [i], 58, v

/27 Changing family roles in the working class; by Lee Rainwater and Gerald Handel. Xerox [from] Shostak, A.B. & Gomberg, G.W., eds. Blue collar world, 1964, pp. 70-6

/28 Synopsis – the family life of old people: a survey in East London; by [Peter Townsend], pp. [85]

/29 Networks and political process; by J.A. Barnes. Draft text Wenner-Gren Symposium 32, 1966. Ref. F/1/163/3, Nov. 1966, pp. 49

/30 Social environment research unit, first review; by Geoffrey Hutton, Molly Harrington and Roy Cox. Document 6, Edinburgh University, 15 July 1960, pp. 13

/31 Social environment research unit, second review. Document 13, 26 June 1961, pp. [i], 22, [2]

/32 Social environment research unit, the research district. Document 14, 30 June 1961, pp. 7

/33 Social environment research unit. Working papers: neighbourhood and styles of family life. Document 15, 26 June 1961, pp. 16

/6 Box 6. Child Psychology

/1 The influence of the home on children’s standards of behaviour: proposal for a research; by Gordon Taylor, Director, Action Society Trust, pp. 18, ii [with] letter [from] author to A.T.M. Wilson dated 9 Oct. 1952

/2 The use of children in establishing a criterion of drive for conditioned reinforcers; by Jacob L. Gewirtz: a paper prepared for the symposium on The contributions of Research with children to behavior theories at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, Sep. 1956, pp. 12

/3 The nature of the child’s tie to his mother; by John Bowlby. Tavistock Clinic, revised Oct. 1957, pp. [i], 78

/4 Bibliography [for Bowlby – Child’s tie to mother], pp. 9

/5 Some considerations relating to the concept of a critical period for the development of social responsiveness in early human infancy; by J.A. Ambrose. Paper read to the second Tavistock study group on mother-infant interaction, Sep. 1961, pp. 42 (2 copies)

/6 Some directly observable clues to the time of origin of ambivalence in early infancy; by J.A. Ambrose, pp. 40 (2 copies)

/7 Box 7. Miscellaneous

/1 Clientship and social stratification; by L.P. Mair, pp. 7

/2 Exploring racial prejudice; by Pearl H.M. King, pp. 30

/3 [Land and society in Malabar, Chaps. I, III, VI; by A.C. Mayer]. Page proofs, pp. 48, dated 8 Oct. 1951

/4 Draft review of E.R. Leach’s Political systems of Highland Burma: a study of Kachin social structure, London, LSE, [nd]; by M. Gluckman, pp. 11

/5 Social stratification in India; by F.G. Bailey, pp. 14

/6 [Review of] Elizabeth Colson’s The Makah Indians, Manchester University Press, 1953; by Elizabeth Bott

(a) Draft copy, pp. 3

(b) Printed copy, pp. 339-40

/7 Unwritten poetry: the poetry of North American Indians; introduced by E. Michael Mendelson with special reference to the Kwakiutl, the Winnebago, the Navajo and Zuni. [Program text] for transmission, Monday27 June 1955, 10.05-10.35 pm, Third, pp. [i], 35

/8 Review of The Doukhobors of British Columbia; edited by Harry B. Hawthorn, Vancouver, Dent, 1955; by Elizabeth Bott, pp. 3

/9 Letter to Elizabeth Bott from Rosemary Blood, 24 Nov. 1961, pp. 2

/10 Letter to Liz Bott from R. Rapoport, 24 Sep. 1969, pp. 1

/11 List of pamphlets presented by Mrs J. Spillius, out of scope and put up for sale, 1987, pp. 5

/12 List of duplicate books, presented by Mrs J. Spillius on offer to SOAS Library and later put for sale, 1987, pp. [4]